Mara didn't see Jin's language change as at all unusual. As he spoke, she understood the need for the obscurity. She listened quietly, nodding her head as she thoughtfully nibbled on a piece of tuna. As she and Jin spoke she kept her chair close to his, legs nearly brushing, and both of them angled themselves so that they could see peripherally to the doorway while still looking like they were having an intimate conversation.

Blending in with a crowd was not difficult for Mara; in fact, it was her usual tactic whenever she was unable to become a cat and hide away. After Jin spoke she laughed, laying one hand on his arm as if he'd just said something witty and charming. Her smile stayed in place as she responded to him in the same language.

"Even if that is the case, what can we do?" She asked. It was their job to observe and take note; not to step in and try to effect immediate change. "What did she discover that has her upset?"

It hadn't been very long. What could Sorcha have learned in such a short time? Mara had faith in Amir... if he had let these people come in he couldn't have believed they were an immediate threat. Amir wasn't above shedding blood in a public place if it was necessary, although he could act with subtlety and was apparently doing so now.

She kept her eyes on Jin's face although she had already extended her senses all around them. She could hear a woman's voice speaking to the doorman in a British accent.

"Are they remaining outside for now, or following them in?" She suspected Sorcha and Amir were staying outside for the time being or they might not have opted to send a message in the manner they did.

Stranger 13 years ago
Putting the situation with the shepherdess and her dog out of her mind, Sofia stood in front of the two doormen and showed them her invitation. One of them looked at it and the other glanced at the man that was slowly coming to stand behind her.

"Don't dawdle, Michael."

She gave the two men a meaningless smile and pointed one finger at the invitation's mention of bringing a guest.

"He's with me."

One of the men handed her the invitation back and the other waved her forward.

She stepped inside and looked around the room. Along the sidewall was a long table of food. There were people out in the middle of the floor who appeared to have just been dancing and a band on stage. Sofia paused for the moment to decide where to go first.
Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni walked slowly towards Sofia and stood behind her. He didn't acknowledge her admonishment but instead continued to mentally speak to the woman that was outside.

[Mikhail, Da. I am called Evgeni now. She is liking to call me Michael for...spite, yes?]

He sighed inwardly when she mentioned the bonding. How did he explain that it was his talent used against him?

[It was not my wanting.]

Evgeni considered the more practical question of clans and whether it was useful for anyone to know. Would his clan care that he was here? He had not been in Nachton very long. He knew no one amongst the Tacharan living here.

[Tacharan, I am belonging to.] Evgeni gave her a mental shrug as far as Sofia was concerned. He didn't know the answer to the question of her allegiance. It wasn't as though he was ever given the chance to interrogate in response to Sofia's many questions. [I just come to Nachton. I am stranger here.]

A couple tried to squeeze past him as he stopped behind Sofia who had paused just inside the entrance.


He nodded to the pair of them, moving to the side and they seemed to understand what he had said by the gesture. Evgeni was content to wait on Sofia's next move while continuing to keep the small life line of hope open to the voice of the redhead. It was frustrating that he had no way to initiate that contact but anything was better than continuing to suffer alone.

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Jin 13 years ago
Jin listened for Sorcha's explanation and then bent forward to continue speaking to Mara. He shrugged at her question about what they could do. Becoming involved in other people's business was quite often in his job description but usually with good reason.

"I don't know what we can do. I don't know who they are."

He sighed, and resisted the urge to shrug again.

"She said that he was afraid and there was blood. I don't think she knows what it going on but her instinct is to help those in need."

How did he explain that his daughter often times came across these convictions not by a normal means but by speaking with ghosts and hearing things only she could see.

"Outside, I believe."

He could hear the voice of a woman speaking to the men just outside the door and figured that it might be best to stop speaking about the couple in any language. If she was old like Sorcha had suggested then there was a good chance that the woman had plenty of time to travel.

Returning to English, Jin said.

"So, how do you like the fish?"

He kept an eye on the woman and the man who came in after her while looking at other things around the room. Perhaps they could find a way to speak with the couple and find more out about them in more traditional methods.
Mara 13 years ago
Mara nodded at Jin, acknowledging his words but unable to add anything helpful at the moment. She furrowed her brow when he described what had alarmed Sorcha. Her eyes flickered around the room, landing on everyone but the couple in question when they entered the room.

"It's good that she wants to try to help, although what we can offer now may be limited."

Keeping tabs on them in her subtle way Mara kept most of her focus on Jin. She followed his language swap yet again and smiled while nibbling upon another piece of the fish in question.

