Trip the Waiter (Open - still the party)

Thérèse had a bit of a giggle as the band had some minor disagreements. She was irritated there would be no more music, dancing had been an excellent cover for flirting. Not that she was flirting. She wasn't. But she did accept his offered hand.

Ordinarily she would have flirted or at least charmed the bartender, but even though she wasn't flirting with Vaughn Thérèse was only polite. But she did get the wine and cheerfully handed a glass to him.

She really should be trying to figure out who were the A Listers and who were the rich ones that fancied themselves patrons of the arts. Donations were always good, but she wasn't exactly interested.

"Do you play as well as sing?"Â?

That was a much more interesting question as the drifted off, not quite mingling but away from the dance floor.

Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn was happy that she took his hand. He watched the bartender as Therese requested two more glasses of wine. How do you lay claim to someone you had no right to claim. He regarded the exchange with a neutral expression and was happy that neither seemed to take an interest in the other.

Oh, the man's pupils dilated when Therese arrived. He appreciated her form, and who wouldn't? But he seemed to assume that they were together and remained professional in his conversation. Perhaps it would have been different had he not been standing so close.

There was no sense in wondering about something that hadn't happened.

He smiled at her question, and put a hand self consciously on the back of his neck. The lack of hair still surprised him from time to time. His more polished image was so different from the life he considered to be his true nature.

"I used to play the guitar but I am very much out of practice."

Taking a sip of his wine, Vaughn thought that Therese would make a much better topic of conversation.

"And what about you? Do you play as well as dance?"
Therese 13 years ago
It was hard not to notice that he was standing so close and she was rather pleased. His seemingly self conscious response made her smile. He really was attractive. And it wasn't just that there was something in his manner that she was drawn to. She tried to put that out of her mind though.

The guitar did seem fitting. She couldn't see him trapped behind a piano and most of the brass instruments seemed too imposing but the woodwinds too delicate. That left the strings.

"It is like riding a bicycle you never forget. I should like to hear you play at some point, I think you must have an ear for music."Â?

His voice had been very true to key even if he had kept it low so as not to be heard by just any one. And of course the guitar would allow him to sing as well.

His question made her smile.

"Oui. I play the violin. Far more portable than some instruments, much like the guitar."Â?

She smiled at him teasing. It seemed like a lot of the instruments the pack chose to play were selected for their mobility. It was only practical. Her violin was one of the few things that she'd brought with her from Portugal.

"I am glad I had the good sense not to put it in my check bag."Â?

She could laugh at the situation now, she had gotten everything back in 48 hours, as the airline had promised.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn smiled at Therese and gave her a little shrug. It might be like riding a bike but he wondered if his bike might sound old and rusty, with perhaps a squeaky wheel. The compliment about having an ear for music surprised him and Vaughn could feel himself blush.

He had faced reporters, rooms full of people, packs full of werewolves and this woman had the power to make the heat rise to his cheeks like he was some teenage school boy.

"I promise to play for you if you promise not to laugh."

Therese confessed to playing the violin and he thought the instrument was perfect for her. It was expressive and elegant and could be smart or sassy. Truly once he thought about it, there was no other instrument that suited her better. Vaughn could imagine her playing, her eyes closed, a little wisp of hair fallen across her forehead, as she gently swayed to the sound of the violin in her hands.

It was enough to take his breath away. He found the heat had fled his face and moved to other places. wise to think of other things, quickly.

Vaughn took a swallow of wine, more a gulp really, and put his mind back to the conversation.

"I should love to hear you play. The violin has a voice like no other instrument."

He nodded his agreement. Portable instruments were a necessity to most Vyusher and that explained the plethora of guitars, accordions, violins and drums.

"Yes, I would hate to hear you got it back in several pieces."
Therese 13 years ago
"I would not laugh at you."Â?

She said with an unexpected sincerity. It was easy enough to imagine laughing with him, but at him seemed impossible.

Well perhaps nearly impossible. His blush was quite unexpected and most endearing. It was something she would commit to memory, for she didn't expect to see it again. Not after they returned to their normal rolls. The thought of returning to normality made her want to snarl, she didn't want to return to reality. She was much happier here.

The swallow/gulp of wine made her both grin and blush at the same time. The grin Thérèse was able to hide behind her hand and then behind her own glass. The blush, that was harder. So she opted to ignore it, perhaps he wouldn't notice.

"I would be happy too. But it is always better around a fire."Â?

She didn't mention the number of people in the audience, preforming for just one... no she couldn't think like that. But the smaller the group the more intense and intimate the performance.

"That would make two of us. I should feel like I'd lost my left arm if they'd crushed my instrument."Â?
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
He found her words endearing and comforting. It was perhaps the fear of every performer, and leader, that he would be laughed at and not really heard.

Nodding in understanding about the fire, Vaughn smiled.

