Tinta Roja

'When did they open this joint?'

Carol stood in front of 'Tinta Roja' - Cafe and Bar, staring up at the garish red and green sign that looked like someone had come along and used a paint brush on a reused piece of wood for a sign. It was old world charm, dented mahogany doors and three quarter window paned walls with interior lights that bled out into the Strip, not too far from Club Eternity and Babylon. The music was rich, festive, and it lured Carol closer to the windows to peek inside when double doors on the left opened up, letting out finely dressed patrons laughing and holding up their glasses. The proprietor came out behind them with a round table, followed by another man with two chairs and they set down the furniture on the side walk and left the doors open.

'Come in, come in!' The proprietor was Mediterranean, in his fifties, and very handsome. His thick black hair was combed back, cut long in the back and style matched his dress. Comfortable trousers, black dress shoes and a black t-shirt cut close, revealing his lean body.

'Us?' Carol looked back at Lothias who grinned and nodded toward the door. She understood now why he had insisted she wear something with a tango flare. A red silk, spaghetti strapped dress cut just below her mid thigh with a bust that hugged her breasts, twisted up around her neck and dropped provocatively in the back exposing her down to the curve of her hips. Her shoes were black four inch wedges with an ankle strap. Carol clapped happily and took the man's arm as he offered it, his other sweeping into the bar.

Stepping into the bar, to her left were two person, round tables lined up against a mirrored wall. Each table was unique in style - red, green weathered pieces of furniture with nary a matching chair. To the right was an ornately carved bar with bulbous cognac glasses hanging from a matching overhead piece of wood and behind that another mirror with a sign in Spanish hanging from the top center. On the sides of the mirror were more enclosed glass cabinets with a variety of alcohol, from the US and Barcelona from what Carol could read.

There were pictures of tango dancers, famous Argentinians, and something of a shrine to Tango in the far corner with pictured tango moves. A long path from the door led straight back to an elevated stage with round, colorful lights hanging from the ceiling along with long pieces of rope. There were lights everywhere, in fact, illuminating the room with an ambiance that Club E couldn't even rival. It was over done, garish, and simply wonderful - a perfect example of the simple life in Barcelona and how dance brought people together and kept them happy.

From three of the tables near the back, Lothias' team roared their hello as they entered. A handsome dark skinned man stepped forward and took Carol's hand, kissing it lightly. She looked back at Lothias who introduced them.

Lothias LT Jameson 11 years ago
'Oh come on, come on. Get your own.'

LT lightly smacked the back of Domingo's head. 'This is Phillip, he's new to our security team. Dom, behave please.'

Domingo held his hand up to his heart and nodded politely. 'Pleasure, Miss Carol. A drink?'

'Oh I don't care, anything - beer, wine, whatever!' LT smiled as Carol beamed happily at the bar and his team.

Red stood up and pulled up chairs for him and Carol and they all stood as she stepped up. LT looked around the bar and saw several couples doing slow tangos on the dance floor up and near the stage. The music was a little loud, but not too loud that he had to yell over it.

'This is a perfect replica of a bar in in Poble Sec, Barcelona that we've been to. I mean right down to the crushed velvet on the wall.' They all sat when Carol sat crossed legged at the table and smiled sweetly at the Pipers. 'It's uncanny to be honest.'
The Pipers 11 years ago
Charlie leaned over and shook the LT's hand as he sat down next to Carol. This was the first time they were all meeting her together and they already had the obligatory talk that no one would speak of leadership, other than 'Brian', 'Lothias' uncle. Carol knew they were affiliated with Stafford Enterprises, but their work would never be the topic of discussion. That's just the way things were with humans that were not Illamars. Charlie wondered when the LT would finally bring Carol in, but it wasn't a conversation meant for him to bring up.

