Holy Oaks

As old as the city, Holy Oaks can be found on a hillside over looking Nachton's original center. The grounds are surrounded by a tall wrought iron fence topped with spear like points. The gate has two doors with the words Holy Oaks scribed with ornate filigree along the top.

A path begins at the entrance and curves gently up the hillside and down the back where it ends at a large mausoleum, Kinsington Hall, that houses many of Nachton's wealthy and famous. A few steps lead down into a long room with dark recesses in both sides. During the day there are small slanted niches that allow streams of natural light to brighten the otherwise gloomy interior. At night the place is lit by wall sconces that now have flickering electric torches to lend a feel of somber antiquity to the sacred halls. The left side of the building contains row upon row of deep nooks housing the coffined remains of many of Nachton's finest. Each recess has a plaque beneath it stating who is buried there, some with additional information such as their career,deeds or a parting blessing from loved ones. The right inside of the building has been redone in modern times with smaller niches to house urns of those who bodies have been reduced to ash. (for whatever reason)

On top of the hill, given a place of prominence is a crypt with enough room for three bodies. This is the supposed final resting place of the Founders of Nachton. No names are written and who exactly is buried here remains a local mystery. For those in the know, at least one of the marble coffins placed inside is completely false. The ornate stone lid, sculpted with the serene visage of man in eighteenth century attire, can be pushed aside for any of those with the superhuman strength to do so. Inside the coffin is a narrow passageway with a staircase leading down into the tunnels underneath the city.

The graves themselves are laid out in a seemingly haphazard fashion that only the caretaker might truly understand. All walks of life are buried here; the final resting places of the dead range from a simple marker to ornate private mausoleums. Some of the oldest tombstones are so worn that they are nearly unreadable.

Towering over the place are huge ancient oaks whose branches seem to spread out over the cemetery protecting the inhabitants. The wind rustling through the leaves creates an eerie warning to tread carefully and respectfully through this place of the dead. Large Statues of various religious origins also keep vigil over their charges. Angels, Buddhas and ancient Goddesses have been carved skillfully in marble and placed lovingly through out the cemetery.

In a far corner is the small caretaker's shed. It is filled with the tools necessary to do his lonely task and a small room for him to take a rest from patrolling the grounds.

Worthy of Note: The gates are rarely locked in difference to Nachton's habit of catering to those with alternative schedules. The pathway is old and worn and does not meander amongst the graves themselves. So wander around at night at your own risk.