Getting to know you

Vaughn walked into the entrance of the club wearing a black button down shirt, trousers and a silver threaded jacket over the top of that. He did NOT want to think about how many times he had changed clothes already today. He was not coming as the Mayor and Alfarinn mentioned coming to the back door to avoid the press. The vampire said that he entered the same way, quite often. Ruefully Vaughn admitted that the immortal was far more interesting to the media.

He turned to his companion once the bouncer opened the door.

"Ladies first."

They made their way to the back of the club, passing the lively bar and dance floor. A set of large men guarded this closed door. Vaughn spoke up.

"We're here to meet with Arin Björn." The man eyed him carefully, seeming to take in his lack of glasses, because he paused for a long moment on Vaughn's face. He flipped open an iphone and looked at a picture. Finally he nodded and told them to room number.

"You'll pardon me if I go first this time?" If there was an ambush here then Vaughn didn't want Therese taking the brunt of it. However he thought it best not to mention his personal reasons for being somewhat rude. Let her think that he was going in the front because he was the one that would be recognized.

There were two people in the room; Alfarinn and a dark haired woman.

"Good Evening. This is my friend, Therese Dubois."

Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn lounged in the chair with his legs sprawled out under the table. Leaning both elbows on the arms of the chair, he twined his hands together. Spinning the seat around to look at his partner this evening, He smiled.

"So what have you been up to, Aishe?"

He discussed the Vyusher R'asa with Christian and they both decided that it would be wise to learn more about the werewolves. Perhaps they could come to an accord. Alfarinn could not believe that Christian was willing to let his child come with him tonight. Either the Security Chief believed him when he said that the leader of the werewolf pack wanted to talk about an alliance or he wanted to test Aishe's skills at handling a crisis. Sometimes with Bern it was hard to tell.

Emiliano and a female companion walked in the door. Now they could begin!

"Good Evening, Mayor and Ms. Dubois. This is my friend Aishe Nevrat."
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe watched Alfarinn as she, conversely, sat properly in her chair, back straight, legs crossed. Here in the official capacity of 'backup' but the unofficial capacity of 'friend' (or was that reversed?) she found it a little nerve-wracking. She didn't let it show though. That would have been highly unprofessional.

Her appearance was anything but, that night. Since she was supposed to be tag-along friend, she'd dressed the part in a light pink 3/4 sleeve sweater over a silver silk miniskirt with a pretty floral pattern. Under that was a pair of black leggings, and although she wore boots she couldn't bring herself to wear heels. The last thing she needed was to get into a situation where she needed to move fast, and stumble over her own stiletto or something.

Kiamhaat's silver ankh pendant dangled at her chest and his engagement ring was upon her finger. A pair of shiny studs graced her earlobes and her thick hair was glossed and pulled away from her face, loose and shiny in a rippling wave down her back. She actually wore slight touched of makeup, just this once, a little mascara and some gloss. A girl had to look nice to meet the mayor after all.

Tilting her head at Alfarinn she smiled.
"Not as much as you might think, sir," she replied. "Just research research research."

She knew Kiamhaat hadn't had a chance to talk to Alfarinn yet since his arrival back in Nachton. It was a source of stress for her fiance for the longer his leader waited, the more certain Kem became that he'd dome something horribly wrong. He'd been very sulky lately, for him. But Aishe determined that she couldn't fix it. She was sure Alfarinn meant no such thing and thought he must not realize the effect the delay was having on his friend. That was her hope, at least. She did not know Alfarinn well, but he'd only been back in Nachton for two days and he'd been understandably busy.

There was little time for additional small talk as the Mayor and his own companion arrived. She followed Alfarinn's lead, ready to stand if he did or remain seated, greeting the mayor respectfully and the woman with him as well.

She would do well to remember that these wolves were not Aidan Xephier and his Pack. Kiamhaat might have forged a relationship with them and there was some small measure of trust there but that didn't exist here.
Therese 13 years ago
Her stomach was twisting in knots. It wasn't quite that Thérèse was nervous, but she was certainly on edge. She had no idea of who exactly they were meeting or what, if any, connection they had to the one who was keeping her hostage. If he was one of them he would not be pleased. No doubt she'd pay for it. Hell, she might pay for it even if he didn't have a connection. But if she didn't go, if she didn't find out for herself it could be very bad for the Pack. Did Vaughn even know the mulo could get in your head, control you?

