Easy Ice (open)

The joint had been an easy mark, like taking very expensive candy from a very stupid baby, with a bad security manager. She'd slipped in, broke into the safe, removed the "cursed" diamond and chain, along with a cool hundred thou and some shiny things she'd fence later.

The diamond, larger than her thumbnail, and its chain, the client had insisted on the chain, were already on their way to Istanbul and the man who had asked for them. The cash was cooling its heels in a pouch at the small of her back, and the shiny bits were in another pouch tucked into the top of her boot, and attached to the ankle holster there. She should go straight home, and stow them, but really she was too high from the heist to go home, and she really had no idea what to do with herself.

She wasn't hungry, and sex with some random stranger didn't appeal, the loud racket of the arcade she'd passed made the high turn to headache for a moment, and so had been left. That was how she found herself in the Garden, perched on her toes on the edge of a fountain studying the way the moon played with the water.

The bright light of the waxing moon, shimmered on the spikes of her dark hair, and reflected from the polished leather corset that hugged her body. As she shifted, the dull leather of her pants creaked a bit. Kat sighed, they'd done that once in the McMansion she'd been in and she'd about had a heart attack. It hadn't woken the humans from their Ambien comas, so she hadn't taken them off. Though she'd not wear them again, at least not on a heist.

Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Vivienne lit her blunt and made no pretenses about its funny smell to the passer-bys in Vesper Gardens. The city was new and asking to be explored, so she obliged it by herself. Taking a deep pull of her cigar wrapped weed, she held in the smoke and squinted her eyes. Waiting a few moments, she let the high hit her, filling her with marshallowy goodness and then she exhaled slowly, watching the smoke billow out of her.

Viv giggled happily.

Looking at the blunt, she licked her fingers and pinched the lit end several times till it went out.
'Waste not, want not,' she said with a lazily smile. Tucking her funny cigarette into her pocket, Viv decided to see where the paths led in the gardens, enjoying the warmth of the evening and trying not to think of the pack.

Eventually she came to a fountain and saw people walking around, enjoying the moonlit night. Standing on the fountain was a woman dressed in all leather, playing with the water. Viv looked down at her flat sneakers and blue jeans with her double pistol belt buckle and boat neck blouse that hung loose on her shoulders. Walking up the fountain, she looked into the water and then to the woman.

'Howdy,' Viv said with a smile.
Kat 13 years ago
Kat had heard the young woman approach, had seen her out of the corner of her eye, and so she did not start when she spoke. Waiting a moment, Kat turned, leather creaking as her weight shifted, and gave the woman her full attention. Oh, yummy.

She measured the brunette from head to toe, not making any effort to hide what she was doing. She was about the same size as Kat, give or take an inch or two and maybe ten pounds. She was pretty, and had interesting eyes. Kat could take her if need be.

Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Oh boy, Viv thought. Why, exactly, did she say hi to a perfect stranger, in a garden, in the dark again? Nachton was interesting. Never know who you were going to run into; friend or foe, victim or attacker. Viv chuckled and pointed up at the woman.

'That's a lot of leather. It's nice.'

Mentally rolling her eyes, Viv sat down on the edge of the fountain and looked around. There were stragglers, here and there, and she took the time to size them up. Gauging natural balance, fluid of movements...all that fun science stuff, so when she looked back at the woman perched on the fountain, her subtle glow didn't really tell Viv much, other than compared to the other people in the gardens, this one was stronger than the others, but really the best she could do was just guess.

'I'm Viv,' she said with a smile, squinting an eye up at the woman.
Kat 13 years ago
A small shrug moved her shoulder. "It serves it's purpose."

Kat returned the smile with a small one of her own. "Kat." She said by way of introduction. Not exactly the most friendly thing to say, but Kat didn't exactly feel friendly. Mostly she felt feisty.

And hungry, but this girl didn't look like her kind of meal. She'd eat at the Abby before heading to bed. Maybe.
"It's awfully late to be out and about on your own. Don't you think?"
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Nodding, Viv grinned a toothy smile. 'Well, I'm a big girl. Besides, my curfew is still a few hours yet.' Viv scratched her head where her hair was tied in a ponytail. She wasn't one to jump to conclusions, but it was pretty safe to say that Kat acted dangerous because she might actually be dangerous, but Viv wasn't looking for a fight, just a chat.

'So Nachton...pretty interesting place. You from here?' She shrugged trying to make small talk.
Kat 13 years ago
Kat shook her head. "Nope, but I've been here long enough to know I like it and will probably stay."

Not one to give out information before it was necesssary, Kat wasn't the best at small talk. However she was perfectly happy to give it a go. Besides annoyances were easy to get rid of.

With a cat-like grace, she slid from the fountain, her boots crunching on the path.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Viv shook her head as Kat came down from the fountain. 'Just got here. It's alright.' She circled around fountain slowly, looking into the water. Kat's fluid movements moved her to the top of Viv's jungle sense, marking her as dangerous as Viv thought Kat might think she is.

Nachton apparently was full of interesting characters, werewolves, vampires...you name it. Viv had no desire to be someone's lunch, so she circled back around and stood in front of Kat, easy smile in place.

Holding her hand out, she offered it as she made her good byes, 'Well it was a pleasure meeting you, Kat. Maybe we'll see each other around.' Just not in a dark alley or anything like that, Viv winced inwardly to herself.

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Kat 13 years ago
Turning she watched the woman circle around the fountain. A soft chuckle escaped her as Viv returned to where Kat stood and offered her hand.

Dubious, Kat did the polite thing and stuck her hand in Viv's.
"I look forward to it."

Another chuckle followed Viv's exit, and Kat decided it was time to do some more exploring, and moved into the next garden area. It held no appeal, and Kat decided it was time to head toward the Abby and find something fun to get in the middle of.

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