Kenley was shaking the hell out of her pen.

'Oh come on!' She grunted as she tried writing with her pen again; drawing small circles that turned into huge, frustrated circles.

Her level of frustration at work was increasing day by day. It wasn't the stress of the job, or even being looked at as a mid day snack by some of the members, but just trying to maintain a professional facade when in certain people's company was driving her nuts. Specifically one person and it was obvious just who that was and as her computer signaled a message with the Leader's voice interrupting her frustrated circles, she ripped the paper and let lose her pen across her office.


'Shit...uh...sir?' Kenley squeezed her eyes shut and felt her face burn a bright red as she answered. She turned three more shades of red when she heard him chuckle softly.

'Uh, come to my office please.'

It wasn't a request so Kenley immediately acknowledged his order and signed off. With a deep breath, Kenley gathered her digital pad and stylus.

Kenley Merriweather 14 years ago
Kenley half ran to the elevator from the main lobby floor, nearly slipping into the car instead of coming to a graceful stop like she had planned.

'Crap...' she muttered as she righted herself and turned to face out toward the doors. Today was just like any other day, she told herself. Just a short list of things to do, minutes to compile from Carol and DI meetings, and then retire to her apartment to eat ice cream and sulk. Every time she sat at her office desk, she blushed. Every time she walked passed her walk in closet, she blushed. That's all she did, was blush.

'Leader's quarters.' Kenley mumbled the command to the elevator and it immediately closed and descended further down. It had been several weeks since she had left the Domicile, and from what Carol had told her, that wouldn't be uncommon. You just get tired of the commute when you have everything you need at the Domicile. Granted it didn't cater to humans, but the kitchen was superb. Then there was the Leader.

Kenley rarely saw him, to be honest. That made the awkwardness bearable (soft of), but there were days he was there requiring her professional assistance. Still, with each encounter she became more and more flustered at his proximity. Would he try something, would she let him - the fantasizing was starting to cut into her efficiency and embarrassing her even further. Now he was summoning her down to his quarters, not unusual, but awkward just the same, after at least a two week absence from the Domicile. He'd want to be caught up on the day to day issues, and she was prepared professionally, but personally...she was on the verge of puking from her nerves.

The elevator reached the Leader's level and opened up its doors quietly, waiting for her to exit. Kenley stood for a moment and tried to calm her breathing. Hyperventilating probably wasn't the best of ideas and the Leader had what the vampires called 'perception', so if he didn't already sense her now, the raging beat of her heart would be a good indicator.

'Ok, ok,' she muttered to herself again as she stepped out of the elevator and listened to it swish close. 'Ok, let's do this. We can do this.'

Kenley pulled at her starched peach colored button up, checking the Pearline buttons, making sure everything was appropriately covered. The Leader's door was not far from the elevator, so she took a moment to run her hands down the curves of her pencil cut, below the knee, gray skirt and fluffed her hair.

'Alright, we're good. I'm good. I can do this.' Taking a deep breath, she ran her hand over the panel and the door opened immediately for her. He was expecting her.
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Her heartbeat was unmistakable and resembled something like a jack rabbit tripping down ten flights of stairs whenever he was near her. She knew he could hear it, the deep yoga-like breaths preceding and following their encounters was a good indication. Simon was actually concentrating, listening for her heartbeat this time - he had made it a contest with himself to see how far away he could hear Kenley coming.

A sheepish grin crossed his face as he heard her enter the elevator from the lobby. He shouldn't get such a kick out of making her nervous, but he couldn't help it. Kenley was, quite simply, adorable. He still felt awkward about what had happened between them, and he knew that was the only reason why she was reacting to him the way she did, but he had kept things 100% professional between them since then. There had been some discrepancies with her work, nothing worthy of a stern talk, but he wanted to try to get her to relax. Listening to her heart rate rise even higher as she stood outside his entry into his apartment, he realized maybe asking her down to him wasn't a great idea. Too late now, he thought.

Simon was standing up on the second floor, in front of his desk in his office. He called down to her.

'Come on up, Kenley.'

