Just a Little Cleanup (Invite Only)

Amir left his bike in the next alley over from the middle-of-the-road hotel their quarry were holing up in and shifted, trotting through the back streets in jackal shape until he reached the place he'd arranged to meet Mai and Ambrose.

He'd been requested by Elder Mai, who claimed he would enjoy what they had to do here. Amir didn't know why that was, but really anytime he was in service to Anantya he felt satisfied so he had come along quite agreeably. He would have, anyway, since Mai had asked it of him.

He had a few very good ideas as to why they were here, but he didn't understand how the Elder had come to be involved. He'd had his eye on this area ever since Mara had conveniently furnished him with certain information regarding some visitors to Nachton and he had intended to pay them a diplomatic visit out of sheer courtesy and goodwill some time soon.


Shifting back to human shape he waited, hidden in the shadows, looking up at the hotel speculatively.

Mai 13 years ago
Several sources had spoken to her about the vampires that were at this location. Shades had told her that these vampires were causing trouble in his area of Nachton. Mai had gone to Morrigan and found that she had a few members of the Night keeping tabs on these vampires. They came into town unannounced and were likely clanless. The Elder had not seen any trouble from them as of yet and saw no reason to kill them. However, she would like information. The group seemed fairly competent and had not slipped up enough for the Night to get anything solid in the short time they had been watching. Morrigan was more than happy to let Mai and her Hunt go in and ask them -politely- who they were and why they were there.

Ambrose had a truck. Mai sat in the back bed, in stoat form, hanging onto the tailgate. It was not as much fun as the motorcycle, which moved with the rider, but it was open to the air.

For this 'discussion', she was wearing red hakama over the white kimono with the pink flowers. Her hair had been tightly bound in a braided bun. The people they came to see where indoors and space would likely be limited. For this reason, she brought a pair of Tekagi-shuko that she designed herself. The weapon had strapped to the wrist and around the hand. It had the long claws that went between the fingers but it also had a sturdy metal plate that covered the heel of the palm. Upon her person there were other various minor weapons, kunai, caltrops and the like.

When they parked, she resumed her form and jumped lightly to the ground.

"I brought these but perhaps you would find them useful." Mai reached up a sleeve and handed Ambrose a taser and a tiny bottle of pepper spray. She looked at the weapons for a long moment before commenting. "They are very good. So much modern is waste."

Moving quietly closer, she smiled and spoke barely above a whisper. "Konbanwa, Amir-san."

((OOC: Holy crap that's a long post by Mai. She gets chatty when the Hunt is discussed, I guess. Anyway, the weapon she is carrying looks more like Wolverine's claws and less like the smaller version of the weapon. The palm claws would have interfered too much with the weight in the palm. Also, she's assuming Amir is being quiet and stealthy but not so stealthy that they wouldn't be able to find him. ))
Ambrose 13 years ago
It had been a little odd having the elder scurrying around the bed of his truck as a stoat, but he wasn't about to argue with her. So he just drove. Reaching their destination, Ambrose quietly closed the door of his truck, he'd left his cane in the cab. There had been a bit of a mental debate about that, it was something of a help and something of a hindrance but in a pinch made a decent weapon too. But he'd opted to leave it, they'd see if he'd regret it or not.

Curiously he took the pepper spray and the taser from Mai with a nod and tucked them in his pockets where he'd be able to get at them easily. They were more discreet than his weapons of choice, although he'd been sure to fit the modern guns with silencers. The ammunition he'd brought should slow even a vampire down and a head shot might kill. No guarantees on dead, but it might be a bit more than could be regenerated. The only exception was his Peacemaker, and that was only a back up. It was too old to be fitted with a silencer and truthfully he'd only brought it because three of the six rounds were silver. He'd been told what they were hunting but damned if he wasn't going out prepared for anything.

