I Don't Bite... Much. (Attn: Alfarinn)

Aishe wasn't sure why Alfarinn lingered at Club E; they were finished with their werewolf meeting, sure, but now they were enjoying a little recreational dancing. She would admit to being curious. Not intimidated, necessarily, but curious. She liked her Clan leader and was happy he was back in Nachton but aside from the one interaction a few years ago when she'd first arrived in Nachton, she had had very little to do with Alfarinn and didn't know him well.

Kiamhaat respected him a great deal and liked him very much on top of that, and that spoke volumes to Aishe. It went without saying, too, that Chris felt strongly for Alfarinn as well. Therefore Aishe adored Alfarinn by association. That, and she loved everything that was Evenhet. having been brought into this world full of such family made her happy.

Alfarinn's hand was cool in hers as they danced to something upbeat and trendy. Aishe wasn't exactly the best dancer when it was something not ballroom, but she wasn't an embarrassment either. As they moved, she looked up at Alfarinn and tilted her head.

"That didn't go so badly," she said a little tentatively.

She wasn't fooling herself; she didn't know why she'd been asked to come along. Aishe was probably close to the youngest, if not the youngest, member of Evenhet. What she could possibly offer in this situation was completely beyond her.

Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn laughed at Aishe's warning.

"You're right. Christian is dangerous. However," He tapped the side of his head. "I will hear him coming." He grinned as they made their way to the dance floor. "He thinks he's keeping tabs on me but that trick works both ways."

They moved to the beat of the music with easy grace, if not fancy moves. He noted that they looked like opposites, short,tan and dark and tall,pale and blonde. Wonderful, they'd make excellent comic book characters.

He pondered the meeting and her statement.
"Yes, I suppose it did. I feel for their plight. They are just trying to live their own lives like the rest of us."

And maybe if given some space they would settle down and get along with society. Right now that was probably expecting too much out of the weres who were used to fiercely protecting themselves from outsiders. He just hoped that all the people involved survived the adjustment period.

"I think we're open to new people but they've been taught to hate us all their lives. I am not sure Vaughn's people will like his plan."
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe laughed softly. "Very sneaky, I'm sure," she said, pretty convinced Christian would understand Alfarinn's thinking. As far as her Creator went, Aishe tended to think no one could get the better of him. Biased, yes, certainly. With very good reason!

She was about to say Alfarinn might be surprised at how sneaky someone could be even with that edge, but surely he had far more experience with it than she did. So there was no point in pointing it out.

Alfarinn's view on the werewolves was very open-minded, which Aishe liked about him. It was her philosophy as well. She wasn't sure that it would be shared by vampires older than she, but the few she knew seemed to take that view. Not for the first time she had to wonder if her age, or lack thereof, contributed to her outlook.

When Alfarinn pondered the opinions of Vaughn's Pack Aishe just lifted her shoulders practically and smiled at him.
"You've made your offer and done your bet," she pointed out. "They can hardly ask for more. If it falls through it can't be attributed to you."

She considered for a few moments. "Most of the work will be the Mayor's to do," she said. "I understand he's working against years and years of bad relations but at least you've made a start."

Aishe was proud of him, as a leader, of the Clan as a whole. Whether it was easy or not they were doing their best to overcome prejudice and move forward peacefully. It might get messy; such things always had ups and downs. No one could fault them for trying though.

With that in mind she beamed at Alfarinn. "I'm glad you're back."
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn shrugged slightly. "I don't know but I suppose that we will just have to wait and see." That was all the time he wanted to put into it for now. Tomorrow, maybe even later tonight, he would give it some deeper thought but at the moment Alfarinn wanted a more light hearted conversation.

He grinned at Aishe's words.
"I am happy to be back." At least partially, he had not achieved what he had hoped but he could not stay gone forever. For better or worse Megan had chosen her road; now, for the first time in her life, it looked like she had to walk it alone. He wondered if she knew that she could always come to him. Was it comfort? Surely she knew that he would do his best to protect her even if he thought she was wrong.

