What Would You Think If I... (Attn: Aidan)

The rooms were a little small for two people but honestly Nikhila didn't mind. The bed was a bit awkward at times but they'd had that problem before moving in together, neither one of them was exactly petite after all, but since neither of them slept terribly much it didn't really matter. Of course the process of actually moving in wasn't quite complete either. It wasn't unusual for Nikhila to have to run across the hall to get something or even put something away but neither of them really had the time or had really thought about formally vacating her rooms.

She thought perhaps it was a good thing she had moved in now. It seemed that Xeph was.. well he could be distracted and conflicted. He had been last night. And either he wouldn't, or couldn't talk about it. But she understood there were things he couldn't talk about, and some things he shouldn't and she respected that but did her best to support him however she could.

Tonight, so far seemed quiet, which was good. She was half cooking and half reading a scientific journal and apparently more than a little distracted by those two tasks. But it was a third thing that was actually sucking up most of her attention. Hopefully nothing burned or went up in flames in the mean time. Fortunately Aidan preferred his food raw, so it was only her dinner she'd be ruining.

Xeph 11 years ago
Xeph wasn't distracted; he was focused. After his last meeting with the jackal son of a bitch, he had a plan. Sort of. He had to leave clues for his folks. That was the only way. Whatever brainwashing the bastard had done was making it impossible for him to discuss any of it, but if he left hints, well, it wasn't his fault if they figured it out.

How to do it, was the thing that was occupying his mind. In the meantime, he was distractedly (wait, no, focused-ly) playing video games, sitting on the living room couch. Nikhila was equally distracted, cooking something and reading something. The one was way overdone, as was anything involving actually turning the stove on, in Xeph's opinion, and the other was way boring. All the same though, it was enjoyable. That they were doing these things together, sharing space like they were supposed to, was what he had wanted all along with Nikhila.

He glanced up at her and was rewarded by toppling into a pit of lava with a scream of anguish. He swore softly and picked up his game back from the last save.

How domestic.
Nikhila 11 years ago
The little scream and the profanity made her giggle, just a bit. OK that wasn't supportive but it was rather funny to her.

"You got distracted and died?"Â?

She taunted, a sly smile hidden behind her reading.

"I thought video games were supposed to develop focus and hand eye coordination?"Â?

Apparently she should not have laughed or taunted as karma chose just then to be instant rather than build up over a life time and something started to smell off. Rather hurriedly and set the journal aside and pulled the eggplant off the heat. It wasn't ruined just singed a bit. She'd just claim it added texture if any one asked.

She poked at the eggplant a bit and frowned, apparently it was more singed than she though. Maybe she'd just steal some of Aidan's dinner.
Xeph 11 years ago
Xeph raised an eyebrow at Nikhila. "I saw something I liked better," he growled, giving her his best wolfish leer. "How could I not be distracted?"

Even as he said it, a few tendrils of smoke rose from the stove and something began to smell distinctly burned. Setting aside his controller and sprinting into the kitchen, he arrived in time to turn off the heating element as Nikhila removed the pan from the stovetop.

He peered at it with her, his face a mixture of torn revulsion and amusement.
"What was that?" he said, poking at it gingerly with her. From her expression, whatever it had been was not entirely edible anymore.

"Maybe we should go down to the Den for dinner," he suggested tentatively. Nikhila could be a little sensitive about her culinary skills sometimes. Every once in a while his suggestions were met with a stony disapproving glare.

"Or we have steak here," he added. "And fish." Let it not be said he didn't present options. Nikhila was welcome to burn, er, cook, some protein if she wanted. They ate together, of course. That was as it should be. But Xeph habitually ate meat, meat, and more meat. His dinners consisted of pulling it out of the fridge in whichever flavor he decided he wanted - beef, poultry, seafood - putting it on a plate, and digging in. Nikhila usually insisted on cooking, generally with lots of vegetables and a grain. So, dinnertime meant he simply waited around while she tinkered in the kitchen and when she was ready, he pounced on whatever was on his plate.