"I am fairly certain we can manage to find at least a small fire at home."

The Kumpania still gathered around a bonfire as often as possible and there were some members of R'asa that refused to sleep indoors. Of course, he really didn't want to share her performance with anyone else. It was selfish of him perhaps, but he would want to be able to express his true enjoyment without worry that others were judging his interest.

Her sentiment about losing her instrument was also understood and he sympathized. Though Vaughn would hate to lose his guitar because it was one of the few things that he had inherited from his father. It had more sentimental value for him than most everything else he owned. Perhaps he should make the time to practice it more. There just never seemed to be enough hours in the day lately.

"It is very good that you have it safe and sound then. I would hate to have sue the airline for emotional and physical damages but, for family, I most certainly would."

It was so tempting to say that for -her- he most certainly would...whatever she wanted. Vaughn smiled at Therese and then looked around the room.

"Are you hungry or shall we find our table?"
Therese 13 years ago
"That would be lovely, it is just the right time of year for a fire too. Something small should be perfect."Â?

She didn't know enough enough of the pack here in this city to want to preform in front of a large audience. More to the point she did want to share the experience with any one else. Perhaps if it was something quiet and low key no one would really notice. That would be good. Or perhaps it should be a large production, she should get to know more of the pack and if things were out in the open people might not judge. Or she could slip and allow her desire to show.

Thérèse pulled her attention back to the moment when he threatened to sue the airline. She laughed lightly and smiled brightly. Although, when he added 'for family' her smile dimmed slightly. Of course, she should not presume she shouldn't. He was a married man. Still it was a bit confusing, she had to allow for the fact that she was misreading some signals. Of course it was possible he was trying to conceal his interest as well.

Best not to assume at this point Thérèse decided and opted not to dwell on it.

"Do you think they have steak tartar?"Â?

Thérèse was not one of those women who pretended she didn't eat. No she ate and enjoyed her food. After all she kept her figure, why shouldn't she enjoy a meal?
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn was pleased to hear her say that she wanted a small fire. It could simply mean that she wasn't comfortable with playing in front of a bunch of strangers but he hoped that it meant she would be content with an audience of one. It might be a bit unseemly but so long as they kept it to music appreciation then no harm would be done.

He looked over at the spread of food laid out on the various tables. It seemed to hold a wide variety of things.

"I believe so. We can certainly forage about and see what we find."

Leading them towards the table, Vaughn took two plates and handed one to Therese.

"Ah, there, steak tartar as the lady requested."

Vaughn gestured helpfully before collecting salad, fruit and some grilled chicken for his own plate.

"Let's take our dinner back to table. I'd hate to think Sorcha returned and thought we abandoned her."

They were fairly easy to spot while they were on the dance floor but now that they had food in hand it seemed like a good idea to be where they had agreed to be. Sorcha might forgive them for mingling, it was a party after all, but he had invited her back to the table. Besides it was a good reason to continue monopolizing Therese's company until the redhead arrived.
Therese 13 years ago
"My what big eyes you have."Â?

She teased as he found the raw dish she'd been seeking. But she was quite please to find it. Thérèse neatly added some of it to her plate.

Some foods were more acceptable raw than others. Sushi and steak tartar generally caused no comment. Raw chicken and pork tended to cause people to notice. On general principle she did select a few other items that would make her plate look more normal, more like a balanced meal, but most of that would only be sampled and pushed around.

It was a little like waiting for a chaperone. Thérèse couldn't help but laugh at that idea. Of course it made sense and kept everything proper, but it was still rather amusing. But she nodded and followed him to the table they'd commandeered earlier.

"Of course not, that would be rude."Â?

Although she wasn't quite sure to make of the woman. Their dancing had pushed all thoughts of ghosts and haunting from Thérèse's mind.

"I rather wonder where she wandered off to."Â?

It was a safe enough subject. Sorcha would be easy enough to spot and Thérèse didn't see here any where and, while Thérèse couldn't speak for others, she certainly wasn't about to go wandering around a cemetery alone at night.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
He grinned at her teasing comment about the wolf in the fairy tale. Vaughn refrained from making any lewd comments that had immediately sprang to mind about other parts of him that were not small. Obviously he had been spending too much time around his offspring and they were wearing off on him.

Once at their table, Vaughn shrugged and looked around the room for the tall woman that they had met earlier. There was no sign of her and he wondered whether she had left. Her message had suggested she had something to do so perhaps she was in one of the smaller rooms talking to someone she knew.

Either way, he found himself happily alone at the table with Therese.

"I don't know. I am afraid you are stuck with my paltry conversational skills at the moment."

He gave her a warm smile and a wink.

A loud clatter and the sound of shattering glass caught his attention and Vaughn turned, half rising from his chair to see what was going on. A waiter appeared to have collided with one of the cats from the dance floor. At least he figured that was what happened, the woman was being helped to her feet and a crowd of people quickly surrounded the two victims of the incident.