"So what has been happening for you in these first few years?"

Aishe had been recently turned when last he saw her. Alfarinn suddenly felt very bad for taking Christian away from her so soon after she was created. A distracted but annoyed voice in his head corrected him, saying he hadn't been -taken- anywhere.but had forced himself along. Alfarinn decided not to argue with the Security Chief; it wouldn't do any good and technically Christian was right. Technically.

The voice was back. [There is no "Technically". I chose to go. Now, stop feeling guilty and have a good time. ]
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe nodded to herself as the conversation drifted away from weighty topics like werewolves and the like. She didn't know if she could properly entertain Alfarinn, but if he was looking for a diversion from affairs of state, as it were, she wouldn't mind helping in the search.

"Hmm." She rolled her eyes upwards. "Let's see. Mostly I've been learning," she said. "About lots of things. And people. And raccoons. The usual."

She shrugged at Alfarinn, grinning a little.
"Really, it's been exciting. And at the same time, of course, I have Kem. He needed a little training but he's been coming along pretty nicely. There was a little bit of resistance in the beginning there but I've nearly beaten it out of him."

Pausing for a moment she tilted her head at Alfarinn.
"What is it with you people and your ingrained habits?" She smiled and shook her head. "He fell out of bed again last week. I would have thought he'd have stopped doing that by now."

She told Kiamhaat the nature of her discussion with Alfarinn and was rewarded with a grumble in return, which was something else when voiced internally... it's pretty hard to mumble when you're speaking directly into someone's head but he managed pretty well.
Alfarinn 13 years ago
"Hmm, Racooons." Alfarinn leaned away from his dance partner and studied her for a moment. Nodding, he said. "I can see that."

He laughed, at her statement about Kem. The man definitely had his hands full with this one. Alfarinn suspected the Egyptian couldn't possibly be happier. The image of her chasing the poor archivist around the Towers with a baseball bat came very easily to mind. It made him chuckle some more. "I hope you aren't too hard on him. I am certain he has a hard head but a soft heart." Alfarinn winked at her. It was true though, Kem was a very good man.

"Hmm, I don't fall out of bed...often." He did have ingrained habits. Alfarinn shrugged and said. "We can fix that. We'll just have one of those hospital guard rails installed. Fix that problem right up."

Alfarinn slept in the middle of the bed until Thaddeus. Now he slept in the middle of the bed with Thaddeus. His partner was the lighter sleeper and Alfarinn hoped that he was not too much trouble. While unconscious he was likely to have flailed about and stolen all the covers without knowing any of it. Poor Thaddeus had a devil of a time waking him up. Alfarinn was going to miss those attempts by his lover to bring him back to the land of the living. He hoped Thaddeus returned soon.
Aishe 13 years ago
"Really?" Aishe asked. "You can? I couldn't." She didn't think she'd had much to do with raccoons before her turning; she'd learned tons about them since then however. "They do seem to have a lot to say though. And all things considered, I could have gotten stuck with, I don't know, chihuahuas, or something. So I can't complain."

Caesar Milan, eat your heart out... Aishe could have been the Chihuahua Whisperer. Look out, Animal Planet.

Raising her brows at Alfarinn she smiled and shook her head slightly.
"I have very little to be hard on him about." She considered the man she was dancing with and then after a second's thought, poked him in the ribs. "Except for a very similar slavish devotion to duty that makes him take stupid risks sometimes. I can only guess he learned it from you, so, thanks for that."

She was smiling however, making it clear she was jesting although from what Kem and told her of Alfarinn and how he'd behaved himself while his friend was gone had been very similar. If Aishe thought long and hard enough, she could be very annoyed with her fiance for taking risks with werewolves. So, she wouldn't think about it too hard.

"Oh a guard rail; that'd work for both of you, he'll adore that," Aishe said brightly. "Just like in nursing homes."

She offered Alfarinn a wide-eyed innocent expression. "Not that I'm making any parallels mind you. I wouldn't dream. Sir."

