Goin' to the Chapel! (open: partygoers)

Once past the doormen, who gave him the hairy eyeball but said nothing otherwise, Amir and Sorcha walked into the small chapel. It was set up gala-style, but with a much more morbid theme. How creative.

Several tables were full already, but there were plenty of seats for everyone. So while Amir tasted the different scents flowing through the area he and Sorcha meandered toward an empty table. Ever diligent, Amir did his best to emulate the behavior of companion dogs everywhere. He appeared attentive to his "owner," staying in a perfect heel as she walked and glancing up at her often as if expecting a treat for obedience.

Amir was still uncertain what he was to look for so he simply kept his eyes and ears and nose open. if nothing else he and Jin had done enough favors for each other over the years that he was willing to act as Sorcha's escort.

Pity about the Evenhet thing, really.

However, as Amir was in no position to cast stones at anyone for having a child defect to another Clan, he didn't say anything or act any differently. This favor was for Jin, a fellow Clansmate. And it was being returned in kind.

Sorcha 13 years ago
Sorcha took a seat at an empty table and looked around the room. There was a goth looking band singing something that sounded very appropriate for the surroundings. The lead singer looked a bit young to be out on his own but it had become very hard for her to guess ages over the years.

A hazy shade in a duster and fedora sat down beside her with a plate full of food. She had long since stopped being surprised at what spirits spent their time doing but she was still quite impressed with the sheer quantity of wispy delicacies he had stacked onto his plate.

He saw her watching and looked up.

"What? Its free, right?"

Popping a fried nugget of something in his mouth, the spectre leaned back in the seat and watched the room with a critical eye.

"Haven't seen this much activity here in ages. Though I suppose this place gets more live ones coming and going than most."

Sorcha wondered exactly what the spirit meant by that and resolved to look into it later. Turning to look down at Amir, she asked.

[Was there anything on the table that you wanted?]

She was still thinking over the spectre's bit of conversation and decided to send to Jin to see if he had a ready answer since he at least understood her source of information.

[Would you know why the cemetery gets more activity than most?]

((OOC: Random empathy vision being used with permission...cause the character is mine...muaaahaahaaa! ))
Jin 13 years ago
Jin paused at the entrance to the room and looked around. He spotted Sorcha and Emir at a nearby table, took in the band playing and the other people milling about.

Leaning towards Mara, he asked.

"Should we join them or would you like to pass by the tables first?"

Of course the third option would be to find an entirely separate table. Divide and conquer or something like that.

He considered his daughter's question carefully and refrained at the last minute from shaking his head.

[I am not sure. Vampires have had a unique hand here. Perhaps we'll find something mentioned in the archives. Do you think it is important?]
Mara 13 years ago
Mara let out a soft sigh when she glimpsed her creator. There was nothing more she wanted than to wrest the collar and leash from Sorcha's hand and leave with Amir in tow, but that wasn't going to happen. Letting her gaze slide over the red-head and her canine companion, Mara looked for anything of interest, any point at which to begin their evening.

"It doesn't seem fair to join them," she said softly to Jin when he asked. "We're not here for pleasure, after all. Perhaps later."

She didn't mean that her current company wasn't pleasing; although she didn't know Jin well he seemed perfectly companionable. But they did have a purpose here and business should always come before pleasure.
It would be wiser to walk the room first, get a feel for the space, check out any exits and entrances. Mara could see more than just the one door and her cat-like curiosity was immediately piqued.

"What's through there, I wonder?"
Amir 13 years ago
As more and more people filtered in, Amir was both grateful and repulsed by the opportunities his form provided. On the one hand everyone who passed by him wanted to pet him. On the other hand, everyone who passed by him wanted to pet him. You'd have thought they'd never seen a dog before. Still, it gave him a unique chance to really sniff at each extended hand, using his jackal's heightened senses. He remembered to wag his tail, something not natural to him in either form, and suffered through various cooing voices and scratches behind the ears.

He could smell marijuana on several people, cigarette smoke on others, alcohol on several even though they'd just arrived. Most of the people who approached him had pets of their own; the scents clung to them. Two or three didn't. Many of them were men which wasn't surprising considering who held the other end of his leash.

