Charlie (WIP)

This is the Troy morph off of RMP, but tweaked by Vex. /GIGGLE

Mai 12 years ago
Hotness! Why is there a square up in his hair? Did it just not render or something?

Roz has a kinds of good looking men and then she keeps em for herself. Greedy!
Reign 12 years ago
Oh Reign has been eyeing Charlie since Roz put his bio up... and now we see quite clearly why
Kyle Evans 12 years ago
Yeah it's just a test render. He's suppose to look like Desmond Harrington - cop from Dexter if you watch it or Ghost Ship bad guy. I'm so fucking GIGGLY!
Aishe 12 years ago
... I do not see a reason for it to stop just under his belly button. To truly get an idea of who "Charlie" is, we should observe him in his entirety.

For the sake of art.

*whistles innocently*
Kyle Evans 12 years ago

Another one from Vex, cuz she's l33t like that. My shit is STILL rendering =/
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
holy mother of..... man Charlie is hawt with a capital H A W T!I see I need to check RMP very soon for some new male specimens... *grin*
Kyle Evans 12 years ago
Sorry, he's Troy from Daz3D. My bad =D They definitely have better m4 textures are daz.
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
Ahhh ok. That can't be the Troy skin though, the eyebrows in the Daz promos seem *so* bushy, that's why I didn't pick it up when it came out.
Kyle Evans 12 years ago
It might be part Troy - part Spartacos, I have to ask her again.
Diane 12 years ago
Dear Kadzait pack,

please send some of your ultra hot wolfmen to team Vyusher R'asa

Kyle Evans 12 years ago
Ringo's a hot black dude with his Nakubili. I'm not about to flesh out that group though - there is no way I could come up with plots for a whole 'nother set of people lol.
Diane 12 years ago
Well I guess we'll have to make do with all the sexy ladies then because we are plentiful in that department!
Vaughn Emiliano 12 years ago
I suppose some of us just aren't hot enough. I feel so...unloved.
Therese 12 years ago
Diane 12 years ago
Take your shirt off and we will see ^_^