In her head Kem made a polite inquiry as to the source of her humor. She dutifully related the topic of conversation to him and was rewarded with several seconds of silence before, [Did you really just imply that Alfarinn should be in a... I have to go. Far, far away.]

Aishe just grinned.
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn ticked off the reasons with one hand as they danced. "Oh certainly. Intelligent, curious and prone to trouble."

He laughed at the idea of chihuahuas.
"Madam, Fluffy would like you to know that he prefers the silver dog purse to the pink one. It is more comfortable and the metallic sheen casts a lovely light off his fur. He simply -must- look his best for the ladies." Wrinkling his nose, Alfarinn agreed. "I think I will stick to ravens. They are far more intelligent. I certainly don't think I could convince Natt to let me dress him up."

He raised his eyebrows at her when she poked him. Protecting his side from further abuse, he claimed. "I have no earthly idea what you are talking about. I drink too much, I party too hard and I stay out far too late. Ask him. I'm sure he'll tell you the same."

Alfarinn coughed and choked at the suggestion of the nursing home. Kem's voice entered his thoughts claiming that he was using up all his vacation time and heading far away. He also added that he did not know the woman Alfarinn was currently dancing with. The comments made him chuckle; Kem concluded by pointing out that Christian, as her Creator, was technically responsible for Aishe's behavior. This made Alfarinn laugh harder...and of course inform the Security Chief. Chris listened to the explanation of events, laughed softly and said. [Guard rails. Not a bad idea.]

"I will show you who's old, young lady." Alfarinn grabbed Aishe around the waist and spun her up and onto his shoulder. "Even if I put my back out."

((OOC: Kem's sentiments with permission. Grabbing Aishe, ah hell, we'd do it whether we had permission or not. ))
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe held up one finger in mild protest. "In my defense that last trait is very new. Prior to meeting Kem I was the most boring person in the universe. I'm pretty sure that's a fact in a book somewhere."

She laughed at Alfarinn's Chihuahua Whisperer impression, shaking her head at the visual he produced.
"That would be awful," she said, "and I agree. I reiterate: I can't complain. Raccoons are surprisingly smart."

She rolled her eyes a little bit at Alfarinn's defense, still laughing.
"No fair teaming up against the newbie. How am I supposed to work up a good defense all by myself?"

Well, at least she had the satisfaction of hitting home with her next comment. Judging by Alfarinn's laughter, Kiamhaat did indeed have his say. Before she could react she was being literally swept off her feet. With an indignant little shriek of laughter she gasped,
"Be careful... your discs... whiplash... Alzheimer's... something!" And then she was observing the night club from a much higher vantage than previously, held in place on Alfarinn's shoulder by a pair of cool, strong hands.

Aishe turned her head to Alfarinn and gave him a crafty smile.
"Well, I can see my options are limited. My only hope for escape is to pray you forget why you lifted me in the fist place and wander off in search of a can of Ensure. Or some guard rails."

Well, plan B might work too. Going limp, she folded at the waist allowing her upper body to drape forward over Alfarinn's shoulder. Quickly dropping her arms forward she skimmed her fingernails over his ribs, searching for any ticklish spots. It was a viable defense! Completely! She was sure she hadn't learned it from Chris, however.

In her head Kem told her he was packing his bags and leaving. She snorted at him and dared him to try it; she still had a baseball bat in the closet.
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn laughed as Aishe listed off various ailments that he should be wary of. She went limp in his arms; he half expected that tactic. The pokes to the ribs made him chuckle. [Christian, thank you, for not teaching her pressure points.] He wasn't very ticklish these days. Alfarinn wondered if he ever was.

"Oooh an Ensure!" He slid her from his shoulder and tucked her under his arm, laughing all the way to the bar. It was amazing how many people got out of your way when you had a kicking struggling vampire in your arms. Actually people got out of his way quite often. He'd take offense but it useful.

Setting Aishe gently down on an empty barstool, Alfarinn leaned against the bar, one hand cradling his lower back as if it pained him. When the bartender approached he smiled.

'Can I have a White Russian? And could you make that with Ensure?"

