Long day... (open)

Irritated by her failure to either hunt or gather information at the preserve Thérèse calmly parked the rental car and sat in it for a moment. She really was worn out from the day and then the run but it didn't make her feel any better. Things were still eating at her. She got out of the car and slammed the door, as hard as she possibly could. It was the only display of temper she would make.

She checked her phone to see if there was any word on her luggage, and of course, there wasn't. Fortunately, she had one ensemble suitable to start at the Arch tomorrow. If her bags didn't arrive tomorrow, though she was going to have to go shopping.

Trying to finish clearing her mind, she found herself wandering the paths on the grounds. No matter how good the paths she quickly decided that her heels weren't suitable she took them off and continued walking, now bare foot just trying to relax.

Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn had been working later than usual. There were so many things to consider and so much planning to do. He had re-election to win and quite probably without his wife for support. Etta might be demanding, even draining, but she was an excellent tactician and a staunch ally for the R'asa's goals.

A noise of a car door caught his attention. Leaving his office, Vaughn headed outside and followed the path around towards the entrance to the grounds. There he found a young woman, well dressed, walking the path with her shoes in her hands.

She was unfamiliar to him personally. Chancing a guess, he called out.

"Therese, is it?"
Therese 13 years ago
The ground felt good under her feet, for the second time that night. She was actually relaxing and feeling less idiotic. It wasn't perfect, she'd made a very bad mistake and she was in a new place away from her family. Her head said she could trust those around him, but she had no idea who they were and it was a little odd and awkward.

Still Thérèse breathed deeply and made the very conscious decision not to dwell on tonight. It was done, over. Tomorrow as a new day and soon enough she would learn of the others. And maybe she'd get her bag back. She really did have to stop obsessing over that, either it was found or it wasn't.

It was barley a quarter moon but she could still see well enough and would have been happy to keep walking, but the sound of her name brought her up short. She paused, hesitantly, really not wanting another introduction like the preserve. She couldn't quite make out a face, but whoever it was they seemed to know her.

"Oui monsieur?"Â?
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn walked closer to the woman once she had acknowledged his presence. Slipping into French instead of English, Vaughn made his greeting.

"Bonsoir, Mlle DuBois. Je m'appelle Vaughn Emiliano. Je suis l'alpha ici."

Smiling, he extended his hand to her.

"Est-que vous avez eu un bon voyage?"

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Therese 13 years ago
The sound of her first language made Thérèse stand up a bit straighter but her shoulders unset and she smiled brightly. Alpha or not she was extremely impressed with the courtesy. It certainly made her feel more at home.

"Good evening sir. It is an honor to meet you."Â?

So far, her trip was a joke, but she wasn't about to complain, not blatantly at any rate. Thérèse laughed lightly, gently shaking her head.

She did shift back to English though, just on general principle, although the accent remained.

"It has been interesting thus far, but it always is when you arrive at a new place."Â?

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Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn considered her words and then turned to walk beside her along the trail.

"Interesting does not always sound so good."

He and his kumpania, like most of the Vyusher travelled quite often and so after a while each place was simply another stop on the road. Now though, they had halted their wandering and had set up a permanent camp for themselves. A large part of him felt the urge to move onward, especially from -this- place. Perhaps one day it would seem natural to say words like house and home but for now they still felt foreign and untrustworthy.

"I would like to tell you that Nachton is a lovely city but I do not lie to my own kind." Vaughn smiled gently at her to soften his words. "However, our numbers here are the greatest I have ever seen and growing each month. Here, in this place, we are safe enough from the vampires. Even in the heart of their own haven." He stopped himself before continuing down that line of thought; now was not the time.
Therese 13 years ago
Thérèse shrugged philosophically. True interesting was not always good, but it wasn't always bad. In this case, there was a bit of each.

"My flight was not so bad. My luggage, however, seems to have gone to Honduras or some such. We shall see how that works out."Â?

They had always traveled, some of Thérèse's earliest memories were of packing and moving to the next place. But they didn't often fly, so this was all a new experience for her. So far, she was not enjoying it at least not the airline part of it.

Her head tilted gently to the side, he didn't like it her and yet this was where they had settled. How very odd. Thérèse had to allow that many didn't care for cities and preferred to avoid them or remain on the edges. She was not one of those.

"The idea of beauty changes, perhaps it will grow on you yet."Â?

Some painting she hadn't appreciated or liked at all when she first saw them, but later in her life they suddenly had meaning and impact. It could take years, but as you changed what you found appealing changed as well.

A small smile crept across her face. He was proud of what he had created here. She'd not had time to explore but felt he most likely had a right to be. The smile faded at the mention of the vampires.

"Ah oui. The vampires. I have met two of them. They were not what I had expected."Â?

Thérèse was understandably confused by the whole encounter and at a loss to do with the information.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn winced sympathically and considered Therese for a moment.

"I am sure there is something here to be found if your luggage has not been returned in a day or so. My daughter would know where to look for what we have on hand. Despite her appearance." At this the Sarkis shook his head before continuing. "She is actually very astute when it comes to fashion."

