Random Questions!

Who are some of the funniest characters you've read/played with on the board?

Jan 13 years ago

I'm always funny unless moody and the sometimes I'm funnily moody...or something. >_>

Nevermind, I'm somber and very goth, angsty and depressed.

Okay, so hmm.

Carol is funny
Artemis can be hilarious
Kem has had some good ones
Winter was a trip
Dawn was great
Grumpy Ambrose is always fun to read and so is poor Eiryk the Accident Prone.

and tons more I'm sure.
Aishe 13 years ago
I miss Alec.

I love some of Hammer's deadpan humor.

Ambrose the Porcupine, agreed, ALWAYS good for a giggle, and yes, Eiryk might have him beat out!

Mai cracks me up sometimes.

It's hard to say offhand who I think of as a single funny person. I think everyone has occasionally had their fair share of awesome one liners.

I'll give it some more thought.
Pakpao 13 years ago
LOL apparently I am comic relief...

Kem does crack me up ... i mean who can forget "The power of Christ compels you!"

Artemis has been known to make me giggle

Dawn for sure once you knew what she was saying

Hammer does have some great one liners

Tai oddly enough makes me laugh here and there

Heck I'll say it... Eiryk makes me giggle... Ambrose... when I go back and read him sometimes but usually not when I'm writing him.
Diane 13 years ago
I do agree grumpy Ambrose makes for good laughs
Carol has given me some giggles as well!
Pakpao 13 years ago
OK we've been doing some skimming and re-reading and Alfarinn needs to go on my list...
Octavia Emiliano 13 years ago
Yay, Alfarinn says he won't quit his day job but its good to know that he's occasionally amusing.

What is the first thing your character notices about the opposite (or in some cases same) sex?
Aishe 13 years ago
Isn't Alfarinn's day job.... sleeping? Good call, then!

The first thing I notice about the opposite sex is whether or not they are Kem.
Jin 13 years ago
They should have fine tails. There's nothing like a good tail.
Mara 13 years ago
*worriedly turns in tiny circles trying to scrutinize her tail and make sure it looks all right*

The first thing I notice about the opposite sex is the best way out of the area. Unless it is Jin or Amir!
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Xeph always makes me laugh, especially when he's interacting with Hammer and the Pipers.

Alfarinn is always charming and funny, /purr.

I like Tai's sauciness and sense of humor too =D

As for what my characters notice about the opposite sex?

Carol and Viv - both are into eyes and smiles
Simon - he's a curves/boobs man but a woman's sense of style appeals to him
Brig - definitely into curves and long hair
Hammer - eh...birthing hips?
Kyle - legs
Ellis - she sees potential in any man and tends to gauge one on a more predatory scale. His walk, posture, physical appearance, and ability to keep up with her intellectually.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
We found that Vaughn is very taken by a nice pair of legs.
Tavi appreciates a sexy set of abs (though those might not get noticed first unless you're on the beach...in which case, she'd agree with Carol and Viv)
Claire is also fond a nice smile (and yes Bao has a nice smile, he just doesn't use it often)
Morrigan appreciates a good figure in a nice tailored suit.

Several of the others like Mai and Christian...I have no idea. They ain't talkin!
Octavia Emiliano 13 years ago
So, since most of us are gamers and play things like WoW and Everquest, if your character were in those games what class would they be?

Jan - Bard ( Gosh that was hard)
Tavi - Rogue
Sorin - Coercer (in eq2) Warlock, in wow, maybe?
Mai - Monk or warrior
Christian - Swashbuckler in eq2, maybe a paladin in wow
Jin - Hunter or Ranger (Though druids in eq2 get a tiger form...he's just not a druid personality)
Claire - Cleric or Priest
Sorcha - Druid

Alfarinn and Vaughn are both tough. I made Alfarinn a berserker in eq2 because the fighting style was fitting but I don't know that it is the most correct for his personality. And Vaughn is complicated, though perhaps a shadow knight.
Aishe 13 years ago
I don't think I have a good answer for a lot of these. Let's see...