He nodded, almost tersely, at Rashid. It wasn't an attempt to be rude or nasty, this was just business and not the time to socialize. Ambrose took a second to make sure he had everything he wanted and waited. This wasn't his show and he wouldn't pretend it was, tonight he'd carry out orders.
Amir 13 years ago
Amir didn't see why it was necessary to have Ambrose along, but perhaps Mai was helping to grow him a little. Amir understood Ambrose to be a good deal younger than either himself or Mai. Experience in the field was a necessity if he wanted to live the long and fulfilling undead life of a Huntsman and he could have no better mentor than Elder Mai, if she had chosen to help.

He bowed briefly.
"Konbanwa, Mai-sama." He turned to Ambrose and his lip quirked up as he returned the man's short nod.

Amir wasn't fooled by appearances here. You didn't send three members of the Hunt for a polite inquiry unless you suspected things could get out of hand. And, given the identities of the people involved, things could definitely get out of hand.

Still clinging to shadows Amir took in the Elder's appearance. At least one of them was dressed for a polite chat. He hadn't taken care to wear anything particularly formal himself' having ridden his bike here he was dressed appropriately for that in jeans, boots, and his leather jacket. He didn't appear to be carrying any weapons but anyone who knew Amir also knew that only meant he'd left the big obvious ones on his bike. Amir never went out without toys. Never.

"They're upstairs," he murmured softly, having been there long enough to get a little information at least. "214."

Aside from that he assumed Mai would take the lead here so he waited for her directions. It all depended on how she assumed this conversation would go.
Mai 13 years ago
Mai smiled at Amir. "kochira e douzo." She looked up to the room that he named. Turning to Ambrose, she said. "You will be able to hit someone from there?" Mai pointed to the parking lot across from the hotel. "Someone not us comes out of the door. Shoot them."

Thinking about that for a moment, she added "Or window."

He was the one best with ranged weapons and if someone chose to run then Ambrose could slow them down.

They walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. It was very straight forward and there were plenty of better tactics should they wish to take these people down easily. However, they were to try a peaceful exchange first.

Mai looked to Amir and held up her clawed hands. He was good enough to knock on the door for her. It was soon opened. The man who answered, medium sized, tanned, dark hair, seemed surprised. That was understandable.

"Konbanwa." She nodded to him and then stepped forward. He moved out of the way to let her in, whether it was out of habit or because he understood that it was the wise thing to do she did not know.

((OOC: Amir's knocking with permission. She asked him to come with her in the first sentence. Sorry, Ambrose, we'll send someone out to play, promise! ))
Ambrose 13 years ago
In an odd sort of way Ambrose was content with that assignment. He could hold his own in close quarters or in a brawl. But competent was one thing; excellent was another he was learning to accept his talents. Well that and one didn't get prickly with the Elder of the Hunt it was a bad idea.


A long distance shot wasn't as much fun as a fast draw but it was often a more valuable skill. Ambrose had kept in practice. If she wanted him to take out some one's knees from that parking garage he could. His answer was merely confidant.

He opened the truck again and collected two riffles before starting to the parking garage. Stairs again, why was it always stairs. Oh sure there was an elevator but Ambrose didn't trust it right now.

Finding a good spot with a clear shot of both the door, or as Mai had suggested, the window Ambrose set up shop and waited. Patience was a virtue after all.
Amir 13 years ago
"Hai." Amir turned to follow Mai up the stairs, paused, and turned back to Ambrose. "Or wall," he added with a grim smile.

He knocked on the door for Mai when she held up her hands. A darkly complected vampire opened it and Mai stepped right past him with a greeting. The man looked confused but stepped aside. Amir took advantage of his surprise to slip in as well, before the man could close the door or attempt to separate him from the Elder.

As he passed, the man at the door paled significantly. Amir assumed it was because he'd been sent to find Amir, probably kill him if possible... or something. He wasn't entirely sure these days. He favored the man with a fang-filled grin, enjoying the satisfaction of watching him pale several more shades.

There were two more vampires inside the room. They looked as if they'd been watching the news. One of them Amir vaguely recognized but the other, he knew. The tallish blond man who'd been reclining on one of the beds sat up sharply.

