Waiting for the Other Shoe... (attn Xeph)

Nikhila had been restless and irritable all day. Of course, she had chalked it up to lack of sleep. Her usual nightmares had been worse since becoming pregnant and as a consequence she was avoiding sleep even more. And of course, she just couldn't get comfortable most nights which didn't help anything.

They were also still in the chaos that marked the beginning of any term. Fortunately, Jack was stepping up in a big way, almost as if she was already out on leave, which helped. It would have helped more if he hadn't told her three times to go home and get ready for the baby. She knew he could manage, and told him so, but she needed something to do.

With the work day done she'd gone home and felt the odd urge to clean. So she did. Fortunately, she was able to catch her breath better than she'd been able to in days. The baby wasn't putting as much pressure on her rib cage for some reason. Cleaning was followed by making dinner. She was getting much better at cooking for both of them. Often the only difference was the degree of doness of the meat and the amount of anything but meat. Sometimes she put down a token green thing or a token grain on Aidan's plate, but not often.

Finally, she sat down in front of the fire in the living room. Vacantly staring at it and absently rubbing her belly, almost, but not quite, dozing. After a few minutes she stood, paced a bit, went to the kitchen for something, forgot what, and sat back down. This process was repeated several times with minor variations of going to check the baby's room and make sure it was ready, getting a book, getting her laptop. She just couldn't shake the restless feeling.

Xeph 10 years ago
Xeph spent most of the afternoon and evening doing what Nikhila intimated he should do. He complimented her on dinner, ate everything on his plate without so much as a grimace, and then did his best to help her clean everything in sight without getting in the way. It wasn't like he was going to sleep anyhow.

When Nikhila finally sat down, Xeph did the same. Lounging on the sofa with his legs stretched out in front of him he felt anxious but not worried. Maybe Nikhila hadn't quite realized it yet, but he only had to look at her to know what was happening, or what was about to happen.

Between her back-and-forth trips to various places in the house he silently made his way to their bedroom, got the bag that had been packed in the closet for the last two weeks, and set it by the front door. Then he made a quiet phone call to his mother and father and rejoined his fiance in the living room, looking satisfied and possibly slightly smug.

"It won't be long," he told Nikhila softly, dropping a kiss onto the top of her head.
Nikhila 10 years ago
She'd only been half aware of what Aidan was doing while she was moving about while she was piling half the books in the house and four cups of tea on the coffee table next to the sofa. Of course then she decided it was a mess and they had just gotten through cleaning and put everything back and washed the cups.

It was moderately irritating that he was so calm right now. He shouldn't be, she wasn't. Nikhila bit back a snappish reply and instead just narrowed her eyes at him for a moment.

"You look far too pleased with yourself."Â?

It bordered on growl, but didn't quite make it, close but not quite. He was being far too good for her to really growl. He'd even eaten the one green thing she'd left on his plate without saying anything. Something was bothering her and she didn't want to take it out on Aidan. Over her little storm of irritability as suddenly as it had come Nikhila snuggled up to her mate, taking in his scent, listening to his heart beat, feeling his warmth and letting all that sooth her a little. Not completely, but a little.

"It is easy for you to say. He was to have been here days ago."Â?

Maybe she could just fall asleep here. She could use a few hours sleep, maybe then she'd be able to think better, be able to focus.
Xeph 10 years ago
Xeph couldn't disagree with Nikhila. He was feeling pleased with himself although he contested the degree to which he looked it... was there such a thing as being too pleased when your firstborn was on his way?

He simply ignored Nkhila's slight snappishness. She was entitled to it, after all. It dissipated soon enough and he happily wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. She usually slept better when he held her. While her nightmares weren't the throat-searing screaming kind Xeph often had, they kept her up at times and had been worse in the past few months. He regretted having passed that particular trait of his on to her.

"He should have been here years ago," he corrected her gently. "But it's neither here nor there... he's coming now, and whatever day or hour he chooses will be just right."

Xeph couldn't keep the goofy grin off his face. He was about to be a dad. Nikhila might not realize it was happening soon, but he did. There was nothing to do but wait for it calmly. Much in the way he'd guessed that she was pregnant, his strange second-sight saw things now that maybe she only suspected. What she had needed nine months ago was a home, a den of her own, a place to prepare for something, to get ready for something. What Xeph saw now in her was a need to be separated from what was inside of her, a requirement that she do something soon. Had the ability in him been of a lesser degree he didn't think he'd have been able to make the leap of logic that told him she was going to have a baby in the next couple of hours, because it was a very subtle kind of impression. But it was growing stronger as the minutes ticked away which was why he'd told her it wouldn't be long.

"Just rest a little bit," he suggested. "I'm right here. Everything's going to be wonderful soon."

He'd thought maybe he'd be the nervous father but he wasn't. He was excited. He couldn't wait. Everything was as it should be.
Nikhila 10 years ago
"He should have been."Â? She half agreed and half apologized. "But he's here now."Â?

