Walking the Dog (open-outside the mausoleum)

Amir had thought the air would be fresher outside, but, free of the overwhelming tang of lemon Pledge, the first thing he scented on the air was the sickening bitter-sweet fragrance of marijuana. It was some ways off; apparently someone at the party had gotten bored.

He put his nose to the ground and rubbed at it with a front paw. It was more than a little tempting to remain outside with Sorcha and shift back, but once he did his cleverly-dyed fur would revert to its usual attractive tawny striping and Sorcha would be left holding onto a very obviously wild animal. And then no more party for her, which was definitely not part of his agreement with Jin.

So he finally raised his head and followed the drifting scent.

[Pot smokers, about ten o'clock,] he informed his companion neutrally. [Nothing else interesting around. Yet. There are probably all kinds of people hiding out around here.]

He turned his head in the other direction. [Cheap perfume that way,] he added helpfully.

Trotting a few steps forward he wrinkled his nose and hustled back.
[Skunk that way,] he said, bristling a little. [And before you ask, yes. Let's not repeat it.]

Stranger 13 years ago
"Now, Michael, do be a good boy. I would hate to have to punish you later for any indiscretions while we are here."

Sofia's smile to didn't reach her eyes as she talked to the man standing beside her. The raven haired woman ran one long red fingernail down the side of his chin as she watched him. Turning on her heel, Sofia left the blonde to follow after her. She knew that he would and if he didn't...well, that could be fun too.

It was probably unwise to bring him but it was too good an event to pass up. The Women's shelter needed the money so she needed to be here to meet and greet with those who had such things. Evgeni, as he was calling himself now, had spent several weeks under her "care" and that was likely enough to keep him in line. He still had moments of rebellion but, in truth, she liked those. They made life more interesting.
Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni nodded his head meekly enough though there was pure hatred in his eyes. He ignored the fingernail that was cutting down side of his face. It meant nothing; it would take much more than that to cut him and she knew it. Oh how well she knew it.

He watched her turn on her stilleto heels, secretly hoping she'd hit a crack and fall and break her neck. It was far from likely, Sofia was grace personified but he could still mentally picture it.

She'd know about it and probably punish him for it later.

Sofia wasn't beautiful, not really. She had gorgeous hair though, it was long and thick with big lustrous curls. Her nose was long and slightly too big for her face, She had nice eyes; large luminous eyes that were sometimes brown and sometimes green. Evgeni had certainly seen them often in these past few weeks, close enough to study them intently. The older vampire was on the short side of average; the top of her head barely came up to his shoulder.

He looked around the graveyard briefly but without much hope of any sort of escape. Evgeni could feel Sofia smile in front of him. There would be no help for him here.
Sorcha 13 years ago
Sorcha snorted at the mention of the pot smokers outside behind the mausoleum. It wasn't very surprising and no doubt she would find that it was a group of kids who's parents brought them to the party and then left them to their own devices while they socialized inside.

[Hmm, well it could be worse, I suppose. They aren't doing acid in a cemetery so we probably won't have to fetch anyone out of an open grave.]

The pot smokers would probably stay where they were. She doubted they would cause any more trouble than laughing a little too loud at their friend's jokes. Some other drugs though were just not the things to be doing while wandering around in a place with dips, bumps, holes and stones.

She frowned at the thought of people having sex out in the darkness beyond them.

[How disrespectful.]

People these days seemed to have a strange sense of right and wrong; Sorcha sometimes found herself wondering where morals and social etiquette had gone. In the past you may not have respected the dead but you at least knew that society did and that it would be considered the height of improper to... well... do what they were doing.

Amir brought her out of those disgusting thoughts by informing her of the other inhabitant of the cemetery. He also let her know that he had at least a passing acquaintance with the species.

[ Certainly not. That is sound logic...though.]

A wicked grin formed and she considered all the players present on the field at the moment.

[It would certainly be a shame if the skunk were to happen upon our clothing impaired friends...]

She'd be up for seeing that it happened but her companion might not care. Sorcha didn't know Amir well and perhaps he was all business all the time.

She was about to suggest that they could drop it when she heard a woman's voice from further up the path. Sorcha looked up that way to see who was coming.

A teenage boy dressed in fine clothes from a few centuries ago came down the path towards were the two of them stood just beyond the entrance.

"My cousin is coming. You should be sure to pay your respect."

Sorcha arched an eyebrow at the apparition.

"Excuse me? I don't know your cousin but I do know that he will have to earn such things."

The ghost looked dismayed by her response. He bit his knuckle while thinking and finally turned to her and replied.