Her dress was mostly business like, the skirt was too short for the office though and if she took off the jacket the neckline was too low and the halter neck certainly wasn't work appropriate. But with the jacket on it was almost professional if you didn't look at it took hard. She didn't wear any jewelry, if something happened and she had to shift she didn't want to leave anything behind.

Still she couldn't help but smile as he let her through the door first. It was a shame there weren't here for more casual, social reasons. She would like to dance. Instead she obligingly hung back to let him into the private room first. It was his meeting after all, for all these vampires knew she was just a secretary.

Quietly following him in she eyed both of them. He looked younger than she did. It was hard to conceive of the fact that he was several hundred years old. She also looked young, but that was not guarantee. She could be older than he, she could be a snack. That through sickened Thérèse. That he might have brought his dinner to this meeting was disturbing. But at least neither of them were her captor.

She didn't relax though and only stiffly nodded to both of them.

"Bon soir.�
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
He decided that Therese looked beautiful in anything, evening gowns, business suits or funny socks. Perhaps it was the more Parisian attitude of truly owning whatever it was you chose for fashion and making it yours. Maybe he just thought she was enchanting every time he saw her and it didn't matter what she wore.

Focusing on the others might have been difficult with Therese there if this were not so important. Vaughn wondered about the woman with Alfarinn. She was introduced as friend just as Therese had been but he knew exactly how vague that word could be. Vaughn reached out to shake the Aishe's hand before holding out a seat for Therese. He took his own and then folded his fingers together on top of the desk.

"Well, since we don't know each well enough for idle chit chat. I suppose we should get down to business."

He nodded his head to Alfarinn and summarized their earlier phone discussion.

"You said you had some questions. We're willing to answer. I'm sure there are things we would like to know as well."

Turning slightly, he gave Therese an encouraging smile before bringing his attention back to the other two people in the room.
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn grinned at Aishe's answer; it was not exactly unexpected. He hoped that she loved the research as much as Kem did; if so then they were a match made in heaven. It was nice to be able to discuss the things you love with the person you are closest to and have them not only understand but care about it as well. He felt blessed that Thaddeus was in the Order of the Night and that, despite their clan differences, they did have so much in common.

He rose from his chair when Therese entered and gave her a little nod of greeting before sitting back down.

" A pleasure, Madam."

When Vaughn pointed out the painfully obvious, he chuckled softly.

"True enough." Leaning forward in his chair, Alfarinn replied. "Alright then. What are your people's position on humans? We personally do not believe in harming them." He gestured, opening his hands and shrugging. "We're not saints, far from it, but typically anything that would get you sent to jail by a human court is frowned upon."

Alfarinn turned to Aishe and shrugged. "Perhaps there is a better way to explain my meaning?"
Aishe 13 years ago
Greetings exchanged, seats taken, Aishe had to smile inwardly at the immediate turn to business. She raised one eyebrow and turned to Alfarinn at his question.

"I think you stated it quite clearly Arin," she said, intentionally using Alfarinn's public name. Let the wolves think she was a human friend... she was fine with keeping them confused as to her status.

She turned back to the mayor and his companion with a smile.
"The Evenhet are... shall we say, strongly encouraged to take only what they can use. They don't waste their resources and are in fact inclined to protect them if they're threatened."

There was absolutely no hint of veiled threat in her words. Her open smile and warm eyes conveyed that. Aishe was simply filling in the information requested of her. She had yet to completely determine her role here but she assumed that role was multi-faceted. Aishe was comfortable with that.
Therese 13 years ago
Thérèse forced herself to sit calmly and quietly with her legs crossed watching both of them. She very much wanted to bite the 'young man', but that wasn't why she was here. She needed to be focused on them, on the meeting not her own biases. She took a deep breath and studdied them both, looking for weaknesses or lies.

For some reason her attention kept drifting to the woman, Aishe as she'd been introduced. She looked happy and healthy and content, but how was Thérèse to know if Aishe also wasn't on a mental leash. There was no way to know. It was frustrating to say the least.

With some effort she managed not to sneer at that last statement. She tone remained polite and conversational.