This experiment, however, had surely gone awry.

Xeph opened the fridge and took stock of the contents: steak, more steak, some tuna, a side of salmon, shrimp still in the shells the way he liked them, and some chicken. Somewhere in a drawer there were vegetables. he liked to pretend they didn't exist.

He gestured to the fridge and invited Nikhila to take her pick.
"Of course, if you prefer to try again later, I can come up with a way to take your mind off this most recent attempt."

He wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively. Dinner could always wait a few minutes.
Nikhila 11 years ago
"It was supposed to be a garlic egg plant sauté and there were going to be noodles."�

She frowned. Apparently, one should not try new recipes while trying to read anything other than the cookbook. Nibbling at a bit, she concluded it was indeed ruined.

"Great success is often preceded by less than ideal beginnings."Â?

She pretended to not even hear the suggestion about going down stairs for dinner. Instead, she slid in front of him and tried to see what else she could make. It was hard not to respond to his obvious innuendo. Standing she turned to face him, standing very close and raised a very concerned eyebrow.

"Aren't you hungry?"Â?

In a rather motherly gesture, she felt his forehead and cheeks.

"I've never known you to miss a meal. Maybe you're not feeling well. I shall make you some chicken soup."Â?

Nikhila turned back to the fridge to pull out some chicken, veggies and broth and shoved them all at Aidan. She then slid over to the counter apparently to prepare some kind of a soup.
Xeph 11 years ago
Xeph winced as Nikhila tasted her own experiment. "Yech. What about that is edible? Even without the burning."

Nikhila should not be allowed to slide in front of him, not at all, whatsoever, if she didn't intend to bring that activity into the bedroom. Or onto the couch. Or hell, onto the kitchen floor. When she turned around and felt his forehead he crossed his arms, tapping his foot at her.

"I thought maybe I could build up an appetite first."

Xeph avoided having things shoved at him, leaving Nikhila to put them on the counter herself. He knew she was teasing; no way would she ever threaten to ruin a perfectly good chicken by both cooking it and putting it in intimate contact with green things. He reached around and grabbed her, pulling her close and peering at her speculatively, forestalling any more attempts to cook. "This looks good."

He bent and bit gently at her ear.

"This part, too."

He traced his lips down the side of her neck.

"And these especially."

Xeph finished by meeting Nikhila's lips and taking a very long taste, ensuring she was thoroughly kissed before letting her loose.

"Soup can wait."
Nikhila 11 years ago
"Eggplant is good for you."Â?

She protested.

She'd only barley gotten things on the counter when he grabbed her. Apparently, he didn't want dinner.

There was a weak and halfhearted attempt to stay cool and composed, this wasn't the conversation she'd planned on having over dinner. But by the time his lips slid down her neck with a little shiver, she gave up any pretense.

Her arms wrapped around him and some how she forgot he was the one holding her hostage. Soup could wait indeed. If he made her cook after a kiss like that, he'd be eating vegetables for a month.

"Some day I am going to invest in a slow cooker."Â?

Nikhila muttered before leaning to kiss him, kicking the fridge door closed with her foot and then beginning to maneuver them back to the living room. She didn't know if they'd make the bedroom or not at this rate, but the kitchen was designed for certain things and sex was not one of them.
Xeph 11 years ago
Xeph ignored Nikhila's insistence on the virtues of eggplant in favor of other interesting arguments, and even those were to be tabled until some unspecified point in the future. He growled happily into her chest as he picked her up and backed into the living room, since that seemed to be where she was leaning toward.

Her legs had locked around his waist, which was just fine with him; it let him use his hands for other things... like getting rid of her shirt and the adorable lacy little bra underneath it. And her position was just as delectable, positioning her breasts just at the right level for all kinds of things... licking, sucking, nibbling, for starters.