Listening again, he heard her chant a mantra softly under her breath and start the yoga breathing. It was almost comical, the reaction she had around him. He tried to hide the smile on his face as she climbed the stairs and entered his office.

Kenley entered the room with her digital pad held up against her chest, her eyes looking just south of his lips.

'Hey, have a seat, Kenley.'

He rounded the two chairs he had facing his desk that he had placed there earlier and stood behind the one he indicated for her. Her heart beat had finally stopped rising and she was doing a decent job of controlling it, trying to calm herself. Still, she didn't look him in the eye.

'I have the minutes from DI and several messages from outside the clan. Would you like to go over them now...?'

'No, just forward them to my email,' he replied.

Kenley's back stayed ramrod straight and she crossed her legs at her ankles. He circled around and sat in the chair across from her.

Leaning back into the chair, he made himself comfortable, resting his right elbow on the arm.
'Have you received anything from Jacob regarding the other pack?'

'No, nothing, sir.' Kenley looked at her digital pad, but he knew she didn't need to - she would have told him immediately.

Simon was wearing gray slacks and an ivory button up. He flicked a piece of imaginary lint off his thigh and quietly asked her, 'Is everything alright, Kenley?'

She looked up into his face just then, not quite his eyes, more his lips, and seemed startled by his question. 'Yes, of course, sir. Is there something...?'

'Well, I've noticed a few things. Little things. You're usually quite efficient.'

'Oh...I...I apologize sir. I wasn't aware...'
Kenley Merriweather 14 years ago
Yes she was aware. Totally aware.

Kenley let her voice taper off and she gulped nervously.

'I've been distracted, sir. This, all this,' she pointed up and twirled her finger slowly in a circle, 'it's all a lot to take in.' Her throat had become uncomfortably dry (when was dry comfortable, she wondered briefly) and it clicked as she tried to swallow again.

'You've been down here for a couple months now. When is the last time you've been above ground?'

Months, was a blur.
'Couple days ago? I'm sorry it has affected my work...'

'Oh no, it's alr...'

'I will get on it.'


She held her hand up and pointed two fingers at her eyes
, 'Focus. Focus, focus.'


'It won't happen again,' Kenley finally looked up at him and saw his eyes were wide with humored shock.

She stood
. 'If there's nothing else, sir?' Kenley waited the appropriate three seconds and turned to leave, leaving him there in his seat with a confused look on his face.

Kenley double timed it down the steps, as fast as her three inch heels would let her, and almost bolted for the door when he called out to her again.
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Simon watched, speechless and dismayed, as Kenley stumbled through their conversation and left abruptly. His eyebrows crinkled up in confusion and he uttered a single syllable, something close to, if not directly akin to, 'Uh?'

Shaking his head slightly, he stood and looked down at his slacks.

'Oh. Kenley, wait a second!' He called out to her, hoping to catch her before she fled his quarters. Walking quickly to the stairs leading down, he stepped down to catch up with her.

'I need your help for a minute with something else.'

Kenley seemed to hesitate and then nodded. Simon watched her for a moment as he reached the main floor and then turned to the back, toward the bedroom.

'I need your opinion on something. I've got this thing tonight, a dinner meeting and I need you to help me decide on something.'

Carol was usually the person who helped him with his wardrobe, but now that Ellis was back in his life (and restricted from entering past the lobby in the Domicile) he had no one to rely on. He was a good judge of color and style, but a woman's opinion definitely mattered.

'Have a seat,' he said, after they entered the back rooms leading to the bedroom. It was a neutral colored sitting room, tastefully decorated but very simple. Kenley settled down on one of the chaise lounge chairs and looked absolutely uncomfortable. Quickly he changed into another pair of slacks and pulled out two pressed shirts. Walking barefoot back out, he held up the two shirts, holding one in front of his bare chest.

'This one or,' he switched and then raised the other, 'or this one?'
Kenley Merriweather 14 years ago
Oh come on, Kenley whined in her head. The bedroom? Mentally she kicked herself and followed him to his bedroom. Part of her knew where this was going to go, or maybe that part of her wanted it to go that way, but if the Leader was sincere about his apology, he would not be leading her further into his apartment after the display of idiocy she just showcased in his presence.

