The Faceless Guest

The vampire known to most simply as The Wolf stepped through the doorway of the Abbatoire, his black hooded cloak billowing out behind him at the draft he took inside with him. Keen blue eyes took in the scene as the otherwise seemingly faceless man sniffed the air, his nostrils twitching and flaring, his head tilted back to catch the scents of the Tacharan vampires.

He was ravenous, but that was nothing unusual. Coming to the Abbatoire tonight was probably tempting fate, but The Wolf liked to push those limits on himself. It made him strong, waiting and waiting and waiting until he thought he'd go mad with the lust, and then pushing just that little bit further...the practice honed his skills. He felt the rush of thirst course through him, growing stronger and stronger.

Soon enough, he would feed. Tonight the blood of vampires would drip from his fangs, but he must be patient. It was patience that allowed him to be here tonight, a guest in the Tacharan hunt. By allowing one vampire to live he had been given dozens to slaughter; the benefits were obvious enough.

He waited in the entryway to the Abbatoire. Even he knew better than to push fate too far.

Simon Huntington 19 years ago
(reference - the hunt and trainer in domicile)

Simon stood in the elevator, his hand still touching the outline of his cell phone. The text message he received down on the main floor with Ellis only said four words.

'The Wolf is here.'

Ellis' truce with the vampire killing vampire disgusted Simon but he understood it. She tolerated much more than Simon, letting the filthy animal run with Tacharan. The Wolf was an untapped resource of killing and Ellis knew his value. Yet Simon longed for the day he would see him dead. Till then, he had to go meet the fucker before he killed anyone stupid enough to look in his direction.
Gaia 19 years ago
Gaia sat in the club as a man entered. His cape was rather dramatic and her eyebrow rose. She sat lounging in a chair in relative darkness she didn't recognize him but she knew who he was.

She had received a message a short time ago 'The wolf has arrived.'

"Welcome Wolfy." She grinned snarling at him as she sat in the darkness her boots were up on the table in front of her. She was wearing a white full leather body suit. Her hair was braided over her shoulder and some had said it make her look like an angel. That always made her clear blue eyes brighten.

Gaia usually saved this outfit for second day of training after their 'dreamwalk' with her but this time she thought it was a special occasion. The hunt was going to take place.

"Do come closer I will not bite." She said almost magically the lights above her table flicked on. Gaia guessed it was on a timer but the effect was nice.
Lykaios 19 years ago
The Wolf looked the woman in white up and down, flaring his nostrils and smelling the blood on her even before he saw the crimson stain on her leather suit.

Her own blood.

He knew he could not kill this one, lest he risk the wrath of Tacharan, but if she wanted to play chicken he was more than game. The craving was nearly overpowering, the scent of the blood fresh, and his fangs were long.

He wondered how long he could hold out as he approached her table, and found himself hoping it would be a short time indeed. There was nothing worse than a vampire bitch in his opinion, and this one in particular had a reputation that preceded her.

The Trainer. The Wolf did not know her name, nor did he care. She was the one who taught the Harvesters.

The Wolf found that situation blackly amusing.

He stopped a few feet from the table and inclined his head almost imperceptibly.

"Trainer,"Â? he rasped.
Simon Huntington 19 years ago
Simon reached out and stopped the elevator from ascending to the Abbatoir. Fuck this, I'm not babysitting that animal, Simon muttered. He redirected the elevator to his floor. He was still wearing his black trousers, blue linen shirt and overcoat and he'd need to change before Ellis came up from her shower.

The elevator opened and he walked to the opposite end of the long hallway. His quarters were located next to Ellis'. He slowed as he past her entrance, but decided to move on and deal with her appetite later.

Upon entering his apartment, he hung his jacket up in the walk in closet by the door and proceeded down into the living room pit, across the room, to the grated stairs that led up to his bedroom loft and dressing quarters. Kicking off his shoes, he pulled off his pants revealing strong, lithe legs. He wiggled his toes as he unbuttoned his shirt. He always loved the feel of berber carpet. His walk in closet was a small downtown apartment all to itself. Walking in he pulled out a tight micromesh shirt that fit his body like a glove. He fingered a pair of worn leather pants that Carol had brought him earlier in the week.

'These are new from Duibne,' she had said. Their experimental testing department. 'Its functional leather that has a purpose, other than making you delish.' She winked and handed him several pair.

Sliding them on, he wondered if he looked like he was going out for dinner, instead of harvesting. Bending at the knee the gave like micromesh but still looked like black leather. They didnt seem to reflect light like leather either. Leather, for the fasionably insane. He grabbed his black steel toed boots and wondered who the wolf was trying to kill.
Simon Huntington 19 years ago
Simon hated black leather trenchcoats. It reminded him of those vampire movies and it just annoyed him. As he crossed the Abbatoir pit, he looked around at all the vampire sterotypes. Fetish, black leather, chains and pink hair. Tacharan vampires were considered the orphans, the freaks, the untamed. Only Simon felt like a freak as he made his way their the gyrating wave of leather. He never understood the fashion trends of vampires. He preferred Prada over pleather. Ellis was more like him in this respect, but she knew everything about her children and was always keeping abreast on trends.

Simon slowed his pace for a moment. Children. Half if not almost all Tacharan vampires were his turns or he designated vampires to turn with his permission. Ellis was wise not to make many of her own and used Simon and his brood of turners to fill the flock, so to speak. He was her only child and they were bonded deeper than most old married couples. He could not only feel her presences but her emotions and that in itself was a difficult privelage.

