Interview with a Vampire

Vaughn had watched the interrogation for a while now. So far they had learned very little. He knew that the vampire was fairly young. They had known that when he was captured.

You didn't just go around snagging up ancient vampires. Even with this young one they had four werewolves. So many weren't needed but He and the Legion wanted to be certain they were successful.

He entered the room and sat down across from the chained and very hungry immortal.

"I understand you have no reason to cooperate. Our kind and yours have never coexisted peacefully. "

Vaughn gestured to the chains around the very pale and wain looking man on the other side of the table.

"As is evidenced by what is necessary for our little chat."

" We want to know about the different factions of vampire in the city. That's all. Not your deepest darkest secrets."

Reaching down into the case he brought with him, Vaughn pulled out a bag of blood. Normally he doubted the vampire would find it very tempting but after days without food this young man would think it was a gourmet meal.

Stranger 11 years ago
Warren sneered at the suit that walked through the door. He noticed the man was careful never to look him in the eye. They all had been.

As much as he would love to keep up the tough guy act, he was hungry. Warren could feel that it would only be a few more days before he was too weak to put up any fight at all and perhaps a week or so before he'd waste away. He really wasn't sure what happened after that but he knew he didn't want to find out.

The new guy started rambling about the war between their kind. Quite frankly he'd never seen their "kind" before a few nights ago. The girl had been hot and she looked like an easy target. Warren had suggested going to his place and had planned on jumping her as soon as they made it out to the parking lot.

He'd pushed her against the car and bitten into her neck and the next thing he knew he was being held down by several large and very strong men. They were almost as strong as he was... and then his blood started burning. If possible it was more painful than being made a vampire had been. Warren was in no way capable of fighting off his attackers.

He still wasn't sure who these guys were but he'd found out, after trying to bite one on the hand when the guy put the chains on him, that they also had bad blood. Now he was even weaker than before. It seemed like his system used up all the blood he had in him to keep from being sick or something.

Warren didn't even know vampires could get sick.

The suit suddenly had his attention when he brought out the bag of blood. Warren felt his fangs extend and his mouth water. Even through the plastic he could smell it. The scent was maddening and he found that he couldn't take his eyes off the red liquid so temptingly close.

What was it the man said? He just wanted to know about the what? The factions?

"The clans" Warren correctly absently while wetting his lips. He realized what he had said and quickly added. "I...I don't know much about them. I am not very old."

It wasn't something he was giving away. Warren already figured that they had marked him somehow as an easy target. So he would be wise to use that fact to his advantage.

"I can't help you like this. I can't think straight."
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn kept his hand gently cupped over the bag of blood while he waited for the information that he had requested. The vampire's eyes had never left the plastic bag. He knew that it was only a matter of time before they obtained useful information.


Not much really and not something he didn't know. Vaughn had been vague to see how likely the mulo would be to supply the correct word. It was so often human nature to absently correct someone who said something wrong. Its done to people their entire lives. Parents correct children. Teachers correct students. Bosses correct employees.

And young vampires were no different.

The hostage seemed ready to make a deal. He asked for the blood first though and that wasn't going to happen.

"I am afraid I have no reason to give you this. You have given me nothing in return. I am not asking much of you. Simply tell me what you know of these clans and then the blood is yours."

Vaughn smiled at the man on the other side of the table.

"I promise."
Stranger 11 years ago
It had been a long shot. Warren admitted it to himself but he had been compelled to at least try.

The laugh that came from his throat seemed a little hoarse and just a tad out of control.

"I guess what they say is true then. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

Warren smiled at his own joke briefly raising his eyes to the suit's. There was humor there and that was somehow reassuring. He actually believed the man when he said he would give him the blood. Warren needed it. He was dying; he could feel it.

A new plan formed itself within his hunger addled brain. It seemed fairly genius and so he began talking.

"I..uh, I only know about my own clan. I'm newly made. Like I said."

He was given a small nod that indicated he was to continue.

"I'm Evenhet. We're one of the clans. I know there's an older clan but they're really secretive and some younger ones. In fact. " Warren snorted derisively. "Most vampires don't consider those guys to be a clan at all."
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn listened without saying anything. It was better to let the man talk; in his current state he was likely to ramble and give out useful information before he had even realized he had said too much.

The vampire gave the name Evenhet and it appeared that there were at least three main factions of the mulo. Vaughn wondered if that was true everywhere or just in Nachton.

Whatever the case, this city was the thing he was worried about at the moment. His people were going missing and he needed to take some sort of action to make certain that it never happened again.

It would seem that there was not unity among the immortals. He was hardly surprised; with eons to plot and manipulate they were bound to turn upon themselves eventually.