"Rather like pets? Or livestock?�

There were animal cruelty laws after all. Perhaps these vampires had their own rules. Without thinking about it Thérèse stretched her jaw where -he- had struck her. It might be that their kind were excluded from those laws.

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Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn wondered how best to phrase his answer to the question that Alfarinn had asked. He understood what the leader was saying. Things happen, minor things disputes and squabbles perhaps but what he felt they were trying to convey was that the callous treatment of humans would not be condoned.

For his own part, he never much cared about the unaware masses. Certain ones might earn his attention, sympathy or respect from time to time but over all Vaughn was more concerned with the well being of his own people, if a few humans got in the way, he thought very little of it.

His companion's harsh response caused him to turn sharply in her direction. Perhaps Therese felt more strongly against an alliance with the vampires than he had originally suspected.

Giving her a reassuring smile, Vaughn reached over and squeezed her hand. The others could think what they like but if she was uncomfortable here then it was his fault and he would do his best to support her.

He couldn't condone her sentiment however. Giving Alfarinn a shrug, Vaughn replied honestly.

"Humans aren't exactly top priority for us. We don't harm them for amusement nor do we condone such behavior. It is reckless and calls attention to the pack. I can't say that we are all warm and fuzzy people. We do what we must to survive but for the most part, we simply leave humans alone." He couldn't help but add. "We don't really need their companionship for survival."
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn gave Aishe a smile and turned back to the others. The quick retort by Therese was interesting, he raised his eyebrows at her but was unconcerned with her hostility. The werewolves had plenty of reason to hate his kind.

"No, rather like friends." He sighed and shrugged. "There is no way for me to convince you that simply by telling you." Alfarinn gestured open handedly "However, you are more than welcome to speak with anyone at Meridian who knows of us and ask their opinion." If they were inclined to believe all vampires were evil then hearing from the humans that worked with Evenhet would likely not change their mind. After all vampires have been controlling things for millennia.

He listened to Vaughn and nodded.
"Thank you for being honest." Alfarinn was not entirely surprised by the separation of the pack from humans. Some vampires felt much the same and only interacted with humans as a food source. As Vaughn mentioned, his people did not even need to do that. Overall, the unfeeling attitude did not concern him. If they did have an alliance with the shifters then he hoped they would get to know some of the humans that Evenhet called friends. Getting to know a person made them someone special, not just a nameless victim.
Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe drew herself up even more when Therese likened humans to pets or livestock. Aishe had been an Evenhet human herself for some time and had never been treated that way. No one in the Clan had ever taken liberties of any kind with her, save Alfarinn himself when he'd asked to verify her race by biting her hand years ago... and then he'd asked politely!

"Hardly," she said with a little smile in defense of her Clan and its leader.

She remained silent after that, content to have her own race remain a topic of question for the time being. She was a small cog in a large wheel and in ultimately wouldn't matter who or what she was. At least, she couldn't see how it would.

Her lips twitched up at Vaughn's and Alfarinn's mutual honesty. Full disclosure, it seemed. Perhaps that was for the best. It would have been useful if Kiamhaat and Xephier had ever been able to sit like this and chat. Aishe wondered if that would ever actually happen.

Aishe listened attentively but more importantly she watched, taking in the feelings of those around them. Therese was, unsurprisingly given her words, nervous, anxious, and unsettled. Vaughn was... well, focused on Therese. In that way. After that there was a mixture of hopefulness and honesty. She was gratified to see his feelings were genuine, although he had seemed momentarily surprised by Therese... whether by her words or her attitude, Aishe didn't know. It was quickly gone however.

Turning her senses to her own Clan leader, Aishe continued to pay attention to the conversation even as she tried to gauge Alfarinn's state of mind. It was much fuzzier here, and she found she only had a vague sense of calm curiosity.

Having done a standard scan on everyone she could, Aishe filed the information away and resolved to check back in in a few minutes, depending on how this meeting went.

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Therese 13 years ago
She was aware that she'd either shocked or disturbed everyone involved. But she wouldn't, she couldn't apologize for it. Honestly the only person that she was in the least concerned about upsetting was Vaughn. She was going to have to watch herself if this alliance was going to happen.