He reached the stairs and ascended slowly, looking like sex at midnight in all black. His light brown hair was tussled every which way, his hazel eyes deep and glaring. Simon stood 6'4 and about 215lbs of muscle. He walked with liquid movements and hunted like a great white shark. Coming to the first flight of stairs, he could see Gaia and Wolf baring their fangs at each other. Simon cursed and took the rest of the steps double time.
Lykaios 19 years ago
The Wolf chuckled softly to himself as his nostrils flared.

The Praetor is here. Excellent.

The Wolf found The Praetor quite entertaining. Ruled and yet not ruled by a woman vampire. He wondered if the Tacharan XO's patience surpassed even his own; he, after all, had not yet killed his maker.

He must be waiting for something very good. The Wolf could understand that.

Keeping his eyes locked on The Trainer, he spoke, softly, but knowing the man would hear him.

It is good to smell you.

He chuckled darkly at his own joke.

It is time?

The Wolf could be patient, oh yes. But sometimes he did not wish to be, especially when there was blood in the room and a vampire begging to be bitten.
Simon Huntington 19 years ago
Simon's quick pace betrayed his anxiousness. He loathed having Lykaios here.

'Is it time?' The Wolf asked.

Simon gave Lykaios hardly a glance, 'Lykaios...always a pleasure. Kill anyone I would know lately?' He didnt wait for an answer, he knew his sarcasm wouldnt be missed. 'We leave via the sewers, we're off to the alley ways.' Simon turned and motioned behind him. Within moments 5 darkly clad members stood with bags in hand. One stepped forward and bowed before them.

These were the harvesters. Broken and rebuilt machines made for hunting vampires. Each with abilities like agility, contortion and coat of arms, all with blood lust. These were the elite members of Tacharan's Mercs. Killers who captured their own kind for clan profit.

'Wolf, do I have to remind killing and minimal bloodshed? There's no point in harvesting them if they're in pieces.'
Lykaios 19 years ago
I remember, Praetor.

The Wolf turned to face The Praetor and the Harvesters. He inclined his head respectfully in the direction of the five vampires. They were like him and unlike him, and their discipline held a certain appeal for The Wolf.

Not enough to become one, though. The Wolf went his own way and for his own purposes.

Where is your Treoraí an Tí?

The Wolf had to admit, he did not wish to kill the woman as badly as some other vampires. He had, in fact, looked forward to seeing her. She amused him, and with her it was a shared amusement, not merely him laughing at her in his mind.
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Where is your Treoraí an Tí?, asked Wolf.

A long, steel blade appeared suddenly under Lykaios' chin. It hovered just above his adam's apple and kissed his chin ever so gently.
'Wolf, darlin. Asking about me again, I'm flattered.'

Ellis cooed gently into the Wolf's ear and reached up further with the hand that was holding the sword. She let the blade glide past, leaving it untouched till finally her hand was up by his chin. She flicked his chin gently with one of her fingers, making him jerk his head in annoyance. She tipped her head down and chuckled, letting him see the other short sword inches from his mid section.

Ellis batted her long eyelashes.
Lykaios 19 years ago
A woman with a sense of humor. Rare indeed. No, definitely should not kill her at this time. The Wolf appreciated her subtle sense of irony and her mockery of traditional female behavior.

He could not imagine the hell that must be serving under her, but he could see the humor from where he stood

New toys, oh Treoraí an Tí?

He flared his nostrils, sniffing at the swords for the remnants of blood.

Ah...well used toys. Such finery should not be wasted on a Wolf's blood.

The Wolf chuckled again and performed a mock courtly bow, studiously avoiding the blade at his midsection without actually acknowledging its presence.

There is other blood for us tonight. It is time?
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
Ellis sheathed her celtic short swords but in reality they didnt appear to look like swords at all...more like long daggers. They were well used over the years, but more often than not, she has been favoring the smaller handguns that Simon dabbles with. Still, tonight she would bring them, although one usually ended up left behind, while the other strapped nicely to her back. They normally used small caliber bullets, less bloodshed.

Waste not....

'Lets saddle up!' She enjoyed hunts, especially when Lykaios came along. His freelancing with Tacharan made hunts go faster, but sometimes his quick killing left more blood wasted than she'd like. Standing close to the Wolf, she felt Simon's eyes on her. How he hates the Wolf so. She looked at Simon just then and admired his micromesh shirt. How it hugged his curves, especially his arms. He saw her looking at him and he winked.

She took a step back and then waved her team on. Ellis was wearing her normal hunting gear. Black catsuit with non reflecting matted buckles, her hair tied back in an unbraided ponytail that hung low. Her forearms, elbows, shoulders and the tops of her thighs had slightly padded material but the suit left little to the imagination and hugged her like second skin. Ellis reached out and gently raked a nail along Simon's chin.

'You lead tonight.' She loved watching him stalk. She touched her right fang with the tip of her tongue.
Lykaios 19 years ago
The Wolf needed no further instruction. He turned to The Trainer, flared his nostrils again at the scent of her blood, and gestured to the exiting crew.

A Wolf will follow The Trainer's lead.

He smirked, though he knew no one could see it through the darkness of his hood, and watched as The Trainer rose and left, resisting the temptation to snap his fangs at her in passing before following behind.

Very soon, he would get his blood.

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