"Very nicely done," she responded. "While it doesn't require cooking, they've seared it just right. Not too much pepper on the outside; it's so easy to ruin a nice piece of tuna."
Stranger 13 years ago
Sofia looked around the room and considered her options. There were a few faces she recognized and intended to talk to before the night was up. Then her eyes fell upon the table loaded with food.

"Look, Darling, They have such a delightful feast laid out."

She turned and locked eyes with Evgeni.

"Eat something. I know you are starving."

Sofia stepped back to watch her command do its work. Crossing her arms over her chest, she tapped one red fingernail against her elbow as she waited. Really, this particular quirk of his was just too much fun not to enjoy.

((OOC: Command in red))
Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni listened to the woman in his head and racked his brain for some way to let her know where he was being held. Unfortunately, Sofia made certain that he didn't know where the house was. He had been blindfolded in every case and the area he was kept was underground. He doubted the redhead would agree to a bond and he wasn't sure he would be willing to do that again even if she was. Perhaps if it were the only way to save his life. However, it was not like Sofia would ever allow him out of her sight long enough for that to happen.

[I do not know the way.] He sighed. [I am sorry. I am not being helpful.]

The words that the voice spoke to him caused him a moment of despair. He quickly pushed it down and tried to remain disinterested in what was happening around him. It was difficult to have even a small amount of hope and then know exactly what he would face once he was alone with Sofia once more.

She didn't want to give up on him, Evgeni clung to that part of her message.

Sofia turned to him and he was forced to bring his attention back to her. He didn't want to look her in the eyes but there was no real choice. That much had already been commanded of him often enough that he had a hard time resisting even her unspoken wish for his direct gaze.

He shuddered involuntarily at her order. It was true, he was starving but not for the food on the table. He loathed eating and it brought back such unpleasant memories that he hoped he would not be sick on it.

Then again perhaps if he were to be sick he could aim for her very expensive shoes.

Having no real choice in the matter, Evgeni slowly made his way to the table. She had said something and had not specified anything specific. There was a dessert dish that looked like a pudding of some sort. It would be the closest thing to a liquid that he could manage. With a resigned sigh, Evgeni got a plate and scooped up a good portion of the sweet concoction.

Dutifully putting a spoonful of it in his mouth, it took Evgeni a full minute to convince his body that he wanted to swallow it.
Jin 13 years ago
Jin nodded his head in agreement.

"I am afraid philanthropy may be beyond us at this point."

Sorcha would just have to understand and if she didn't...well, he'd try to keep her out of trouble. After two thousand years she was certainly no longer a child even though he felt protective of her still.

He smiled at Mara's comment on the fish and agreed with her about the seasoning.

"Yes, too much pepper seems to be the hallmark of someone who doesn't know how to cook fish properly. It shouldn't be necessary to cover the flavor if it is quality tuna and it isn't cooked to the point of being dry."

Jin watched the young man go over to the table of food as had been suggested. The blonde did look rather wane but according to Sorcha he was a vampire so the food at the table would do nothing for him. Indeed the young man picked a dessert and nothing more. It would have been an odd choice for a human that was starving. The entire exchange made no sense really, why suggest he eat something that provides no sustenance? Perhaps the point was to appear to blend in. If so then the blonde needed to work on his acting because he looked completely repulsed by the idea of eating food. Jin had stuck with the habit for all of his many years because it helped to blend in with human society; so many business deals were done over lunch, dinner or tea. If he had refused to eat then it would have made his job infinitely more difficult to do.

Smiling at Mara, he continued their conversation.

"So do you know any restaurants you would recommend for someone new to the city?"
Mara 13 years ago
Mara gave a small sigh but she, too, agreed that they weren't able to offer much more help right now. She was slightly more open-minded than her creator; when it came to offering help Mara was generally willing to give it, particularly as it was Jin's daughter involved and Mara had to admit she liked Jin. She didn't often make friends well, but he was being so kind that it was impossible to be intimidated.

"I don't consider pepper to be necessary at all really," she said a little disdainfully, being something of a tuna snob, "but if it must be done, yes, it should be done with extreme discretion."

She couldn't even begin to understand what was happening with he two people who had attracted Sorcha's interest. She knew Jin was keeping an eye on them, as she was, and yearned to ask him what he made of the strange display since she was confused by it. She continued to watch-without-watching however.

Her cheeks grew red at Jin's next question. She had been in Nachton for some time now and hadn't actually discovered an answer to his question. mara wasn't opposed to eating, like some vampires, but she did it generally for social purposes. When one was anti-social, well, logic that one out.

"Ah... well, to be honest I haven't had much of a chance to explore that aspect of Nachton," she answered diplomatically. "However, I do know of at least one decent sushi stand and a Thai restaurant that was also excellent. For anything else, I regret that I'm just as in the dark."