"He doesn't like her, you know. However, it may appear. "

The young man turned to watch as two people appeared over the hill.

A dark haired woman led the way. She appeared to be maybe in her thirties or early forties and behind her was a tall blonde gentleman in perhaps his twenties. She nodded to them both and moved to the side of the doorway.

[It would seem that he doesn't like her very much.]
Amir 13 years ago
[It is disrespectful,] Amir agreed, trying to block out the visual. Even for a vampire, the idea of getting your rocks off in a graveyard was creepy.

[Though the idea has merit, I don't think Jin would appreciate my potentially getting you into trouble,] Amir said. He was here to watch out for Sorcha and try to discover a few things on his own, not create a perfect situation to go wrong and return Jin's offspring to him smelling like roadkill.

They were distracted from that idea by a couple walking past. Amir instinctively sniffed.

[He's afraid of her.] He could smell the acrid hint of fear on the man; not overwhelming but still present, if subtle. [And she...]

Amir' mouth watered slightly. He licked his lips, thinking of after the party when he could safely waylay some unsuspecting human. [She smells of blood. And sandalwood.]

He sat at Sorcha's side, looking every bit the good dog, mouth open and tongue lolling out as he tasted the scents of the two people. He also made sure to thump his tail once or twice for good measure.
Stranger 13 years ago
Sofia looked at the tall woman at the entrance to the mausoleum. The redhead stood straight despite her considerable height and gazed at her in the eye. She doubted the girl had ever known pain or fear. To have such a sheltered life was a precious thing but so many women don't realize what they had until they had lost it.

She gave the girl a cheerful smile, wishing she could advise her to be ever vigilant of those who would bring down that strength that could be seen so easily in that confident posture and candid regard.

Men, they all hated what they couldn't control.

Sofia glanced down at the dog sitting next to the woman. It wagged its tail at her but with only a couple of half hearted thumps to the ground. She snorted silently to herself; obviously it was astute enough to realize that it would get no affection from her. SOfia was not the cuddling kind.

She paused at the entrance and took a look around at all the nooks lining the walls. How easy it would be to rid herself of unwanted bodies by placing them here. No one was likely to look for a fresh corpse in a graveyard full of those already accounted for. Excellent! This night was starting out well and Sofia hoped that such a revelation was a good omen for future fortune to shine her way.
Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni finally lifted his head up from staring at the cracks in the sidewalk when he sensed Sofia's interest piqued by someone. He really wasn't sure why he cared but he found himself looking for the woman anyway.

The woman was easy to notice back lit by the flickering torches of the mausoleum. She looked like an amazon or a goddess straight out of legend. Evgeni didn't shy away from the woman's gaze despite the current situation he found himself in. Years of walking the halls of courts under the scrutiny of everyone had made its mark on him and he, who had once been royalty, could not help but continue to behave as though nothing were wrong.

Somewhere inside him though was a small scared boy who wanted to run to the red haired deity and her canine companion and plead for their mercy and protection. Evgeni wondered if Sofia would kill a woman who sought to intervene on his behalf. No, perhaps not, but he knew that it would do no good. The raven haired harpy had other ways of getting her way.

He slid his gaze onward towards the entrance and mentally prepared himself for the rest of the evening.
Sorcha 13 years ago
Sorcha glanced at the ghostly young man beside her.

"Why is he afraid?"

The apparition bent at the waist in a bow as the blonde passed by them and into the hall beyond. When the spirit straightened he turned to look at her with a somber expression.

"I think it is because she hates him and fears him."

Sorcha frowned in confusion. The woman didn't seem afraid, in fact, Amir had said that the fear was coming from the man and that there was blood on the woman.

[The ghost here says that she hates him...is afraid of him?]

The fact that there was blood on the woman was curious. No doubt a human would find it disturbing but there might be all kinds of reasons for the blood.

[How much blood? And was it fresh?]

Sorcha felt bad for the young man and turned to where she could see him just inside the building. Perhaps she could help him, even if it were just a little... Closing her eyes, she centered herself and envisioned the vast expanse of green hills that had been her home for so long. The vision of Ireland brought her peace and Sorcha extended that inner calm toward the man who was walking towards the chapel.

She opened her eyes to see if she could tell if it worked.

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Amir 13 years ago
Amir eyed the woman's back as she continued past them.

[I don't know about all that,] he said, unable to agree or disagree with ghosts he couldn't see. [The fear comes from him. Not from her.]

Amir could still smell the blood in the air. Vampires were generally sensitive to that smell; in this form he could smell it even over the marijuana, the cheap perfume, anything else. It made him hungry.

