You give love a bad name (att Luka)

Panos traveled down the long hallway of the Domicile on one of the upper floors trailing his finger along the flat smooth walls until he came upon the door he was looking for.

He hesitated a moment before he knocked, unsure if Luka was home. Panos hadn't seen his old friend in some time. In fact he had stopped by Luka's living quaters occasionally and was never rewarded with a response. Tonight when he heard the door's lock mechanisim shift he was throuoghly surprized.

Luka opened the door and smiled when he saw him.

"Luka my friend. I've been looking for you! Where have you been spending yoru nights? I hope you haven't terrorized the town too much." Panos exclaimed in good humor.

Stepping inside Luka's Tacharan home, Panos realized he hadn't been here yet. There wasn't much furniture in the place except for a few tables, bookcases and of course a wall mounted sixty inch LED flatscreen. None of that was out of the ordinary, the fact that there was no furniture was a bit odd.

"Don't you have a couch or a bed for that matter?" He asked as his gaze drifted to the open bedroom door.

Luka 10 years ago
Luka was digging through his collection of television show series when he heard a knock at his door.

Strange. Who would be visiting him? He hadn't socialized with these other vampires much and he had doubts they even realized he wasn't here but two or three nights a month. Opening the door Luka grinned when he saw it was Panos.

"My friend? My brother! Please come in."

Luka closed the door as Panos entered. He wasn't sure how to approach the subject of he and Delilah so for the moment Luka avoiding the questions directly, instead choosing to skirt around the subject.

"Nah. I don't do too much of that these days. What about you? I haven't seen you since your lady friend came into town unexpected. I've been waiting for the call to come and meet her you know."

It wasn't a giant secret that Luka had been somewhat a player with the women and he was used to other men keeping their objects of desire as far from him as possible. Panos had been the exception to that rule. The man was just as bad if not worse than he was with the women. Of course things were a bit different at the moment and Luka wasn't in the sharing mood. Delilah was his and he would tear the throat out of any man who came near her. This included Panos.

Panos's evaluation of his decorating style didn't bother him in the least. He dismissed the comment with a wave of his hand.

"I spent the greater portion of my life chained to a bed, I find them unnecessary."

Walking into what would be the livingroom, had he equiped it with furniture, Luka tucked his hands in his pockets and eyed Panos.

"So what brings you here?"
Panos Mehalitsenos 10 years ago
"Ha. You would be waiting for that call. Alexandra would eat you alive and if she didn't I'd have to stake you and that would make myself and Maggie very sad."

While he spoke in jest, Panos was dead serious. Personally he didn't think Luka's charm would work on Alexandra, but he wasnt ready to take the chance just yet. Plus with his freaky dream invasions, Luka was not high on Panos's 'To meet my lover.' list.

Luka's comment about the bed didn't phase Panos. He knew about Luka's past and the horrors he endured. Yet it was still beyond his belief that a bed was unnecessary. There were too many fun things you could do in one.

"Well I came to see how you have been. Like I said I've been looking for you. I've come here a couple times and you haven't been home. I've called and recieved no answer. Just wanted to make sure you weren't ashes."
Luka 10 years ago
At the mention of his sisters name Luka rolled his eyes. Panos would worry about Magda. Luka wasn't afraid of his sister as everyone else seemed to be.

"Please, Magda would most likely high five you for saving her the guilt of turning such a damaged individual as myself."

Luka flexed his prosthetic for dramatic effect. He hadn't really meant physically damaged but it got the point acrossed.

He felt his face flame at Panos explanation. So he had been checking up on him? Probably for Magda herself. It never ceased to amaze him the power she held over everyone. She treated him like a child and even over seas he couldn't escape her reach.

"You're babysitting me are you? Maybe a memo should have been given and I could made myself available to you more often."

His normally perfect language skills seemed losts as his fury built.
Panos Mehalitsenos 10 years ago
Panos was shocked at the degree and speed to which Luka became angered. He put his hands up in front of him and shook his head.

"Whoa. What's with you? I'm not checking up on you for Magda...fuck man. I haven't seen you in years and you come into town and I see you for what? Three days or so? If we were in Romania you would have chewed my ass out for ignoring long before now."

Since he had known Luka the man had always been easy going and care free. This anger was radically different than what he was used to and in fact Luka had only acted simular to this one other time that he knew of. It had involved a kid and his sister's constant disapproval of his protective behavior of it. Was this what it was about now?

"There's someone isn't there? Look if you are out playing batman and watching over some kid again thats fine by me. Shit knows I've got no problems with that and I'm not here as Magda's rat. I haven't spoken with Magda this entire time you've been here."
Luka 10 years ago
Taking a deep breath to compose himself, Luka turned back to his dvd shelf and resumed looking for season two of How I met Your Mother.

"No. I am not 'playing batman' as you say, to some child."

He wished it was another child that he was protecting. That would be easier to explain and they had all been waiting for it to happen again. If anyone knew him it was Panos and he had a feeling he wouldn't be getting away with shrugging this off. If anything that could cause the man to secretly dig further. Luka decided he rather have the blow out here and now rather than at Delilah's home, in front of the humans.

"I've been at Delilah's."