Mara was certain she could find the sushi restaurant she and her human friend had gone to, and was amused at the idea of walking in in her own two-legged form even if the sushi chef wouldn't recognize her.

"If either of those interests you, I'm certain I could locate them. If not, there's always the 'wander around Nachton until something smells good enough to try' method. But it's always a gamble."
Stranger 13 years ago
Sofia watched with some satisfaction as her command was obeyed with only a small hesitation. She really didn't care what he picked. Personally, she rarely ate and it all looked unappetizing to her. It was enough to know that he would do it despite how much he loathed it.

She turned her attention to the other people in the room. It would seem that the event had attracted the attention of the Mayor. Sofia decided that his table would be her first stop...once her escort was done with his meal.

Taking in the costumes, Sofia realized that they probably should have dressed in something with a theme. However, there were enough people without them for her to not feel out of place. She prided herself on still fitting in with society despite her many years and it would have been disappointing to not be appropriately attired.
Evgeni 13 years ago
After the first few bites the pudding was not so bad. It was far too sweet compared to what he was used to consuming but if he just let it slide past without giving it much thought he could tolerate it. However, he continued to draw out the experience in order to continue speaking to the redhead and to give Sofia time to get bored with this particular little game.

Evgeni thought about her question. The clothes he wore were not his own and Sofia had taken almost everything. The only thing she had not taken was the medal around his neck. He touched it briefly and then looked over at the white haired man and his companion.

Sofia's attention was on the crowd, Evgeni quickly unclasped the necklace. He looked down at the little image of the saint, running a loving finger over the face. Evgeni didn't want to part with it; it was almost easier to continue on as he had been. Perhaps Sofia would make a mistake and he could escape on his own.

He gave the serenely smiling woman a long look. It was appropriate that she was to be the means to his salvation. She had watched over him for many years now.

[I would...May I be having it back?] He frowned cupping the medal and chain in his hand. Taking another bite of the mushy concoction, Evgeni sent [It is important to me.]
Jin 13 years ago
Jin smiled at Mara and thought about the two choices she provided for the places she knew.

"Well I enjoy both of those things so I think we could try those."

He laughed outright at the thought of following their noses and the idea of that adventure appealed to him even more.

"That sounds like it might be great fun, actually."

Jin wondered what Nachton would think of a white tiger prowling about the streets with its nose in the air. The mental image was amusing before he discarded it as impractical. Perhaps the rooftops would provide a better location should he decide to use his other senses.

"A quest perhaps?"

He listened to Sorcha's brief description of her latest plan and gave her credit for coming up with a decent solution. Now they would just need to find a tracker. Jin figured that he could ask Morrigan who might have such abilities amongst those dwelling in the city without too much trouble. It would then fall to him to convince the person that they wanted to help his Evenhet daughter on her quest to help a clanless vampire escape the clutches of one of their own. Sure... that should go over, as Sorcha would say, swimmingly.

Jin glanced over at the young man when his daughter informed him that he had agreed to give him something. The small necklace would prove easy enough to be passed along.

[Tell him that I will give him the opportunity.]

Smiling at Mara, He gave her the briefest of meaningful looks before saying.

"We are missing drinks! I will see if the bartender has something appropriate for our dinner."

Jin set his plate off to his side and jumped up. He then headed towards the bar,making certain to brush past the blonde as he did so.

"My pardon."

He nodded his head in a slight bow and continued on his way.

((OOC: Yay for cutting things short by taking liberties with my own characters!))
Mara 13 years ago
Mara smiled at the obvious interest in Jin's voice at the idea of simply exploring until they found something that appealed. Mara herself had a curious streak about ten miles wide and, when given the proper encouragement such as a companion who was equally curious, she had no problems indulging it.

"A quest. It sounds like fun to me, too. And if we fail to find anything that piques our palates, then we have fall-backs."

Mara's outward presentation was composed as usual but inside she was jittery. She didn't often spend time with her Clanmates, or anyone else for that matter. She had meant to, a long time ago, but somehow it had fallen by the wayside. Amir had initially encouraged her to meet people but Mara's natural distrust made that difficult. Having found someone with whom she was reasonably comfortable, Mara was actually looking forward to such an outing and hoped, in this case, it wasn't just said to be polite.

She caught the meaningful look Jin gave her, and didn't question. Her cat's mind worked in convoluted ways and she suspected she knew what might be up. Either way, as Jin headed off on a path that took him very close to the blond in need of help, Mara glanced a look around. Aha.

