A morning walk

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Jackson wasn't a smart guy. Smart as in book smarts, at least. Street smarts? Not so much in that department, either, but it was a living.

The back alleys provided cover as well as opportunities and Jackson used this to his advantage as he stood in one of the many alley ways that connected the downtown area with the less than reputable edge of Nachton. The city was beautiful, especially downtown, and Jackson could see the dramatic change between the lower end back alleys compared to the rising glass towers in the skyline.

All sorts of people walked the strip, but he wasn't completely stupid. Jackson did his business in the daylight and never at night. The back alleys were off limits to everyone...everyone who wanted to stay alive and more importantly, stay in one piece. Jackson knew, like many of his type that inhabited the lower end of Nachton that you did not hunt at night. So at ten o'clock in the morning, Jackson hovered in his alley, looking for some stupid tourists, rubbing necking the sky scraping buildings and ignoring their surroundings.

It didn't take long to spot one.

Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Viv had abandoned shadowing the Pipers during the day. She had to admit, the break neck pace their Commander kept them at was just too much for her. Viv enjoyed a good run, but not twenty five miles every single day. She wondered how Brig was maintaining his day to day work with the Pipers when he was staying up half the night with her. Eight hours of sleep had been whittled down to maybe an hour and for Viv, she was damn tired. So that day she slept in till nine am and then hoofed it off the property to take a look at some of Nachton's inconspicuous landmarks.

Liedfe Towers were magnificent in all its glass and steel glory. She had walked the length of downtown, noting the clubs, cafes, small businesses and finally she had reached the end of it. The city was immaculate, especially one this size. Staring up at the twinkling mirrored glass, she whistled as she marveled at what she was fairly certain was part of the vampire properties.

Marthinus wasn't as forth coming with information as they had hoped, but he did point out some of the ostentatious buildings owned by them. Liedfe Towers was held by one of the clans, but he would not say which. Looking at the neighboring sky scrapers, she wondered just how much of downtown was owned by the vampires when someone spoke to her.


Viv caught the smell of garbage, nervous sweat, and gun powder as she turned around and was eye level with the barrel of a .22 pistol. She tilted her head to the side and looked at the man behind the gun.

'Uh, hi?'
Thug 13 years ago
Jackson backed into the alley slowly, using the tip of his gun to motion the woman to come with him. She gave him a strange look and chuckled.

'Come on,' he said quietly, looking left and right.

She was wearing blue jeans, white tennis shoes, and a red fitted army jacket. Jackson didn't see a purse, but she had to have something on her.

'Seriously? A .22?' The woman cracked a grin and shrugged, following him into the alley. Jackson reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her roughly into the alley. 'Alright Chief, keep calm.'

'Shut up!' He pointed the gun in her face and she ignored it, looking right at him. 'Come on. Money, watch...all of it.'
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Vivienne looked at the .22 and was insulted. Really? A .22? Vivienne looked at the man in front of her, her eyes unfocusing, and used her jungle sense on him. He didn't even light up. Keeping her hands low, she considered what valuables she had on her. Shrugging, she slowly reached into her front pocket and took out about sixty dollars in cash, handing it over. Her watch was just a standard kinetic two toned Seiko, and she did very much like it, so she kept it under her sleeve and shrugged again.

'That's it.'

'Your watch and other pockets.'

'Aw come on, I like this watch.'

The thief came an inch closer with the barrel and yelled at her. 'Now bitch! The watch!'

'Oh see, that's not nice.'

Viv had kept her hands low for a reason. It was easier to surprise someone with a gun without your hands up by your face. Not that it really mattered. With a slight roll of her eyes, Viv reached up with her left hand and grabbed the barrel of the gun and twisted the thief's arm in and tipped the gun back, breaking the index finger that was poised over the trigger. As he cried out in pain, Viv balled up her right hand and punched him three times in the face - the mouth, the chin, and the side of his neck as he began to flail. Then reaching down, she twisted the gun back level and pulled it off the broken finger as the man hit the ground.
Thug 13 years ago
It was a blur from the time he yelled at the woman, to the time he realized his finger was broken and his ass was flat on the deck. It took him a moment, but the pain from his finger shot up to his mouth and he began to curse.

The woman reached out and grabbed his bruised jaw, pulling him close.

'Shhhh,' she said quietly, pinching his face painfully. 'I gave you the sixty bucks, but you had to have my watch.'

Jackson tried to shake his head but she shooshed him quietly again. She showed him the watch with her right hand still clamped down on his jaw.

'I love this watch,' she said.

Releasing his face, Jackson fell back onto his elbows painfully and she stood over him. Reaching into her back pocket, she pulled out something like a wallet and showed it to him.

'See this?' She asked to which he nodded frantically. Pointing to the front, 'What does this say?'

Jackson squinted. 'Diplomatic Passport. Australia.'

'Do you know what that means?'

Jackson thought a moment. 'You're a...diplomat?'

'Correct. Sort of. Do you know what 'diplomatic immunity' means?'

Jackson paled at her question.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Vivienne nodded at the thief at his sudden realization of where she was going with her questions. His face lost all color and his eyes went wide as he cradled his broken finger.

'This means, and I'm quoting, 'Diplomatic immunity is a form of legal immunity and a policy held between governments, which ensures that diplomats are given safe passage and are considered not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution under the host country's laws (although they can be expelled)'.

'Do you understand what this means?' The thief nodded. 'It means I can kill you, right now, and maybe get sent out of country just a teeny bit earlier than I planned to.'

Vivienne let that sit for a moment. She had no plans on killing the idiot, but scaring him was fun. Tucking her passport back into her pocket, she took the money the thief dropped when she hit him and returned that to her front pocket. Viv looked at the gun. It was a small sized .22 with a stainless finish and 8 round capacity. She flipped open the chamber and deposited the bullets into her hand, shoving them into a breast pocket. Reaching down, she grabbed the thief by his collar and hauled him back up.

'Alrighty, let's go.'

'Where are we going?'

Pushing the thief in front of her, she nudged him back toward downtown.
'For some coffee and donuts.'

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