And then the Lion ate the Lamb

A pulsing, sultry beat was heard as they entered Babylon, the lights dimmed low to create that unique almost intoxicating atmosphere.

They walked side by side, close but not touching, yet... there was something in the air as she moved, her hips swaying with each step she took, the heels she was wearing adding that extra bounce to her step as she now stood at more then 6" tall, making her a little taller then Panos.

Tossing her hair out of her face she scanned the room, it was packed tonight, various couples and single patrons sitting at tables and the bar areas, she was sure there was something wicked going on behind closed doors in one of the VIP rooms.

Walking over to the stage she watched stripper do a routine on the pole, the girls long blond curls falling down to the ground as she hung upside down, smiling sexily at Alex as the other woman watched her with mild interest, reaching inside the pocket of her faded blue jeans she pulled out a 20, holing it out grinned as the stripper reached for it, just before she got hold of it she pulled her hand back, cocking her head to the side she smirked, if she wanted it she would have to work for it.

Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
It was of little surprize to him that Alexandra picked Babylon over the few other hotspots. It was a mix of class and rauncy all at the same time. Although it wasn't his favorite place, given that most of his recent ridiculous adventures had started here, he was glad for the throngs of bodies and loud music.

Panos watched as Alexandra, who looked like sex on heels, teased the stripper and coaxed her into more obscene moves. He shook his head and laughed as he took a seat at one of the round tables near the stage.

It wasn't long before a curvacious woman slinked up to his with a tray.

"Can I get you something to drink sir?"

Casting a glance at Alexandra, Panos took it upon himself to order them both a round.

"Two shots of whiskey."

The girl smiled, nodded and walked away.
Alexandra 14 years ago
The stripper gave her a cute little pout as she pulled the bill out of her reach, watching her twirl around the pole made her feel almost giggly, like getting up there herself and hanging upside down from the pole.

But this wasn't the time for such a stunt, watching the stripper a little longer she finally give her an applause and handed over the bill, getting a blown kiss and a wink as a thank you, turning on her heels she headed toward Panos who was seated at one of the tables near the stage, leaning in she gave him a short but sweet kiss on the lips.

"Don't you agree that stripper looked good enough to eat?"

Letting out a soft laughter she took a seat next to him, just then the waitress returned with their drinks, looking a little of at the fact that Alexa was now seated next to Panos, maybe the busty girl had hoped to get lucky tonight, smirking she tanked her for the drinks, lifting her glass at Panos she smiled brightly at him.

"What should we taste to?"
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
Alexandra slid into the chair next to him with ease as the drinks were appearing at the table. Handing the waitress a twenty he hardly noticed the womans exit.

"Just about." He replied to Alexandra's comment about the stripper.

Unbelievably, he was sure he had had enough of strippers for one life time. They were all good looks and fancy tricks on the outside, but once you got past all that they were painstaking little chirping high pitched voiced headaches.

Raising his glass to match hers, Panos thought about what they could toast too.

"Too freedom, and all it's disquises."

It seemed fitting enough, Alexandra had liberated herself from her maker, and he had rejoined the Tacharan. They were both different types of freedom but they both ensured safety for each of them.

"Is this your first night back in town?"

His question was accusatory. He was only looking for fact, given that it might be another reason to toast.