It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas... ((attn : Absynthe))

"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

Amberelle kept repeating that as she tapped her leather gloved fingers in agitation on the Aston's steering wheel. It wasn't helping really. She'd been in a super festive mood until she left the Mall parking lot and entered the never ending gridlock that surrounded it. The last several hours spent shopping for presents and decorations and all the little things to bring a bit of festive holiday cheer to her rooms was going to be worth dealing with it. Her entire trip had started with getting herself a tree. This year she was putting one up in her suite, the blond was adamant about it. She'd been in a funk for far too long and this was her favorite time of the year, so she was going to enjoy it.

The perfect tree had been elusive but then she'd spied an ad for the nine and a half foot tall, prelit white behemoth whose enormous box was now sticking several feet up in the air in her back seat. It was gorgeous. Lush, ridiculously expensive but so very worth it. And, it was the reason she was shivering in the cold night air with the convertible's top down. The windows were up and the heat was blasting on high which helped to take the edge off but sitting there going about three feet per hour wasn't helping.

Amby sighed. If she hadn't bought so many other things and filled up the trunk and passenger's seat with shopping bags there might have been room to lay the tree down. Angled or something. At least then she wouldn't be worried about growing icicles from her nose before she reached the freeway's on ramp. Slamming on the brakes for the five hundreth time when someone decided to cut between cars instead of walk to the corner she answered their cheery wave with a low growl.

Absynthe Domnivoy 11 years ago
"Dont eat the pedestrians. Don't eat the pedestrians."

Absynthe muttered to herself from the back of the limo as she watched the idiot walk in front of several vehicles. It was moments like these that she wished someone had had the forethought to turn a few crossing guards. Oh how she hated this time of year. It was, in part why she had just taken a trip to the salon to have her hair dyed back to it's natural blonde. White and the holidays did mix when you would rather eat the merry and maim the jolly.

It wasn't just the obnoxiously cheerful that irked her. It was the whole process. You couldn't go two feet without someone bouncing in front of you waving something for you to see, touch, hear, or smell. And of course, they wanted you to buy it all. The perfume girls were among the worst. They chased you around spraying so many differnt scents, that by the end you smelled like a sewage plant and were ready to hunt them all down. Absynthe had only followed through once though. She didn't know if it was the smell or if some of the perfume had actually seeped into the girl's blood. Either way, the wretch had tasted terrible.

"What is causing the delay?"

"Unsure ma'am. It looks like there may be a wreck up ahead."

She had spent the entire day not slaughtering the masses, and now she was stuck here. Ding. Ding. Ding. The sound of that incessant bell ringing on the corner was starting to get to her. If she was here much longer, Santa was going to choke on that bell.

"I thought you used to be a New York taxi driver."

"I was ma'am. But it is bu...."

Absynthe didn't wait for him to finsh his excuses before she pulled him to the back and raising the divider. Cold water and Tide would do wonders for any clean up later. After she was done, she peered out of the tinted window. It didn't appear that traffic had moved at all. After snapping the driver's neck, to stop the twitching, she got out of the limo. The cool breeze brushed against her face, improving her mood slightly. Absynthe walked to the front of the limo to get a better view. To no one in particular she muttered.

"It would almost be faster if I went up there and pushed the cars out of the way."
Amberelle DeEspionne 11 years ago
Tap, tap, tap. Her fingers drummed in tune with the irritating bell ringing that came from Lord only knew where. Amberelle had just given in and put the car in Park. Up ahead she could see some for of wreck had occured. Probably someone had snapped at the thought of being caught by another red light and went for it just as someone put the pedal to the metal when their own light finally turned green. Oh joy. The blonde sighed and slumped back against the buttery leather seat. There would be no quick way out of this.

She heard a voice and sat up a little, looking to her left. In front of the limo just behind and beside her she spied a striking woman standing there. The woman's words made her laugh softly.

"You know, I think you're probably right." Giving up on the pretense she rolled down the window and smiled at the other blond. "I think the Mall owners should really provide traffic cops for these intersections. As it is I'm going to spend as much time stuck in traffic as I did shopping.. Mon dieu they better get this cleared up before dawn." Considering it wasn't THAT late she was only joking. Mostly.
Absynthe Domnivoy 11 years ago
The air was crisp. In fact, it seemed to be getting colder the longer she stood there. Definitely not pleasant. Not pleasant at all. Absynthe had been standing there deciding what to do, when she heard someone speaking. Instinctively she turned toward the sound. There was a friendly looking blonde smiling at her. Fantastic. Clearly this one didn't know what evil lurks in the hearts of surly vampires. Unfortunately, crowded public streets were not the place for demonstrations.