"Elder Mai." He paused a moment, his face also taking on a strange expression. "Amir."

Amir tilted his head. He felt like he was missing something here. Sure, he obviously knew who'd sent these guys but they hadn't tried anything yet.

"Connor," he named the blond vampire for Mai. He didn't know much about the other two, but Connor was an ancient, about 450 years Amir's junior. Trained by Subira, he wouldn't be a pushover in a fight if it came to that.

Still sure he was missing some vital piece of information, Amir stood balanced and poised, backed up slightly so he could see all three vampires without exposing his back to any of them.
Mai 13 years ago
Mai turned slightly towards Amir while still keeping most of her body facing the others in the room. He knew the vampires name. They could still be clanless but now it seemed unlikely.

"Anantya?" Her eyes narrowed and she stepped further into the room. "Explain yourselves."

She waited, her stance wide but her frame relaxed, her hands, by necessity, were down at her sides. If they were Anantya then they would know why they were here. If they were clanless, they would still know, if they were older than a few decades. Anantya did not tolerate those without ties. They were a menace best dealt with as soon as they were found. She believed that, with very few exceptions.

((OOC: Quite short, and she asked a general question so they can assume anything they like from it. That Amir knows and she doesn't or perhaps that she knows what they have done but not that they are Anantya. ))
Amir 13 years ago
Amir watched the dark vampire at the door close it and stand near it. At the Elder's words, the third vampire in the room, a smallish man with a youthful appearance, gave a start. His eyes grew wide and he stared first at Mai and then Amir.

"Cahyo said that it would be quick," he stammered. "They never meant to rough her up so..."

Connor broke in smoothly, standing and making a cutting motion in the air to silence his partner. "Forgive us, Elder," he said. "We were here for a very short time to complete a quick chore. We were to stop in tomorrow evening before leaving. We've only been here for a couple of nights."

Amir hissed in a breath as he heard the familiar, unwelcome name of the man who'd forced his unwanted attentions upon Mara hundreds of years ago.
"Did you say... Cahyo?"

He stared past Connor to the man behind him, who immediately glanced back and forth between Amir and Connor as if to find the correct answer somewhere in there.

Elder forgotten for a brief moment, Amir saw a flash of red before his eyes and strode forth toward Connor and his cowering companion. He growled at Connor.
"What the hell were you doing bringing Cahyo anywhere near Mara?"

Their unstable kin had never had any real love for Amir's eldest, and when she'd turned him down on numerous occasions he'd become hostile and dangerous. It had been centuries ago though; they had all thought the matter in the past.

Two and two added up and Amir took note of the third vampire again as the rest of his words sank in. He felt his face grow white with rage.
"Rough her up?"

In a flash Amir was lunging toward the young-looking vampire. He intended merely to grab him and shake him but as he moved toward him the man reached quickly down, grabbed something that had been resting next to the television, and raised his hand.

"Kuruk, no!" Connor intervened, bringing his hand down even as the weapon discharged.

Instead of hitting Amir in the chest or head, the bullet took him in the abdomen. He didn't actually notice. He just got angrier. Shoving Connor's arm aside he barreled into the younger man, Kuruk, and twisted around, pulling the hand and arm with the weapon along as he rolled over Kuruk's shoulder and came up behind him. Holding him fast, Amir disarmed him with his free hand.

"Stop," Connor said, words aimed at everyone in the room. "Amir, we can explain."

Amir stared at Connor in disbelief, still not entirely sure what had or had not transpired. "By all means," he growled softly. "Take your time."
Mai 13 years ago
Mai frowned at the words. The man who spoke first did not answer why these people were here unannounced, at least not in a way she considered clear. The one Amir called Conner did a far more acceptable job; he also understood who she was. Between her fellow Huntsman's knowledge of the man and his own understanding of their customs it appeared they were dealing with Anantya.

She would have replied to the man's words but Amir seemed struck by what the first man had said... something about roughing someone up. It hardly seemed their concern unless the woman was also a clan member. Amir's next words explained who the victim had been. Mara, was -definitely- a clan member.

