Secret Santa~ Sign Up Thread

Secret Santa Event

Tis the season to be role playing!

Sign up for the Secret Santa event in this thread and you will be matched with another random person and given an event. The two of you then get to role play that holiday goodness however you like!

EX: Mai and Ellis are paired together and their event is being stuck in holiday traffic. I am sure random craziness would then ensue as two vampires deal with seasonal road rage!

Sign Ups start Now and End on the 6th!
Post as many characters as you want (so long as you're able to handle writing for them all)

Aishe 13 years ago
The gods of random dice-rolling tell me that you get Ysabel, Alexander, and Mara from me.

If you happen to end up with an odd number of players I can either take one out or put one in!
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
I'd like:

LT and Kyle =D
Ambrose 13 years ago
Well.... I made some one roll for me and this could be interesting...

Pak, Eiryk and Ambrose

Like Rabbit said I can drop one if we need but do not make me pick just drop one of them.

(We might have improvised the results of the roll though)
Artemis Bellezone 13 years ago
I will add:

Artemis and Absynthe

Opposite ends of the moral spectrum I know.
Mai 13 years ago
We'll put in

Mai and Jan

I'd love to do more but the work hours are long right now.
Amberelle DeEspionne 13 years ago
I'm in! Umm.... Amberelle and Celeste. Don't think I want to subject anyone to Chandra just yet *lol*
The Voice 13 years ago
Locked and busy assigning Secret Santa Threads....muaahaa...err...ho ho ho!!
Kyle Evans 13 years ago
So can we start now?
Mai 13 years ago
Go for it, whenever people are ready.