"Agreed. Though I might hurt someone long before then."

Ding. Ding. Ding. Absynthe listened, hoping to hear the sounds of sirens over that rediculous bell. Nothing. No signs that this process would be over soon. Well there was no point in standing here freezing, and perhaps she could take care of a minor annoyance while she was at it.

After retrieving her purse, she walked purposfully toward the coffee shop, and the sound of the ringing bell. The fat man in red was rather surprised when the lovely blonde tripped and fell into him, knocking the bell from his hand. Making her apologies, Absynthe reached down and picked up the bell. Quickly and discreetly, she snapped off the clapper before handing the bell back to Santa with a sweet smile on her face.

She stopped by the coffee shop and picked up two hot cocoas before heading back to the limo. Absynthe understood the importance of being generous with the help. They tended to be more helpful that way. The problem was that the help was currently laying dead in the back of the limo and not likely to enjoy the cocoa. Hmm. Probably should have waited until I got home before I ate him. Changing direction slightly, Absynthe walked over to the convertible and handed the extra cup to the other blonde.

"Happy Holidays."

Absynthe tried not to grimace as she said it. If this traffic lasted much longer, she would probably develop a tick.

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Amberelle DeEspionne 11 years ago
Sitting back and feeling miserably cold, Amby watched a police car slowly inch its way to the intersection. It was a good thing too, maybe they could get the cars moving again before her fingers froze. She could really use a warm cup to wrap her hands around. Chocolate with whipped cream and that warm paper lining. It made her smile just a little thinking about it. And then suddenly as if by magic the object of her desire appeared. A look of happiness, gratitude and disbelief all washed over her pretty face and she turned to the woman, smile beaming.

"Oh Mon Dieu... thank you! I was just sitting here thinking how much I wanted something warm to drink." Happily she wrapped her hands around the glass and took a small sip. "How much did it cost you? I'd like to repay you." It may have been a gift in the spirit of the season but still, Amberelle wanted to offer to repay the woman's kindness.
Absynthe Domnivoy 11 years ago
Grand. Now she was the cocoa fairy. Turning back towards the other blond, Absynthe smiled careful not to show her fangs. This was why she seldom did good deeds. People generally expected continued conversation afterwards. Of course, conversation was not necessarily a bad thing, but it should serve a purpose. Idle chit chat about nothing of importance did little to improve the state of the world or her mood. It was complete waste of time. She shrugged at the offer of payment for the drink and tried her best not to look pointedly at the limo.

"No need. It is the season for giving"Â?

She had considered thickening her Russian accent as an excuse to limit further conversation, but decided against it. There was no telling how much longer traffic would last, and she would want some amusement or another to occupy her time. Glancing down the road, she could see that the emergency vehicles had made it to the crash site and were beginning to assess the situation. Until the way was cleared, she could be civil and see what opportunities presented themselves.

Absynthe considered the other woman for a moment. Her exclamation over the cocoa had been in French. That might lead to something interesting. Absynthe's own accent was not as thick as most would expect, but there were still traces, especially now as she made no efforts to hide it.

"You are not from the area. Have you been in Nachton long?"Â?
Absynthe Domnivoy 11 years ago
The cold wind tugged and pulled at Absynthe's carefully styled and newly blond locks. Tucking a loose strand behind her ear, she took a sip of her cocoa as she secretly wondered if Christmas would be over before the other blond responded to her question. Another argument against idle chit chat, people usually expected you to wait around for their response.

Before she could comment verbally or continue her internal litany against being social, the sound of screeching metal and loud bangs caught her attention. Turning toward the sounds, she saw that the crashed vehicles were being pulled apart and loaded onto flatbed tow trucks. As she watched in mild fascination, the ambulances started to drive away with the wounded. The wail of the siren's grew fainter as the emergency vehicles moved further into the distance. She was reminded of the corpse in the back of the limo that also needed to be disposed of. It wasn't likely that he could be mistaken for a crash victim. Pity.

Traffic was beginning to move slowly again as a police officer started waving people through a small cleared area. The frantic waves of the officer, as he alternated between letting opposite sides of traffic pass through the clearing, amused Absynthe for a moment. It would be several minutes before the effects made their way back to where limo waited. Finishing the last of her drink, she placed the empty cup on the back of the convertible just behind the box of what appeared to be a rather large Christmas tree, and then walked back to her limo. Getting into the driver's seat, she changed gears and drove away. She had more important things to do today.

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