Trick or Treat - Opening Event

Happy Halloween from Nachton! In celebration of this years Devil's night, all SA patrons, old and new, are invited to role play in our newly created cemetery - Holy Oaks. Starting Midnight Friday - October 29th - we'll be celebrating all Hallows Eve Nachton style.

Everyone is welcomed to join us at Kensington Mausoleum where there will be drinks, food (nonhuman variety), and creepy festivities! Join me, your host and Caretaker - Ather Vorigan - and Holy Oaks trusty guard dog, Lucifer, in celebrating the magic of all Hallows Eve!

((OOC)) For the duration of the event, you are allowed +1 thread here in Holy Oaks, in addition to 1 Residential/Clan/Pack and 1 public threads.