Her companion was across the room rather quickly, Mai watched without much concern. She remained in the same place, watching passively, alert but hardly surprised by his reaction. Her indifference ended when the target of Amir's attention shot him with one of the metal weapons that Ambrose was so fond of. A quick assessment of her companion and his continued advancement on his target, proved that he would live. She noted that he might tire more quickly if this became an extended encounter but it was not a mortal wound.. Amir was now behind Kuruk and seemed in control of the situation for the moment.

Connor had tried to stop the violence;he seemed to be the leader in the room. Turning her attention to him, as he sued for peace and offered to provide reason behind their past actions, Mai stepped forward into the center of the room.

"Explain. Now, clearly. What harm you caused Mara? Why? Who ordered?" Mai, with a face of stone, leveled her eerie white gaze on each of them. "If you do not answer then I will kill each of you... for attempted murder of one of the clan."

It may not have been their intention to kill her but violence against a clan mate was not treated lightly either. If they did not explain then she would assume they failed in murder and would execute them. Those who would commit violence against their own kind without good cause had no place among the immortal.
Amir 13 years ago
Connor held his hands out in a gesture meant to placate. "We were here on business," he said, speaking quickly but calmly. "We should have checked in before now, but we were meant to be in and out quickly." He glanced back and forth between Mai and Amir. "We saw Mara; Cahyo immediately wanted to go talk to her."

Amir narrowed his eyes. Connor knew better. He had worked with Cahyo for centuries. As if sensing Amir's distrust Connor looked at Amir.

"I didn't think he would do what he did," Connor said. "He said he wanted to talk to her for a minute; she agreed. She didn't look happy about it. And then... Cahyo got out of hand. Her friend, date, whatever, he snapped. And after that..."

Connor stopped and glanced at the man who'd opened the door. "Look, I didn't get involved," he said. "Not until the very end."

Amir's arm tightened around the man he held, Kuruk, who had become tense. Amir was ready for him to try something. He could feel it coming. But it was the man who'd opened the door who spoke next.

"I was protecting my partner," he insisted, "Cahyo was talking to her. That's it, just talking to her. And the white-haired guy just went at him. I pulled him away and all hell broke loose."

Amir glared at Connor, ignoring the man by the door for the time being.
"What did he do to her?"

Connor met his eyes squarely. "Broke her fangs. Drank from her. She tried to get away. Got him a few good ones. He caught her again. It got dirty. She tried to run but I caught her, kept her there. Help was already on the way."

Right about then was when Kuruk snapped. "Bullshit," he snapped at Connor. "You're a coward. They're going to kill us anyway."

Amir felt the man's body shifting under his hands, getting larger... and much, much furrier. Over the rapidly expanding shoulder he saw the man at the door moving behind Mai and even though he knew she would sense it he still called out to her.
"Behind you!"

Which was about all he got out as he suddenly had a face full of fur. Bear fur. Amir blinked and took half a moment to assess the situation. Digging his hands into the thick strands, he clung to the back of the man who had just shifted into an enormous brown bear.
Mai 13 years ago
Despite what some people believed, Mai did understand something about the modern mating rituals that vampires and humans engaged in. Conner explained that Mara was out on a date and that meant, to Mai anyway, that she was seeing someone in the Clan. Because who else would Mara want to mate with? She understood that vampires needed companionship from time to time; it was natural.

This date, according to Connor 'snapped' when this person 'got out of hand'. Mai understood this to mean that when Mara was attacked her partner reacted violently, possibly trying to protect her. Hmmph, Connor's people got whatever they deserved for starting the attack or at least not keeping their companion under control.
She did not feel any sympathy for the plight of their situation.

The dark man who answered the door changed the story. He said that their friend had just been talking and then the white haired man....Mai cocked her head to the side, staring at nothing. Her face might have been carved in marble for all the expression on it.

The one that Amir was holding started to change and the one behind her moved.