The man frowned at him, confusion on his face. He peered closer for a moment as if that might help him read Alfarinn's mind. Finally he decided that this was some strange joke and ignored the last part of the request.

"For the Lady?"

The bartender turned towards Aishe. Alfarinn slid onto the stool next to her and waved a hand.

"Have what you like. We've got a designated driver."
Aishe 13 years ago
Of course Alfarinn wouldn't be ticklish. Aishe almost pouted as she was manhandled beneath Alfarinn's arm, putting up a half-hearted struggle as they... well, he... headed toward the bar. Christian's voice filled her head, suggesting strategic locations for freeing herself in an amused tone that made her chuckle. "Does my fiance know I'm your baggage?" she asked humorously as she was conveyed across the room much in the manner of a carry-all and then deposited gently on a bar stool. "Because, you know, he might want to make sure we get some closure before the wedding."

She laughed at Alfarinn's drink request and then quieted for a moment as Christian sent to her once again, a thank you this time, for... what? Goofing around with her Clan leader? Aishe looked at Alfarinn, measuring the colors she saw around him. Happiness, calm, peace - she liked those. She nodded, smiling.

[The colors all look all right,] she sent back to her Creator. [He's fun like this. So are you,] she added with a mental laugh. Such moments as these were precious. Maybe, hundreds of years from now, she would still remember laughing like this, herself, Alfarinn, and two senders linked to them both, all sharing the same silliness and jokes.

Aishe turned to the bartender.
"Cherry coke please. A real one, with grenadine."

Shrugging at Alfarinn she smiled. "Kem does all my drinking for me. It seems only fair since most of the time I've driven him to it... or so he claims."

((ooc: permission for Christian's input and Alfarinn's mood))
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn laughed and shrugged. "I can send him a text. Here one sec..." He reached back and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He tapped in a message and sent it to Kem...because they needed one more mode of communication in this conversation. *Kem, have your fiancee. Want her back?*

He snorted at Aishe and said "I could see that." Grinning, he added some advice. "Rearrange the manuscripts or something. Bound to send him right over an edge." Alfarinn leaned away just in case a swat, poke or kick was coming his way.

The non ensure laden White Russian was slid toward him. Alfarinn took a sip and then gave the bartender a nod.

"Not vitamin filled but very good."

He spun around on the stool and looked out over the crowd, making sure not to appear too interested in any one person. It was a club gaze that one had to cultivate. Some people were determined and delusional and the fact that he had just carried Aishe over to the bar would not be enough to deter a few of the people in Eternity. - He looked at me for several seconds, he MUST be interested.- Alfarinn turned his attention back to his companion lest anyone get the idea that -she- was available. You're welcome, Kem. He thought silently toward the man.

"So hobbies?"

((OOC: He's thinking -at- Kem not sending. Cause he's awesome but not that awesome. ))
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe laughed at the visual of Kem trying desperately to locate his phone. He'd gotten better with Alfarinn being gone, but he still vastly preferred sending over pretty much any other means of communication so now and then the little phone got neglected.

At Alfarinn's suggestion she grinned a little mischievously.
"I've done that," she admitted. "It's a good thing Meridian offers therapy in the health care package. It wasn't pretty."

She laughed and retrieved her cherry coke when it was offered, sipping and smiling. As Alfarinn turned around and surveyed the club Aishe slid to the edge of her stool nearest him and leaned against the bar, just brushing Alfarinn's shoulder.

"Missing that chalky goodness?" she asked with a soft laugh.

As he turned his attention back to her she blinked at him.
"Mine? Well. I love taking long walks on the beach and attending poetry readings."

Making a little face she shrugged her shoulders. "Nothing new," she admitted, "aside from establishing a very healthy raccoon colony in the woods behind our house. Still the same old same old. I did start yoga classes a few months ago. Eiryk's boyfriend Alexander gives them. You know Eiryk, right? Blonde, viking, prone to falling on things. And people. And himself."