In truth she was a little disgusted with herself for having been that abrupt. It was his fault. Typically she'd have said nothing or at the very least been more diplomatic.

Thérèse attempted to say something to Aishe. She wanted to know exactly who the young woman was and what her tie to the Clan was. Perhaps she was one of these... 'friends', 'pets' what ever you deemed them. Of course, given the way she drew herself up as if insulted, Thérèse felt she might also be a vampire. But she could not physically open her mouth. She tried and failed only grinding her teeth together in utter frustration. He had been so through.

She stretched her jaw out a bit before managing a faint smile to Vaughn and squeezing his hand in return. God she should not be here, but at the same time she had to be. She knew no one else who had so close an association with the mulo.

Trying her best to be gracious she inclined her head in acknowledgment of what both Alfarinn and Aishe had said. For Vaughn's sake though she managed not to say anything about being forced to the fringes of civilization and learning how to survive without humans.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn nodded and offered Alfarinn a small smile in response to the roughly worded question that he answered. "We understand that it would be difficult to prove. It is hard for us to take things as a matter of faith when we are taught that the" He caught himself from saying Mulo."vampires are evil from early childhood."

The problem was that vampires seemed to possess so many hidden abilities. Werewolves seemed to be more physical in nature and those abilities that weren't were easily sorted out by a shifter's nature. At least, he always felt that was so. Perhaps the vampires possessed different traits in the same way that the Vyusher and the Kadzait had developed diverging talents over time. He did not know how to go about asking Alfarinn to explain those kinds of secrets without being rude but they needed to know who they would be allying themselves with.

" You said that you could not 'command' was it?" Vaughn looked at Alfarinn for confirmation. "Is that just a personal thing? I suppose it is the trait most mistrusted by our people."
Alfarinn 13 years ago
Alfarinn nodded. "No, I cannot command." He sympathized with their need to know. They forced, as an entire people, to remove themselves from the cultural centers of the world. It was no surprise that there would be mistrust for the ones who did such a thing.

With a sigh, he explained; it was complicated. "A very few of our older members can. Very few, they would be ancients. Our abilities have evolved differently, or perhaps those of us of a different temperament also tended to have different skills?" Alfarinn shrugged, even they did not really know how the difference in talents had sorted itself out. To him, it seemed most likely a matter of like minded people having similar traits along with evolution helping it along. "So to answer your question, we cannot."

He looked at first one shifter and then the other. They wanted to know they could trust his people. Trust first given was easier to receive in return. Holding out his hand, Alfarinn motioned towards Vaughn's watch.

"May I?"

Vaughn slipped a finger nail into the metal clasp; it sprang open, becoming loose enough to pull over his wrist.

Alfarinn closed his eyes, letting the images slid past in his mind's eye. They began to replay at a slower pace and he spoke out loud.

"I see a young hand picking this out. She believes the blue and silver suit you."

"I see many people touching it,hand shakes."

"It falls into water, a sink." Alfarinn neglected to mention the strong sense of fear that accompanies this image.

"More recent, a woman's hand. Dancing, there are others around. A party, I would gather."

He opened his eyes and handed the watch back to the Mayor. Clasping his own together and placing them in front of him on the table.

"I can sense things from objects, images. Its more habit now but at one time it was quite disorienting."

It was the best one for him to show. Psychometry might make them uncomfortable but empathy would have been more intimidating. The best might have been to show his relationship with birds but that was difficult in their current setting. The rest of his abilities were things that could not be easily demonstrated.

He hoped this display of ability furthered their cause instead of giving them more reason to distrust his kind.

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Aishe 13 years ago
Aishe tilted her head at Therese curiously. The woman seemed to want to say something but was restraining herself. Arching an eyebrow politely, she waited, but no further speech came forth. She gave Therese an apologetic smile, not sure how to respond or if she even should. The colors about Therese shifted harshly, stronger elements that Aishe inwardly recoiled from. Frustration, anger strong enough to be hatred, these colors made Aishe unhappy. She preferred gladder emotions.