Amir didn't glance at Sorcha when she sent to him but instead responded,
[No thank you. Unless the waitress at the end is free.]

Amir seldom ate; what was the purpose? The only thing at the table that held any appeal for him was the cheerful hostess. She'd do.

As more people wafted by, a strange, almost tangy scent caught his attention. He flared his nostrils, trying to pinpoint its origin. It was odd in the sense that he was unable to identify it immediately. He couldn't even tell if it was coming from a person or not. He let his ears perk forward, unable to initiate dialogue with Sorcha himself but plenty able to communicate via body language.
Jan 13 years ago
Jan smiled at the crowd gathering in the room, a slow lazy curling of the lips. He was rather pleased Nox Æternus was asked to play tonight. Though he did have to agree that it was more likely to do with Gothic reputation of the band than any sort of following.

It was sad what a lack of working daylight hours did to a person's career.

He strummed the acoustic guitar and began the next song.

"The greenwood sighs and shudders,

the westwind wails and mutters

Grey clouds crawl across the sky,

the moon hides her face till sunlight dies

And mankind soon shall realize

the bringer of storms walks tonight"
Sorcha 13 years ago
No mortal dare to meet the glare
of the Eye of the Stormbringer,

[It is hard to say with ghosts. Believe it or not, sometimes they like a bit of idle chit chat.]

Sorcha was a bit disappointed that Jin did not have a ready answer for her but she was mollified that he intended to at least help in finding out later. Her glance glided past Jin and his companion but she took in what details she could in those few moments.

Pretty, not so tall as Jin but almost. She seemed to have a good sense of style and probably liked cats or identified with them in some way, given the small ears on her head. After all who voluntarily chose a costume they didn't like?

Rio crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, leaning against the table.

"Why are you wasting your time and his?"

Her glance flickered down to the vampire sitting next to her.


Sorcha turned away from the sister that no one else could see.

"Jin barely knows her. Now, don't you have some work to do. Or is it all about you tonight? As usual."

She turned her attention back to Amir, all the better to ignore her sibling. He had been quite the attention getter and had dutifully sniffed and wagged his tail at each person who came by. Sorcha was amused that he didn't lick them. Ah well, She supposed there was only so far he was willing to go.

She smiled down at him and said.

[Maybe later we can go over and see if she wants to pet you.]

Turning to look out through the crowd again, she added.

[And then you can bite her on the hand.]

After a few moments, she noticed that her companion was leaning forward with that alert look that canines get when something has caught their attention.

[Where is it that you would like to go?]

Best to know what he wanted first so that she would know what kind of excuse to give in order to get them their. Were they wandering this room, heading to someone specific or leaving the main room for one of the others?
Jin 13 years ago
For he is the lightning slinger
the glory singer,
the gallows reaper

Jin replied to Sorcha's answer with an inward sigh.

[Well hopefully someone will elaborate.]

He was not sure if his daughter truly saw spirits or if it was her very quick mind and vampiric ability giving her information in a way that best suited her. It didn't matter to him anymore. She was fairly reliable and the visions she saw were sometimes more helpful than his speaking to someone for hours.

Smiling at Mara, he said.

"True enough."

He turned his gaze outward and smiled at several other people in the room, giving them a friendly nod of greeting whenever they noticed his regard.

His companion indicated a door and Jin gave her a shrug in answer.

"Only one way to find out."
Amir 13 years ago
Amir sat back on his haunches once more, licked his lips to try and clean them of the clinging, tangy scent, and glanced at Sorcha. [Not sure,] he said. [Whatever that scent is, it's moving around. Must be on someone.]

He was looking for anything unusual, but that was probably going to be pointless. Anyone good enough, skilled enough, to have Mai worried was good enough to hide themselves from vampire-kind. He lowered his guard slightly, well aware that his second function here was to escort Sorcha and help guard her - which hadn't, according to Jin's request, included stifling her evening and keeping her locked down unable to have any fun at all.

[What about you, Sorcha? Was there someone here you wanted to see? Would you like to walk around?]