Sitting back down, Vaughn turned to Therese.

"I guess its a good thing we didn't want champagne."
Therese 13 years ago
Once seated she happily started in on her meal, but it was also obviously not her primary focus. She was rather poorly trying to conceal her interest in her dinner partner. Which was quite the improvement from worrying about him. She had half been expecting him to be here and was rather pleased he wasn't. Undoubtedly she'd pushed things too far and he was not going to be happy the next time they met.

She laughed lightly at him and found the near flirting rather charming. It was enough to keep her from drifting off to less pleasant thoughts.

"I don't foresee that as a problem at all."Â?

Thérèse started at the crash and the sound of shattering glass. That had been unexpected. She leaned to one side, which just happened to be closer to Vaughn, to get a better look at things. She chuckled slightly as he sat back down.

"We could be rather critical, I'm sure it wasn't proper champagne, probably a sparkling white from California."Â?

Actually, she didn't have a grudge against Californian wines, or Australian, or any region really so long as the vintner had talent.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn smiled at her compliment and might have retorted with something witty if it weren't for the interuption of the falling waiter.

He tilted his head back and looked over towards the broken glass, staff and party goers. With his eyes half closed and in very posh british accent, he replied to her comment.

"Indeed. I am afraid it would have been quite beneath us. So nice of that young man to take a tumble and spare us the indignity of drinking such swill."

He leaned forward and gave her a conspiratorial grin.

"However, we are the ones who polished off a bottle of Cheap White Wine so I don't think we can truly say anything."

Vaughn would happily do it again, in a heartbeat. In fact, he wondered if he could find some local wine tasting going on in the area that they might both enjoy. They had a mutual interest and that would be innocent enough.
Therese 13 years ago
The accent caught Thérèse rather by surprise. While she had see humor from him this was a blatant and obvious, and own right silly, as he'd been. There was nothing to do but giggle. It was rather charming.

"Mais non. One can always criticize... so long as no one else ever finds out about our laps in taste."Â?

As odd as that little wine had been she had taken note of it. Perhaps more for the company than anything.

"I did write an entry about that bottle though, and rather accidentally found out there is a Cheap Red Wine as well. Perhaps we should ask the bar tender if he has any."Â?

That particular entry had brought a few more responses than usual. Apparently those folks that actually read her blog were also amused with a wine simply calling it like it was.

((OOC... true story on my wine shopping trip on Sunday I did fine Cheap Red Wine *cross my heart* didn't buy it though))
Stranger 13 years ago
Sofia didn't know who the woman was with the Mayor. She didn't think the woman looked familiar but to be honest she hadn't really paid much attention to the Mayor's wife. It wasn't like she was the one with the money or power; Sofia knew that all too well.

She overheard something about cheap red wine and wondered what on earth they could want with low quality alcohol. Perhaps it was a cautionary tale and she missed the first part.

Trying to look like she was headed somewhere else and just happened upon the two of them, Sofia walked past the table and then stepped back a few steps.

"Mayor Emiliano, how nice to see you here!"

She gave him a bright "I'm so happy to see you, really" smile.

It was probably best to decline to say anything that assumed she knew who his companion was. While she might be snubbing his wife, it would be really disasterous if she was actually speaking to his mistress or secretary. Being honest with herself,even though she wanted his support and money, he was a man and his date was a pretty woman. If it wasn't his wife then he was sleeping with her.

"Mind if I speak with you a moment?"
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
It was his habit to observe his surroundings and pay attention to the people around him. Tonight Vaughn had done that far less than usual, in fact he had hardly paid attention to the other party goers at all. However, perhaps it was the wolf in him but it was impossible not to notice the attention of the raven haired woman who had been looking their way before the flying waiter incident. Her gaze had darted straight to their table once she returned to the Chapel.

He hated the false pleasantries that came with his job. Vaughn's eyes tracked the woman in the black dress as she moved closer and he wasn't at all fooled by her passing his table.

Sighing ever so quietly, he gave a smile to Therese and replied before turning to the new arrival.

"I believe you had your priorities right with the reasoning for your earlier choice. It is a party after all; we should enjoy it."

Looking up at the woman, he gave her a smile almost as false as her own.

"And you! Are you having a good time this evening?"

Vaughn tried to remember her name but failed to bring it to mind. She looked familiar and he knew that he had seen her at some similar function before, possibly more than one.

He refrained from offering her a chair; it was rude of him and if he didn't have her vote next election then he'd live with that.

"Certainly." Tempting as it was to decline; he couldn't really afford to be -that- rude. Vaughn turned to his companion. "This is my good friend, Therese DuBois. She's the Head Curator of the Arch." He gave Therese a warm genuine smile that reached his eyes in ways the previous ones had not.
Therese 13 years ago
Thérèse had to repress a snarl when some -other- woman stopped at their table. She simply was not in a mood to share. Not that she had any claim on Vaughn what so ever, but she did not want to share his time right now. Especially not some one who wasn't truly happy to see him.