Alfarinn and Vaughn rendered a response from her moot however, continuing their discussion. Aishe, for her part, wondered just how much information Alfarinn was going to give to Vaughn and his Pack without expecting the same in return. The plans of her Clan leader weren't hers to question though; she hadn't had much time to know Alfarinn but Kiamhaat trusted him implicitly and Chris seemed to as well, so why should she question anything he did? She simply kept herself calm and serene, watching quietly with observant green eyes as Alfarinn played tricks with Vaughn's watch.

She glanced at Therese during the demonstration to see the woman's fear clearly colored around her.

She reached out for Kiamhaat, with whom she was almost always in contact, so that she could get a message to Chris.
[Vaughn's companion is very much on edge,] she reported. [I don't know if there's more to it than simply vampires mingling with werewolves, but she's nervous, edgy, and Alfarinn's psychometry has frightened her.]

Having thus checked in with all involved, Aishe offered Therese a reassuring smile.
"Uncanny, isn't it?" She asked softly. "But useful, and quite harmless. Entertaining at parties, too."

((ooc: Empathy from Therese))
Therese 13 years ago
'Mistrust' would not be the word she would use for it. Loathing, hatred, fear, she could think of a few others. Despite her personal feeling on this so called talent of theirs, this 'command' Thérèse was listening intently to this conversation. She wasn't certain that she believed Alfarinn that his clan could not command. But if she accepted this as true it might mean he would not hear of this.

"So these other clans, they are able to do this? Ah, oui, might I ask what you consider ancient?"

She was determined to come out of this with some information. She didn't know what but something.

It took a tremendous effort but Thérèse managed to seem blaze about the show with the watch. Although, it frightened her badly. She tried desperately to remember if he'd ever taken something from her. God in heaven he could have picked up something from any one in her family, what could he learn?

She steepled her fingers under her chin looking thoughtful, but she was pressing them together hard enough that her knuckles were going a bit white. She knew nothing about him. What else could he do other than control her?

Seeing Aishe's smile Thérèse forced a small laugh.

"It is a bit eerie. But you are right I can see where this would be quite useful. Is it a common... gift?"
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn listened to the information that his watch provided the vampire before him. It was startling but hardly earth shattering. One of their own abilities gave much more applicable information and it did -not- require that anything be touched.

He remembered the time the watch fell in the sink. Someone had left a stubborn dish soaking in water; he had needed to wash his hands which were dirty from some labor, the specifics of which he had long forgotten. Vaughn had turned on the tap and was washing his hands in the stream of running water when he hand caught the latch of watch. It came loose and fell into the bottom of the pool. He had simply stared at it for ages, as the tap continued to run, making the water level rise. Eventually Vaughn summoned the courage to stick his hand in the pool and retrieve the watch.

"It was a gift, from my daughter." He said as he clasped the metal band around his wrist once more.

Shrugging his shoulders, Vaughn said. "I am afraid it would be difficult for me to display my own abilities, most of them are much more 'active' in nature." He smiled and glanced at Therese before returning his gaze to the vampires. "However, I will say I have plenty of stamina, with little need for sleep." He laughed softly, adding. "Its been quite helpful during campaign years."

The most recent image that Alfarinn described was most certainly his companion's hand within his own as they danced Halloween. He had noticed that most of the memories the vampire mentioned were important ones connected to the object or, in the case of the handshakes, repetitive incidents. Vaughn wondered if Therese noticed the last one; what would she make of it? Would she realize how often he thought of that night?

He corralled his wayward thoughts with effort in order to listen carefully to Alfarinn's reply.
Alfarinn 13 years ago
"Psychometry? Yes, that is one that we both retained the knowledge of." Alfarinn smiled at Therese, opening his hands in a general gesture of acceptance to things. "Each of us, as I am sure, each of you, possess different talents. There are those that tend to be exclusive to our people, some, like Command, that tend to be exclusive to others."

He regarded the table for a moment, appearing thoughtful. [I hear there is some tension. Do you need backup?] Alfarinn could sense through the bond with Christian that the man wanted to ask, what in all the hells, he thought he was doing. He was grateful that a lengthy discussion of his communication strategy was not necessary and that his Security Chief, though concerned, was willing to trust that he had experienced difficult negotiations a time or two before. [Yes, Vaughn's companion is tense now. Her reactions seem normal enough but extreme. Hopefully we can resolve her fears before the meeting is over. If not then it might be a sign that this alliance won't be accepted by his people.]