"Don't forget the parasol!" she called out in a loud voice to Jin, shoving her chair back with her legs as she stood. The chair went right into the path of the oncoming waiter and his tray of drinks. The waiter went over the chair and into Mara, who gave a fairly cat-like screech as she toppled (gracefully) to the floor.

There was a deafening clash, the ominous tinkle of shattering glass, and a shower of wine and champagne which Mara was fortunate enough to avoid, being covered with waiter.

There was immediately a swarm of helpful hands as both staff and partygoers jumped to help. Mara made profuse apologies, not having to fake the embarrassment that made her cheeks red and warm.
Stranger 13 years ago
Sofia was about to turn to Evgeni and suggest he hurry things along when a remarkably clumsy woman jumped up and shouted almost in her ear...something about a parasol.

Most likely indecently drunk. No wonder so many women became victims.

Her thoughts were cut short by a thump and a crash. The incredibly unperceptive cat managed to trip the waiter with her chair and the tray full of drinks clattered to the floor. What a waste of several hundred dollars worth of alcohol; though it was all a waste as far as she was concerned. There were much better ways to spend that much money; it was a crime to spend it on something to get a few humans stupidly drunk with.

A crowd gathered and Sofia lost sight of Evgeni. No matter, it wasn't like he was going to run off. She was shoved further out of the way as the catering staff moved in with a quick broom, mop and dust pan to sort the whole thing out.

Looking down, Sofia realized that some of the flying liquid had splattered across her dress. Shooting the woman, she could now barely see,a glare, Sofia stalked off towards the bar for a club soda.

[Don't even -think- of going anywhere.]

((OOC: Sofia out))
Evgeni 13 years ago
The woman told him that he would get his necklace back. Evgeni squashed the relief he felt before Sofia had time to notice. So far she had not been aware of his little shifts of emotions. The bond wasn't very old, nor did she do anything to maintain it. Luckily, Sofia did not know much about the ability.

[I am grateful. You are very kind]

The white haired man that the woman, Sorcha, identifed as Jin headed his way. Evgeni glanced down as the man brushed against him. Seeing the waiting open palm, he let the necklace drop from his hand. He had to brutally squash the feeling of loss that rose from giving up the small medal. It was the only outward piece of himself that he still had with him and it was moving away in the hands of a stranger.


Sorcha had promised him that it would be returned; she sounded sincere.

[It is lovely name.]

At nearly the same time as the necklace was being handed to the white haired man, the other cat stood and tripped the waiter. Evgeni watched with carefully disguised mirth as the drinks went flying into the air. Some of it was bound to have landed on Sofia who had been standing not too far away.

Indeed, he could feel her irritation even though he could no longer see her. Soon enough she was ordering him not to go anywhere so he suspected that she was off trying to clean herself up.

[Tell them both I thank them very much.]

It was clear that they had both worked together to create the beautifully choreographed distraction that allowed him to pass the necklace to Jin and keep Sofia's attention occupied as well. Evgeni felt embarrassed and very grateful that it was all done for his benefit.

Distracting himself from dwelling on it further, he neatly placed the barely eaten pudding on the tray of a passing waiter.

He found himself without his captor for the moment and realized that he could speak for himself. With a small smile at his momentary freedom, Evgeni eased his way through the onlookers towards the woman who had caused the distraction.

"You are not injured?" Leaning down he added in barely a whisper "Spasiba"
Mara 13 years ago
It was completely against her instincts to stagger or look ungraceful in any way, but Mara was adept at playing almost any role so she managed to get to her feet clumsily. "Sorry," she said, to pretty much anyone standing nearby. "I'm so sorry," she yelled as one of them walked away shaking her head and muttering.

The blond who'd come through the door took a moment to ask after her and Mara, recognizing him, gave a laugh tat was a little too loud for sobriety.
"Oh fine, I'm fine, thanks!"

She stumbled a little, caught herself on the man's arm, and used the moment of close contact to squeeze his arm in response to his thanks, green cat-eyes sparkling without a trace of inebriation, lips twitching up with an air of unconcealed mischief before she straightened fully and swung away toward her now righted chair.

"Whew," she fanned herself with her hand, sprawling into the chair. "This is a hell of a party!"

She used her foot to kick out the chair next to her, tipping her head toward it to invite the young man to sit if he was so inclined. In the back of her head she reminded herself to act slightly buzzed for the remainder of the evening. Slightly.
Jin 13 years ago
Jin fought the urge to duck for cover at the sound of crashing glass objects. He turned and looked back in the direction he had come from to see Mara covered by a very wet waiter.

He winced in sympathy, both for Mara, who was likely not in any way used to appearing so ungraceful and for the waiter who was going to be somewhat bruised and sore in the morning.