He stated it matter of factly and knew better to turn around. Luka could almost feel the air shift and the silence that was being returned was long and angry.
Panos Mehalitsenos 10 years ago
He hoped he hadn't heard correctly. There was no way Luka just said that he has been staying at Delilah's. There was no way those words just came out of his mouth.

But they had.

Panos was having a hard time keeping his composure. What had he done? He should have never sent Luka to find Delilah and make sure she was ok because he had been afraid to do it himself. Now he had put Delilah right back into the face of danger. Luka would kill her when he was finished with her and Panos was the one to blame.

"If you wanted a toy I could have found you someone. Someone who can handle it and not the one human I asked you to check on." He said between clentched teeth.

Luka 10 years ago
Pulling the dvd from the shelf Luka turned back to face Panos and his shoulders slumped.

Honestly this is what Panos thought was going on? If Delilah had been one of the other hundreds of girls he had been with sure he would have used her and thrown her away; he certainly wouldn't be staying in her home watching television shows with her mother for endless hours of the night.

It wouldn't be like the last time he took a human as a lover. He wasn't going to snap Delilah's neck like he had the other. This was different, SHE was different. Couldn't Panos see that? Delilah was the warm glow on the grass in the early morning. A shinning light that attracted him like a moth to a flame. She was the farest thing from those nighttime trashy girls back home. It was insulting that Panos even dared to compare her.

"She is NOT a toy. Far from it, maybe you would have seen that if you had paid any attention to her. Now, too late." He shrugged.

"We knew this would happen." Luka mumbled.

Panos Mehalitsenos 10 years ago
"You have got to be fucking kidding me. We knew? Who is we? You and Delilah? She's a fucking human Luka and you are not. You were supossed to reach out to her once, ONCE to make sure she wasn't dead in a gutter somewhere; not play house with her."

This was unfuckingbelievable.

Panos went from being stressed out about unleashing a threat on Delilah to being simply pissed off over the absurdity of the words that were coming from Luka's mouth.

"This is a joke. So what you live over there now? Do you do the dishes too? What happens when you get tired of her and go back to Romania? Guess who has to clean up after you then, me. Why? Because somehow I'll be at fault for setting you two up. Who have you been feeding off and please tell me it's not her because I don't really think I can handle you leaving behind a junkie as well as an emotional wreck."

His words we're laced with venom. Luka was as big a whore as he had been but it had always been in places they could just up and leave. Not in the damned city that one of them had ties with.
Luka 10 years ago
Luka's tempered flared and he lundged at Panos grabbing him by the front of his shirt.

"Fuck you Panos. You are a hypocrit do you know that? How long did you live with her and abuse her privledge? Made her your daytime slave and protector, for what? Because she looked like someone you knew ages ago? Tell me that's not a bullshit story."

Cursing in Romanian he sholved Panos back and stalked away. The nerv of him.

"You come to my home and insult me when you are no better. I am not leaving and going back to Romania and if for some reason I did? Delilah will come with me. I am also not a complete infant you fool. I know better than to exclusively feed off her. I don't want her free will and obdience. Unlike you I wouldn't have to command that of her."

Luka paced like a large caged cat. His skin itched iwith anticipation and the need to shove his fist through the wall or perhaps someones face.

"It's always about you brother. Don't worry I wont leave you a mess to clean up. I'm not leaving her side ever."
Panos Mehalitsenos 10 years ago
Panos pulled himself upright and adjusted the front of the black polo shirt. His intitial reaction to attack back lost on seeing Luka's current demeanor. He wasn't going to argue about how he had handled the whole Delilah Holly situation but for fucks sake at least he knew his place in the social order. Panos wasn't so sure Luka did.

"Luka, you are dead, she is not. What could you possibly be getting from this situation? You can't pretend to be human that life you had is over. Leave Delilah alone and go back to Romania. Find a vampire woman to fuck around with. They at least could give two shit's if you go missing for a month or seventeen."

Panos thought that was a simple enough solution and he thought their argument was over and he certainly didn't expect Luka to litterlly roar in frustration at him.
Luka 10 years ago
It took all his strength not to tear Panos limb from limb. WHat did he know about anything. What did he know about the pain of being a part of nothing? Delilah was the one thing, one person that made him feel alive in a way he had never felt before. Not even his sister, bless her soul for saving him from death, could make him feel like this. He felt whole and wanted and needed for no other reason than being himself. He wasn't broken when he was with Delilah.

What did Panos know about any of that? Not a damn thing.

"I've never been alive, I've never been human and you and everyone else can shove it up their asses!" He shouted.

"If she has to be dead for any of you fucks to give a shit about what I want then so be it! To hell with you. You want me gone, then I'm gone."

Luka grabbed his wool coat from the hanger near the door and pulled the door open with such force it nearly yanked off the hinges. He felt pressure on his shoulder as Panos put his hand on him to stop him.

"Don't even." Luka snarled and jerked away.

Luka was suddenly very tired. He let the glamour on his arm fade away as he briskly walked out of the Domicile.

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Panos Mehalitsenos 10 years ago
Luka left before Panos could say another word.

He couldn't of meant what he said. Panos stood alone in the room stupified.

Luka wasn't going to turn Delilah was he? He couldn't, he wouldn't. Panos wasn't so sure what Luka would do and with unease in the pit of his stomach, he let himself out of Luka's apartment and pulled out his phone.

"Hello Magda, yes I've seen him. No, listen we have to talk."

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