August in Nachton had been excruciatingly hot and the Commander had been running them ragged since Vivienne Sena had come to town, so this was their first night out together in weeks. Admittedly the time off had made the return of their daily work outs painful, but Charlie welcomed it. He was beginning to see less and less of his teammates, especially the LT who he considered his closest friend next to Red, so the daily runs made him feel like everything had returned to normal, despite their Commander's personality completely changing, then with the appearance of Vivienne, and the realization of the Beta courting the old Alpha's widow...sometimes change was scary, indeed.

Leaning over, Charlie caught the LT's attention and decided he better tell him the news before it walked in the door.
'I asked the Commander to come tonight.'

LT raised his eyebrows and started to shake his head.

'He caught Red and me talking about it. How could I not?'

Their drinks came to the table as the attention of a few Pipers facing the door began to rise. Looking over, Charlie nodded to the door and the LT opened his eyes wide.

'Yeah, it...kind of gets worse.'

'Gentlemen!' Her voice was distinct, throaty, and full of laughter. 'Mazel tov!'

'Oh god you didn't, Charlie,' LT said as he turned. Charlie followed his gaze and he could not help but smile as Vivienne Sena strolled up to the table wearing a strapless black dress that hugged her considerable curves and left nothing to the imagination.

'Yeah...I couldn't help it,' he mumbled as he and the LT rose to greet her.
Vivienne Sena 11 years ago
Viv looked at Charlie and narrowed her eyes at him. 'Are you sure?'

'Of course!'

She gave him her most unconvinced, scrutinizing glare.
'Are you...sure?'


Viv had been walking out the Piper's Situation room when Charlie and Red stopped her. With big smiles, both of them had invited Viv out to a club called Tinta Roja - a new place that the Pipers were going that evening once they all finished up their duties.

A tango bar, they said. Lots of fun, they said. Of course she's invited, they said.

Walking back to her apartment on the property, Viv considered the invitation. It wasn't altogether appropriate for her to meet on a social level with the Pipers, considering she was evaluating them. They knew this...right? She figured it would be great for her to gauge how they are in a normal situation, away from the pack, but they realized she'd be watching them...right? And what about the Commander?

She shivered as she pushed into her quarters and threw her lap top onto the couch in the center of the room. They wouldn't invite him...right?

As Viv entered the open front doors, she was greeted with dim, red lights, the sound of clinking glasses, and soothing, upbeat music. Scraping chairs against the hardwood floor signified gentlemen standing upon a woman nearing their table and Viv immediately smiled at the sight of the Pipers all together. They were good men, nice family boys who were built like mac trucks and where ridiculously cut. She loved her job sometimes...loved it A LOT.

Viv narrowed in on Charlie and gave him a polite and subtle curtsy. She was probably not helping the crush he had on her. It was apparent, and Viv hadn't addressed it yet, but it annoyed the Commander so she didn't encourage him, but she didn't tell him to stop either. The guilt rose up quickly but was squashed down when a little blond waved at her.

'Oh hey,' Viv said walking up to the LT and smiling at his date. 'You must be Carol.'
Carol 11 years ago
'I'm wearing her extensions so I must be!'

Carol smiled over at the brunette that garnered another boisterous roar from Lothias' team mates. Her height, brown skin, definitely curvier but balanced out nicely to an hourglass shape, the other woman held out her hand and Carol rose to shake it happily.

'This is Vivienne Sena, Carol,' Lothias said as he nodded toward Vivienne. Carol's eyes darted to Lothias and then to Charlie next to her and noted the strained expression that passed between them.

'Oooh,' Carol snickered. 'You make them nervous. Pull up a chair and tell me why!' She clapped happily as the proprietor brought another chair and sat Vivienne down.

'Gosh, I hope not,' Vivienne said with wiggle of her eyebrows.

'Oh yeah, you do. It's nice to meet you - how do you know the boys?'
Lothias LT Jameson 11 years ago
Charlie reached up and covered his nervous cough with his fist as the Pipers all sat down after the ladies did.

