The Caretaker

With brown almost black, steely eyes, Ather Vorigan watches you from his perch on the steps in front of Kensington Mausoleum, located near the back of the cemetery at the end of the long path. You were told you would find Mr. Vorigan in or not far from the old building. You would not miss him, you were assured.

Mr. Vorigan, Ather, slowly stood from his seat on the step, his tall stature uncoiling like a slithering snake to an impressive, and decidedly terrifying, seven foot four inches. His shoulders are broad, but like all of him, extremely bony - his fingers were thin and long, picking at the skin of his thumb which you can see is torn along the cuticle. His hair is long and oddly thick, as black as the color of his irises. His mouth gaunt, his nose hawkish, and his forehead sizable, but as you take this all in, you cannot ignore the softness of his strangely youthful looking skin. You approach him, albeit slowly.

Suddenly a guttural growl emits behind you, forcing your attention (barely) away from Mr. Vorigan to see a massive wolf-like dog.

"That is Lucifer. Lucifer, behave now."

Mr. Vorigan's voice is silky smooth and deceptively charming. Lucifer stops growling immediately and joins his master at his side in front of you.

"Welcome to Holy Oaks,"Â? he purrs and smiles at you. "I assume you know where you're going?"Â?

You nod in the affirmative silently.

"Well then, I'll leave you to it."Â? Mr. Vorigan moves closer, staring down at you from his immense height. "But if there's anything we...Lucifer and I...can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask."Â?

Mr. Vorigan bows his head politely and you notice that his clothes are ill fitted - the sleeves two inches too high - and smells suspiciously of formaldehyde. You are reminded of a long forgotten quote, describing perfectly the sensation of Mr. Vorigan's scent.

"It smells like time has stopped, as if nature herself is being denied... It smells like how one would imagine Frankenstein's creation to smell, it's a low musky invasive smell, which leaves you feeling sullied and sick. You have only to take a wiff to understand and to know... and that wiff with haunt you for the rest of your years."Â?

You turn toward the mausoleum, entering it quickly just as you hear the soft whisper of Mr. Vorigan's deceptively sweet voice.

"Take care, kind visitor. Here be monsters..."Â?

((OOC - "It smells like..."Â? quote found on google by unknown author.))