It was a mistake to think that sneaking up behind a blind person was in some way helpful. Mai remained still, her head tilted to the side as he closed the distance between them. Amir's shout caused him to rush the last foot or so. At the last moment, she lifted her clawed hands upward over her shoulders. With her would be attacker's forward momentum, they buried themselves deeply in his chest. Bending and leaning forward, Mai pulled him over her body by the steel blades and slammed him down onto the floor.

Regarding the dying man with the same unnerving calm, she said.

"My son, no snap."

She left him on the floor, the left claw had torn through his heart. He would not be moving again unless someone gave him a large amount of blood.quickly. Mai turned toward Connor.

"The white haired man. You say he attack first? What happen to him?"

She was worried. Mai had been away from the Manor for several days, maybe a week. It was not uncommon. Was Jin alive? Now she was focused on Connor intently. He -would- tell her what she wanted to know, or he would die like the other one.
Amir 13 years ago
Amir couldn't see what was going on once Kuruk shifted; he was too busy clinging to the thrashing bear. There was a very brief scuffle and then he heard Mai's voice, but he didn't have a chance to add anything. He wrapped his arms around the neck of the bear and squeezed. He expected the next move, which was to be suddenly pinned against several hundred pounds of bear and a wall with no small amount of force. Several things snapped, and Amir rolled his eyes. That hurt, somewhat. However, he used the fact that he was pinned to readjust his grip on the bear. Taking its head in his hands he gave a vicious yank first one way and then back the other.

Just as he thought he might have succeeded in breaking the bear's neck, the entire bear fogged and went incorporeal. Great. Ethereal bear. Amir simply dropped to the floor with a grunt and stood bent over, hands on his knees, watching the cloud of mist as it hovered uncertainly in front of them. He kept an eye on it while he listened to Connor's explanation.

Connor, who while all this was going on had made no move to attack or defend either side. Amir glared at him through the misting bear.

"He only attacked when Cahyo broke Mara's fangs," Connor said to Mai. "They were roughed up some, both of them." He glanced down at the man on the floor, the expression on his face clearly indicating who had helped. "He kept trying to get to her. He wouldn't run even when she told him to. Eventually Shades got there. He ordered us away and we went. We left Cahyo with him. I don't know what happened after. I assume they went with Shades."

Connor looked at Amir. "Come on, Rashid," he said angrily, his eyes snapping. "Tell me you would have done any differently if it had been you in our position. Tell me you could have done any differently."

There was an almost desperate note to his voice and Amir grunted in response, unwilling to answer. Raw fury at being absent filled him and yet he felt overwhelming relief at what Connor had said, how Jin had responded. And Connor must have said it to appease him. They had worked together before. They had very nearly been friends, might have been if outside forces didn't intervene.

"She fought hard," Connor said. "She took Cahyo out." He looked at Mai. "Your... son. Killed one of my partners and injured another. He was guarding her when we left." His face paled. "Mara... I don't know. She was alive."

Amir felt himself tremble with the effort of restraining himself. Elder Mai was in charge here. But he very badly wanted to lunge at Connor, tear him limb to limb. In front of them, the cloud of mist that had been a bear wafted out through the wall. Amir could hear footsteps on the stairs. He glanced out the window and waited.
Ambrose 13 years ago
They hadn't been in there long. Not really. And Ambrose honestly would wait all night and if nothing happened nothing happened. But that didn't mean that he wouldn't prefer -something- to happen.

He'd kept an eye on everything, door, window... wall. The wall was an odd thought, Ambrose wondered if he could get a shot off before someone hit the ground if Rashid or the Elder threw them through the wall. OK he didn't really wonder, he could. It would just be a first for him.

The mist surprised him, that was not at all what he'd expected to see and there was no way in hell he was shooting mist. It was futile. How the hell were you supposed to follow orders when the marks didn't cooperate? Fortunately the mist resolved itself into a guy. The only think Ambrose noticed about him was he wasn't the Elder or Rashid.

