The Nachton University Aquarium and Oceanic Research Facility

Across the harbor from The Cultural Centre is the Nachton University Aquarium and Oceanic Research Facility or NUA. It is a four story glass and steel marvel sitting tucked between a shipping company and a manufacturing facility. The entrance faces the harbor and is marked by a glass encased waterfall under which the patrons walk to enter the facility.

The First and second floors house the open to the public Aquarium. The research labs occupy the third floor and the executive offices, employee locker room, lounge and gym occupy the fourth floor. The NUA also owns the dock and boat shed just below the facility and makes the crafts housed there available to its employees. There is a research boat, used to take trips out into deep waters for studies of the effects of current environmental trends on the life in the waters of Nachton's coast. This boat is also made available as a pleasure boat for certain employees.

The main attractions of the Aquarium include a Tunnel that puts the patrons underwater with the fish with out getting wet. The Shark Adventure, that takes patrons through three of the more interesting habitats of sharks. Dolphin Shores, offers shows with trained dolphins every two hours during daylight hours and twice during the night. One will also find, a native animals exhibit, jellyfish, otters, sea turtles, oceanic birds of prey, a marshland exhibit, three different touch tanks, a tiny treasures area, and of course a gift shop.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask one of the staff members and if you happen to see a woman with a blonde ponytail wearing a white NUA shirt, stop her and say hello.