Kem is based off a character in a story of mine who was a mage, so we'll go with that.

Aishe doesn't have an equivalent in a game. Maybe a priest or paladin.

Tai would be a rogue.

Ysabel... sheesh, who knows. An enchanter maybe?

Amir - possibly a deathknight.

Mara - again, I have no clue. Probably also a rogue.

Alex - shaman. Natureboy for sure.

Xeph - would depend on which side of him came out. The healy side or the badass wolf side. So maybe a druid.

Lily - priest.

That's everyone. But I'm not entirely happy with the list, a lot of them fall between the definitions or just don't have a good match.
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
Wow, I have no real idea. Not sure how they would fit.

Ellis - Rogue, I would think
Simon - paladin
Hammer - warrior
Brig - paladin or warrior
Viv - uh...hmm, maybe a warrior
Carol - she doesn't fit any EQ or Wow mold
Marthinus - rogue
LT - paladin
Ringo - Shaman possibly
Pakpao 13 years ago
Lord I don't know... I've started naming pets after characters I've played with or I have.

Drew - wolf (obviously)

Mara, Jin - white spotted cat, big old white wintersprings tiger

Tai - Raptor

Valentine - hyena

Alexander - orange tiger (gee wonder where I got that idea)

Eiryk - fox

I need more pet options is the thing...

As far as Characters go...

Pak - beats me but it has to throw things... maybe a mage throwing fire balls? (hahaha... fire walls... fire balls... ok it was funny to me!)

Val - rogue, but I could see her as a lock too

Ambrose - hunters have guns but it doesn't seem right, I -almost- want to say warrior, maybe a death knight

Reign - oddly enough she strikes me as a paladin

Nikhila - she could go druid priest or shaman she'd be happy as any of those although maybe druid is the best fit

Marie - haven't got a clue

Drew - Shaman for sure

Bao - death knight, but a very polite one that doesn't pull agro from the tank

Therese - hmmmm... hunter, druid or shaman would work for her none is too clear so long as they can get mind controlled and cause a lot of damage it works

Eiryk - warrior seems right, as long as he gets an ax
Diane 13 years ago
Hmm wow good one for thinking. Mine are all EQ related because I've barely ever played WoW so I dont really know the classes and such.

Diane - Paladin
Delilah - Enchanter
Panos - Rogue
Luka - Warrior or Shadow Knight, he's kinda inbetween
Trayce - Shaman maybe warrior but that's iffy
Chryseis - She would of been a Wizard or a Necro for sure. Aloof, over powered, and a Ahole =)
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Actually, Hammerthynn was my 2nd character in EQ. Hammerthynn Healingson, he was a barbarian Shaman.
Pakpao 13 years ago
I liked this too much to see it die...

Are your character's lefties or righties (you know which hand is dominant?)

Pak - leftie
Val - Right
Ambrose - right (although he can shoot with both)
Reign - right (she is an odd one she is left footed... yay for cross dominance!)
Marie - right
Nikhila - right (although she'll use her left for everything except writing and if she played baseball... batting)
Drew - right
Bao - right
Therese - left
Eiryk - left
Damris - both
Rowan Murphy 13 years ago
Every one of mine is a rightie except for Xeph, who is a lefty, and Rowan, who is ambidextrous.

We should probably note that somewhere in his bio.
Alfarinn 13 years ago

Alfarinn - I am not sure that it was mentioned I know Thaddeus was left handed, perhaps Alfarinn is right handed or left handed as well. Since I remember Billie's characters and not my own maybe I should ask her what mine are.
Mai - Both with fighting, right handed otherwise.
Jin - right handed
Jan - left handed
Tavi - right handed
Vaughn - left handed
Christian - Both with swords and things (yay, florentine!) right handed otherwise
Claire - left handed
Akahana - right handed
Evgeni - right handed
Mahesh- right handed
Sorin - left handed
Morrigan - right handed, I guess?
Sorcha - right handed
Gris - right handed

I think you did mention it in Rowan's bio.