Working out

Jan put his hand up to the panel and felt the tiny pins pricking him for a blood sample. He waited with semi impatience as it processed.

[Johannes Yager - Access Granted]

"I'd bloody well hope so, its my place." He muttered at the computer before heading through the door. It wasn't the first time he had thoughts about getting an apartment in the city... you know a house, keys, a car.. like a normal person. Most days though there were more uses being here. It was safe and convienent. He could work on his music without being disturbed and it was near the Abbatoir.

"Its not much but its home.. " Jan looked around the sparse area. Bed still not made, keyboard and guitar off to one side of the room, sheet music stacked on the floor, more on the small table next to the computer. The only other thing of note was the huge sound system in the far part of the room. For the most part he didn't live here so much as slept here and for that there was not a lot of reason to make it all comfy.

Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Yager, eh? See, now they were naming the puppy. This was not good.

However, worrying was not Cyn's way, so he shrugged it off and made his way into the living space. Only to stop short and shoot a faintly amused expression Jan's way.
"You know, its considered good manners to at least change your sheets between goes. If nothing else to get rid of the bed mites."

He turned back to surveying the room. It was actually not that bad. Not that Cyn had a right to judge, he was practically still living out of his suitcase. Which was the point of the shopping expedition, to buy him pretty stuff to make his room livable for the few hours a day he is confined to it.

"Speaking of sheets, remind me to buy some, I will admit not to being totally pleased with the current."

Cyn walked deeper into the room and spread his arms. "So, where / how do you want me?"
Jan 18 years ago
Jan shook his head and walked further into the room.

"You know, it might come as a surprise to you but some people actually do just -sleep- in a bed from time to time."

Where and how did he want him? Got to love easy. Cyn might be demanding but at least he wasn't picky. He kicked off shoes and then pulled off the shirt and pants and set them aside then turned back to his companion.

Jan tilted his head thoughtfully.

"Well you're the one that wanted the work out." He made his way to the bed, crawling over to the nightstand to find a tube of lube and setting it down next to him. Stretching out, Jan raised an eyebrow at Cyn.

"So come work out."
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn smirked, just watching Jan for a few seconds more. He was not going to start thinking things like 'beautiful', but he would admit that there was definitely something esthetically pleasing . Him doing all the work this time around was no problem.

He kicked his shoes off and then slipped out of his simple outfit of black jeans and sleeveless top. All tight enough to make him glad he didn't need to breathe, of course. So really it was more a case of peeling clothing off than graceful slipping. After which he... pounced.

Literally just jumped Jan, straddling lean hips and resting most of his weight on his forearms which had been placed on Jan's chest. "Pinned," he growled playfully.

Cyn took a moment to regret the lack of time while he looked down between them. Such lovely skin the puppy had. He wouldn't have minded a couple of hours just to experiment on it. Perhaps if they were really quick, he might get a chance to do things to the hide in question after all. He petted Jan lightly on the chest and moved to rest his hands on the bed, framing Jan between his arms and giving him enough freedom to squirm around if he really wanted to.

A quick grin and Cyn closed the gap, pressing their lips together for a rough, demanding kiss.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan watched Cyn in amused surprise. He didn't expect the boy to balk at the idea but he was a little shocked at being jumped in every sense of the word. It was not at all unpleasant, quite the contrary, Jan shrugged slightly under Cyn's weight.

This close he had a chance to marvel at the amazing ice blue eyes that were staring down at him. Full of mischief, they were simply mesmerizing. Between those eyes and the sweet pout Cyn had shown him on their first encounter, Jan was not at all surprised that the boy had plenty of confidence in his ability to get what he wanted. That would only work so well on him, it'd take more than a pretty face to get him to fall so easily, so if that was what Cyn was hoping for then he had another thing coming. There was plenty of time to think about that later though, preferably when he didn't have a hot aggressive vampire ready and willing to do "bad" things to him.

He closed his eyes enjoying the kiss a moment before opening them and nipping playfully on Cyn's bottom lip.

"Looks like I am. What -ever- shall I do? Are you going to have your way with me now?"

((OOC: Course He 'thinks' he's not going to fall for it. I have my doubts))
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn fingered the soft waves of hair that fell around Jan's face, pushing it back so he could see the pretty better. He hadn't missed the appreciative glance he had received. He didn't particularly want any attachments, but he was a competitive creature by nature and he loved a challenging conquest. Bedding someone was easy, but inspiring obsession, that was art.

It was decided then, he would keep the puppy until his squishy insides had been turned out and he had given up everything he could. Cyn grinned slowly, sitting up to look down at what he would soon own. Only when Jan's was fully broken would Cyn smile, pet his head and then moved on to the next victim. Next time the boy wouldn't be so stupid to fall for a pretty face. He was actually planning on teaching Jan a valuable life lesson here, he should be grateful.

"Well," he purred finally, running one hand down the length of Jan's torso before moving off him and reaching across for the lube. "You are welcome to just lie there and take it. I, on the other hand, am going to see if I can make those pretty lips of yours moan my name."

Not screaming his name. Not yet. -That- would take time. Soon, though.

