Planning and Forethought (attn: Kat)

Tai stood at the window of the high-rise apartment, leaning against the window frame, staring out at the late night lights. As he'd anticipated, Kat's ideas had run in a similar vein with his, and after leaving the House of Pain they'd come here.

He'd called it his apartment and technically it was, in the sense that his name was on the lease. He almost never stayed here but Kat didn't need to know that. It was set up as if someone spent time in it, intentionally so. Call it paranoia, but Tai had a lot of ghosts in his past. So he'd set up a number of misdirections just in case any of them should come calling.

Those things weren't on his mind now. Instead, he was enjoying the lassitude that inevitably resulted from a few hours spent the way he and Kat just had. She had been an energetic partner. She reminded him of Val in some ways, of Ellis in others.

Thinking Ellis' name sent a prickle down his spine and he turned away from the window for a moment to rest his eyes upon the figure reclining on the bed. Not Ellis. The thought sent mingled relief and regret through him.

Letting the heavy drape fall, Tai crossed the room and shed the sheet that had covered him at the window. His tattooed skin stood out in harsh relief against the pale bedclothes as he rejoined Kat, stretching out on the bed and watching her with interested eyes.

"So, find what you were looking for yet?"

His eyebrows rose in amusement as he asked her. The night wasn't over yet, and while he doubted Kat would remain during the day Tai didn't have any hesitation in spending the last few hours of darkness with this attractive partner. Friend, he wasn't prepared to call her. But she was, for the moment, an acquaintance, and a potential business connection. Both of those things mattered far more than friendship.

Kat 13 years ago
She ached in that wonderful, slightly abused, great round of vigorous sex way. She lay in the bed, propped up on her elbows watching him at the window. He'd not spared her any part of him, and she'd enjoyed him thoroughly. He'd even shown her something new, which delighted her.

His tenancy toward the silent had remained prevalent in their love making and she'd not minded in the least. Peter talked, and expected her to talk, and it grated on the nerves from time to time. She found the silence of the night refreshing. Not that she'd been silent, he'd pulled screams and cries aplenty from her.

Kat's eyes followed him as he returned to the bed, and she stretched languidly under his gaze. A soft low chuckle vibrated her throat.

"For the moment."

She found that she had a keen trust for the man, here in this room, but once they left it, she would be back to a place with him that put him firmly in the do-not-turn-your-back category.

"I wouldn't be adverse to looking some more, just to be sure."
Ichiro Taiji 13 years ago
A slow grin spread across Tai's features and he lifted one muscular shoulder at Kat. "I can respect that. It's always good to be thorough."

Assuming she didn't mean "right away" since five minutes wasn't exactly much of a rest, Tai crossed his arms behind his head and asked her, "Is this really what you went looking for tonight? I find it hard to believe."

He'd missed a lot of the conversation between Kat and Val while he was off procuring dinner. It was Val's approval which had given him the go-ahead to play with Kat. People generally didn't go to the House of Pain without some kind of objective, though. Of course, he didn't know Kat. Maybe sex with a complete stranger was exactly what she'd wanted.
Kat 13 years ago
She curled herself around him, because she wanted to and could. His skin was an interesting playground for her eyes, and she used her finger to trace over a design on his stomach.

"Ah, no actually I had something completely different in mind."

A small chuckle followed her words. "My dominant is in a country very far from here, and I was actually hoping to find another. It was recommended to me to look there. I am not so sure that was the best venue."

Her wandering fingers, followed a line that went all the way down his stomach to swirl around a hip bone. She didn't exactly miss Peter, just what he did for her. It was going to be difficult to find a replacement, of that she was certain.
Ichiro Taiji 13 years ago
Tai furrowed his brow as Kat spoke. Interesting. "Someone having some fun with you, maybe?" he asked. The House of Pain was a very well-known vampire establishment. People looking for sexual liaisons didn't just walked in from off the street. Nobody just walked in from off the street. For one thing, the entrance was in a sewer. For another, well, back to square one.

"There are better places to go for that sort of thing," he said dismissively. If Kat wanted a human lover, there were far better places. And if dominance was what she wanted on the next round, he could fill those needs as well. Tai's training had been extensive. That sort of education, one didn't soon forget.

Kat was tracing the patterns on his body with a lazy, questing finger. There were two dominant patterns; one was Chinese-style dragon which wound its way up, its tail starting at his right ankle, twisting and wrapping around his torso, then his shoulders, and finally ending on his left shoulder blade. The other was a tiger, leaping across from left ankle to right shoulder. The rest of his body, in typical Yakuza style, was colored and filled with various small scenes, pictures, and phrases. from ankle and wrist to neck, there was very little that wasn't marked. Tai had spent a very long time in the organization.

"How long have you been here?"

His questions weren't pointed, weren't demanding, just curious. It didn't suit him to alienate Kat. He was pretty sure she was Tacharan or else she and Val would have parted ways much differently, but Val had been polite and even conversational.
Kat 13 years ago
Kat's fingers flowed from that line to another, tracing the outline of a tree. "I think that might be so."

A small sigh escaped her, and she moved to trace a design she didn't understand. "I am sure there are. I just don't happen to know where."

The line she'd picked to follow lead much further down his body than she'd intended to go, and she found her fingers on his leg. With out compunction she moved her feathery touch, down along the inside of his thigh, then up along the textured junction where leg meets body, before splaying her hand out across his stomach.

"A bit over two months or so. I don't keep careful track of the calendar."

A soft chuckle accompanied a slight shift in her body so that she lay more alongside him. "I was starting to feel a bit edgy."
Ichiro Taiji 13 years ago
Tai shook his head. "Not very sporting of them then, whoever they were. I can show you someplace far more likely."

