Breaking Down

Jan was taking down the instruments, wires, amps and other sundry things that belonged to the band when Ash wobbled back into the room.

"You want to tell me what this is all about?"

She smiled at him and said.

"Fuck off, Jan."

Picking up a couple of speakers, he put them in the back of his truck. Jan came back into the chapel and stood in front of her and waited. Ash just watched him.

"I am not Boris or Vlad or whoever it is that you're dating so don't be pissed at me."

He could see the storm cloud of emotion roll across her features; it remained in her frown.

"Viktor, not Vlad."

Jan rolled his eyes, and picked up the keyboard. He knew that once she had started talking it was all likely to come out; all he had to do was listen.

"He said that I was bringing him 'down'. What the hell does that even MEAN anyway?"

Ash followed him out to the truck and told him more about her dark vampire want to be boyfriend and how he felt that her commitment to the band was more than he could handle. He wanted someone to spend more time focused on him. Jan remembered how the guy was originally quite enamored with having a girlfriend in the band that was known around Nachton and elsewhere in 'the scene'.

His band mate claimed to be fine; she would go home and forget all about him in the morning. She was - totally- over it. Jan thought that certainly explained why she was completely trashed.

Taking Ash by the shoulders, Jan made certain she was paying attention to him.

"You will let me drive you home."

He held onto her, giving her that meaningful stare until he got the appropriate response. She rolled her eyes and then droned out in a monotone.

"I will let you drive me home."

Letting go, Jan pushed an amp at her and picked up some more equipment.

"Good, the sooner this is packed up, the sooner we can go."

Mahesh 13 years ago
Amrit watched the conversation between the singer and the other member of the band. Fascinating and possibly useful. He would follow them. It didn't take much to slide down and over to the vehicle. Amrit found a nice spot in between some equipment to coil up and wait out the ride.

((OOC: Both Jan and Amrit out ))