Xeph tested all of those, boggling at the "beer goggle" effect Nikhila had on him when he was excited like this. His mate was lithe, slender, and sleek - but he could swear since moving in together she'd somehow grown more buxom. It had to be all the working out. They'd been rather, hmm, physical in their at-home activities in the past few months.

Those thoughts were fleeting, and floated haphazardly through Xeph's brain as he had more pressing concerns at the moment. Such as how to remove his own clothing without losing the delicious sensation of Nikhila's clinging weight around his waist.

If that was all he had to worry about this evening, though, he was a happy wolf.
Nikhila 11 years ago
Nikhila growled and latched herself on to Xeph. Grinding against him, she nibbled at his neck. As she was using her, legs to hold herself up that left her hands free to determinedly tug him out of his shirt. She let her nails drag with a tantalizing lightness over his back as she did so. Free of his shirt her head dipped to taste as much of his chest and arms as she could reach, one hand buried itself in his hair one slid under his waistband and down his rear. She was behaving like a wanton and didn't really care.

Xeph did make it rather hard to remember she'd started out life in a convent. That was all she was really sure of just now. Even what she'd originally planned to talk to him about was only a vague idea in the back of her mind. Although she did half wonder how much impulsive actions like this would have to be curtailed.

Ideas of the bedroom vanished. They seemed to have gotten as far as the living room she unlocked her legs and quickly and unabashedly divested him of his pants. Aidan might have started this but she was now feeling more than a little aggressive.
Xeph 11 years ago
Xeph's eyes nearly rolled back in his head as Nikhila matched his ferocity with her own. it was one of the things he loved about her - some days they were slow and gentle, others, like tonight, they were frenzied and hurried as if they were about to be separated again. It was never the same with Nikhila, never old, never monotonous. But always her.

Her hand through his hair felt delicious, as the other traveled down under his jeans to his ass. It was difficult to stand there and take it, so he didn't.

"Do you have any idea at all how fucking hot that is?" Xeph gasped as Nikhila pretty much tore the remainder of his clothing from him. Her hand was definitely not on his ass anymore. But before she could tease too far he wrapped his arms around her and muscled her to the couch, lowering his head once more to plunder her lips. As they parted for him he gently nipped at the tip of her tongue, then letting his own dive in to enjoy the flavor of the two of them together.

Lifting her, he collapsed onto the couch with her on top of him, still drinking her up, letting his hands roam as he settled her comfortably astride his hips. There was no need to wait; not now. He could feel her welcome warmth as he slid into her easily, and the feeling tore a sound that was half laugh, half moan from his throat.

"You should be illegal."
Nikhila 11 years ago
There was a throaty sound of appreciation once she had his cloths of and her remaining clothing -quickly- followed suit. In a less than modest move she took a bold look at Xeph and then smiled slyly giving ever indication that yes she did know how hot that was and that she was more than a little pleased with herself.

Letting herself be pulled on to the couch and then finding herself settled on top of him she gave a smoky sound of triumph.

"MMMmm I'll give you time off for good behavior. Just don't stop."Â?

Nikhila purred. Her eyes closed in appreciation she again raked her nails along his skin, lightly down his chest before letting her head fall back and exposing her throat. A submissive gesture even as she was in a dominant position.

She set a slow pace intent on savoring right now. Lord knew how long that would last...
Xeph 11 years ago
"i wasn't planning on stopping," Xeph muttered as he tipped his head back against the cushions of the couch and briefly closed his eyes.

Nikhila's slow pace was torturous but he reveled in it, doing his best not to alter the speed. He wrapped his big hands around her hips and slid them up her torso, opening his eyes and sitting back up a little bit. Supporting her so she didn't fall backwards, he leaned toward her and drew her nipple into his mouth, gently suckling at it as he moved with her. His left hand stayed at her back, holding her as she arched, his right made its own little exploration of her other breast.

Her exposed throat drew forth a rumble of satisfaction as the alpha within responded. That was the signal, to him, to turn her over, mount her from above, but not tonight. Xeph quelled that urge and continued to thrust upward, each rhythmic pulse matched with an equally delicious growl.