Just then Alfarinn's phone made a noise and Aishe arched her brows and looked over at the display on the phone, which Alfarinn attempted to hide from her before capitulating and letting her see.

"Oh that's not right!"

*Who? Told you before I have no idea who you're talking about. Clearly harassment. No respect.*

And then, just below it,

*Really hope you bought stock in Godiva, pal*

Blinking innocently at Alfarinn Aishe toyed with her straw in her drink, looking up through her eyelashes at him as she said,
"I might have a tiny little chocolate addiction."
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn took another swallow of his drink as he listened to Aishe. The racoon habitat out behind the house was unsurprising. He knew a whole flock of crows, their mates, their children. Natt brought them all to get to know him. He loved that crazy bird and had missed him.

"Well if you should ever leave Kem then you have an excellent set of things for the paper. Single, white, female enjoys walking, furry animals and poetry. Seeking man who is okay with things animals going through the trash."

He thought back to the name and time. "Viking named Eiryk....well that is not exactly as common a name as Hollywood makes it out be. Still I don't think I remember a countryman with a habit for falling over things. How did he survive those times?"

Clumsy was a good way to get killed as a warrior. Maybe that is what happened, sort of, someone decided to save him on the battlefield by turning him. Or he could have developed his lack of grace after the change. Stranger things happened. He was cool to the touch and had been for so long that he could not remember what it was like to be otherwise but that certainly hadn't been the case when he had been human.

His phone went off and he looked down at the screen. Aishe leaned over to look as well and he leaned away, pressing the little device against his chest to hide the text. Grinning, he sat back up and held it out for both of them to read.

Raising his eyebrows, Alfarinn looked over at Aishe.

"Apparently he is maintaining his lack of knowledge."

Well this won't do, how could he ransom her back if the man was claiming not to know her?

Alfarinn typed back. *Oh good. Exotic is all the rage these days. I bet I could get a good price for her on the black market*

Smiling at Aishe, he said.
"How about some good chocolate liquor candy? Then we will both be happy."
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe favored Alfarinn with a look of mild shock and horror. Leave Kem? Not even in her wildest dreams. She couldn't even begin to imagine. But she could certainly speculate on a want ad. "Yeah that would be right along with a whole bunch of other hangups," she said, "Not the least of which would be the diet. I can see it now. I'd have to rent out extra space. I may as well stay with him, it'll save me money on classified ads in the long run."

She grinned as Alfarinn asked the question that almost everyone seemed to ask upon meeting Eiryk. Poor Eiryk. Not, how did you like being a viking. Not, how were you turned. Not, can you redecorate my living room. But, how did you ever survive to be turned? Aishe thought it was obvious that he hadn't. Being a vampire sort of required death, after all.

"He claims it wasn't as bad before," she said with a laugh. "Of course, he also claims they pointed him at the battlefield, counted to thirty, and followed at a safe distance too. So it's anyone's guess as to which. You'd like him." She defended their friend, which as always came naturally to her. "And Alex is ultra sweet. Aside from taking yoga classes from him though everything has proceeded as planned. Now we just have to get our semi-fake wedding over with and then we can ride off into the sunset or something dramatic."

She grinned at Alfarinn and looked at his phone again at the sound of another text. She wasn't surprised at the new message but it made her laugh nonetheless. "He has been working on his poker face," she said mildly, amused.

*Sell organs instead. Regen = the gift that keeps on giving. Does CB know you're selling his only child?*

Aishe shook her head.
"If I didn't know him better I'd get a complex," she said sadly. "But yes, liquor-filled chocolate would be a cheerful compromise."

She bent the no-drinking rule plenty, mostly when chocolate was involved in some way.
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn chuckled and shrugged, waving the phone at Aishe. "Well I agree except that he's claiming not to know you."

He listened to the description of Eiryk and chuckled. "It sounds like he's got a sense of humor about it anyway. I suppose you would have to after a while. He might do better to just claim to have been a mystic, blaming any stumbling on communing with the spirits." Alfarinn raised his eyebrows and his glass together in illustration. "No one argues with such sacred communication."