How different would their lives had been if she'd gotten pregnant in Australia? So many 'what ifs' and 'maybes' sprung to mind it wasn't even funny. Of course if she'd been pregnant she never would have left. But what would she have done? Would she be qualified to be dean or be this comfortable in her relationship with Aidan or would she still be struggling to prove herself and worried he didn't need her, or want her, that he would throw her over for some one better? It had been done poorly and she could never make it up to him, but that one huge wrong had lead to some rights. They were both ready now, well as ready as first time parents could be.

Catching his goofy, still smugly self satisfied grin, she poked him in the ribs before agreeing to his suggestion and closing her eyes.

"'Soon' is too vague. You tell me when wonderful gets here."Â?

She said with a yawn. Apparently all the activity was catching up with her and being safe in Aidan's arms Nikhila started to drift off. Still restless but no longer trying to physically work it out.

It wasn't a sound sleep, more like a heavy doze and it was strongly punctuated with dreams and impressions, not all of the pleasant and very few would be remembered. The only thing that was at all consistent was now and then there would be a sharp pain in her abdomen. It would cause the dream to change and her to shift position but not wake up. She had no way of knowing how long she slept but finally one of these pains woke her up and Nikhila finally understood what her body had been trying to tell her all day.

Groggily, but urgently she struggled to sit up and find her mate, her fiancé, the father of her child... their child.


Nikhila looked around, in a bit of shock and not quite seeing anything. She knew they didn't have to fly out the door yet. Her water hadn't broken and she didn't know how regular the contractions were yet. But maybe they should start thinking about getting ready to go, maybe calling the doctor to see what they thought, possibly calling Lily and Hammer.
Xeph 10 years ago
"I was hoping you'd tell me," Xeph said wryly to Nikhila. "I'm not that good."

She settled down in his arms though and slept for a few hours. He didn't go anywhere; he wasn't going to be more the a few feet away in the next day or so. Longer, if he could manage it.

When Nikhila finally woke and looked around he hushed her.
"I'm right here. Not going anywhere until you tell me it's time."

And then he was going to haul ass to the hospital. Like no ass had ever been hauled before. If anyone stopped him, he might rip their heads off. Until then he was calm, collected, and perfectly in control.

"Do you want my mother and Hammer to come with us, or just meet us there?"

There had never been a question of Xeph's parents not being present at all. How they got there though was entirely up to Nikhila. "They're ready to go whenever we say, and your bag is by the door. Everything's set."

Let it not be said he wasn't attentive to his mate. Xeph knew who was doing most of the work in the next few hours; he was going to do what he could to make it easy and pleasant for Nikhila.
Nikhila 10 years ago
She took a deep breath held it for a second and let it out. Of course, he was right there. But it made her feel better to hear it. They'd taken all the classes she'd read several books, blogs, etc and still had no idea how to be in labor or how to have a baby. There was no way to practice it. Nikhila was a little scared. Excited, anxious, happy, and scared too all rolled up in one. She squeezed his hand thanking him for being so on the ball.

"You were cheating again."Â?

Nikhila had no idea that his gift would let him know the baby was coming but she wasn't cross that he hadn't said anything. It would have been worse if he had, to dwell on it knowing it was coming but not there yet. At least one of them had been prepared.

"What ever is best for them. I'd imagine that we will be there longer than they will and there is nothing to do but wait now, but whatever works best or they'd rather."Â?

She clenched her hands into fists as another contraction come and went. It wasn't terribly long or nearly as strong as they would get, but it was noticeable and it was very clear that they would be having a baby soon.

Nikhila had no idea what you did while you were waiting for things to move along. She certainly wasn't going back to sleep. It was rather mutually agreed to watch a movie. She started to get up to make some hot chocolate but Aidan stopped that by tucking her up in a blanket and then going to make it himself, including marshmallows, before settling back in with her.

It took a movie and a half, before Nikhila said anything. She'd been keeping an eye on the time between contractions and how long they were, she was sure Aidan was too. They were without a doubt getting stronger, longer and more regular some where between seven and five minutes apart.

"I know how this one ends. Perhaps we should call the doctor and go now?"
Xeph 10 years ago
"Right, yeah, because your pacing and over-cleaning totally wasn't a dead giveaway that something was up."

Okay, he had cheated, but that wasn't the point - any idiot who knew Nikhila would've known something was about to happen and, judging by her heavily pregnant state, what that something was. He deserved a little credit.

Xeph basically just rolled with the punches for the next three hours or so. He wasn't going to tell Nikhila how to spend the few hours before their baby came. She wasn't overly stressed; just restless. And in a little pain, which he couldn't really help.

When she finally informed him it was time to go he just smiled at her.
"Yeah. I already told them." He tapped his cell phone, which he'd used to text both parents and doctor about five minutes ago. "Are you ready?"

It was a long walk from their house up to the car; Xeph carried her. And the bag. When he met his parents there they immediately helped settle Nikhila in. Xeph didn't break the speed limit too much, and spent the remainder of the evening trying to remind himself that Nikhila's doctor was excellent. He didn't need to go into doctor mode. Really.

When all was said and done, he really thought Nikhila was splendid... and they hadn't had to pick
him up off the floor once.

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