'Miss Sena...' Vivienne smacked LT's arm and pointed at him. 'Vivienne, sorry...Vivienne is from our home office. She's here to do reviews on us.'

Carol made an O face and then reached out, gently touching his face with her fingers. He immediately lost his train of thought at the softness of her skin. Domingo returned with more drinks and handed Carol a red wine and one for Vivienne.
The Pipers 11 years ago
Charlie blushed and took a long pull of his beer as Carol and Vivienne talked. The LT looked over at him and Charlie couldn't help but shrug again with a laugh. It was obvious, he knew it, that he liked Vivienne. But really who didn't? All of them watched her do her yoga out on the Den lawn every morning now; pretending to eat their breakfast or inspecting the waist high stone wall that separated the deck from the east side of the Den's deck. Vivienne was pretty, but really next to Carol - who was exquisitely beautiful - Vivienne couldn't compare (god help him for thinking that) but much like Carol, Vivienne had that personality that you were drawn to and liked from the moment she smiled at you.

He caught himself looking at her as the LT got caught up with Carol...again...and Charlie grinned at Vivienne as she commented at how sickeningly cute they were as a couple.

'I know, right?'

Charlie found himself sitting next to Vivienne as the Pipers got up and down, moving their chairs here and there, and when he turned to speak to her, she was looking directly at him, a soft smile on her face.
Vivienne Sena 11 years ago
As the LT and Carol canoodled happily, Viv looked around the bar with an appraising eye. Sadly, the culture was foreign to her, despite her family being from the Dominican Republic. The brownness in her lamented her incomprehension of southern american culture and found the cold Russian not at all to her liking. Australia was at least warm, but it was never home for her. No where really was home.

With a sad sigh, she looked over at Charlie who ended up sitting directly next to her as the Pipers enjoyed the club, flirted with girls, and drank more beer. His laughter caught her attention and she realized, after looking at him sitting casually backwards in his chair, that he was a terribly handsome man.

He was leaning forward against the back of the chair, his elbows hanging off the front and his beer dangling from his left hand. His hair was a soft, chestnut brown that lacked a part, but sprouted just slightly to the right and back of his crown. It was regulation short and stuck straight forward, the front jagged and uneven. Charlie's chin was strong and covered in a 5 o'clock shadow that some men had no business even trying, but the slightly gruffy beard lent itself handsomely to the ruggedness of his features. His eyes were a soft blue and his eyebrows angled strongly above them. He was, in a word, adorable.

Charlie turned and looked at Vivienne just then, his blue eyes surprised at her gaze. Her soft smile felt wrong knowing he was misinterpreting her gaze for approval. Of course Viv would be the first person to admit that if it were not for uncontrollable circumstances, she would be going home with Charlie that night.

Viv shifted her smile to a healthy grin and leaned forward
, 'Hey did you try that trick I showed you?'

'Oh the dollar bill?'

'Yeah, did it work?'

He shook his head with an embarrassed shrug, 'No, I couldn't do it. I'm not good with magic tricks.'

'Aww,' she said giving him a sad smile. The music shifted to something slower, and against her better judgment, she pointed up into the air and said, 'No magic, huh? But can you dance?'

Finishing his beer, he put it on the table and stood, pulling the chair away. He held his hand out and Viv took it with over stated flourish. She walked up to the empty area in front of the stage and wrapped her left arm around Charlie's neck and he held her right hand out, moving them into a graceful swirl, flaring her black strapless dress up.

'Oooh, nice!' Viv said with a laugh. 'You can dance!'

Charlie led her into a slow waltz, and much to her surprise, did not once look at their feet. They boxed for a moment and then led her into whisk and chasse.

'Wow, who knew Pipers could waltz,' she said as he spun her lazily and then brought her in close, tucking her hand up against his chest. He smiled down at her as some of the other Pipers whistled and hooted.
Brig Jameson 11 years ago
Brig got out of the taxi and handed the cabbie his fare and a reasonable tip. The car's ac had cut the heat considerably, but as he stepped out, he felt his skin begin to sweat again. The evenings were still disgustingly hot in Nachton and he could not wait for Fall, definitely Winter.