With the tube clutched in one hand, he placed the other on Jan's knee and nudged lightly to see how co-operative his boy would be.

(OOC: Cyn says they all say that.)
Jan 18 years ago
Jan watched Cyn for a moment without moving. "I never said I'd just lie here." So he wants to play the see "what Jan will do" game. Jan will do quite a lot, it didn't mean anything. He didn't particularly care whether he was top or bottom so long as it was good. There was no contest of dominance, nothing to be won. Ah well, let Cyn think so if he liked. So long as the sex was good, the kid could think what he liked.

Jan was curious to see if he'd give as good as he got. Cyn was damn nice to look at and certainly been fun to play with. He doubted there would be disappointment, you just weren't that cocky unless you were skilled.

He raised his knee up slowly and smiled at Cyn.

"What was your name again?"
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
"Well, in situations like this, I often get called 'God'. I'm easy though, just look good while doing it and you can call me whatever you like... Johannes." He just didn't look much like a Johannes. It was such a good old boy name and there was nothing good old boy about Jan.

Cyn smirked and took his place between Jan's legs, rearranging the limbs to his liking and lifting one leg to rest against his shoulder. He moved again and raised Jan's hips until he was pretty much on Cyn's lap. Now this was something that hadn't happened in a while. He was more than up for the change, though, being on the giving end every so often was a whole different kind of fun.

He flipped the tube open and squeezed a good amount of the cool gel onto Jan's abdomen where it would be within easy reach. The tube was closed again and pitched over his shoulder. Where it landed he couldn't give a crap.

Cyn dragged his fingers through the gel, coating his hand well before reaching down and briefly swirling slick fingers around Jan's shaft before letting his hand slip lower, keeping contact with sensitive skin the whole way. He forced oxygen into his lungs and then blew on the wet trails he had left behind. Deciding that that was all the playing they had time for, he pressed down and inside Jan with two fingers, not being all that gentle about it, wanting to see the response to rougher than needed treatment. At this point everything he did was still a test.
Jan 18 years ago
"And you're going to tell me Sin is your real name? Or that it isn't short for something?"

Jan smirked at Cyn as he watched him. Who in their right mind would name their child Sin and think he'd turn out a good kid? If that was his name then Cyn's parents asked for the wild child they received.

He looked down at the mess of gel on him and then back at his companion. Cleaning up was something they'd have to do anyway he supposed so what did it matter? Jan eyed the arch of the tube over Cyn's shoulder so he could find it later.

He was doing his best not to squirm under Cyn's touches and the teasing cool air being blown across him. Its good and all, teasing was a great deal of fun but he wasn't born yesterday, not even close to yesterday. It'd take more than that...

Jan inhaled sharply, nostrils flaring slightly at Cyn's less than graceful entry. He gritted his teeth so hard he felt like his jaw was going to snap. Glaring momentarily at his companion, Jan leaned his head back and relaxed. Rough hmm? He could take it rough, would probably even like it. Wouldn't be the first time. Jan realized he had a death grip on the sheets and slowly uncurled his hands.
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn ignored the questions, not willing to give up his full name just yet. They were in the same clan, so he supposed sooner or later Simon the tease or that bitch who had shown him around would spill, or they would end up back at his place, but until then, it could wait.

He fought hard not to chuckle at Jan's reaction to the penetration. He couldn't help but wonder when last his pretty had been on the receiving end of a good fuck. Admittedly, he had been a bit rough, but it wasn't as if he purposely set out to hurt or damage. He could do that, but what purpose would it serve? This was not about punishing anyone, he wanted Jan to have a good time. Cyn knew from personal experience that even those who were into a bit of pain with their pleasure did not find damage like that enjoyable.

He slowed the movement of his hand, taking a bit more time with the preparation than he had planned and curling his fingers slightly inside Jan, searching for that spot that was sure to make him see stars.

A few moments later he decided enough was enough and Jan had already had more prep work than he had given Cyn the last time. He pulled his fingers free and lined himself up before curling an arm around the leg against his chest. Using it as leverage, he thrust his hips forward, burying as much of himself as he could within Jan in one go.

A hiss escaped between his teeth and he had to pause to just get control of his raging hormones. "Whoah, tight," he whispered under his breath. Even having expected the sensation, it still took him a bit to fully appreciate just how good it felt.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan pushed against Cyn's fingers as much as possible in this position. Now that the initial shock was over he was enjoying himself. Feeling those cunning fingers curl inside him, Jan moaned softly and arched his back. Damn Kid... He could do -that- again.

He didn't even notice the disappointed pout when the fingers removed. Knowing that they had to be in order for better things to come was one thing, his desire for the movement to continue was something else.

"Ah!" The cry escaped him before he could clamp his teeth shut on it. Jan found his hands were curled tightly in the bed sheets again but this time he didn't let them go. Closing his eyes, he got used to the feel of Cyn, pushing himself up against the kid, enjoying the sensation of being on the receiving end for once.

"Mmmhhmmph." Was all he said in reply to Cyn's exclamation.
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
"Like that, do you?"

