Prodigal Daughter

Sorcha knelt down and looked into the large cage. Gwyn, tilted his eyes up to look pitifully at her.

[Its alright. We're here now. Didn't I tell you it would be safe?]

The giant irish wolf hound appeared not to take notice of any words past the mention of their arrival. He came to his feet, still having to duck his head and waited somewhat impatiently for her to open the door.

[Give me a minute. The attendant here looks positively petrified.]

Sorcha smiled at the woman, reassuringly and signed the words that said Gwyn was really harmless. She doubted it was understood but hoped the smile would communicate enough. Showing the papers that corresponded to Gwyn's crate, she waited, more patiently than her dog, for the ability to release him so that they could be on their way.

Finally the attendant nodded and Sorcha opened the door. Gwyn emerged slowly and looked from one female to the next before taking a seat beside his owner. He was all too familiar with this routine. Strangers expected him to come bounding out of the cage like a hyper greyhound after a rabbit; Sorcha had taught him better manners.

The woman from the airline gave the white dog a tentative smile and then helped Sorcha lift the large carrier onto the cart with the rest of her luggage. Not that she needed the help, but everyone must keep up appearances, not just her dog.

Clipping the black leash onto Gwyn's equally black collar, Sorcha gave him a pet on the head.

[Its only for a short while. We'll be among friends soon.]

She hoped so anyway. Sorcha walked towards the exit of the airport where a limo driver waited with a sign bearing her name. Her Creator's doing, no doubt; she had expected to get a taxi. Jin sometimes worried overly much over her welfare but it was an endearing trait...most of the time.

It was her father who gifted her with Gwyn, and his predecessors. Sorcha had to admit that the large wolfhounds did deter people from messing with the mute girl. The dogs had been great company over the years and had saved her great hassle more than once. Now though, her creator seemed more worried about her mother's welfare. The last conversation she had with Jin, at his emailed behest, had convinced her that the Elder of the Rose was is very real danger this time. Sorcha could no longer put off coming to Nachton and reuniting with her mother. If she didn't do this now she may never again get the chance.