Running at full speed

Trayce held his breath as he ran; Waiting and waiting for that explosive moment when he could no longer keep it in and it would explode from the depths at which he held it.

The Pack's clearing was vast enough for him to feel free as he ran yet it wasn't exactly the same as the good old midwest. All four paws barely touched the slowly freezing ground as he made his way randomly through the property. By now back home there would be a foot of snow already. A part of him yearned for the cold wet powder so that he could bury his snout up to his eyes in it as he cooled down. Unfortunately he would have to wait just a bit longer for any deep snow here.

As his lungs finally gave out, Trayce slowed to a trot to regain what he had lost. His tongue drooped from the side of his mouth as he slowly regained his direction. The sounds of a far off scuffle grabbed his attention and he made his way towards the sounds. As he drew near Trayce breathed in deep trying to catch a scent. He tilted his head to the side as he faintly recognized who was ahead. Picking up the pace Trayce broke through a circling of bushes and froze.

A painfully thin red furred Vyusher was literally wrestling needlessly with a corpse of a dead rabbit. Around her were little heaps of bloody rabbit parts and it looked as if she had shaken and torn everything apart without eating any. Now Trayce had been born into this life and had known from the beginning what it meant to be 'wild', but this took it to a higher meaning. Red here, had lost a few screws. The scent told him who she was, and a part of him was at least glad she had listened to his previous warnings. At least she was on Pack property.

Trayce let out a whine to signify his presence even though she should had noticed him by now. He watched her fling the rabbit into the air and focus on him. This could either be good or bad, either way he wasn't going to back down to that bag of bones.

Trayce 12 years ago
When the other wolf noticed him, no acknowledge him he was left with an unsettling knot in his stomach. She had known he was there, she hadn't cared. Old feelings of being taunted as an Omega rippled through him and he growled. So much for being polite. If this female wanted a challenge he was ready to give it.

Pulling back his skin to show his teeth, he tested the she wolf by subtracting the distance between them by a couple feet. The female continued to stare at him with a vacant look in her dark eyes. To his repeated surprise she turned and ran leaving her flank wide open to his attack. Trayce was confused and a little interested to why she had challenged him in the first place if she was only going to run away. Without another thought Trayce followed after the female, which given that she hardly running at all, was easy to do.
Trayce 12 years ago
This is ridiculous he thought as they ran no where for no reason.

With a burst of energy that had been waiting to blow out, Trayce quickly flanked the red female and snipped at her paws.

A strange yelp growl vomited out of the female and her eyes dilated as wide as possible before she suddenly realized she wasn't alone. Her speed went from a stroll in the clouds to one that even Nascar fans would be proud of. Before he knew it she was gone out of his sight. Trayce didn't even try to catch her. Instead he simply sat down in the field and contemplated what the hell just happened.

Determined that her strange behavior wasn't a figment of his imagination, he picked back up and turned in the direction of his car. He'd do a little investigating when he was bipedal again.

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