A raspy laugh escaped Cyn. He wanted to make Jan cry out some more. Vocal partners were good. The arching thing was nice as well, very pretty to look at. Jan was just the kind of guy one didn't mind fucking face to face, in fact, doing it any other way was probably a waste.

"See, I'm nicer than you," he whispered, waiting until he felt Jan pushing back asking for more. Not that he had any complaints about their one other meeting, Cyn had always enjoyed getting it hard and fast, this one just seemed like he would respond better to being pleased than he would to being treated like a whore.

Still keeping hold of the leg, he leaned forward to place the other hand next to Jan's shoulder, using his weight to press the leg back against the smooth chest. They had tested the response to rough treatment, now to test how limber his pet was.

He pulled out slowly and paused, taking his time before thrusting back. The time issue was forgotten for the moment while he enjoyed the hot kid underneath him. Never let it be said Cyn was not easy to distract.
Jan 18 years ago
"Uhmm hmmm." He really wasn't sure whether he was answering the first question or agreeing with the statement. Nor did Jan much care which way it was taken. He closed his eyes and let Cyn do whatever he wanted. Yes, they should do these work outs more often. Once a night at least.

Jan didn't even notice the leg being pressed to his chest, he was too busy enjoying himself. His limberness was taken for granted most of the time, he never paid it any attention.

Feeling Cyn pull out and push back in, Jan moaned and reached for him. Dragging his nails along Cyn's back.
"Do that again.." His normally clear voice was hoarse and ragged sounding.

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Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Oooh, his pet was indeed useful! Cyn murmured his approval. The scrape of nails against his back was robbing him of any need to be gentle or take it easy. He suspected Jan knew by now that he would only be encouraged by something like that and he was just going to assume that's what was wanted.

She shifted again until he was resting more or less on his knees and had Jan lifted up high enough so only his back and shoulders were still on the bed.


He pulled out again and pushed back hard, this time not slowing down at all. Hmmm, friction was nice, the more the better. Bracing himself as best he could over Jan, he settled into a quick, hard rhythm that was guaranteed to get him off in no time.

(OOC: We should test the limits of that some day XD)
Jan 18 years ago
"Yesssss... That!" Jan took one hand off Cyn and began to stroke himself in time with the thrusts. This wasn't going to last much longer, which was the point after all.

His other hand held tightly onto one of Cyn's hips, Jan could feel himself going over the edge and didn't even slow down. He gasped once and then clamped his mouth shut firmly but a low moan of pleasure could still be heard through clinched teeth. Afterwards he released his grip on Cyn with a relaxed sigh, content to watch the one above him.

((OOC: why does this sound more kinky than normal to me? ))
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Jan taking matters into his own hands, so to speak, was another thing about him that Cyn approved of. Less for him to have to do meant more time to concentrate on the getting the most important person here off. Him.

He gritted his teeth when Jan started clenching around him, trying to hold on just a little bit longer. As it was, he only lasted until he felt his partner starting to relax. Never the shy one, Cyn threw his head back, keening out his own completion.

Spent, he let himself slump forward for a few seconds before pulling out and rolling onto his back next to Jan. He turned his head to regard the boy with a wide grin.
"That'll do for a warm up session."

He closed his eyes, enjoying the last few spasms going through him.

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Love pole!)
Jan 18 years ago
Jan laughed softly and looked over at Cyn, brushing a few long strands of hair away from those magnificent eyes. "Yes, We could indulge in some shopping and some tourists...very in high calories and then come back here to work it all off."

He sighed and decided it was best to get going so they would have a decent amount of time before the mall closed. Muttering an incoherent protest, he slowly made his way up on wobbly legs to the bathroom. Returning, he started putting clothes on once more.

"So what all did you want to get? Some clothes and some things for your place?"

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Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn murmured softly, his only sign of agreement. He watched Jan get up, shamelessly ogling the way his ass swayed when he moved. He rolled over onto his stomach and whimpered, body reluctant to get up and going again when it was still purring its happiness. He heard Jan return, but even then it took a couple of seconds before he forced himself to sit up, wiping all sticky bits on the sheets. Now it really needed to be changed.

"Clothes and decorations mostly, but seeing as how I have no budget to worry about, I'm open to suggestions."

He slid off the bed and hunted down his clothes, dragging the items back on. His gaze traveled over to Jan, a slight pout forming at the thought that vampiric recovery would ensure that even a pair of incredibly tight pants wouldn't rub against over sensitized areas and cause the occasional wriggle of discomfort. Now that he would have liked to watch.

"You ready?"

(OOC: They could be. We should be able to locate a set of manacles and a rubber ducky someplace as well. You are one to talk about not lekker in the head, Evodd. :P )
Jan 18 years ago
"I was always fond of spending someone else's cash, myself."

Jan ran a hand through the messy waves and looked at his companion. It would be interesting to see what Cyn was like -not- in bed. As far as relationships went, he was perfectly fine with keeping it to the ocassional work out but Cyn was Tacharan so they were going to be seeing a lot of each other anyway. So far the kid seemed one of the more likable members of the clan, fun and not overly violent just for the sake of it.

"Yeah let's move."

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