Clapping his hands lightly together, he asked. "Oh, do I get to officiate? I have this wonderful speech..." Setting his drink down on the bar, Alfarinn sat up straighter. Holding the phone to his chest, he cleared his throat. "Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam..."


His phone went off and he looked down at it with Aishe. Shaking, his head, Alfarinn picked up his drink again. He took a swallow before saying. "Well that's not very sporting."

Christian sent to him before he could ask the question. Apparently Kem was going to make sure that the Security Chief knew Alfarinn was discussing selling Aishe on the black market. [So how much do you want for my daughter?]

Alfarinn muttered to Aishe.
"He tattled on me. Remind me to make some extra paperwork for the Archives."

He pondered Christian's question. [How about several bottles of good alcohol?] The blonde answered shortly. [Done. I will put in down as a Security expense.] Alfarinn shrugged, well at least he got a couple of bottles of something good, even if he was ultimately paying for it, in a way. [I will let Kem know that if he wants her back then he will have to deal with me.] Alfarinn mused that the Egyptian might now have a harder time getting his fiancé back.

He looked over at Aishe and shrugged.
"Well apparently the situation is now out of our hands. How do you feel about that?"
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe grinned at Alfarinn. "I told you, Alzheimer's. It's a tragic state. We deal with it. I'm going to start leaving post-it notes around the archives so he doesn't run into any trouble."

She was all right with poking fun at her much older friends; after all, she liked to think she was a good sport about all the "baby" jokes. Which she didn't mind at all. Aishe realized vampires weren't turned every night - someone had to be the youngest!

She nodded at Alfarinn's assumption regarding Eiryk's sense of humor.
"Oh he does," she said with a laugh. "I wonder if he's tried that one before. He does brew his own mead... you know, for sacred communing I'm sure."

She hoped Alfarinn would have an opportunity to meet Eiryk soon; she was sure they'd have plenty to talk about and as she loved them both she couldn't imagine that they wouldn't get along. Aishe didn't like to think of any of her friends not getting along though, so sometimes things like this were wishful thinking on her part.

At Alfarinn's speech she burst out laughing, as much at the content as the fact that it was her Clan leader delivering it.
"Much as I like the speech as it is," she admitted, "since this entire thing is for my parents we figured we'd just do what they want. My mother is in heaven. I mean, not literally. She's just enjoying getting to plan our wedding for us."

As he went on to tell her what Kiamhaat ahd done that wasn't sporting, Aishe laughed. "He's learned how to play dirty," she admitted. "A bit, anyway."

Right about then Chris' voice entered her head again, always welcome, always a sound that made her happy. Particularly now when it was clearly amused. He asked her what she wanted from Kem for her ransom.

Aishe tapped her chin thoughtfully.
"Apparently I get a say in my own ransom," she informed Alfarinn. "Poor Kem. This is what he gets for trying to avoid trouble."

She thought for a moment and then responded to Chris,
[I would like him to take some vacation and spend a nice long weekend with me.]

Aishe loved it when they had the time to spend together, and it hadn't happened for quite some time. But with Alfarinn and Chris both home she thought perhaps her hard-working vampire was due some relaxation, and she selfishly wanted his company to herself for a bit.

She relayed her ransom response to Alfarinn and said,
"Do you think that would be all right?"

She waited for his approval or further suggestions before sending her response back to Christian.
Alfarinn 13 years ago
"Mmmm mead. I should meet this friend of yours. For the sake being hospitable, of course."

Alfarinn pouted slightly about not getting to do the speech.
"I suppose since this is your mother's wedding she can have some say in the matter." Finishing his drink, he added. "I wonder who is planning Kem's Bachelor party?"

He turned to Aishe. "I guess you want him back in time for the wedding and in one piece. Anything else we should know?"

Alfarinn didn't know who Kem's best man was but whoever had the job would need help with the planning. Its not every day that a crusty old vampire gets married.