The only think that kept her from snapping was the word 'mayor'. Oh dear god. Her grand-père was going to kill her. He had allowed her to come here to help establish respectable ties to the bulk of the pack and she was not only -not- flirting with the alpha and a married man she was -not- flirting with the mayor.

Mon Dieu.

How could she have made such a mistake?

Yet at the same time she didn't care. And took some comfort from the fact that he had not asked her to sit down and obviously wasn't interested. Idly sipping her wine, pretending as if she hadn't the slightest interest in their conversation she watched this woman like a hawk. Thérèse didn't relax until he smiled at her. She returned that smile with a very honest one of her own.

"Bon Soir. I hope you are enjoying yourself and that I have not been monopolizing too much of his time."Â?

She could easily play this off as seeking more funding or support for the museum couldn't she? There was no reason to worry about his reputation at all. It didn't have to mean anything. She hoped it might, but it would be just as well if it didn't appear to.
Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni listened to the next song as he wandered up to where Sofia had stopped at a table.

People are strange when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly when you're alone
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted
Streets are uneven when you're down

How appropriate.

He focused on the conversation lest he be asked to participate. Apparently the man was the Mayor. Could a person petition the government to help with a little vampire problem?

Hello, Sir, you are not knowing me but I am being held prisoner by a very dangerous monster you say does not exist.

The woman was French according to her name and her response confirmed her nationality. So hard to tell with Americans.

He gave them both a smile but waited to see what Sofia would do.
Stranger 13 years ago
Yes, He was obviously sleeping with her. Sofia nodded politely to the woman and extended the rest of the introduction, only mildly annoyed that she had not made a more definite impression upon the Mayor.

That could fixed but perhaps not at this time.

"The party has been quite lovely...except for the wine that was spilled on my dress by a very clumsy waiter." She waved a hand dismissively "I am Sofia Castellanos and this is my friend, Michael."

She gestured to Evgeni as he walked up. He was here not just for her own amusement but to help her appear more normal, a couple among couples. Sofia just hoped he wouldn't get in the way.

Turning her attention back to the Mayor, She extended the same dreary meaningless aspirations of social entertainment.

"And you two, I hope you have both had a good time so far?"
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Castellanos...Vaughn remembered her now. He wasn't sure how he could have forgotten her unless his brain was trying to save him therapy hours. She was raising money for a battered women's shelter so it was so very strange that she had been so inappropriately flirty with him. Not just him but every man that appeared to have some money.

The thing that had unsettled him was how unnaturally wooden she had been about the overly familiar gestures.

He hadn't been sure what to make of it all. Did she think pushing her cleavage at men was necessary to advocate her cause? Unsurprisingly the black dress Sofia was wearing tonight was also daringly low cut. Vaughn really didn't want to have to politely fend off her advances with Therese watching and hoped the woman would stay distant since she also had a companion at this event.

"I am sorry to hear about your dress."

He turned to Therese and smiled, before answering Sofia.

"I can't speak for my companion but I've had a wonderful time."
Therese 13 years ago
"I'm sure the event will pay for dry cleaning."Â?

Thérèse said sympathetically. Surprisingly she wasn't being catty. She'd had one of her favorite dresses ruined at a fund raiser.

The young man did not speak, which she found odd but just the same she smiled brightly at both of them.


Ah yes and to dissolve into the mindless social niceties of any fund raisers and large social gatherings. Perhaps this conversation would not last long if Sofia didn't have anything more interesting to say.

She laughed lightly, smiling, and nodded.

"Oui. I have had a fine time. The band is quite good and it has been some time since I've had such a dance partner."Â?

Oh it was far too forward and obvious but just then she didn't care.

She smiled at Michael and attempted to engage him. It would be preferable to having this woman commandeer Vaughn's attention.

"And you Michael? I don't believe I saw you dancing."Â?
Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni had been listening to the song and hoping to hear Sorcha's voice; he had not been paying very close attention to the conversation at the table. Though he did hear Sofia introduce him; If the situation were less dire for him then perhaps he would have been amused at being called a "friend".

When you're strange
Faces come out of the rain
When you're strange
No one remembers your name
When you're strange
When you're strange
When you're strange

The soft lilt of the French woman's voice brought his attention back to the table. It took him a moment to reconstruct what she had said from the bit of it he heard when he realized she had spoken to him.

"Ah, dancing. Nyet, I have not been dancing yet." Evgeni looked at Sofia and could see the tension around her eyes, worse he could feel it radiating off her in waves through the bond. She obviously wanted to make a good impression on someone at the table.

He added with a smile
"Perhaps I will get chance later."