"I suppose Ancient would describe a certain maturity in attitude as well as age. However, in simple terms, as it has come to be seen the title is generally given to anyone over the age 1600 or so."

Alfarinn doubted that the answer would calm her fears. The idea that so many of their kind could easily have lived a millennia or more had to be daunting and unnatural. "Truthfully, one century is much like the rest. A great many of our kind do not survive to reach this age. It takes." He paused and tried to put seeing countless years slide by one after another in terms that could be understood by those that had not experienced it. "a connection to life. A love of something or someone." Alfarinn smiled slightly as Aishe before turning his attention to the others. "is needed in order to make continued existence worthwhile. Of course, many do not survive because they are unlucky or unwise. I would like to believe I have managed on great wisdom but I am sure those who know me would assure you that it has been sheer luck."

He noted that Vaughn explained he could not demonstrate his own abilities in this setting. Alfarinn was heartened that the Mayor did at least explain one of them to them. "Are your people's abilities mostly physical then?"
Aishe 13 years ago
Since Alfarinn was doing all of the necessary question answering, Aishe contented herself with observing. Continuing to monitor the emotions of everyone in the room she paid particular attention to Therese, looking for opportunities to try to put the other woman at ease.

When Alfarinn smiled at her Aishe returned it with a bright smile of her own; their company did not need to know the reason for it. For all they knew they could have been in love with each other. But Aishe understood what Alfarinn had meant and the idea did bring a smile to her face although she knew her presence in a certain Evenhet's life was a mere eyeblink in his lifespan.

"The two are not mutually exclusive," she murmured softly to her Clan leader when he professed possession of great wisdom over luck. Aishe did not see why both couldn't be involved... and suspected that was more often the case.

She sat back in her chair and awaited Mayor Emiliano's answer to the next question, focused quite intently upon him without being too overt about it. She did want to see if he would give a truthful answer, insofar as she could determine truths from falsehoods.
Therese 13 years ago
The mulo misunderstood her, but all she could do was curse silently to herself. She had wanted to know which of their clans had the ability to command. She wanted to find a way to go after her keeper. But he had heard the question differently and therefore answered it differently.

Her mind was taken off that particular problem by the idea of their ages.

"Mon Dieu."

Thérèse didn't even know what to make of that, nor did she care to. But she did turn to take a better look at the young woman with them. Of course, she didn't see anything more than she had before.

The idea that they still had feelings, that they could still love, was something she'd not considered before. It forced her to wonder what held -him- here. And, just for a moment, made her wonder if she should be more open.

She had other questions, things she wanted to know, but again she was unable to ask them. Of course she'd been expecting that and only closed her eyes as she felt her mental leash tighten. Thérèse was starting to feel a bit trapped, but inside herself within her own mind. For all her experience with the mulo she was a liability. She could not be relied upon. She very much wanted to leave, but she refused to give any outward sign of that unease.

She could have answered the vampire's questions but Thérèse refrained. This was not her meeting and even if it was she was not yet ready to be as trusting or open as Vaughn. It was an interesting observation though. She would qualify one of her particular knacks as more mental than physical, but then again it allow her to react, to cope with, even to attack with more success; so even that mental ability was an aid to the physical. But after all, they were more active hunters while the vampires had seduction and other less confrontational methods in their arsenal.

Taking a deep breath she forced herself to calm down. Her hands moved from under her chin to lightly resting in her lap and Thérèse relaxed a bit. She was still ready to react to any possible threat, but she at least had managed to control some of her emotions.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn's lips curled in a half smile as Alfarinn did his best to downplay the age of some of the immortals. A few of them were old, he understood that. He just wished there was a better way to tell which were powerful, ancient and dangerous. Though he supposed they all were; it would be nice to have some of them -not- out to kill his pack.

Therese was less pleased with the news, Vaughn reached over and placed a light hand on her knee. He kept it there, willing to remove it if she wished, while he answered Alfarinn's questions.

"I suppose our people are less -old- as a race. Not all of our abilities are physical but almost all of them concern hunting or working with the pack."

Smiling at the woman with Alfarinn, he asked. "Is there anything you would like to know?" Vaughn wanted to show them both that he was willing to be forthcoming, even if he couldn't show his abilities here.

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