[The blood is old,] he said. He could tell; some of the richness of the scent was lacking. It had the appeal of rusted metal... still there, still solid, but with an imperfection left by passage of time. [And there was enough of it. I can smell it.]

He couldn't tell exactly how much there was; all he know was that the scent wasn't exactly localized. It was more of a dull pervading coating, like there was more at one point and now only traces remained. It was difficult to explain; his nose now was much more sensitive than it would have been otherwise. Things took on another dimension from here.

Still, the Huntsman in him didn't like it. Amir subtly slid himself over, standing close to Sorcha, almost in front of her.

[It might not be a bad idea to find some company,] he suggested.
Stranger 13 years ago
Sofia was just approaching the two doormen when she felt something...interesting. It was a sense of tranguility coming from Evgeni.

She walked back to him and found him turned back towards the entrance of the mausoleum. Beyond the sense of calm she sensed confusion and even a bit of hope.

Coming close to him, Sofia glared upward and hissed.

"Don't get any stupid ideas."

She moved past him and back through the doorway. It had to be the woman that she had passed. One of their own then. Sofia sized up the other immortal and figured she probably wasn't that old. For one thing, she was so tall that it hardly seemed likely that such a giant was older than a few decades and secondly not many vampires over a century would be moved to intervene on someone else's behalf. Unless...perhaps it was simply out of boredom.

Well, the giant would have to get her own animal. This one was her's.
Narrowing her eyes, Sofia stalked up the few steps and came close to the woman and her dog. Not close enough to have to look up at the woman, but near enough to be within reach.

"I don't know who you are...and I don't care but you would do well not to mess with me and what is mine."

Crossing her hands over her chest, Sofia stood waiting to see if more incentive was going to be needed.
Evgeni 13 years ago
A peace like he had not felt in ages filled him. Evgeni breathed it in, his eyes closing and his muscles relaxing. He sighed, feeling more calm and capable than a few moments before. It took but a few seconds for him to realize that wasn't natural. He had nothing to be peaceful about. He looked first at Sofia but knew that it had not come from her. He then turned back the way they had come. The red haired goddess was watching him. Evgeni gave her a small smile in gratitude.

Then he felt alertness and curiosity from Sofia. Evgeni knew that she was aware of his change in emotions. The hated bond between them had betrayed him yet again. In seconds she was standing in front of him, threatening him with quiet menace. Then she walked past him and back outside.

Evgeni followed, feeling somehow guilty for hoping for escape. The stranger had known, how had she known? He held onto the doorway and watched the interaction between the two women.
Amir 13 years ago
Amir had moved closer to Sorcha initially. When the dark-haired woman turned and came back to them he moved fully in front of Sorcha. He lowered his head and the fur along his neck and back bristled at the woman's words.

Clearly, he was returning the sentiment. For all intents and purposes Sorcha was his, and if this bitch wanted a fight he'd give her one.

Realizing his small stature was hardly going to deter an immortal, Amir dropped the "friendly puppy" routine and allowed two thousand centuries of fierce visage to spill over, relying on it to help accentuate his presence.

[What exactly did you do?]

Amir wasn't born yesterday. He suspected but waited for confirmation. Trust Jin's daughter to be softhearted. And yet Amir couldn't blame her, for that trait was the same one he saw in Mara that he'd protected all these centuries from Subira's cruelty.

However, regardless of what Sorcha had done if she'd done anything at all, Amir stood between her and this stranger ready to shift if need be and do what he'd promised to do.
Sorcha 13 years ago
Sorcha listened to Amir as he explained about the blood. Who's was it? Her's? His? Someone else's? She watched the young man and smiled as she saw his shoulders start to relax.

The young ghost simply shook his head.

"It won't help. She needs to die."

Sorcha blinked at the vehement response from the apparition. The spirits rarely had such violent responses and this one was calling for a permanent solution to an unknown situation.

The teenager looked into the entry hall one last time before walking off into the darkness.

She really didn't have time to contemplate the exchange. The dark haired woman was coming back and she didn't look very happy.

Looking down at Amir, Sorcha felt suddenly very guilty for doing something that might have been very stupid.

[Perhaps you're right. However, it might be too late.]

It would be unwise, or she should say further stupid, to not let Jin and Mara know that there might be trouble.

[Uhm...] Sorcha felt like a school child having to confess that they were the one who threw the ball into the window. [ I might have caused a little scene.] She winced [A tiny one...with perhaps a vampire. Maybe two.]