He wondered briefly if she thought he might take umbrage at being leashed and led all evening so he made the offer to accompany her. The costume was reasonable; it made sense. He didn't mind the collar and leash get-up this one night.

Moving around might help him sort out the scents as well. As more and more people filed into the room they each brought their own unique bouquet. It was enough to make him nauseous. Who wanted to smell this many humans all the time? Not that some of the vampires or werewolves were any better... Amir wasn't foolish enough not to think they were in mixed company. Some of the people here he recognized - others not so much.
Mara 13 years ago
It was true but it didn't make her all the happier. Mara would rather have been in Sorcha's position; better yet, there was room to dance in here and she very much wished her creator wore two feet. There was no better partner than the one you'd been dancing with for centuries, even if his experience had been browbeaten into him. Perhaps Jin... well, later. Business first, as she'd just said herself.

She turned a twinkling smile on her companion and said,
"My thoughts exactly."

There was no hiding her sense of curiosity. In Mara, her need to know -things- was what drove her. Closed doors were practically glowing in neon "open me" signs. Locks, too, begged to be broken. Red buttons must be pushed.

The search proved uneventful, which was disappointing, but at least they had the satisfaction of knowing what was behind the closed door. A little private area, decorated, also with food. Mara wondered if it was reserved for a party or if anyone might use it.

"That wasn't nearly as exciting as I had hoped," she said with a little sigh, still happy to know, at least.
Pakpao 13 years ago
"You would think, some day they would notice that a lot of this food goes to waste."Â?

Pak observed. Although it was pretty enough. Still seemed a shame. Oh well.

Since 'meeting' Bao for the second time out in California Pak had been a little leery in situations where she didn't know a lot of people. She was getting better; considerably better, she would even go out by herself again and give even chase to rice throwers. She'd even tackled meeting the monster head on and was getting to know him. But that didn't mean she wasn't keeping an eye on the crowd and sticking a bit close to Artemis.

"I think dancing is out,"Â? She eyed him speculatively, "Well maybe later so long as you promise not to scuff up my shoes. That leaves mingling for the time being."Â?

And it was hard to mingle with people you didn't know and who you probably had nothing in common with.

It was hard to scan the crowd, even with her heels Pak was not exactly tall. It was a fluke of the parting crowd that let her see Mara. Pak's first impulse was to scan the room for Kem and make sure he wasn't around. After that though she grabbed her date's hand and simply towed him off in the direction of her friend.

"I didn't expect to see you here tonight."Â?
Sorcha 13 years ago
Sorcha was not certain what Amir smelled but she found it intriguing that it was something unusual. Now she was interested enough to make it easier to find out.

Standing, she smiled down at Amir before pushing in her chair.

[Well let's wander and see what we see. I am not the best conversationalist but I can try.]

The gentleman in the duster and hat was back. He paused in his ghostly meal to look up at her.

"Leaving so soon? And here I thought we were just getting along."

Sorcha sighed and hoped that she hadn't offended him.

"I will be back soon. We're just going to take a look around."

The apparition nodded his acknowledgment, this time not taking his eyes off the chicken wing in his hands.

"I'd keep an eye on your date. This mix of people...things could get messy pretty quick. If you know what I mean."

Her glaze flickered down once more to Amir before she replied to the ghost.

"I will.

Replying to Amir's question, she shrugged slightly.

[I know no one but Jin here.]

And She hoped that it would stay that way. The other person that likely had an invitation to this party was her mother and Sorcha was not ready for that challenge. She certainly did not want to have to explain things here.

[I guess it is time to make new friends.]
Jin 13 years ago
They had completed their investigation of the other rooms. Jin was slightly happier knowing that no one was lurking there for nefarious reasons; though he doubted such a thing was likely.

Smiling at Mara, he said.

"Yes, its not exciting now. That is more likely later when people wish to be alone."

Not that he intended to interrupt such events. Jin did think that it was unwise to engage in intimate activities in public with the expectation of not getting caught. However, people never failed to do such things; he had seen it quite often through out his long history.