Reaching the bartender he ordered their drinks and headed back towards their table. He noticed the dark haired woman moving past him to reach the counter. He could hear her ordering a club soda for her stained dress.

A slow satisfied smirk spread across his face. Job well done, Mara.

As he reached the table, Jin could see the young blonde leaning over to ask after his companion. The kid appeared to have a good heart or at least good manners. It seemed that helping him, as Sorcha intended to do, might be worth the trouble.

Giving Mara an amused grin, Jin passed her one of the tall glasses of cold milk topped with the requested red parasol.

Recovering his seat, he leaned to her and muttered.

"Perhaps I should have gotten something stronger?"
Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni smiled at the woman with the cat ears. Sorcha had not given her name but obviously she knew what was going on. She told him and the people nearby, who could easily hear her, that she was fine.

"That is very good."

When she stumbled Evgeni reached for her on instinct. The woman was very good at this acting thing, either that or old habits died hard. He found himself looking down in a pair of cat's eyes that showed a large amount of very sober amusement at the whole situation. Evgeni's smile spread to match her own barely concealed mirth for that brief moment.

He answered her statement but declined the chair; Sofia would be back shortly and Evgeni did not want to be caught with the two of them and have her wonder. It would be a tragedy for them to have gone through so much for him just to have it ruined by her suspicions.

Nodding to the white haired cat as he returned with what,amusingly enough, looked like two glasses of milk, Evgeni gave the woman a little squeeze on the shoulder before bidding them both farewell.

"Do svidaniya"

((OOC: Evgeni out...while he can!))
Mara 13 years ago
"Oh! That's perfect!" Mara happily accepted her glass, put it down, and pulled out the red parasol. Licking a bit of milk from the tip of it she slid it into her hair next to the matching one, smiling happily at Jin. "Thank you so much!"

Still playing the role she'd somewhat assumed, she gave the blond man a happy smile and nodded at him wordlessly, just smiled and waved as he left. She turned her attention back to Jin and helped herself to a swallow of milk.

"Something stronger, and next time I might bring the entire chapel down," she warned playfully. "And what chaos that would be. Ashes everywhere. Ancestors flying. Coffins all over the place."

She looked at him with wide-eyed innocence behind her contacts. She was dying to know if he'd done what he needed to do, for she had no idea what the exchange had been about. She wouldn't ask here though. Not for specifics.

"I see your quest was successful," she said, raising her glass some. "In all respects?"

Though her words were spoken fairly softly, her gestures were the expansive ones of someone who'd had just a bit much to drink. Mara was good at keeping an act up once she began it.
Jin 13 years ago
Jin was happy that she seemed at least interested in the parasol and not unsatisfied with the milk. Two cats drinking tall glasses of was too cliche not to pass up.

He chuckled at her cheerful remark about bringing down the entire place next time. Looking very solemn, he said.

"It will be the most action some of them have seen in centuries. I am sure the ancestors will be grateful for your intervention."

He grinned at the curiosity that sparkled behind the green contacts and it was tempting to tease her by drawing out the answer to her question. However, as another curious cat, Jin had great sympathy for wanting a puzzle solved.

He nodded an affirmation while taking the little purple parasol out of his glass.

"Yes, in all respects."

Jin had slipped the little necklace in his coat pocket for safe keeping. He looked over at his companion and a manner of speaking.

"Some quests are more difficult than others. It helps to have a good guide, maybe even a tracker. Luckily finding the bar, even with the crowd, was not so difficult. The bigger challenge might be trying to remember where we parked back at the entrance."

He gave her a conspiratorial wink and took a sip of his drink.
Mara 13 years ago
Mara laughed at the slightly macabre turn the conversation had taken, but she supposed it fit with the whole Halloween theme of the party. "Then by all means, maybe another Sex Under the Sun next time," she said with a little grin, "And I'll show those old bones a few new moves."

She was grateful to Jin for satisfying her curiosity immediately. His words further explained what he'd been about; obviously the man had made an exchange of some sort with him or why else would Jin be looking for a tracker?

"Don't worry," she said, leaning in toward Jin and resting her hand lightly on his shoulder, affecting an air of mock solemnity. "I won't let you get lost in the parking lot."

It was her cryptic answer to his wondering about finding a tracker; she hardly thought Jin was aware of all of her abilities but if he required someone to track down the owner of an item, Mara was capable and willing to help. After all, she was involved by now wasn't she?

She was certain this wasn't what Amir had had in mind when he'd told her she needed to be seen without him and asked her to come here with Jin, but Mara wasn't able to just do nothing. If an adventure called she had to participate.