Tucking in his cotton, blue pinstripe shirt into the back of his khaki chinos, Brig looked down the street a few store fronts and saw Tinta Roja on the corner block of The Strip. Walking slowly to it, he pushed forward ignoring the dozens of people still out, milling around, crowding the sidewalks. He promised himself he wouldn't let his temper get the better of him that night, so he just gently marched on until he got to the bar's doors.

The red light spilled out into the sidewalk marking the little bar/cafe that Red and Charlie had invited him. Brig knew they only mentioned it because he over heard them, but he felt like he should try and redeem himself for how uptight he had been toward them since Hammer's declaration. People were moving in and out as he stood on the sidewalk looking in and the sound of roaring laughter filtered out into the night, X marking the spot.

The proprietor met him at the door and shook his hand. Pointing to the group of equally large men like himself, he nodded and head to the bar first to get a beer. The men hadn't noticed him yet, which was fine; something had their attention toward the back of the bar. As Brig walked further in, he saw an elevated stage and several pairs of dancers slow dancing to the soft music playing in the bar.

Looking around, he stopped and took in the design of the place. Immediately he recognized it, a bar they had all been to in Barcelona several years back. A smile that had been long gone on Brig's face spread across his lips and he genuinely felt good about being out. With a sigh he turned toward the bartender and ordered whatever was bottled and cold. Leaning onto the bar, he took the opened bottle and drained its contents as he turned an eye back toward the stage.

He'd recognized his Sergeant anywhere; his brown short hair sticking up in the back and at over six feet, it wasn't hard not to blend in for him. Brig grin widened as he realized that's what the Pipers were watching on the dance floor. Charlie was dancing gracefully with a brunette with brown skin, twirling her in and out of the crowd. The scents in the air were mixed in with sweat and alcohol, but suddenly something hit him with the full force of a jackhammer in between his eyes.

Charlie was whispering into the girl's ear when he turned to the side with her and Brig caught Vivienne's profile as she smiled up at Charlie, her hand folded into his against his chest.

Brig felt his stomach clench as Vivienne's scent floated toward him. He had felt the same thing when Charlie had come to her apartment, dropping off her bags, and again when he saw them sitting at a table in the dining area at the den. He was now intimately familiar with the feeling in his gut, recognizing it as jealousy. He felt his hackles rise as he straightened from his easy pose against the bar counter. The bottle he was drinking trembled as his hand threatened to smash it when a soft pair of hands touched his arms.

Carol was standing next to him, grabbing his arm and smiling happily up at him. He felt himself gulp in surprise and look back at Charlie and Vivienne coming off the dance floor holding hands. Turning back to Carol, he forced a smile and leaned down to kiss her cheek.

'Carol. How's the pixie princess of destruction?' Brig did his best to give her a charming smile and it took everything not to watch Vivienne walk back to the table of Pipers with Charlie.
Carol 11 years ago
Carol got up and pinched Lothias' cheek as she passed him and walked to the ladies room. She stopped for a moment and watched Charlie and Vivienne dancing slowly. Charlie had some moves for being a security guard and once again the niggling at the back of her mind set itself in motion as her eyes traveled from the dance floor back to the table. They were all huge men, all over six foot with similar personalities and features. They were massively built men and it wasn't something she hadn't noticed before. Her eyes flickered to each man as their eyes watched their boy charm a girl, but none had their backs to the door. They all shifted gracefully about, almost strategically placing themselves so every part of the bar was covered by sight. Even Charlie's eyes strayed from Vivienne as he looked at every single person on the dance floor, gauging them with his baby blues.