Let it not be said that he didn't take his baby-making seriously.
Nikhila 11 years ago
Even through a haze of lust she knew full well he was letting her keep control, it was heady and only encouraged her.

Her breath, which was coming faster now drew in sharply as his mouth found her breast and became only more ragged. Planting one hand on either side of his head, trapping him she leaned forward and took position of his lips. The kiss was deep yet despite her sense of power surprisingly sweet.

Meeting him thrust for thrust she wondered, on some deep subconscious level, if they weren't going to break the sofa some day. Orgasm washed over her with an intensity that had matched their love making and she melted falling forward her head next to his panting.
Xeph 11 years ago
Nikhila's kiss was ridiculously intense, enough so that he moaned "Oh my God, Nikhila," into it as she proceeded to blow his mind.

The opposite impressions of her gentle, sweet, deep kiss on top of her body's tension as she came were a powerful aphrodisiac that overwhelmed Xeph's senses. He hadn't thought he was that close, he
knew he hadn't been that close, but as she fell forward and he heard her ragged breathing, felt its heat against his neck, he wrapped his arms around her and bucked upward. The fire built, much faster now that he knew she had found her release, and within a few moments he, too, closed his eyes and clung helplessly as the same welcome climax that had overcome Nikhila took its turn with him.

This was almost his favorite part. Almost. Nothing topped when they came together, but the aftermath was every bit as enjoyable. Especially now... there was no hurry to part, no rush to separate themselves. They could lie there happily, caressing, stroking, feeling little aftershocks on the deepest level possible.

It could have been hours before Xeph lifted his head from the crook of Nikhila's neck and gave her a sheepish grin.

"What about dinner? I think I'm hungry now."
Nikhila 11 years ago
Nestling herself happily between Aidan and the back of the couch Nikhila lazily ran her hand up and down his arm and absently drop a kiss on his chest. The skin was warm and slightly sweaty salty. She was quite content not to move and was even considering a nap.

Nikhila groaned when he suggested dinner and tried to poke him in the ribs. Her muscles weren't quite responding and undoubtedly it didn't feel like anything.

"It is your night to cook."Â?

She decided suddenly. Because she certainly wasn't going to move right now, food took second place to basking in the afterglow. There wasn't really any need for words this was a wonderful compliment to what they'd just shred.

Perhaps it was him letting her take the lead, but even a bit wore out she was feeling slightly mischievous. She just wasn't quite sure how to start.
Xeph 11 years ago
Xeph nuzzled his nose into Nikhila's silky black hair and re-adjusted his hold on her to settle more deeply onto the couch.

"Yeah sure," he said lazily. "I'll cook dinner. You know how I can rock out a souffle."

He snorted to himself at the idea. Raw chicken it was!

"'Sides," he said as he stifled a yawn. "I can't have you going to work on an empty stomach tomorrow. I need you awake and energetic and all of that."

He waved his hand idly, indicating "all that" as he placed a few soft kisses across Nikhila's shoulder. Yeah, he was just about to go make dinner. Uh-huh.
Nikhila 11 years ago
"A chocolate soufflé please."�

She said smile surprising a grin. None of this got her any closer to dinner but while he might have worked up and appetite she was less than interested in food right now.

Lightly chuckling at his yawn and the idea of being awake and energetic she ran her fingers through his hair.

Ah is that how one started being mischievous. Nikhila buried her face in his side, not certain she would totally trust her expression in this instance.

"Speaking of work..."Â?

Nikhila paused just long enough to give him time to groan, at least mentally, for there was no better way to ruin the after effects of amazing sex then with work talk.

"I was thinking of taking a leave of absence toward the end of the year probably into the beginning of next year."Â?

Taking some pity on him she added, seemingly as an after thought.

"Don't you have some time off due you?"Â?
Xeph 11 years ago
Xeph snickered. "Sure. Chocolate souffle. Coming up, as soon as I call a baker."