Slowly she settled down onto the chaise lounge chair and set her pad in front of her. Dinner party, he said, opinion needed, he said. When he walked out in nothing but a pair of slacks and a bare chest, she felt her cheeks catch on fire.

Blinking slowly, she looked at the ground and then up at the shirts. Nodding she replied,
'One with a tie, one without?'

The Leader nodded and then shrugged.

'In or out?'

'Beg pardon?'

'Is the dinner party inside or out?'

'Oh, I really don't know.'

'Where are you going?'

'Club E.'

'It'll be outside.'

'They don't have an outside...'

'Roof top dining, very exclusive. I have no doubt you'll be up there. Go without the tie. It's nice out and unless it's black tie, it's warm enough to start wearing spring wear.'

Standing, Kenley approached the Leader and took the shirt that was in his right hand and put it back in his closet. She looked around the closet and found the pants. After digging for a moment, she pulled out a pair of lighter shade chinos and a darker shade jacket to match. Coming out she laid them on a chair next to the closet entry and helped him with his shirt.

'I'm sure Miss Duban will be going with something from a spring collection, not winter. I don't think I've ever seen her dress out of season .'

He began to unbutton his slacks which seemed like the best time to ready the chinos and she immediately turned away from him, fussing with the pants. Suddenly his hand came around her and she felt the warmth of his body along her back. It took everything for Kenley not to freeze, but instead prepared his jacket, taking it off the hanger. Circling around him as he pulled the slacks on, she wondered why, with a three thousand square foot apartment, he had to stand right behind her. She readied the jacket for him to slip his arms in and he did so. Walking back into the closet, he stood in front of the full length mirror and buttoned the single button jacket.

'Tuck in your shirt and wear a belt.'

He did what he was told, again unbuttoning his chinos and tucking his shirt into them. Kenley handed him a darker shade belt and he slipped it on quickly. Walking next to him, she checked his reflection in the mirror and made a face.

'Turn a sec.'

Turning toward her, she fussed here and there, centering his pants and belt, then unbuttoned the jacket to pull out the shirt just a tad. She straightened his collar, all the while absorbed in her task, and then re-buttoned the single button jacket. With a quick swipe at his shoulders with her hands, then down the sleeves to pull the shirt cuffs out, she then put her hands on her hips and nodded.

'Gold.' Kenley smiled as she looked down at his clothes, impeccable and perfect. 'You look nice.' With a genuine smile, she had completely relaxed while dealing with the task of dressing the Leader. That was, of course, until she finally looked up into his eyes.
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
It was funny having Kenley order him around in his own closet, picking out his clothes, telling him what to wear and do. Her heartbeat had finally calm down to a soothing, relaxed beat as she concentrated on perfecting his look. The outfit she picked out was definitely more appropriate than what he had picked out - classy casual chic with a fresh breath of spring. Not his usual dark gray tones (oh how he loved fall/winter) but not out of style with what his usual demeanor was - quiet yet stylish.

'Gold,' she said. 'You look nice.'

For the first time in quite a while, she looked him in the eye. Simon watched the realization hit her and she blushed again. It started around her neck and spread up into her cheeks and below her collar bone blotches of soft pink appeared.

'Oh, there you go again.' Simon couldn't help but chuckle as her heartbeat began to race. 'I'm sorry.'

'Sorry for what?' She maintained eye contact, but her heartbeat was so loud, he was sure her heart was about to burst.

'I'm sorry that I like making you nervous.' He grinned at her, shrugging with a sympathetic sigh. 'Do you like working here?'

'I do,' she said quickly. 'This is an amazing opportunity for me. I took me by surprise.'

'And now you're not sure if I'm going to take you by surprise again?'

She winced and grinned sheepishly. 'Yes, sir.'

'You don't have to call me 'sir'.'

'Yes I do and I don't mind. You're my boss and the leader of this clan. I shouldn't be nervous, I understand if you,' she shrugged nervously, 'want to do's up to you.'

'I told you it wouldn't have happened if you said no, Kenley.'