He looked up to notice that Mara's attention was being sought. Jin smiled at the person greeting his clan mate.

"Ah, my rival flower girl. Good evening, Pakpao."

Jin looked around for the Asian woman's likely companion. Artemis really wasn't hard to spot in most crowds and the Roman had made that easier by adding nearly another foot of height with the addition of a top hat. Shaking his head, Jin smiled at the Evenhet.

"Artemis, You have made it out of the well equipped closet. Wonder of wonders!"
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn was still chuckling at Therese's commment when they entered the chapel. He had to admit that the place looked very nice considering its normal function. The decorations were at least classy while adding the spooky atmosphere that was expected for the day. It could have been paper bats and sponge pumpkins.

There was no one that he recognized and he thought of taking a seat and letting others join them if they were so inclined, however he would see what Therese wanted to do.

"Hungry? Or shall we find a place out of the trample zone?"

Seeing a very tall redhead stand up and leave a table. Vaughn realized that she had left her things behind. Looking at Therese, he nodded his head in the direction of the woman and then went to retrieve the little sheep and crook that the shepherdess had abandoned.

Catching up to the woman, he presented both and smiled.

"I am sorry but I believe you have lost your sheep."

Vaughn turned and looked for Therese, hoping that she had seen where he was going and why. He would hate for her to think he had just abruptly abandoned her for no reason.
Amir 13 years ago
Amir the Dog appealed to Sorcha with an expression he hoped conveyed sufficient irony. [Conversation is largely overrated,] he said.

He stood with her and stuck close to her side as she rose from her chair and left the direct vicinity of the table.
[I know some of them,] he said, [but managing an introduction like this might be difficult, I regret.]

It was as close to an apology for anything as Amir ever came. He knew who he knew, and he was here as a favor. He hadn't promised to do any more than accompany Sorcha and he hadn't been asked to, but she was pleasant and Amir respected her creator.

He heard the approach before it registered, really, and swiftly moved between the approaching man and his charge. Seeing the crook and the sheep in the man's hand, Amir realized the reason he had come up to them and gently retrieved the sheep in his jaws, careful not to harm it, so that Sorcha could have her crook back.
Mara 13 years ago
Jin's words made Mara recoil slightly. Alone? Here? Would people actually do that here? How... tasteless. "I... don't care to speculate," she said softly. "How intriguing."

She was saved from being forced to speculate anyway by her own curious mind when Pakpao appeared from the crowd. "I didn't really expect to be here tonight," she said with a far more relaxed smile than she'd worn all evening. "I'm glad to see you."

Which she actually was. Mara had very few friends but Pakpao she was fond of. "How is Mongkut?"

She remembered Pak's name for the kitten she'd brought her. "Is he growing to be strong and ferocious?"

Jin seemed to know Pak too, as well as the man she was with, engaging him immediately. Mara was saved an immediate introduction and had time to shift herself to slightly behind Jin, more toward Pak and as far away from the new man as she could get without being rude. Damn Amir's logic, and his requests. She hated parties.
Jan 13 years ago
Upon his shoulder, ravens,
his face like stone, engraven
Astride a six-hoofed stygian beast,
he gathers the fruit of the gallows trees
Driving legions to victory
the bringer of war walks tonight

Jan finished up his song and looked around the room. Was that Carol? It was hard to miss the blonde in the slip dress. This must be the new boyfriend; they looked cute together. He wondered if his father missed the energetic, 'tell it like it is', spirited beauty that was Carol Hedley.

Not that Ellis didn't have her charms...she did. In a way Jan wasn't surprised that Simon and Ellis were back together. You just didn't get over centuries of companionship very easily. Especially since, try though they might to hide it, Jan was certain they both loved each other. He just thought Simon seemed so at ease and happy with Carol.

It was the difference between a nice relaxing Sunday drive along the beach to racing in the Daytona 500.

Ah well, who was he to say anything. It wasn't like he had a great dating track record. Jan finished with the song, took a step down from the stage, and went to find his glass of wine. Maybe he'd let Carol find him. She might find it awkward talking to Simon's son...then again this was Carol and he really doubted anything could make her uncomfortable.