"Tell me more about Evenhet then. What are they like? Who leads them?"

Vaughn patted the little bag next to him gently.

"I'm not asking too much. Really, now am I?"
Stranger 11 years ago
No, he wasn't asking much at all.

Warren congratulated himself on his brilliant scheme. His Anantya creator would be proud of him. It was a good thing that Stefano had bothered to educate him on the other clans. Now that information would come in handy.

Warren might be able to get out of this nightmare alive AND without betraying anything about his own people. Genius really.

He paused before the word "they" came out of his mouth. That had been close.

"Uh, We believe that vampires and humans can coexist. We're trying to make that happen."

The incredulous look the man gave him made perfect sense to Warren. He felt exactly that way when Stefano had told him about Evenhet's goals.

Best to make it sound more plausible before the guy thought he was making this shit up. It did sound like some sad ass book or made for HBO television series.

Can you just imagine Vampire Rights and registering under your real name. Warren wondered if Elvis would want back pay on all the royalties his songs had earned after his "death". Surely he was a vampire, right?

Or maybe he really was an alien.

"Not right away of course. These things take time. I am probably not the best person to explain these things."

Warren's attention was slipping and he blinked slowly. What had he been talking about again? He looked at the blood. Oh, right, Evenhet.

"The leader is some... There's two uh, Megan Bjorn and her brother, son or something like that. Arin Bjorn. I'm sure you've seen him on the news."
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn leaned back in his chair and just stared at the mulo across the table. He had heard rumors about a human loving group of vampires but he dismissed that as a fairy tale for around the camp fire.

This man had said it and with a straight face. He looked too weak to be thinking well enough to be making up lies on the spot. So it must be true.

He even seemed to realize that it sounded ridiculous because he amended his story and said that the goal was to have that happen eventually.

Vaughn listened with carefully concealed interest as the captive continued to speak. The names of those leading this clan Evenhet were useful bits of information they did not yet have.

Then the vampire said something utterly useless and Vaughn felt that they had obviously underestimated how hungry this creature was.

"Of course, I know who Megan and Arin Bjorn are. I also know that there are plenty of photos, of Arin especially, with them out in the day."

Hell, Tavi used to have a poster of Arin Bjorn standing out on the beach tacked up on the inside of one of the wagons.

"Last I checked that wasn't something your kind was very good at...but if I am wrong then perhaps you wouldn't mind demonstrating."

Vaughn half rose from his chair.
Stranger 11 years ago
"No, no wait! I'm telling you the truth! Haven't you ever heard of photoshop?"

Warren tried to make a placating gesture but that was difficult with his wrists chained to the table. Eventually the man sat down. Warren sighed with relief.

"I don't know how they do it. Maybe they have human stunt doubles or like I said, photoshop. I just know what I know and that ain't much."

Especially since it wasn't his clan. To be honest, Warren wouldn't have been able to tell him much more about Anantya. He knew his leaders though and they didn't care to be public figures like the Evenhet. He doubted he would live very long if it ever got out that he had betrayed their trust so he wasn't about to take any chances.

"Meridian Enterprises is funded by vampires. I'm sure you can sort the rest out. Its all I know."

Warren looked hopefully at the blood.

"I have told you what you wanted. Please?"
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn had sat back down in the chair. He really had no intention of leaving. It was fairly easy to tell that the guy was speaking the truth. He doubted a traditional lie detector would work on a vampire, even a young one. However, the man still breathed, thought and moved like a human. All those automatic responses told Vaughn when the man was lying and when he was telling the truth. They had spoke to him about all kinds of random things in order to get a baseline to go from.

Something in the beginning of the mulo's story had not be true but the rest had been. Which meant that Arin and Megan Bjorn were vampires.

At least this man certainly believed they were.

Vampires who wanted to work with humans. Vaughn resisted the urge to snort in disbelief at the insanity of that notion. Vampires were parasites on humanity. How on earth could they expect humans to be okay with that?

We just need your blood and feed on you to live forever but other than that we're nice folk. Now let's share a coke and talk of world peace.

Vaughn didn't think there was much more to be had from the mulo in front of him. Sliding the blood towards the vampire, Vaughn stood up to leave.

He was a man of his word.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn stood next to the head of the Legion and watched the vampire devouring the small packet of blood.

The commander didn't take his eyes off the mulo and his meal but he asked.

"Why did you let him have it?"

Vaughn looked at the soldier with deadly calm

"Because everyone deserves their last meal."

He had what he needed to continue. Now he had business to attend to. Vaughn nodded towards the room with the vampire, knowing that the Legion would take care of the loose end.

He had a meeting to arrange.