Mind Your Manners (Private)

Bao stood irritably lurking inside and abandon warehouse, carefully hidden inside a shadow. He didn't care that most of the low lives who hung about here wouldn't have had a second thought slitting his throat, or other wise killing him for just about everything he had on. In fact, he almost wished some one would try, it would be an excellent excuse to lash out at something, someone. He checked his watch again, she wasn't late but she was pushing it. She pushed everything and it was starting to irritate him.

Too many mistakes had already been made. They should not have lost those four familiars. They should have that damned dog by now. They should not have lost Dr. Gounder. So he was being extremely careful with these meetings. They were irregular, they were not always in the same place or at the same time.

It was, of course, dark out but closer to the new moon than the full. She was a willful bitch and Bao wasn't certain how much of his command would hold if she was in the moon's grasp. Besides, she was hard to question when she was furry. It was also cold out, but if that didn't bother him it shouldn't bother her and it wasn't as if she was going to die of a sniffle if he kept her out in it.

Foot steps, finally, human and running. Bao snorted and checked his watch again. He was tired of letting her bend the rules, if she was even one second late he would have issues, and so would she.

Therese 13 years ago
What Thérèse wanted was to meet him with teeth and claws. To meet him on her terms and simply have it out with him. She was tired of these games, of doing his bidding. The odds were in his favor, but Thérèse wasn't sure she could win and for all she resented, loathed, despised him and what he made her do, she wasn't ready to give in or throw her life away trying to find her freedom. There had to be another way, but she hadn't been able to think of it.

Tonight, Thérèse was running, trying to take the edge off. Hoping that if she pushed herself hard enough she would be able to tolerate the meeting. It was unlikely, but she was willing to try just about anything and her running was an escape. It was a playground for body, mind and imagination. Performance art, where she was the actor and the audience; over walls, up fire escapes, under pipes, through holes in fences, jumping down stairs and in general coping with each obstacle on the fly with as much strength and grace as she could manage. She might loath the mulo but he had chosen a location that let her express herself.

Her time was up and she knew it. Thérèse made her way to the appointed meeting spot, panting. She wasn't worn out, she would be able to defend herself, but a few moments rest wouldn't go awry.

Thérèse didn't greet him, she never did. She only looked coldly at him and with some contempt started to stretch a bit, not wanting to stiffen up. His only greeting to her was equally as cold.

"You are late."Â? He said.

She smiled smugly certain she had won again.

"Non I am here exactly when you said."Â?
Bao 13 years ago
Bao ground his teeth. She was right. She wasn't a minute late but she had arrived, literally, at the last possible second. This was going to have to stop. He snapped at her, his tone one of command.

"Sit down and do not move at all."Â?

He watched with some satisfaction as she tried to fight it but failed seating herself on a stack of pallets. Let her muscles stiffen up. Let her be uncomfortable. He didn't care. As long as she was alive she could do her job.

"Now what have you learned, I take it you have done more than gone by her place once or twice. We are over that bit of stubbornness aren't we?"Â?

Oddly enough the woman didn't answer. Bao, for all he looked cool and impassive was seething. When he caught the look in her eyes he understood. He'd said 'do not move at all' she had obviously applied that directive to her mouth as well.

Bao snapped, he'd had more than enough of these games. With the speed of a striking snake he reached out and slapped her with enough force to topple her of the pallets. He'd dislodged her with enough force that some of the pallets fell on her in what had to be a painful manner. But since he'd told her not to move the she wolf could do nothing about it and he wasn't inclined to.

"You will start behaving. I'm done with this. Your life can be made extremely uncomfortable or it can be ended. And if you aren't worried about your own life you should think of your mother, your brothers, even the Sorensen woman I don't care about any of them. You and they are all expendable. Now get up."Â?

He didn't shout. Bao almost never shouted. But he could hear the control rage in his own voice and it bothered, but everyone had their breaking points. She was finding his.
Therese 13 years ago
The blow was a shock. He had never physically struck her before, Thérèse had foolishly assumed he was content with controlling her thoughts and actions. Even if she had seen it coming, he'd told her not to move. She wouldn't have been able to avoid it.

Landing awkwardly on the hard cement floor hurt, having the pallets hit her, that would leave bruises but even as she lay there with him scowling down at her she knew there was no permanent damage. The wolf in her screamed to come out, but she held it in check. However, when he threatened her family she could not suppress a growl. Even from a human throat it was a low and menacing sound.

When allowed to get up she shoved the pallets aside with more force than necessary, hoping one would hit him.

"You will -not- harm them, any of them."Â?

She snarled.

"Then you will remember you are putting them in jeopardy."Â?

He replied coolly, without any feeling at all.