Carol felt the nervousness claim a place in her stomach as she pulled away and entered the hallway to the bathroom. They all called each other by nicknames except for Lothias. One had slipped and said LT; Carol knew that his middle initial was T, but LT stood for lieutenant and Charlie was C, third in the alphabet...third in command.

She winced, the tears threatening to fall as she put it together and then promptly dismissed it all. Ignorance was bliss and if ignoring the obvious made her happy, then fuck knowledge.

Touching up her makeup, she cleared the tears away and freshened her lipstick. After a minute the flush of tears was gone from her face and Carol spun on a heel to head back to the table. As she entered the main room again, she heard the music coming to a close and Charlie finished his dance with Vivienne. Looking back at the table, she saw Brian leaning against the bar, drinking a beer, but it didn't look like the other guys had noticed their boss yet. Smiling she passed the table and walked up to him, but by the look on his face, he hadn't noticed her yet.

Carol slowed, following Brian's gaze to Charlie, but more importantly, to Vivienne. His body tensed up and the bottle in his hand looked like it was on the verge of breaking. Moving quickly again Carol ran up to Brian and grabbed his hand, snapping him out of whatever his mind was deciding for him.

'Brian!' She squealed, trying to get his attention. He looked at her, his face was flushed and he was fighting whatever emotion had surfaced. Carol had an idea of what it was when she looked back and saw Charlie holding Vivienne's hand. Brian kissed her cheek and smiled that charming Jameson smile at her.

'Pixie Princess reporting for duty, sir!' Carol reached up and touched his face. The clenching jaw relaxed and he wrapped his arms around her small waist and hugged her off her feet. 'Where have you been?'

Brian rolled his eyes and mumbled something about being busy when his eyes flicked back over to the table. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him to the table.

'Oh hey, I met Vivienne from your home office. She's nice.' Carol smiled at him as he merely mumbled another affirmative. As they got to the table, Lothias rose up out of his seat, as did the other men. Vivienne sat down in an empty chair and crossed her legs with a rather put out expression.

'Oh boy,' Carol mumbled.
Vivienne Sena 11 years ago
The Pipers were nervous, she could tell but the astringent smell of their sudden sweat they began to emit as their Commander came to the table. Vivienne just about swallowed her tongue as she looked up and saw Brig coming to their table. She was fairly certain he saw his Sergeant holding her hand, leading her back.

Viv stifled an annoyed snort. So what if he did? Vivienne had to remind herself that they had no claim on each other, despite what had happened her first night in Nachton, and the fact that they were physically drawn to each other, but pheromones were not their fault, certainly not hers. Still, they annoyed each other, and for the life of her, she wasn't quite sure why.

'Brian,' she said with a smile that did not touch her eyes. 'Joining the men for a much needed break?'

Brig took a deep breath and then grinned at his men, setting all of them at ease as they lowered themselves down to their chairs. Clapping his nephew on the back, Brig sat next to LT and Carol, catching up with the little blond. Viv looked back at Charlie who caught her eye and raised an eyebrow.

She was leading Charlie on, as much as she didn't want it to be that way. She wasn't Brig's, not that she wanted the sonofabitch to have her, but she couldn't be Charlie's either. Viv couldn't do that to him, as much as it made her smile to see Charlie flush when he saw her.

Recrossing her legs, Vivienne huffed angrily to herself. Suddenly LT's belle touched the top of her thigh and Viv saw that Carol had moved next to her. Smiling she returned the girl's light touch.

'So how long have you and Lothias been dating?'

Viv spent the next few minutes chatting with Carol, learning more about her, more than the petite blond told her. Her body language was relaxed and happy when discussing her love for Lothias, but any mention of her what her job was or even the nighttime life of Nachton caused her to use deflective language and she maintained eye contact.

Carol said she was a simple secretary, but was familiar with some of the newest technology. Her haircut alone was more than Viv's own shoes, but only a quarter of what Carol's shoes was worth. She had a better than college education and had some of the highest disclosure Viv had ever seen with someone who hid the truth of what she was saying so well. More importantly, Carol didn't seem to care about Lothias' job or even knows exactly what he does. From Viv's conversation with LT, he didn't know much about Carol's job position either.

