Begin at the Beginning (open)

After finding the pack's ground and introducing herself, Thérèse had spent the rest of the morning settling in. Since she was missing the two big bags she'd brought with her and the rest of her things were being shipped that took an unsurprisingly short amount of time. The grounds and her rooms were adequate, not that Thérèse was accustom to luxury, and what was offered would have to be down right atrocious before she opted to live away from the pack. It just wasn't in her nature.

Still irritated that she couldn't change her cloths, but somewhat mollified by a quick shower, she headed down to the Arch. She wanted to see it as a patron and get an idea what she'd be working with before people started trying to justify their jobs and treating her as the boss.

So far she was pleased and impressed. The building itself was a work of art. The front desk was polite and knowledgeable, the few volunteer docents also seemed to know their job and when asked a question they didn't know the answer to they didn't fake it, they found out or at least directed her to some one who might know.

The private viewing rooms were interesting and she made a note to look into them further, as well as to make friends with Meridian a company that seemed to be quite important in the city and to the museum. Satisfied she set about casually touring the galleries, slowly ambling through the surrealists, admiring a lesser known Dali.

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Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex had been in Nachton for a couple of months now; it had been crazy busy cleaning his new store, having the second floor redone, the first floor re-carpeted, his inventory stocked and displayed, and thousands of other little details. Everything was in place though and he finally had a little bit of time to actually explore the city he'd decided to call home. He'd started here at the art museum because, for one, everyone told him he had to see it, and for another, he wasn't really all that into art and figured he'd get the boring place over with first just so he could say he'd done it.

That said he was bored off his rocker but determined to get through this entire place. As he read each description under each painting, saving the more interesting sculptures and exhibits for later, he flattened his feet, breathed deeply, and drew his left leg up with his arms behind his back.

May as well do something entertaining while reading about... who was he reading about?

De-someone. Degas.

Like Vegas, just nowhere near as much fun apparently.

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Therese 10 years ago
Moving from the lesser frequented surrealists through to the impressionists Thérèse fell into the roll of observer. Her keen eye discreetly watched a group of school children, obviously there on a field trip, shuffle along with varying degrees of interest in the paintings. Their chaperones seemed conscientious and alert and kept them under control. She found herself smiling at the well behaved group.

One of the adults, however, didn't seem quite as concerned with propriety. She raised a delicate eyebrow at the young man's posture and position. How very odd. He seemed very balanced and in no danger of falling so she wasn't about to chide him. Cocking her head from one side to the other she watched for several seconds, finally deciding she was somewhat amused.

Quietly approaching him she politely questioned him.

"Bonjour monsieur. Has the painting inspired you?"Â?

It was one of Degas' ballet dancers. And while the young man's pose did not match the young girl's exactly one could infer inspiration.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Turning quickly, Alex immediately dropped his foot back down to the floor and stammered a response to the fair-skinned, black-haired woman who had noticed him.

"Uh. No. I mean yeah, it's a great picture. I was just... uh, reading. About Degas."

Well, so much for going largely unnoticed. Way to blend. He would have done better to keep his hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. He wasn't sure if this lady worked here but she sure seemed somehow... in place. Confident. She didn't seem angry at all though so he relaxed a little.

"I'm not huge into Impressionism. I figured I'd start here and work my way in," he strained and remembered the type of art without having to cheat and read the plaque next to the description again.
Therese 10 years ago
Thérèse smiled warmly. He did seem a bit nervous, or maybe just flustered to have been caught stretching, or whatever it was he had been doing. As such she didn't press or tease him about it and just let him re-establish his equilibrium.

"I've always liked the sense of movement you get from his work."Â?

It was a casual observation. Technically she didn't start until tomorrow and was only observing today so Thérèse wasn't about to pound him over the head with technical observations or historical perspectives. She didn't even compare and contrast.

That didn't surprise her. For some reason many, many people seemed to gravitate towards impressionism when in an art museum. It was that or the old masters. Apparently those were the only forms of art people recognized. She offered him a relaxed chuckle, hoping to put him a bit more at ease.