She gave him a confused look, like what he had said was complete gibberish. He was about to ask her what she meant when she answered.

'But I didn't...say no,' she replied quietly. 'I wouldn't.'

Simon looked at her for a long moment; the eagerness of her expression, the soft blush of her cheeks, and those perfect red lips. She was offering herself up to him, he realized, giving him permission whatever he wanted with her. It seemed wrong.

'I don't take familiars, Kenley.'

'You don't?'

'I've never had one. I don't like the idea of whomever I decide to become involved with sexually losing their free will because that's what will happen. It wouldn't be your choice, ever. I don't think that's fair.' He was being honest with her. He had to be. So he said what needed to be said so she'd understand.

'Carol wasn't my familiar. I loved her, with everything I could give, but things changed and she left me. It was her choice. I never fed on her either.' He put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed gently. 'Do you understand what I'm saying?'

'You don't want me.'

'No, I do, believe me, I do. I'm just letting you know that - well it'll be purely and,' he paused, leaning in close enough for her to feel the warmth of his breath, 'totally sexual. I'd undo the buttons of your blouse and run my hands up your skirt, feeling every part of you with my fingertips. I'd push you to the ground and take your panties off with my teeth before I fucked you, very hard, on the floor of this closet. I'd do whatever I wanted and whatever you tell me to you.'

Simon looked at her, his lips perched over hers. Her breathing was deep and slow; the warmth of her body radiated up at him. He made one final thing clear.

'Then,' he ran his lips down her jaw, along her throat. The beating of her skin teasing his fangs as they throbbed painfully in his mouth. He reached out and pulled her hips close to his, letting her feel what she was doing to him. Simon opened his mouth and let a fang drag along her peaches and cream skin.

'Then I'd feed on you.'
Kenley Merriweather 14 years ago
There was very little fanfare and more pain than she had ever experienced during sex - which she thoroughly enjoyed, much to her surprise. He invaded her personal space, again, and whispered such filthy things to her that her legs felt like jello.

It was not polite, gentle, or even really romantic. He was serious when he said it was purely sexual and Kenley was one hundred percent alright with being fucked wildly by her boss. After he told her what he had planned on doing to her, she reached down and undid the buckle of his pants - that's all that took.

Her clothes came off quicker than she thought possible. He ripped her shirt open and buttons, again, flew everywhere. Then he grabbed her roughly and threw her to the ground behind him and then stood over her, taking his jacket and then shirt off, laying them neatly on valet stand. He left his belt looped into his pants, but undid them, letting them hang on his slender hips.

Crawling forward onto her knees, Kenley kept her eyes on him as she reached up and pulled him out, taking his hard erection into her mouth, deeply and slowly. His hands came up into her hair and balled up his fists, making her wince at the pain, but she continued on, stroking, sucking, and doing the filthiest things she could think of to him.

He started to moan her name, encouraging her further and turning her on more than she thought possible. Reaching up she touched his bare chest, running her nails down his skin until he started to plead with her. It was...unreal. The sound of his voice ached in her ears, the way he begged her to do this or that, to not stop and finally to stop. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back onto the ground.

Quickly he was on top of her, sliding deep into her so roughly she cried out, but she wrapped her legs around his hips and arched her back, trying to get him as deep as possible.
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Kenley's hair was a deep red but definitely not bottled. Simon ran his fingers into her gorgeous long hair and when she began doing unbelievable things with her mouth, his hands alternated from balling into fists or guiding her head closer to him.

He barely remembered ripping her panties off, but when he pushed her to the ground, he wasted no time sliding in between her legs. Pushing up into her, he nearly lost himself in an avalanche of erotic nerves, pushing him painfully close in a second flat. Reaching back to slip the rest of his pants off, he turned back to her skirt and pushed it all the way up, letting her wrap her legs around his hips. Simon pelvis ground into her and she arched her back, letting out a half moan, half cry with that sultry voice. He made little work of her bra and easily pulled it apart until he could see all of her chest.

