You ARE Glad to see me

She had been trying to avoid working late; if she was not at the museum after dark it was harder for him to find her, if not impossible. Tonight she'd not been so lucky, it was perhaps only thirty minutes past sunset but he was right there, in the lobby and there was no escape. Thérèse managed to keep her expression neutral as she escorted him back to her office but she was seething and there was nothing she could do about it.

As she'd not been directed to close it Thérèse left her office door open. Of course it was probably minor acts of defiance such as that which put such a strain on their relationship, if you could call it that.

She went to sit behind her desk, to keep some semblance of authority and control.


He said as he was closing and locking her office door behind them and although she hated herself for it, Thérèse had no choice but to obey him. She stopped beside the desk and turned to face him.

"It is -my- office."Â?

She snarled at him only to have him laugh, as much as he ever did. It was a cold sound.

"Yes but you are mine."Â?

Bao 10 years ago
This one was slippery and quite determined to be less than helpful. But, Bao supposed, this was true of all of their kind. He was having to be very specific and detailed with her. He'd once asked her to tell him everything she knew and the bitch, and that wasn't a comment on her personality, it simply was what she was, had started with facts as random as the sun comes up in the east and two and two made four. He would simply just have to be more specific and firmer with her. As they walked to her office he had ensured that she would answer all his questions and do as she was told for the entirety of this meeting, until he had left.

After locking the door and reminding her of her place he directed her to a small table with a few chairs, obviously meant for impromptu meetings and such.


It wasn't a request. It was a command. And although she did it reluctantly she did it.

"Really, I don't think here is a need for this attitude. It isn't as if I said lay down or roll over."Â?

Although, it might be amusing, Bao did take pride in his work and even when dealing with this one that meant being professional.

"Now, tell me what you know about the Sorensen woman."Â?
Therese 10 years ago
Thérèse tried to stall, tried to muddy the issue but he cut her off and forced her to be more specific.

"She lives alone other than the dog. There are a number of wolves that frequent her property, one more than the others, a male. His scent goes right up to the door I think she must let him in. She is well protected."Â?

It was recited without feeling. Thérèse tried very hard to separate herself from what she was doing. She would give anything to shift and tear his throat out, but he was too old for her to take on by herself. That and one of the first commands he'd given her and he reinforced frequently was that she could not harm him nor could she tell any one about him. It was a terrible trapped feeling and Thérèse was desperately searching for a way around it.

"How many times have you visited her?"Â?


Thérèse answered with smug satisfaction. He'd not been able to force her into more than that, not yet. She didn't know what this mulo wanted with the human but Thérèse wasn't going to just give it to him.
Bao 10 years ago
That wasn't going to do at all. Bao thoughtfully drummed his fingers on the table working out priorities. They knew she was protected. To lose four familiars on such a simple task was evidence of that.

They would need the dog alive, so they needed to know exactly what they were dealing with. Bao would rather not lose any more resources. That included the wolf in front of him oddly enough.

"Do you know these wolves."Â?

"I haven't..."Â?

"Do you -know- them?"Â?

Bao was getting very irritated with her sidestepping questions. At least she could be brought to heel.

"I did not recognize their scents."Â?

They were finally getting somewhere. Bao went back and foreth with her for some time dragging out little bits of information and establishing a new set of orders, including a set time to report to him. He wasn't about to go tracking her down again.
Therese 10 years ago
Thérèse just stat there. That's all she could do was sit there and take in all the instructions, the orders. She could look for loopholes and ways to fudge them later, once he'd gone. She and this... thing across from her had met perhaps half a dozen times, probably fewer. But she wasn't used to these sessions. She didn't -want- to be used to them. She wanted to rage at him, hurt him, or to cry with frustration, but she'd not give him that satisfaction or herself that luxury. She was stronger than this.

At least he wasn't threatening the pack. Not yet. It would depend on these other wolves though. She was to track them down. What if they were family? She couldn't, wouldn't tell him that under any circumstances.

Finally he finished and stood, his smile was calculating, mocking.

"I have come to enjoy our chats."Â?

"You -can- go now."Â?

A cloud passed over his face.

"You will remember your manners in future."Â?

Thérèse narrowed her eyes at him. That would be humiliating, but she did immediately see away around that. She would remember them, but he didn't say she had to act on them.

"As you say."Â?
Bao 10 years ago
Her sullen agreement actually amused Bao somewhat. It was highly likely she would find away around that particular command. So long as she carried out the others though he would live with some minor rudeness.

Satisfied with the evening's work Bao left her with the directive that she was not to leave her office for thirty minutes. The less this she wolf had about him the better.

He checked his watch. He still had time before his next appointment for the evening, but it could be better spent else where.

"You and I will chat again soon. Do not be late."Â?

Bao neatly rebuttoned his jacket and adjusted his tie before leaving her office and closing the door behind him.

((OOC... Bao out.))
Therese 10 years ago
When he left, exhausted, Thérèse let her head fall into her hands. She hated him, hated this and loathed herself. How could she have let this happen? Let them get a hold of her like this?

She stayed in her office for considerably longer than the half hour he'd demanded. Thérèse was, in fact, tempted not to go home at all. The only reason she did was that her absence -might- be noticed and that would conflict with what she'd been told to do.

Finally she left. If nothing else she needed a very long hot shower, to try and wash away what he'd done to her.

((OOC... Therese out))