((OOC: Song is Stormbringer, lyrics by Philip R. Obermarck. ))
Carol 13 years ago
Lothias pulled his arm away from her shoulder and shoved his hands into his pockets. He was uncomfortable with parties and Carol could see the tense awkwardness in his features as he did his thing, his eyes scanning the chapel area as they entered. Turning away from him, Carol shut her eyes tight and shoo'd the inevitable thoughts of who and what he was. Distracting her as well was the unnaturally smooth purr of a voice from Jan and his band. Clapping her hands together, she began to bounce in her heels.

"Like the band, I take it?" Lothias said with a laugh.

"I know him!"


Carol didn't answer but fluttered away toward the stage as Jan wrapped up his song and stepped off. He was just reaching his glass of wine when Carol yelled his name.

"JAN!!! What. UP!"

Flinging herself at him, Carol wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her legs off the ground, forcing him to catch her. It had been ages since she had seen Jan and was thoroughly thrilled to see the cutie patootie. To prove it, she landed on her feet, took his face in her hands, and kissed him right on the mouth. No tongue though, Jan was like a brother.

"It is so great to see you!"
Lothias LT Jameson 13 years ago
His uncle and Vivienne had walked off in another direction as they all entered the chapel area. They turned a corner as Vivienne crossed her arms and exhibited some of the coldest body language he had seen her give his uncle yet. The Commander on the other hand, he seemed to be enjoying himself, walking close to her, irritating her with his happy smile and lingering looks at her and any other female that passed them. With a sigh, he prayed they didn't kill each other.

Carol seemed to be enjoying the band when suddenly she said something about knowing the singer and running off. LT watched with a confused look as Carol ran off to meet the singer as he stepped off the stage. Following behind her, his one step equaled two of hers, he came up on them as Carol flung herself into the singer's arms and planted a kiss on his lips. This was Carol, he decided. Overly affectionate, outrageously silly, and overtly sexual in everything she did. He waited for her to let the poor kid come up for air before introducing himself.

"Hi," he said waving at the younger man. "I'm Lothias. I guess you're a friend of Carol's?" He held his hand out to the man giving him a polite nod.
Jan 13 years ago
Jan's hand paused just as he was about to wrap it around the rim of the glass. Looking up, he saw Carol heading towards him. He turned leaving the wine where it was and that was a sound decision.

Before he knew it his arms were full of vivacious blonde. He caught hold of her easily and returned the hug. Instinct had him looking for his father to make sure Simon wasn't upset before his head caught up with the gut reaction.

Carol, landing once more on the floor, took his head in her hands and planted kiss square on the mouth. A part of him thought she had nice soft lips and excellent choice in gloss. Tasty! The rest of his thoughts were back on track and now they were telling him that he better be looking for the tall guy that she came in with.

Sure enough, the man had followed his blonde companion at a more leisurely pace. Jan was grateful to see that the stranger didn't seem at all surprised by his date's actions. Jan wasn't terribly worried about himself in a fight but he'd hate to mess the place up before the party really got going.

Maybe later.

Giving Carol another hug with one arm, he held the other hand out to Lothias.

"Yeah, I can't deny it." Looking at the blonde next to him, he quickly added. "And wouldn't! Carol's lovely cheerful self in the morning is that of an angel...a sometimes foul mouthed,ill tempered angel...but welcome none the less."

She had been the face of the industry and Tacharan for a while. It still wasn't the same without her cheerful greeting or requests for the latest gossip. Not to mention Carol always knew more about what was going on with everyone than anyone else he knew.

"I do some side work with Duibne."
Lothias LT Jameson 13 years ago
"Well, it's nice to meet you."

LT politely nodded and slipped his hands back into his pockets. He wouldn't presume to guess what kind of side work Jan did with Duibne, so he filed that bit of information away and moved the conversation along.

"It's funny...I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about the cemetery before. Usually you can get some good local ghost stories, but this party on Halloween does seem appropriate to advertise it more."

Carol bounced and giggled a little bit more, holding Jan's hand with both of hers. He couldn't help but smile at her, seeing how happy she was to see her friend.