Vaughn nodded and considered her words. Indeed, perhaps he was not giving Nachton the chance it deserved to become a home.

"You are right. Perhaps I shall try to see the good in this place."

His brow drew down into a worried frown. She had met two vampires? The woman had barely been here a day. He had heard of some attacks but luckily it appeared his own pack had been spared most of the conflict. This news was alarming.

"What happened and where?"
Therese 13 years ago
"Merci. They tell me most bags are recovered in forty eight hours, but a contingency plan is welcome."Â?

Of course now Thérèse was a bit curious about his daughter. Even if she wound up not needing to replace her wardrobe she would like to meet another member of the pack here. She would not feel at home until she knew who was surrounding her. It was the people who made a home not the place.

She smiled a bit when he considered her words and almost agreed with her. It was, to her mind, important that the Alpha feel at home. That is how it had been with her pack. If grand-père was not at home, none of them were, and they moved on sooner unless there was a very compelling reason for them to stay.

Thérèse's brow furrowed. She hated this. the fact that on her first day in a new city, in the heart of the pack that she should have had such an encounter.

"I went to the preserve to run... it is all very odd. There was a rodent, a stoat I think. It let me stalk it but then when I went to complete the hunt it leapt on to my back. And there was a jackal. The stoat proved to be an Asian woman and the jackal I should guess was Middle Eastern. Regardless, she held him at bay, promised safety. Promise or no, I did not feel compelled to stay at that point and they left soon after."Â?

Other than the name the woman had called the jackal that was all Thérèse had to offer. It was not much at all.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn considered her comments about the vampires and nodded to Therese.

"I believe you were wise not to stay. It sounds like an extremely odd experience and not one that I would wish on any of the R'asa."

From her description it appeared as though there was a disagreement among the vampire about his kind. That was interesting; from what he understood nearly all of them were hostile. Save perhaps those called Evenhet. Vaughn had heard they wished to coexist with the humans. They were not a clan when the werewolves were cursed after the great war so perhaps they would be more open to living side by side with the pack.

He wondered...his musings were dangerous and best left to another time. For now, one of his pack had been under a lot a strain. No doubt she was tired, hungry, perhaps even frustrated and afraid. Though to him, and perhaps he was wrong, but Therese seemed to be made of much stronger stuff. Vaughn thought she would get up and go about her life in Nachton unafraid, despite encountering two of the mulo so soon after she arrived. There were those who would have forwarded the missing luggage and been on the next flight to anywhere else.

"I am not sure why this Asian woman called for restraint but I am deeply grateful that she did." He wondered did the vampire mean that Therese was safe or all their kind. That would certainly go against the evidence to the contrary. Was it a reprieve of the moment or a cessation of hostility? They would likely find out soon enough.

"Are you hungry? Airlines have a very funny idea of what is satisfying."
Therese 13 years ago
"I had hoped to find -some- information. If one is fool enough to be in such a position and lucky enough to live through it.... ah, I had hoped to have more than a tale to tell."Â?

Thérèse let her disappointment to color her voice. Yes, she had been frightened and she was angry at herself but those she could do nothing about. They were counter productive and she refused to allow them to drive her. She would do better in the future. Ideally she would not be in such a situation again. Perhaps it was mostly bad luck, but...

Apparently he was as puzzled as she was. Thérèse turned things over in her mind again and came up with no additional information or ideas. She would have to sleep on it.

She smiled but couldn't bring herself to laugh. Gallows humor she realized.

"As am I. He obviously resented the directive and I don't suspect such leniency will ever be offered again, from either of them. I intend not to need it."Â?

Now that was a welcome idea. Her hunt had been foiled and when Thérèse thought about it the hungrier she got. She'd bolted something at the airport on arrival while filing paper work and had grabbed a coffee between the Arch and the preserve.

"I have not had a proper meal since before I boarded. If you will forgive my being blunt, I am ravenous."Â?
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn was gratified that his impression of Therese was correct. He listened with inward amusement as she sounded more frustrated at herself for not coming up with better clues than frightened by a very dangerous encounter. She would be fine and he was very happy to have another sane and competant Vyusher among the number here in Nachton.

"There is no need to worry over it now. If you later think of anything about the two that you believe is worth mentioning then feel free to come to me. My door is always open, as they say."

Personally, he preferred not to have doors at all. He was a nomad at heart and living around the campfire amongst his family was the best home he could imagine. The stern brick and steel ediface was intimidating and awkward. Vaughn disliked how his footsteps echoed hollowly in the empty corridors of the place.

Turning to Therese, he smiled at her assertation that she would not be needing another reprieve from the vampires.

"I think that a wise course of action."

When she acknowledged that she was indeed hungry, vaughn pointed towards one of the side entrances to the main building. He realized that he too was starving; he had been concentrating on his paper work for hours and had forgotten to eat. Etta would normally have come in and glared at him until he had gotten up and gone to dinner. Vaughn smiled slightly to himself at the thought.

"This way then. Let's see what we can find."

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