"It is a common starting point, but perhaps not your cup of tea. I hadn't finished going through all the galleries myself, perhaps you'd like to join me?"Â?

A novice set of eyes could be invaluable. She could find out what had drawn him in and what was 'interesting' and what might be better highlighted to bring more people to the Arch.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex felt his brow furrow as he tried to understand the idea of getting a sense of movement from an unmoving picture. Looking at it more closely he felt a lightbulb go on as his eyes traveled from foreground to background and then back again. That must be what she meant. Okay, he could handle that.

None of this is my cup of tea, was his initial response, but he bit it back. Alex hadn't come here to meet people but he shouldn't ostracize the first person in Nachton who'd spoken to him.

"Uh, I'm not sure about every gallery," he said, turning and eying the vastness of the museum skeptically. "I think I could handle a few of them though."

Inwardly, he hoped he wasn't getting in over his head. The last thing he wanted was to be drawn into a boring and deep conversation about the virtues of various artists he knew nothing about.
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
"I'm not a big art person," Viv said as she held onto Brig's arm. They were walking slowly through the ARCH, not really looking at the pictures, just enjoying being close without having to hide it. "I'm just hoping we come across an unlocked closet we can make out in."

Viv felt Brig's body shake with quiet laughter. Looking up at him, she caught his blue eyes looking down at her and she smiled.

"Cuz you haven't already thought of that...."
Brig Jameson 10 years ago
Brig rolled his eyes up and nodded with a smirk, "Well, yes I have, but at least I'm trying to look nonchalant about it."

They had met discretely off pack property again, this time there were no police officers or muggers involved. The likelihood of running into one of the Pipers was close to nil, not in the ARCH. So they relaxed into displays of public affection and enjoyed each others company.

Leaning down, he kissed Viv softly on her cheek, making her smile. His eyes automatically began another sweep of the museum floor, searching for whatever it was his subconscious was trying to stay alert for, but only encountered a rather limber man by the Impressionists talking to a pale skinned woman. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scents and he heard Viv do the same.

"That's my job," he said nudging her.

"Sorry," she giggled, "habit."

Brig's eyebrows furrowed, wondering what kind of habits she had when their path took them by the other couple. He heard the tail end of their conversation, now that he was concentrating.

"Let's be sociable? We need more couple friends, " he said with a smile.

"Considering we don't have any? Sure, I'm game."

Clearing his throat, Brig politely cut into the other pair's conversation. "If there are tours, we're game!" Pointing to Viv he introduced them. "This is Vivienne, I'm Brian. Hope we're not interrupting?"
Therese 10 years ago
Encouraged that he was at least moderately interested Thérèse was just about to say something when they were unexpectedly joined by a couple. She quickly classified them as sweet, at least to all appearances they were. Perhaps the bloom hadn't worn off yet. But they were interested in the museum and that she approved of. So far it seemed that the Arch wasn't lacking in patrons, which was encouraging.

With a bright smile she nodded.

"Of course of course. I am Thérèse and this is..."�

She and the young man had not introduced themselves just yet so she paused to give him time to do so.

"Although I'm not certain how much of a tour guide I will make I just arrived today and was trying to find some company while I got the lay of the land."Â?

After all she didn't technically start until tomorrow.

As she spoke, her accent was rich and melodic, leaving little doubt as to where she was from.

"But I did pick up one of the self guided tours so at least we will not get lost."Â?

Thérèse said lightly, clearly amused by the idea of getting lost inside the Arch. There could be worse things.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
"Alexander," Alex said when Therese paused to let him introduce himself to what was now officially a group. "Alexander Aristos. Nice to meet you."

He was vastly relieved not to be the only person being tugged along on an impromptu Arch tour. While he didn't necessarily relish attracting any more strangers, meeting new people had to be good for business. As long as he didn't fuck up and manage to push anyone away by being weird.