If he didn't end up filling the role himself a second, or third time. Tai didn't know enough of his own Clan members. Hanging out with Val was well and good but he wasn't ready to throw his lot in with her entirely... yet. She had good business sense though, and she kept him focused.

Kat's fingers moved suggestively over his skin and he responded in a similar manner, trailing his own fingertips lightly down her side, over the swell of her hip, and around her thigh back up to her stomach.

"Long vacation," he mused. Two and a half months was a job unfinished, or a permanent stay. Tai had taken that long, easily, on one or two jobs. He liked to be thorough. And he liked to plan his attacks.
Kat 13 years ago
A little shiver traveled up Kat's spine as his fingers moved across her skin. He had such interesting skin, and she was content to lay and trace its patterns for a little while longer.

"I've been remarkably lazy since coming to the States."

A small shrug lifted her shoulder. "My employer doesn't particularly care how long I take. He has ample time to wait for what I will bring him. In the mean time he has sent more work my way."

She was being awfully free with her information. Perhaps work was not the best subject for pillow talk for her. A soft chuckle followed the thought.

"In fact I will be taking care of one such job tomorrow night."

Her fingers found a small bird, and Kat stroked over it, almost expecting to feel feathers it looked so real.
Ichiro Taiji 13 years ago
Tai laughed softly at Kat's personal assessment. He hadn't found her lazy at all. She was, in his opinion, pretty energetic.

"Good employer. It's always nice to know what's expected of you."

Tai wasn't prying; in fact, he was simply speaking from experience. His time in the Yakuza had taught him to appreciate knowing the boundaries. It was that time which had tipped him off to the fact that his own protection had faded and he needed to find some way to get rid of himself before the competition did it for him.

He raised his brows at Kat, surprised at her free admission and suspecting they both had some experience working on the shady side of the law.

"Sounds like fun," he said at her prospect of more work.
"Vacations are good and all, but one needs something to do." He and Val had proven that, after all.

He didn't ask for more than she was willing to tell. His aim was to learn, to build up their acquaintance; not to tear it down at the first sign of any trust whatsoever. In the meantime, his fingers worked their way back over the curve of Kat's ass, gently stroking the backs of her thighs. They were definitely going to make use of the next couple hours. They could get there slowly, though. There wasn't any hurry.
Kat 13 years ago
She'd been doing things, just not the things she should have. The Arch had been ridiculously easy to sneak into the lower levels, and she'd not found anything remotely close to what she sought, nor anything that might lead her in the right direction. She hadn't thought it would actually be in the museum, due to its nature, but then again it wouldn't have been her first heist from such a place.

"I've rather enjoyed my vacation, but I must say I'm looking forward to casing a mark, circumventing whatever they call security and leave with what I came for."

She moved with the sweep of his fingers, and pushed up so that she lay half on him, and half on the bed. Her lips found the hollow created where shoulder and next meet. With a soft little chuckle, she scraped a fang along the skin.
Ichiro Taiji 13 years ago
Tai was definitely able to multi-task. It was sort of a requirement with Ellis. He continued to let his fingers wander over Kat's pale skin, idly observing the things he'd noted before that she seemed to enjoy, applying them when it was convenient, enjoying the way she moved with his hands to accommodate them both. Definitely a fun partner.

He smiled at her mention of circumvention.
"That's the fun part," he admitted. So, she was a thief. Not exactly Tai's line of work for the Yakuza, although he'd been known to do so when ordered. The principle was the same though, for theft or assassination. Know your mark, know its surroundings, habits, protection, and plan for all of that. Then plan for everything to go wrong. And then, be very good at improvising because generally, no plan ever went exactly as it was supposed to.

"Don't get caught," he said with a flashed grin up at her. "I have a feeling prison would be very, very boring for you."

It was a tease. Even on the off-chance she did get caught, Tai suspected she wouldn't stay incarcerated. His tawny eyes gleamed wickedly, letting her know the warning was in jest.
Kat 13 years ago
Kat laughed wryly and nibbled at the line of his jaw. "I've not been caught yet, and I don't plan to start now."

She nibbled her way up close to his ear. "But then again, it would all depend on who is doing the catching."

Low, sultry laughter preceded her down the line of his neck, and across the slim bone of his collar. Her little kisses, became nibbles interspersed with a stroke of the tongue or a press of the lips as she made her way down his body to find what had become one of her favorite parts of him.

She looked up at him along the plane of his own body, as she caught him up and began to show him just what other talents she possessed.
Ichiro Taiji 13 years ago
Tai snorted at Kat's declaration of her future plans. He didn't imagine a thief who was prone to being caught would still be employed. "Good idea," he said agreeably. Her next words made him smile slowly and he replied, "And that depends on who wants to be found."

He let his fingers trail away from Kat as she made a slow progression south, not trying to stop her in any way. Enjoying her display of versatility he kept his hands off of her, still as a statue, his body's response display enough of the effect she was having.

Kat was clearly not interested in talking any more - not right now. And Tai was happy to let the evening follow this course. So he went along with her, applying himself to being what she needed for that moment, making sure that when the sun threatened to come up he wouldn't be forgotten too easily.

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Kat 13 years ago
A more pleasant night, Kat had not spent in longer than she could remember. Tai had effectively taken care of her needs in a manner much more inventive than Peter ever thought to be.

Aches and tingles saw her home, and she very much looked forward to the next time she'd spend in such occupation. As the dawn brought forth the human world, she settled down on the middle of her living room floor with maps and schematics. Two nights of fun in a row made her almost giddy.

((Kat Out.))