Propping himself up on his hands, he bent down and captured an exquisite nipple in his mouth and she moaned again. Her hands came up and she raked her nails down his arms as she pulled her legs back even further, allowing him to penetrate her deeper. He paid close attention to one nipple and then moved to the other, sucking and twisting them with his teeth as she begged him to go harder and faster.

Simon was sure he was probably hurting her at this point, but she didn't stop him at any point, obviously enjoying the pleasurable pain. He reached down with one hand and completely tore her skirt off, flinging it to the side when he laid back on top of her, his body covering hers, and he began to whisper in her ear.

Is this how she wanted it? What did she want to do to him? Did she like this, or that? He promised on fucking her on every possible surface in the Domicile, starting with the office lobby and she practically purred at the idea of fucking in public. Simon was completely surprised at how dark and dirty Kenley liked it and she seemed opened to every suggestion he whispered hoarsely into her ear. Finally her little body trembled beneath him, then again, and again till she was breathless.

'Wait,' she begged but he refused to stop, and in fact, turned her over and entered her roughly from behind again, sitting back on knees and pulling her hips forward with her face still pressed against the floor.
Kenley Merriweather 14 years ago
The things he whispered in her ear, his hot breath on her skin and his tongue...Kenley was completely overwhelmed. The pain was unbelievable and she knew she'd be sore later. Feeling her climax start to rise to epic proportions, she arched her back, letting her orgasm overwhelm her over and over again as he continued pushing her to the edge, never giving her a second to catch her breath.


He only paused long enough to turn her over and grab her hips back into his, penetrating her deeply and with outrageously erotic pain. He never once slowed down. Kenley felt his hands run up her back and again into her hair and he grabbed a fist full of it, pulling her roughly back against him.

'Wait...wait a min...'

He pulled her back and whispered in her ear. 'Remember what I told you.'

Grabbing her shoulders he pushed her forward again as he pulled himself out and moistened her a little higher. Kenley was only twenty three and hadn't had many lovers, but this was something she had not tried yet and panic began to fill her chest.

'Whatever I wanted, Kenley,' he whispered hoarsely and slid back into her slowly.

He pumped slowly...once, twice, and by the third she let out a painful cry that brought tears to her eyes. She balled her hands up and moaned into the carpet, confused at the pain and the pleasure of it. The Leader had said whatever he wanted and she had agreed, but the pain nearly blinded her as he pushed slowly into her, as far as he could go.

She felt his body get tense and his grunting louder as he reached beside her and grabbed her torn shirt. Finally he pulled out and she heard him wipe himself with her shirt, only to enter her normally again leaving her almost sad that the pain was gone. He rectified that by grinding up into her, grunting hard with every push until he tensed and came in her.

Kenley rested her forehead against the floor and finally caught her breath. She smiled through the rough pain as he pulled out and rolled her over onto her back. Laying on top of her, he nestled tiredly into her neck and she felt him smile. Then it occurred to her...

'You didn't bite me.'
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Simon held a finger up and rolled gently off her, onto his back. He wasn't breathing as hard as Kenley, but the rush of his orgasm took the breath out of him, just the same. He swallowed dryly and answered her.

'I really shouldn't.' Kenley pushed up onto her elbows and looked at him. 'I have to be careful how close my bites are with you. Too often and it'll form that familiar bond I told you about, and although you may be ok with it, I'm just not.'

She nodded.

'What time is it?'

She checked her watch and told him the time. He had to go. Without a word, she stood, understanding that it must mean he was pressed for time and picked up her clothes. He pointed at a long trench coat and she pulled it on over her naked body. Simon sat up and watched her as she did the belt and folded her clothes as best she could. She turned to leave when he reached out and grabbed her hand from his perch on the floor.

Her heartbeat was settling down, but still running pretty hard. His touch made it race again and he smiled at her. Simon pulled her hand close and kissed the inside of her wrist softly. Kenley gave him a grin and left.

With a sigh, Simon watched her quietly walk out. He did like Kenley. She was a nice girl from a good family and seemed to understand the line between them, but he still felt like he took advantage of her somehow. It always felt right touching her, but the guilt afterward was painful. He supposed if she was ok with it, he should be, too.

Running his fingers through his hair, he stood to get dressed.

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