"I haven't been here that long myself," he said to Therese. "Not fresh off the plane, but I moved here a couple months ago. I've been so busy getting organized and opening my shop that this is the first chance I've had to actually explore Nachton."

She just got here today and she was touring the Arch? That was unusual, but Alex just gave a mental shrug. Maybe she just needed to wind down after her trip.

He shrugged and flashed a smile at Brian and Vivienne.
"I'd say you found company," he said. "Where's the next stop?"
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
"Nice to meet you Therese." Viv waved her hand that was currently tucked around Brig's left arm. Nodding to the man she smiled, "Alexander." Pausing she looked around and then shrugged. "I'm a newbie, myself. He," pointing to Brig with the same hand, "is not. You've been here before though, right?"

Brig looked down at her and nodded. "Been in Nachton a couple years, but here...once, with Lothias and Carol, actually."

"See! He is not a newbie. Lead on, though. Don't let us stop ya."
Brig Jameson 10 years ago
Therese's accent was thick, exceptionally so. His male eye gave her figure a quick appraisal and was impressed. Tasting their scents, he noticed nothing out of the ordinary and Brig let his shoulders relax, not even realizing that they had tensed. He narrowed in on Alexander's comment about a shop and Brig poked a little.

"What kind of shop are you opening, Alexander? Anything fun?"
Therese 10 years ago
Ah love. It had been a while since she'd been in a relationship, and her father had been after her to settle down as well. It would just have to wait though.

Thérèse noticed Brian's bearing and lazily wondered what he did for a living. He had the look of some of the men in the Legion, perhaps he was a cop or something similar.

"How odd that three of four of us have not been in town long."Â?

Hearing that Brian had been through the museum before she laughed.

"I think that means you have seniority. Are you sure you do not want to lead?"Â?

Not truly meaning that she started them toward the Joan Miró exhibition. It would be smallish and probably not overwhelm Alexander.

"If I may, where did you both arrive from?"Â?
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alexander never really had to be encouraged to talk about his store. He'd saved for so long to finally get to this point, he was moderately proud of it.

"I think so," he said to Brian. "It's called Roughing It. It's a camping and outdoor goods store down on the strip. I have a studio above it... evenings, I give yoga and tai chi instruction there."

He shrugged modestly, a smile spreading across his features. "Took a while to get it going, but it's finally there."

He fell silent for a few moments when Therese spoke but answered when she voiced her question.
"I'm from Maryland originally, lived in DC for a while while I went to school."

Therese had turned them into an exhibit of paintings that looked somewhat cheerful; at least in the sense that they all seemed to have vivid primary colors and almost childlike design. He was surprisingly interested.
Brig Jameson 10 years ago
"Oh no," Brig replied to Therese. "I'll be looking for choice make out spots."

"Oh my god, Brian," Viv squealed and then shook her head, laughing.

"Actually, my company just relocated to here, but my work takes me around quite a bit. Before here I was in Johannesburg for several years. Nachton's nice, you'll like it."

Turning to Alexander as he described his shops, Brig replied. "Wow really? Camping, huh?" He nodded while Viv practically pulled his arm off, she was so happy. "I'm guessing by degree of dislocation my shoulder is now in, Viv is pretty happy about your yoga studio, as well."

Viv began to hop in place, pulling on his arm. Brig couldn't help but laugh as he tried to calm her down by tapping her hand with his free one.

"Is it open now? We'd love to come by and check it out?"
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
"Oh we'll definitely be by! Your place sounds outstanding!"

Viv was giggly beyond belief. She was still doing her yoga every morning but she hadn't found anywhere she could go to take some classes, so meeting Alexander was perfect! Trying not to ignore Therese's question, she looked back at the lovely woman and smiled.

"I do a lot of traveling as well. Europe, South America...but recently I was in Australia. Brian and I work for the same company - that's how we met. What about you, Therese?"
Therese 10 years ago
Thérèse raised her eyebrows appreciatively. She wouldn't mind trying a tai chi class or two, although she did prefer her running and she would need to find a dojo. But unless she got her luggage back she was going to need a new pair of running shoes, and there were a few odds and ends she needed to replace besides, perhaps Alexander's shop would have something appropriate.