Viv smiled - ignorance was bliss.

Another tango, something from the slower, modern variety began to play, causing half the bar to rise up from their seats and take to the dance floor. Carol turned her attention to LT, grabbing his hand.

'It's the tango, yo!' Carol yelled out and pulled LT to the dance floor. She watched Carol take lead and tried to show LT some steps to which he caught on fairly well. They were happy; Viv could see that as plain as day and really that was all that mattered.

'Do you tango?'

Viv turned back, looking directly at Brig as he stood next to her, his hand out. She looked at his hand and then looked incredulously at him.

'I'm brown,' she replied as if that were answer enough.

'Come on then,' Brig said taking her hand and pulling her to the dance floor.

'Wait...' Viv yelped as she not so gently yanked on her hand and then twirled her in a circle, grabbing her at her waist and pulling her close. They stopped and she glared up at him. 'Can you tango?'

'You up for Argentine?'

Viv looked at Brig who took a step back, holding his hand out to her. Her strapless dress had an uneven bottom that trailed behind her left hip. It was pure tango and she honestly did not think she'd get a chance to bust a move that night, much less some Argentine tango, but she was glad she had worn the dress anyway. The music playing was hip hop tango with a string quartet background. Taking the longest hem of her dress, she whipped it around and used every bit of graceful maneuvering her body twisted it toward Brig, starting the dance.

Curling her fingers, she called him to her and said
, 'Are you?'
Lothias LT Jameson 11 years ago
LT did his best to keep up with Carol, but enjoyed twirling her and making her red dress flare out showing off her lean dancer's legs. It would appear that Carol could tango and she tried to show him a few steps when LT looked up from his feet and over Carol's shoulder to see his uncle and Vivienne hit the floor.

'Oh crap,' LT muttered and turned Carol to watch the couple dance.

'That's Argentine tango,' Carol said. LT shrugged, not knowing what Carol meant. 'That's some serious shit there.'

LT watched his uncle playfully, and rather gracefully, dance the tango with Vivienne. He and Carol stopped moving on the dance floor and backed up a bit to give the other couple room. It was a lot of close physical contact - a fiery courting of a sensual woman and an obsessed man - they moved together, his uncle grabbed Vivienne's arm, twisted her back to him and she curled her shapely brown leg around his uncle's.

'I didn't think...' he started.

'What?' Carol asked.

'Well...that they even could stand being in the same room together.' Carol made a face, silently asking why. 'Her review could mean my Uncle's job.'

Carol snorted, 'Oh shit.'


But as plain as day, his uncle was smiling as he pulled Vivienne close and then dipped her back at the waist, then snapped her back up again. Vivienne laughed out loud, her long brown hair tussled and tangled, whipping into his Uncle's face. His uncle turned away and Vivienne ran to him, wrapping her arms around his arms and chest, her leg creeping up his thigh and then she ran as he turned back, forcing him to chase her only to grab her again and pulled her back against his chest, her hair flying forward, covering her face.

'Oh snap,' Carol said.

Finally his uncle grabbed Vivienne, pulled her onto his hip and she snapped her leg out. Taking her by the waist, he twisted her and she slid onto the floor, pressed up against his leg and he pulled her up till their lips were almost touching.

Then the music ended.
Brig Jameson 11 years ago
Brig's lips hovered over Vivienne's; her breath was warm on his face and her body pressed so tightly against his that he nearly lost his breath. It took a second of dead silence for him to snap out of it and pull her up all the way, quickly and not gentle at all. Her hair fluffed forward and she shook her head like she was pulling herself out of the moment as well.

With a smug grin, he twirled her softly and pulled her close, entwining his fingers with hers, pressing her hand against his chest. She blew her hair out of her face and narrowed her eyes at him.