Thérèse made a lunge for him, but as it was counter to the commands he'd given her it was clumsy and off balance. Before she could get herself back under control or even abort this poorly thought out attack he'd struck her twice. Once in the abdomen, knocking the wind out of her and once in the face before throwing her across his hip.

Landing with a great crash Thérèse lay there for a moment slightly dazed and trying to get her breath back before struggling to her feet refusing to show weakness. That wouldn't do at all. Especially since she recognized he was holding back. Damned vampire was faster and stronger than she'd guessed if he was holding back now.
Bao 13 years ago
Well he had seen that coming. Even if the attack had been slow and awkward the fact that she could have shaken his commands enough to attempt it said something about her determination. Yes, this was a good one to have under control, if only she could be brought to heel.

"That cheri"Â? He gave her a mocking smile at the endearment, "is going to leave a mark. I only wish I could be there to hear you explain it."Â?

The wolves did heal faster than humans, he knew that, but the blow he'd landed to her face would bruise badly. Bao was certain it would last for a bit.

The bitch swore at him in rapid French. Bao stalked towards her eventually shoving her back against the wall. She gave a very satisfying grunt when her back hit it.

"I've told you before to mind your manners with me."Â?

Trusting the compulsions he'd placed on her would hold Bao turned his back on her, fully aware of the insult and walked away. When he did speak again it was in his jury voice; calm, cool, collected and utterly confidant.

"What have you found out?"Â?

The answer she gave was idiotic, something about an exhibit that was being assembled. Bao closed his eyes and counted to ten. Some people had to be taught the hard way, the bitch was apparently one of them.

Turning he kicked her legs out from under her. It was hard to miss the crunching sound when she landed, from the looks of it she might have broken her wrist. He didn't give her any time to recover, only repeated himself.

"What have you found out?"Â?
Therese 13 years ago
This time she was ready for his speed and wasn't surprised when he again forced her back to the wall. However, this time he also grabbed her by the throat and lifted her an inch or so off the ground.

Thérèse snarled. She could feel the chance starting. Undoubtedly he could see it too, muzzle, fangs, no this wasn't subtle. The vampire only clapped down harder on her throat and pressed her further into the wall.

"Your cousin, Celeste, she just left your little family. She is on her own for the first time, gone to University in Spain. I have a son in Spain."Â?

Realizing what the monster was saying she beat back her change. If they had been closer to the full moon she couldn't have done it.

"She has ties to the other pack."Â?

It hurt, physically hurt to get those words out, but once she had he loosened his grip and set her down. Thérèse continued.

"She knows about us. She has ties to one of their males but I do not know if they are mated. She is not a wolf herself nor does she carry a weapon or even silver with her."Â?
Bao 13 years ago
It had taken every once of self control he possessed to continue to hold her when he could very clearly see she was starting to shift. He was well trained, he was not a coward, but he had also been in the preserve that night and seen what that pack of wolves had done to Amir; Amir who had been armored and was more formidable than he was.

He thought of the silver in his pocket, Bao was never without silver when meeting with her. But he preferred not to mark her. Undoubtedly silver burns would be noticed. Even if she couldn't say anything about them, they would raise questions as would her inability to answer those questions. Fortunately, she controlled herself.

Bao nodded. Finally, finally they were getting some where in all of this.

"What of this male? What is he to her? Lover, body guard? Does he have a name?"Â?

"I don't know. You only told me to watch her."Â?

Again Bao struck her hard across the mouth. But this time she was ready for him. Her head snapped back with a great deal of force but other than that she stood stock still. He watched as she turned back to face him her eyes were cold and challenging.

"You will start thinking for yourself. I do not make idle threats. I should think you'd have learned that by now."Â?
Bao 13 years ago
She would tear his throat out. Thérèse didn't know how, when or where but she made herself that promise. He couldn't keep her on this leash forever.

He'd drawn blood this time. She could feel it trickling from the corner of her mouth, but she made no move to wipe it away. He was staring at it, when he smiled at her, that empty snake like smile, she could see his fangs and repressed a shiver. But no matter how much he stared at that blood, they both knew he couldn't taste it. On that count she was safe. Certainly biting him would be a terrible experience, nasty beyond all belief but ultimately it would do Thérèse less harm to bite him than for him to feed from her. Some day, she'd have her chance.

When she finally responded her voice was dead.

"Then perhaps I should leave as apparently I have work to do."Â?

He smiled again, this time with more amusement and that was even worse than the empty expression.

"Go then. Remember what I've said. I will send you details of our next meeting. You will be there."Â?

It was a final jerk on her mental chain, more like a choke collar. Thérèse snarled at his retreating back. She wiped the blood away from her mouth and out of habit gave him a thirty minute head start.

It really didn't matter what happened to her, but she wouldn't let her family suffer. So until she could find a way to alert someone to this mulo, to what he was doing to her, to them she was going to have to play his game. He'd finally made that quite clear.

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