It seemed like the most logical explanation. Normal humans just didn't think someone was using supernatural powers on them. The woman also showed up very quickly and she never heard the man say anything.

She did, however, hear the threat the woman gave him as she returned. Sorcha didn't like it at all. When the woman reached her and threatened her as well, the gaelic woman bristled.

Sorcha answered Amir, while giving the shorter woman and arch look that really told her nothing.

[He seemed tense. I helped. Apparently she could sense it. Maybe they are bonded?]

It was not an uncommon ability among Evenhet and she was familiar with it. Why would he be bonded to someone who was afraid of? Perhaps the woman was the one with bonding and she forced it upon him. He could be a mortal. She said that he was her's and some vampires seemed to believe that humans were nothing more than food or toys.

Slightly afraid that she was about to scare the hell out of some mortal, Sorcha sent to the young man. After starting something, she might as well keep going, right?

[Are you alright? Do you need any help?]
Stranger 13 years ago
The redhead didn't say anything but the look she was given did not inspire her to believe that the girl wouldn't be stupid. She was about to get closer in order to make herself more clear when the dog growled.

Sofia looked down at the animal and noticed that it had moved directly in front of the woman. The menace became clear and she focused her attention more clearly on the canine.

So the reason for the woman's boldness was that she had a protector. Sofia took a step back in order to better anticipate any attack by this new piece of the puzzle.

And the night had started off so well.

Returning her gaze back to the woman, she said.

"I see you have a man to hide behind...such that he is."

With a light chuckle, she waved a dismissive hand.

"If only they all showed their true nature so readily."

Growing serious once more Sofia said.

"I mean what I say. Interfer again and I will make sure you regret it."

Sofia glanced over at Evgeni standing in the doorway.

"He is not worth your concern."

Stepping back towards the entrance again.

"And I'd put a muzzle on that thing if I were you."

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Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni watched from the doorway and was quite impressed that the redhead did not seem to be backing down in the slightest. The dog growled and he lowered his gaze to it. It was strangely very frightening for something so small. It seemed feral and ready to attack; he could have sworn that it had appeared quite normal before.

Either way, He was quite glad it was growling at Sofia and not him.

She was angry, he could tell, but not as angry as he would have expected. Evgeni knew that her temper could come and go like the changes of the wind. It could also be terribly destructive.

He wondered whether he wanted her to cause a scene or if he'd prefer her to just leave the woman be and move on. Was there anything of use for him in this? Making her angry now would only be worse for him later.

A calm British voice spoke in his head. It asked him if he was alright and did he need help.

[Da, for the moment, I am good.] That was true enough but it was certainly temporary. The truth was he didn't think anyone could help him and he would not be the cause of another person's death.

[ I am not knowing if you can help. It is better not to get involved. She is...very dangerous.]
Amir 13 years ago
Amir made no further move toward the dark-haired woman. His purpose was simply to serve a warning, and he was far too experienced to let her words goad him into any more action. He remained close to Sorcha, teeth bared, head low, in the same defensive posture he'd initially assumed.

He did not snap at her hand as it waved dismissively, and he did not attempt to engage in a philosophic debate over the definition of nature or the truth in it. Amir simply stood. And waited for the two to go. He quite agreed with the woman. This man wasn't worth the worry, whoever he was.

Sorcha, however, was worth the worry. Amir pressed gently back against her legs, indicating his support for letting the matter drop. If Sorcha was concerned she could possibly look into it later, but this was neither the time nor the place.

He did catalogue the entire scene in his head though. He'd been sent here to find anything unusual and this little encounter qualified. The woman was stepping back toward the entrance. As she moved away Amir lowered his lips, showing her that it was his desire, too, that she continue to put distance between them.
Stranger 13 years ago
Sofia decided there was no more to be done here. The girl seemed less compliant than she would like but this was not the place to assert her authority in the matter. She would just have to assume that the redhead was going to leave things be.

If not then there would be trouble but right now was not the time to start something. She would have finished the confrontation differently if the "dog" had not been present.

"Come, Michael. I have people to see."

She walked back into the entrance and headed down the hall.

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Sorcha 13 years ago
Sorcha kept her eyes locked on the other woman's. She personally hated physical confrontation but over the years she had learned the best ways to handle such things. This was different only in that it involved another of her kind; Sorcha was glad that Amir was present.

She arched an eyebrow at the other woman and refrained from sending a retort. Sorcha hoped that Amir would forgive her lack of verbal defense on his behalf. Her abilities were lacking in that area unless she showed the woman more of her abilities and at the moment she did not intend to do such a thing.

