Foot in Mouth Disease (attn: Reign)

Kem walked slowly up Reign's driveway, pausing at the door before knocking although it was clear Sirius had heard him. He didn't want to give Reign any reason to panic after the events several nights back so he lifted his hand and tapped on the door.

He wasn't sure this was the best idea ever, but at the very least he owed Reign an apology for his thoughtless words the night of the attack. If nothing else came of this evening, that would satisfy.

Reign 13 years ago
It really was like something out of a movie, well not -just- like. But Reign did have a hard time pushing some scenes from Interview with the Vampire out of her head. Of course, part of that was because she had a thing for Brad Pitt, even if Louis was a whiney bastard.

It was just... relaxing. For the first time in several days, since the last time Kem had bitten her really, Reign didn't feel the urge to jump at every little sound or check the locks again. Maybe this was going to pay off. She sighed, content safe reassured, closed her eyes and just leaned against Kem. It was nice to have a day off, to not have to be totally independent, to not have to stand completely on her own two feet.

The bite stopped and she wasn't even completely aware of it. Reign just leaned her head on Kem's chest for a second, or more. She didn't -want- him, not like that it was just... well it was nice to be able to lean.

It didn't seem right to ask Kem to leave and truthfully Reign didn't want him too and Kem didn't seem to be in any hurry to go. Without a word exchanged she got up and put in a movie, that damned Anne Rice thing... but hey it did have Brad Pitt whiney or not... and settled back on the couch. She didn't curl back up against him, but sprawled across the sofa her feet in his lap her back against the arm. It was totally natural.

Sirius got up from his corner when Reign started fiddling with the DVD and lay back down, on Kem's feet.

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