Shooting first and asking questions later was one of his best skills. Two shots, both muffled by a silencer, one through the guys knee and one through his throat. He crumbled obligingly. Oh he'd live, but Ambrose wasn't about to let him get a step further.
Mai 13 years ago
Amir was hanging onto a bear, Mai noted with some interest. She wondered if some people had huge forms to make up for the weaknesses they had elsewhere. She noted with some amusement that the bear had obviously not squished hard enough; hands reached up from behind the furry mass and forced its head in first one unnatural angle and then another. Then it misted into a hazy nothingness and wafted through the wall.

Mai hoped that Ambrose was ready. She could make out the sounds of footsteps as the man became corporeal once more. Listening intently, she could hear the sound of pops, further away, and the sound of small objects impacting with bone at a high speed. Ambrose did not miss; she was proud of him.

Connor answered her question and Mai was not surprised to hear that his version of the story differed from that of the dying man. She listened to the retelling of the fight, acknowledging who had helped with a nod of her own. Connor pleaded with Amir over something, suggesting he should understand. That seemed at odds with the evident fact that the man had been involved in nearly killing Amir's child. Mai supposed that he might be trying to appeal to Amir's status as a warrior but her clan mate had honor and this fight seemed to have a decided lack of that. There was something more to this.

The final opponent in the room went on to tell her the part that she most wanted to know. Jin had been alive protecting Mara when help arrived. Her son was almost certainly among the breathing and she could hope that Amir's child had been spared a final death.

"The man who ran." Disdain coloured her features briefly before she returned her gaze back to Connor. "What part he play in this?"
Amir 13 years ago
Outside the window the noises that followed clearly indicated that Ambrose had hit his target. Amir felt mingled satisfaction and annoyance; the bear was down but it was not Amir who'd done it. What a pity.

Amir slowly straightened as things inside began to mend. Still glaring at Connor he shook his head harshly at the man. He wasn't going to say or not say what he'd have done in his shoes; Amir wasn't in them. Yet. But Connor's words drove home a terrifying point to Amir. If she decided it was worth the risk, would Subira's hold over him be strong enough to cause him to hurt Mara himself? Or betray his Clan?

The idea that such a thing might be possible doubled him back over and he clutched at his knees for a second, gasping. He wasn't trustworthy. He had to tell Mai, and he couldn't. There was no way for him to express it in words. He didn't think he would be given orders of that nature; Subira was a die-hard Anantya loyalist but she was clearly unstable. He didn't know what to expect from her anymore. He missed her. The woman she had once been would never have stooped this low.

He would have to be even more careful than before. He'd found ways around Subira's commands before; he would find ways now. He couldn't help Mara or Bao or any of his own; continuing to remain close to them would send a very clear signal. In spite of what had happened to Mara, he still felt that his best option was to push them away. He had to continue to trust them to take care of themselves. Or to associate with those who could help, he thought with another flare of gratitude. It was an uncomfortable feeling; Amir didn't like to feel beholden to anyone.

He straightened again while he waited for Connor to respond to the Elder's question. Feeling the sticky warmth of blood on his side he leaned casually against the wall and dug around in the wound some, finally retrieving the bullet which had not gone far.

"He and I were backup," Connor responded. "Just lookouts and support."

Amir watched Mai for further instruction. He didn't think she would let him kill Connor, as much as he wanted to. The man had been truthful, as far as Amir could tell at least.
Mai 13 years ago
Mai nodded to Connor and stated, what she considered, the obvious. "You will come with us."

She turned to Amir, who looked somewhat the worse for his encounter with the bear, but was still healthy enough to fight should it be necessary. "Please, Amir-san, kill the other one."

Should the man become ethereal again then Ambrose would have a hard time shooting him. Amir would be better at chasing the man down, if it was required. Mai wondered whether an immortal bear could outrun an immortal jackal. They might all soon find out.

Returning her attention to Connor, she said.
"For your honesty, you will live. For now." Should he take exception to being in their custody then that status could easily change.