As the woman passed her, Sorcha gave the young man a long look.
[I am not alone. There are others. If you let me know what is going on then perhaps we can help.]

Sorcha smiled at him encouragingly.

[Are you one of us? Are you truly her's?]

If he were her child then there might be less that could be done to help him. Sorcha was loathe to let the man walk off with the woman that obviously had some control over him. At least he was heading towards Jin and Mara.

Sending to Amir, she said

[Thank you for being here. I suspect that might have gone differently had you not been. I sent to Jin to let him know about the two of them. Shall we look around here some more now that the immediate problem has past?]

In answer to her Creator's questions, Sorcha sent to him.

[There was a young man here. He's headed to the chapel now. Blonde, Russian from the sounds of it and he's with a shorter woman, dark hair, black dress, red heels and nails. He's afraid of her for some reason. I tried to give him some peace. It would appear that they might be bonded. She knew when his emotions changed. Perhaps she just has the ability to sense such things... and they work differently than my own. However, she knew that I had done something and came back to tell me not to interfere with her and what was Her's.] Scorn and distaste fairly dripped from Sorcha's mental words as she relayed the last of the information. [I asked him if he was okay but he said that she is dangerous and doubted that we could help. Jin, he's in trouble somehow. We've got to do -something!-]

To the rest of his questions, Sorcha smiled.

[Yes, Amir is here. Where else would he be? We are fine.]
Evgeni 13 years ago
Evgeni frowned slightly at the name that Sofia insisted on calling him. He fully understood her reasons for using his real name but mispronouncing it. She was reminding him that she knew who he was and did not care in the slightest. It was all summed up in that one hateful name. Most of the time he ignored it completely or rose above it by pretending she was uneducated and could not correctly pronounce his name anyway.

The British woman kept speaking to him. Her voice was soothing and not just for the aid that she was offering. He tried not to let hope rise up inside him at the thought of escape. Sofia would notice. Thinking of the meditations taught to him early in life, Evgeni remained mentally neutral to her words.

He fought with how much to tell the woman but decided talking to her would earn him trouble enough as it was if it was ever found out. Being truthful might save him somehow.
[She had come to my laboratory. There was body. It died of...unnatural causes. Sofia was wanting the evidence to, eh, disappear.] He sighed slightly [I would have done this thing without being...coerced.]

Following after Sofia, Evgeni gave the redhead one last look before heading inside.
[Sofia, she is very old. I think. She make me go with her. I am not her's but we are...] He was loathe to explain the depths of his personal torture at the hands of the woman in front of him. She had used her abilities on him to find out everything she could about his life. Despite not wanting to speak to her of anything, Evgeni found himself telling her what she wanted to know...even those things most personal to him. Sofia knew his strengths and his weaknesses and she exploited them all.

[We are...bonded]

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Amir 13 years ago
[Think nothing of it,] Amir responded to Sorcha, meaning it. Thanks weren't necessary. He was doing his job. And frankly he was just as glad that the confrontation had ended. [I'm sure Jin and Mara will keep an eye out on them.]

He didn't care for either the man or the woman, but Sorcha seemed concerned. So he treated it as any other mission; observe, report, move on. No killing required. This time.

[Why don't we do a quick once-around and see what or who else is out here. Then we can return if you like.]

Sorcha seemed worried enough that he imagined she might not want to get too far. And truth told, he didn't either. If either Mara or Jin had any trouble... well, neither one was exactly a slouch but Amir still felt better being close by.

His first concern tonight, though, was Sorcha, so he turned his attention back to her.
[Maybe we can track the way they came in.]

It would give them something to do, anyway... the woman's scent was very discernible.
Sorcha 13 years ago
Sorcha nodded to Amir and let him lead the way. Neither of them had trouble seeing in the dark but he would know better where they were going in his current form. She kept her head down in order to see better without the lights.

[That sounds like a very good idea. Jin also suggested I continue talking to the young man and get his story. Perhaps it will help.]

She let Jin know that she would continue talking to the guy.

[Mikhail, is it? You are bonded. Against your will?]

What else would she need to know? Did he have a creator or someone who would care what was happening to him?

[Do you belong to a clan? Does she?]

Following along behind Amir, She asked.

[Do you think either of them belong to a clan? He seems to think she is old. I know from experience that old doesn't get that way without either being very careful or having support.]

Perhaps she was being judgmental but Sorcha thought the kidnapping of another vampire, needing to hide a body and making threats to strangers did not sound like someone wise enough to survive for centuries on their own. Of course, this could just be an off night for the woman...but Sorcha just couldn't make herself believe it. Damned uncharitable of her, she admitted it.