To Health!

Mara had not ventured far from the Manor since the attack in the alley, save for her meeting with Sorcha and a brief journey out here and there to feed herself, after which she scurried back to the Manor in a heart-humping panic.

Humping, its good for the heart!

Sorry, I had to save that. It was just too good.

Mara 10 years ago
Damn you.

That's all.

*looks like she meant to do it*
Pakpao 10 years ago
given the number of typos and actual mistakes I make... I say nothing... I might grin a little cause that one is funny... but I say nothing
Claire 10 years ago
And when yours comes out this amusing then we'll stick it up here too.

In the mean time we wonder just what Mara had actually been thinking about.
Mara 10 years ago
You really have to wonder?!
Nara Baker 10 years ago
giggling ... ok that's the way to start the day with a giggle
Jin 10 years ago
I wonder. Perhaps Mara would care to explain it to me, in private.
Mara 10 years ago
I might be convinced.

Mara 10 years ago
This actually worked out as he had no intention of staying with just Jin and Claire. Gathering his telescope he gave a small bow.
This is why Pak cannot complain! Because all of a sudden Claire has stolen my tiger!

Bao 10 years ago
See and this is why Bao hasn't EVER had a healthy relationship...
Claire 10 years ago
I did what?!?! No, no, he is yours! Pardon Moi but I am sure there is somewhere else I need to be. *poofs*
Jin 10 years ago
I feel relieved and affronted at the same time by that, Claire!

I promise it was innocent, Mara!
Xeph 10 years ago
I'm pretty sure getting caught alone with another woman under any circumstances is bad juju. :P
Bao 10 years ago
*Bao just sighs and goes back to work*
Mai 10 years ago
Frowning at what Kai had on she went rather maternal, although she would have done this even before Noah was porn.

Pimping the kid out a bit early aren't we?
Nikhila 10 years ago
she is not a bad mother I swear!