Alfarinn laughed, not surprised that Christian sent to Aishe to ask what she would like for her ransom. Her choice was sweet. He nodded and agreed.
"Of course, tell him he's not allowed back in the Towers until Wenesday at the very least. We'll negotiate his return at that time."

"You better tell him to start packing before Christian gets a team together to escort him out of the building." He winked at her.
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe smiled. "I can introduce you if you want" she said. "He lives at Liefde. Wouldn't do to be rude and not say hello."

She laughed at the concept of a bachelor party.
"I don't think he'd actually planned on having one," Aishe said. "It's not entirely a real wedding you know."

Well, legally she supposed it was. But she and Kiamhaat didn't need it. It was far more for her parents' peace of mind than because they needed the document to prove that they were committed to each other. She wasn't going to stop him from having a bachelor party though... how many times in his life was that going to happen?

"In one piece would be nice," she said. She thought hard. "Nothing special to know. He's a fun drunk most of the time." She grinned at Alfarinn. "No felonies would be nice too."

Only a few minutes had passed before Aishe heard Kem's voice in her head. [Is Chris serious? Are you kidding? Why am I suddenly in trouble because you put Alfarinn in a nursing home? I don't get it! I have work to do!]

She almost choked on her soda at his panicked tone, but there was the added advantage of their bond to let her know what his words hadn't said. He seemed confused but pleased. A bewildering combination.

Aishe told Alfarinn what Kem's reaction was.
"I think he's finally owned up to knowing me," she said.
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Getting out his phone, he clicked on a notebook app and started writing. "One piece, check. No felonies..." He sighed and looked up. "You know you're asking a lot there."

Ah well no getting caught. Between him and Artemis, Alfarinn was certain they could manage to come up with a night Kem would remember for centuries. Hopefully happily, though with a few events that would require oaths of secrecy would be good too.

"It doesn't matter that it is a formality. The sentiment behind it is real."

He and Thaddeus had been planning a wedding in the small church. Alfarinn still hoped for that one day. Until then planning something for Kem would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Christian had sent him one of his usual wordy replies. [Done] So Aishe's comment was not entirely unexpected. He chuckled and shrugged.
"That's good. It makes the wedding easier to participate in. Hard to say 'I do" while claiming to have never met the bride before." Alfarinn tilted his head to the side and looked up at the ceiling. "At least these days. My parents were considering some women in a neighboring village for me. I am quite certain that I would have been expected to marry without much of an introduction."

The ones in his own village had nearly drove him insane from around thirteen onward. Alfarinn wondered if his lack of interest in the opposite sex started then. The girls had stopped being...normal. They started giggling, blushing, teasing, chasing, and in some cases, demanding. Speaking to them had been a nightmare. His male friends stayed the same; Alfarinn had found respite long hunting trips and sailing expeditions. His father had told him before his last voyage that he felt he had made the perfect match for him. Alfarinn never found out whether that was true, but he somehow doubted it.

"Shall we get you home so that you can help Kem endure his exile?"
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe smiled at Alfarinn, reached over and patted his cool cheek with her hand. "I have faith in you." Then she leaned over and kissed him where her hand had been.

"I suppose you're right," Aishe said. Really though, it was just going to outdate itself when they eventually had to play dead. Who knew, in another 50 or 60 years maybe they'd do it again. She doubted it though; this was for her parents and they wouldn't be around at that point.

She smiled at Alfarinn's memory.
"See? He could totally have kept up the lie and I'd still have managed to shackle him. He's not getting away again."

Not that he wanted to. Aishe knew that for a certainty. Bonding could be a wonderful thing sometimes.

When Alfarinn suggested they go Aishe nodded. She enjoyed her time with her Clan leader, but the prospect of having Kiamhaat to herself for the next few days was quite appealing. She'd have to thank her Creator as well, for giving her some say in her own ransom.

"I can't promise he won't email anyone," she warned. Keeping Kiamhaat out of the archives altogether was a difficult task when he had access to his email from anywhere. "I think I can get him to cooperate though."

She offered Alfarinn a smile that left no question as to how she would accomplish that particular task and kept it in place the entire way home.

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