((OOC: Have fun with the bear. I assume Connor will behave himself, so Mai can be skipped in favor of exciting outside action! ))
Amir 13 years ago
Amir nodded to Mai and went back to the doorway, tossing the bullet he'd just pulled from his abdomen aside as he did. Stalking past Connor, Amir glanced at him, felt his lip twist up, and looked away. The urge to jump him was strong but there was a lot of truth in what Connor said. Parts of it, anyhow. Frankly, Amir would rather die before dishonoring himself this way.

Heading out the door he took the stairs two at a time down to the ground where he could see Kuruk's prone form. The man wasn't dead; he was just beginning to stir. As Amir approached and Kuruk turned, several things happened at once.

The expression on Kuruk's face was sheer terror. Amir didn't know what his own expression looked like, but it couldn't have been pleasant. The prone man began to fade out. There was a distant pop as Amir said,
"Get back here."

Perhaps the bullet would have gone through Kuruk if Amir's Command hadn't brought him back into his corporeal state. As it was, the man did not get a chance to find out if he was faster than a bullet. As he rematerialized the projectile hit him in the side of the head just above his ear.

Amir strode over to him and noted that he wasn't quite dead yet. Reaching down he grabbed the man by the hair, lifted him, and sank his fangs into his neck none too gently. It was only fair; Kuruk had put a hole in him. And broken a few ribs.

There was no message to deliver. Kuruk would not be going back to Africa, in any form. Amir drank thirstily, reflecting on the convenience of finding a meal rather earlier than expected tonight. He drank deeply, too, bringing to mind what this man's partners had claimed to have done to Mara. When he pulled himself away from the man one of his many knives was in his free hand. He plunged it, up to the hilt, into Kuruk's right eye.

Within seconds he held nothing but ash. Opening his hand he held it palm up and let the wind take it. Without looking toward the parking garage he said,
"Nice shot."

And waited for Mai.

(Permission for bullet granted)
Ambrose 13 years ago
They must be having a lot of fun in there if this guy had run. For now though Ambrose just watched him, ready to shoot again but he didn't think he'd get another shot. If his mark could go ethereal, well he'd probably do that before trying to run. It would only been the smart thing to do knowing some one was gunning, literally, for you.

Rashid came out, and yup, Ambrose was right there went his target.

"God damned son of bitch no good cheating..."

Ambrose muttered to himself, still never taking his eye off the target. If the other vampire popped back for so much as a second... He did and at the same second he pulled the trigger. Might have been a bit rude hitting him when Rashid was already out there but it was too late to worry about it.

Hell of a way to go Ambrose reflected as Rashid finished off the target. He also made a mental note not to piss him off while in close quarters if he could help it. He watched the ash blow from the older vampire's hand and didn't really feel bad about it. The guy was more likely dead on the Elder's orders than Rashid's whims and that was good enough for Ambrose.

He smirked a bit when his shot was acknowledged. Yes, yes it had been good. All three of them. But he didn't say anything, no point in bragging he silently nodded not knowing or even caring if the acknowledgement was seen. It looked like they were wrapping up here, but he wouldn't pack up shop until he was certain. Hell some one still might come through the wall.
Mai 13 years ago
Mai made certain to finish off the vampire who had opened the door. The human shaped pile of ash on the carpet would need looking after, as would the dent in the wall, and other things. It was not her problem.

She and Connor left together; he was smart enough to come along quietly. Mai let him walk on his own, keeping whatever dignity he might have left. She noted the pile of quickly dispersing ash outside and nodded to Amir. The two members of the Night were still in the area. Mai found them watching from across the street.

"It is done. Call the Rose."

Mai would let Morrigan know what happened. She would escort Connor to a holding place and they would decide what to do with him once he was questioned further. Finding Ambrose, she followed him to his vehicle. It was a good thing that Amir had chosen to ride separately because they needed the space. She jumped into the cab this time after Connor. Changing into a stoat; Mai settled herself on his lap. Her bright bead like black eyes watched him. It was easier to pay attention to him than to focus her senses on the moving landscape but if he believed she was being extra vigilant then that worked as well.

Mai would be glad when her duties for the night were done. She had a child to find.

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