And then, suddenly, the beautiful mood was gone, evaporated, yanked out from under him like a rug.

"A leave of absence?"

His blood ran cold and he sat up again, jostling Nikhila and almost upsetting them both. His hands gripped her shoulders and he looked at them, appalled, as they actually shook. She had promised. They lived together now. They were happy. Weren't they happy?

A wave of terror hit him like a sucker punch to the stomach.

He was going to be sick. That was what this odd feeling was, right? Betrayal? Xeph drew in a breath, and then the rest of Nikhila's words somehow managed to penetrate into his thick skull.

"Huh? Both of us?"

His body relaxed, just like that, leaving him with the limp, prickly sensation of a consumed adrenaline rush. He dropped his head to Nikhila's chest and went to pieces, just a teeny bit.

"You're not leaving?" It was a whisper, broken but still hopeful. "Where are we going?"

He wasn't going to let her get away again. He couldn't take it. There was no tomorrow after Nikhila left again. They'd come too far, to finally get where they should be. What was she asking for?
Nikhila 11 years ago
For a brief moment she thought they would both wind up on the floor. This was not a reaction she had expected. Not at all. She took his hands in hers and held them, silently trying to reassure him.

Nikhila suddenly felt tremendously guilty. There was no way to undo it though. All she could do was keep going forward.

"Not a long one, perhaps three months."Â?

His gut reaction seemed to be subsiding and he seemed to be thinking a little bit.

"Both of us."Â?

She reaffirmed. With out a second thought she stroked his hair. It was some what astounding to her that Aidan's reaction would be this strong. Xeph was an Alpha, The Alpha he was strong, confidant, independent she would never have imagined him being this upset about the idea of her leaving for a while. Especially knowing she would be coming back. After all, Nikhila had promised not leave with out telling him and she had promised to always return. He knew that. She didn't have the heart to point that out to him though.

Instead she continued to try and physically offer him comfort, lightly kissing the top of his head.

"I didn't think we would go any where. I simply think we will both need some time off."Â?
Xeph 11 years ago
Xeph laughed at himself for overreacting. Of course Nikhila wasn't leaving. Still, he held her tightly once again and heaved a sigh.

"Sorry," he said quickly. "You just surprised me, that's all."

What an unusual request though. She thought they would need time off? And she didn't have his particular ability to...

Well wait a tick.

Xeph pulled back once more and looked at Nikhila, really looked at her, using his uncanny intuition. He saw Nikhila, and he saw... more. He saw himself, and that made him happy. And he saw someone else, vague and unformed. Someone in the background. He saw Nikhila making a home. She needed to burrow into a comfortable den for a little while, soon. In the near future. She needed to rely upon him.

Those were Nikhila's needs as they translated to Xeph. And he, in that unusual way of his, suddenly understood what it was she was teasing about, what she was trying to say.

He cupped her face in his hands. Kissed her softly as comprehension dawned.
"Are you really telling me we did it?"

He stroked her face gently, traced his fingers down her chest and rested them lightly upon her stomach. "Is that what this is about?"

Xeph watched her intently for her reaction, for confirmation of what he already knew was true.

He was going to be a father.
Nikhila 11 years ago
"I will never leave you."Â?

She reaffirmed her promise to him.

Grinning, but still feeling a bit bad, she didn't even tease him about over reacting.

Cheater! There was never any outward sign when Xeph was looking extra hard at a person or a situation. Even without an outward cue, however, she had a good idea that is what he was doing.

His kiss was soft and sweet. He knew, she was certain of it. Not really able to find the words, she hadn't even said them aloud to herself let alone anyone else, Nikhila could only nod. One of his hands rested on her stomach and she rested a hand on his.

"Practice apparently makes perfect."Â?

She smiled, a little hesitantly. Nikhila had suspected for a bit and known for a day or two. It was wonderful, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. However, she held her reaction in check. While they had been trying since they moved in together, so this shouldn't be a surprise, Nikhila still needed to know he was as happy about this as she was before reacting.