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Mahesh sighed and clutched the bridge of his nose. He was definitely getting a headache from talking to this kid. It seemed at times as though his prisoner was deliberately misunderstanding him. Did he not care about his life?

He had followed the singer from the cemetery and had watched him since for any further signs of Command, with hopes that the vampire would lead him to one much older with time. After several weeks nothing new was forthcoming. Mahesh decided to confront the kid directly in order to determine whether he and his Creator were worth further consideration.

"Did you or did you not command the human girl to let you take her home?"

It was a simple question... really it was.

Jan 13 years ago
Cable was uncomfortable, especially now that his captor had him nearly cacooned in it. Ruefully Jan thought he should have been a little more patient and made certain that the vampire had been asleep before he tried to make good his escape. Once the Indian guy found out he could contort into impossibly odd shapes the cable had been carefully wrapped to make sure he had no further opportunity to use that skill.

He'd just have to use another.

Jan sighed and answered the question, truthfully. He wasn't sure what the guy wanted but he had learned fairly quickly that being, overtly, smart assed was not helpful to his survival.

"Of course I commanded her to let me take her home. " Jan sighed. "She's a band mate and she was drunk. I didn't want her to go out and get herself killed. Understand?"
Mahesh 13 years ago
Mahesh wondered why he was wasting his time with this young one. He had found out how old the boy was very quickly. Johannes, he had found out his name quickly as well, was particularly stubborn when it came to naming his Creator. So far threat, torture and even command had not produced very useful results. It would in time, the boy would break eventually but Mahesh had other things to do. If the Creator was not one of his targets then his prisoner was not of much use to him.

He pressed close, bending down to look the boy in the eyes. Mahesh would read the truth from his expression.

"So you admit to having Command at your disposal. Does your Creator also share this trait?"

Now they were finally getting somewhere.
Jan 13 years ago
"I what? My..." Jan frowned and tilted his head back as his captor hovered inches from his face. The man seemed to do that a lot. The Indian, obviously a vampire with those teeth, also paced some moments and would be oddly still the next. They were back to trying to find out about Simon again. He tried to sort out what this psycho wanted from him and what it had to do with his father.

Finally though the pieces were starting to fit together. The Indian had asked him several times about a conversation with Ash, his band mate. Now he seemed to think she had gone with him because he commanded it.
"Woah, I can't do that. I told her to come with me, yes, but I didn't -command- it." He sighed. "Neither can my Creator." So whatever you're looking for, it has nothing to do with either of us. GET A CLUE!

Jan set his jaw and looked stubbornly sullen.
Mahesh 13 years ago
Mahesh sighed and turned away from the boy. Waving his hand, he spoke to one of his people.

"Put him in with the other one."

He thought he had another lead. It seemed he was wrong. Now he would have to sort out this side mess that he had picked up before getting down to more dangerous business. There were several in Nachton on his list and time was running out.

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