"My congratulations on getting it up and running. I may have to stop by."Â?

She chuckled at Brian and even more at Viv's reaction.

"From what I have seen, I might suggest the third floor it doesn't get as much traffic. Or possibly the small African gallery, I started there and it was nearly deserted."Â?

Only glancing at the painting she smiled at the other woman.

"An office romance? Then I wish you the best of luck."Â?

Those could all to easily get sticky, as far as she'd seen. It was something Thérèse herself made it a point to avoid.

She shook her head and rolled her eyes not even able to answer that question.

"I do not remember I time we were not traveling. I am from France, Brittany, but I just left Portugal."Â?
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex raised one eyebrow and laughed at Brian's blunt honesty. He turned it into a cough, not wanting to put Vivienne on the spot, and his face flushed slightly at the bad cover-up. Catching Vivienne's eye he gave her an apologetic half-shrug for her embarrassment, although she didn't seem upset.

Alex was taken aback, but happily so, with the amount of enthusiasm he received. Were all Nachton folk this engaging, or was there just a real market here for what he had? He'd tried to find the perfect place for his store; the instruction was just something he'd always done on the side, it seemed. he tried not to appear to eager but, damn, he could use the extra money new clientele would bring.

Instead he just gave a nod and smiled again.
"It's open now," he answered. "You're welcome any time. If I'm not at the store you can find me upstairs."

He didn't comment on the office romance thing; it wasn't any of his business really. If the two of them were happy together then more power to them. Maybe it could get awkward but Alex had at least a little romantic streak; love could go a long way.

Instead of saying anything that might be misconstrued as judgmental Alex just nodded his acknowledgment and raised both eyebrows now at Therese.

"That's a lot of travel," he said. "Military family?"
Vivienne Sena 10 years ago
Viv smiled at Therese's comment about their office romance. Well...that was one way to put it. Something akin to nervousness began to form in the pit of her stomach. What if she ran into Alexander or Therese when they were with someone from the pack. Absolutely no one else knew about them, except for Carol, but then she wasn't in the pack.

"Well, you know how office romances are...usually on the down low," Viv winked at Therese, hoping to get her point across. Just in case, Viv took the blunt route. "Just remember, when you see us later, we hate each other, ok?"

A silly thing to say, but Viv has always had a thing about the truth. If asked directly, she was fairly certain she's be truthful with whoever asked her about Brig, not that she'd like it, but the alternative just didn't swing with her. Brig looked down at her and winked, replacing the nervousness with desire filled butterflies. Then all was right in the world.
Therese 10 years ago
Military family? Well perhaps it could be seen like that. The pack was, in its way, a small private army and the Legion well...

Thérèse shrugged, it was as good an answer as any.

"Oui. Something like that most of us have served at one time or another, tradition you know."Â?

She smiled at the young man, despite the fact that they appeared about the same age Thérèse couldn't help but think of him as a young man.

"But you have not said what you think of the exhibit? Shall we move on? Perhaps there is something else more your taste?"Â?

She offered Vivienne a sympathetic yes conspiratorial smile. She understood completely.

"There is a thin line between love an hate, but should I see you with any one else I shall remember which side of the line you stand on. It must make things exciting though, trying but exciting."Â?
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex nodded at Therese. He didn't understand, exactly. Especially since he was the one who had pretty much scrapped family tradition in his line. He abandoned that line of thinking and tactfully ignored the byplay between Vivienne and Therese, looking again at the paintings around them.

"Uh, I actually like these," he said hesitantly. "Kind of looks like finger painting. Something a bit more on my level."

Maybe likening what was obviously a famous artist to a finger painter wasn't a good idea.
"I mean... sophisticated finger painting. Er... stylish. Like, adult finger painting."

He sighed. Alexander knew when to quit... unfortunately he'd passed that point several seconds ago and was suffering from a delayed reaction.