'That wasn't so bad, was it?' Brig asked as the music picked back up again. Viv sighed at him, ice returning to her eyes. Looking past her and at the table, he said with as much malice as he could muster, 'Try that on Charlie, see if he can keep up....OUCH!'
Vivienne Sena 11 years ago
Viv took her four inch stilettos and came down on Brig's foot as hard as she possibly could.

'God you are a dick!'

Pushing passed him, Viv caught sight of Carol and LT on the edge of the crowd and her embarrassment tripled. It was volcanic by the time she got to the table and grabbed her purse.

'Guys, I gotta go,' she said in an angry huff, ignoring them as they stood up.

'Wait a minute, wait a minute!' Brig yelled behind her.

Ignoring him, she stormed out of the bar and into the street. The air was thick and wet, immediately admonishing her for making a scene and leaving the air conditioned bar. Brig was on her heels, almost literally, as she walked off down the street in search of a cab. He grabbed her left arm roughly from behind and she turned around and pushed him.

'What is it with you, seriously? What the hell did that mean? "Oh, try it on Charlie." I'm not trying anything on him.'
The Pipers 11 years ago
Charlie watched the Commander and Vivienne dance. With each step they took, his hopes were further dashed. It wasn't until she stomped on his foot and damn near knocked the table over gathering her things did the Pipers react.

'Should we...?' Red said shrugging.

'I don't know...' Domingo replied, his brown eyes huge and shocked.

'I guess we should...,' Charlie took a step and the LT came up behind them, yelling.

'STOP!' The Pipers looked at their LT who was pointing a finger. 'Don't do it. Just...don't.'

Charlie looked at Carol who was laughing behind her hand. With a thoughtful look at Charlie, she tilted her head and said, 'Aww Charlie, don't think it's gonna work out for you tonight.'

'Or ev...er,' LT said sitting down. He mouthed 'don't touch her' and Charlie sat down with the rest of the Pipers, a clear and bright blush on his face.
Brig Jameson 11 years ago
'How appropriate do you think it is for someone from the families dating one of the subjects of her,' Brig held up his fingers and air quoted, 'reviews.'

Viv looked at him, her jaw dropped in outrage and shock.

Pointing at her, Brig nodded, 'Not denying it?'

Viv reached up and slapped his hand away. 'I am not denying anything. But I am not dating Charlie.'

'Then you're going to deny what happened between us then?' There, he said it. Out loud. The shock on her face would have been almost comical if he didn't just regret what he said to her. She pulled his arm into an alley in between the stores and whispered loudly at him.

'We are not talking about that. Ever.'

'Why not? It happened? Now there's this thing...'

'There's no 'thing'...'

'Between us...,' he said pointing between the both of them.

'There is no 'us'.'

Brig glared at her, confused as to what to say next. Finally he blurted out,
'You're right. There isn't. But I read your report on Charlie and I've seen the way he looks at you. Stop using him to try and make me jealous.'

Brig shut his mouth quickly in hopes of trying to stop the words from leaving his lips, but as soon as he said it, Vivienne took a step back. Clenching his jaw tightly, he turned back toward the sidewalk and left.
Vivienne Sena 11 years ago
Viv closed her eyes and listened to Brig walk away. Opening them, she pressed her back against the brick wall of the alley and blew a bit of stray hair out of her eyes. She was a hot mess after dancing with Brig and then fighting with him. The August heat beat down on her, making the sting of the moment last that much longer. Pushing off the wall, she walked out to the sidewalk and looked to the left toward the direction that Brig had walked in. He was a good block away now, but he turned and looked at her, catching her eye.

Angrily she turned in the opposite direction and began her search for a cab, but thought better of it. The moon hung low in the sky and called to her. A good run would do her good, she decided, but not on the property. Standing on the sidewalk, she looked down at her shoes and looked toward the park reserve.

'Blergh,' she said with a roll of her eyes.

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