Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and Happy Sunday to those who don't!

This time of year is one of the two nights I get to say " Oh my goodness! What's Daisy barking at?! I think he's in the neighborhood! YOUR STILL AWAKE!!! He's gonna skip our house!" and then watch my kid brush his teeth at top speeds and dash into bed with his eyes squeezed tighter than new jar lid.

so awesome.

Time to left hand write a letter thanking my son for the plate of carrots and glass of water!

Dana 13 years ago
Happy Easter! This is our first year when the age difference in our kids puts the oldest in the firm realm of the Adult Conspiracy. She at 11 got to hide the Easter eggs for her baby sister, who is 8, and still firmly entrenched in the beautiful innocence of belief.
Pakpao 13 years ago
Happy easter and may you remember where you hid all the eggs... because come about June they really start to smell...
Amberelle DeEspionne 13 years ago
Hope everyone had a great Easter!
Diane 13 years ago
My son just said, MOM! I found another egg the bunny hid! Good thing they are plastic with Rolo's in them
Alexandra 13 years ago
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, over here (in the Netherlands) we say it's a hare and not a bunny, we hid eggs and took a walk in the woods and stumbled up on a real hare! a HUGE brown one, then the next day we went for a walk again and saw 3 large hares, so big and gorgeous they are, much larger then bunnies with large ears and enormous hind legs I love hares.

My daughter who is 6 now loves getting easter eggs and finding small gifts at easter breakfast, it's so much fun.