The beginning of the end as we know it (open)

Sometimes you know change is coming, you can feel it in every fibre of your being, every cell radiates it, it's like the world around you is screaming for you to take that next step, to get out there and show them how it all fell apart, but then there you are, stuck in the middle, pulled in all directions at once, bursting op from the inside out, like a butterfly crawling out of it's cocoon.

Having been gone from Nachton for some time had given her time to evaluate her life, the city she was living in and it felt good to be back.

Concentrating on her breathing she finished up her Yoga routine, coming down upward dog she closed her eyes and pushed up on her arms raising her head towards the ceiling. Arching her back she rested on the tips of her toes, arching her back up she moved fluidly into down ward dog, bringing her pelvis as close to her knees as possible as her butt stuck up into the air and her head hung down, lifting her left leg she bought up up as high as she could before swinging it through and finishing in a beautiful runners pose.

The calming music in the room gave her a serene feeling, she hadn't felt this calm and at ease with herself in a long time.

Turning her head as she heard clapping coming from the doorway and a soft chuckling she smiled at Louis who stood there calmly clad in a pair of soft grey sweat pants, his toned chest and arms folded in front of it as he smirked at her.

"What, you're just gonna stand there and watch me sweat?"

Grinning she finished up and reached for her water bottle and towel, swinging it around her neck she walked towards him.

"Any plans for today?"

Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
Panos walked down the street with no real agenda. No real reason as to why he was going to Alexandra's home other than it was something familiar to him. She had gone out of country and he knew there was little to no chance she'd be there but that was ok. He knew how to get in to her place and if all he did was lay on the couch for the day then he'd be content. Chryseis was gone, Delilah had run off to get away from him and even though Luka promised she was ok, he still felt unsettled. As much as he loved Luka like he was a member of his own family, there was something nagging him to keep the man at arms length.

So Panos came to where he now stood, out front of Alexandra's home. Shock from seeing the soft glow of lights from the front window was holding him in place. Was someone in her place? Was Alexandra home?

Taking himself up to the door Panos paused and listened, his hand mid way to the door knob. Hearing the light murmur of music and voices, he pulled back and knocked.
Louis Morel 13 years ago
A smirk covered his features as he watched her, running a hand across the stubble covering his scalp. He had kept it this short since they returned from Europe, it was easy to handle and he liked the way it looked on him.

"You're kidding right, you expect me to take part in that girl stuff"

Giggling she walked by him, slapping him on the arm as she passed.

"And to answer your questions, I was going to go out to get a bite to eat, this blood out of a bag just doesn't cut it for me, want to join me?"

As she opened her mouth to reply there was a knock at the door, raising a brow he cocked his head to the side.

"Expecting anyone?"
Alexandra 13 years ago
Sometimes she felt like punching him and hugging him at the same time, giggling she walked by him, punching his arm as she passed, Yoga girlie, AS IF!

Her stomach rumbled at the mention of food, true they had been living of off bagged blood for a while, but that just wasn't the same, real warm right out of a human was the way to go, her fangs tingled at the thought of sinking them into a warm neck, subconsciously licking her lips she opened her mouth to reply just as there was a knock at the door, was she expecting anyone?

"No.. noone knows we're back"

Walking over to the door she removed the chain and pulled it open, her eyes widening as she saw who it was.


How had he known she was back and why was he here, it had been months since she last saw him and that as she remembered correctly didn't run all that smoothly.

Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
Panos stood there silently, staring at Alexandra.

"Your home." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

He searched his brain for the right emotions, the right expression to put on his face, but came up empty. The shock of seeing her shook him from his fog suddenly.

"I...was in the neighborhood so I swung by to make sure your place was still standing. I saw the lights."

He was lying but what else could he say? Panos didn't want her to think he was watching her. They'd always came and gone as they pleased, usually without giving the other a time frame for their travels. That wasn't anything he couldn't deal with, hell they lived for fucking ever what was a few months or years apart? Normalacy.

It occured to him that the last time he had seen her things hadn't went well. There had been wolves, humans and secrets in the mix and undoubtly Alexandra had to have been put off. He was surprised she hadn't demanded answers, or maybe she had? He had been so caught up in all of it at the time that he couldn't remember.
Alexandra 13 years ago
She opened her mouth and closed it again, he was in the neighbourhood and saw lights.. right.. grabbing her towel with both hands she nodded and took a step back.

"Well since you're here, come in"

Looking over her shoulder she noticed Louis leaning against the door frame of her work out room, he had his arms crossed over his chest and calmly looked at her, she noticed the look of disappointment in his eyes, their little bubble of solitude had been popped by Panos' arrival.

Turning back to Panos she gave him a faint smile.

"You remember Louis right?"

Leading Panos into the living room she sat down on the couch, her body language was tense, not because she didn't want him here, but because she didn't know what to expect of him, if she looked at her own feelings towards him she knew there was still something there, something more then lust, they had an open relationship, they didn't claim one another, but there was something, call it a bond, call it what?

Looking up she noticed Louis hadn't entered the room, he probably wanted to give them some room to talk.
Louis Morel 13 years ago
Damn... that was the only word coming to mind, just when she was so relaxed and at ease around him, THAT guy had to show up messing everything up.

Nodding his hello as Alex mentioned him he turned on his heels walking into the room she had been doing her Yoga, standing in front of the punching bag he hit it full force making the ring holding it at the ceiling cracking slightly.

Growling low in his throat he steadied the bag, maybe a little manual labour would get his mind cleared, that or he would tear the guy apart.

Taking a deep breath he began to punch the bag in earnest, hit after hit he felt a little calmer, but the anger didn't go away, that was still there boiling just under the surface.
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
Alexandra looked just as surprised to see him as he had to see her. Maybe she hadn't planned on telling him she had returned, maybe she was leaving again. Either way he said nothing as she led him inside. Panos noticed Louis standing silently in the hall. He didn't miss the fact that Louis didn't greet him as he entered.

Alexandra's introduction of him was unneeded, He hadn't forgotten the man as he had been like a barnacle on Alexandra's ass since coming into town. He was everywhere she went. Panos felt a mix between contempt and pity for the guy. Nodding at Louis, Panos walked into the living area and stood awkwardly.

Placing his hands into the pockets of his khaki's, he absently looked about the room before focusing on Alexandra.

"Chryseis is dead." he said after a moment, not knowing what else to talk about.

"The wolf got her a few months ago. I've rejoined the clan since then."

He wasn't sure how she would feel about that last bit of information. It had only been a few years since she left Tacharan herself.
Alexandra 13 years ago

Getting up off the couch as if she had been stung by a bee she paced around the room, stopping in front of him she cleared her throat.

"Sorry to hear about your aunt, I didn't really know her but she seemed civil at least"

Furrowing her brows she bit her bottom lip, the wolf had killed her, she remembered it.. him.. that red head, the little blonde.

"Did Simon just let you in like that? What about Ellis, I know that she's back, the grapevine works well as you know"

Pulling the towel from around her neck she dropped it on the couch, sitting back down again she patted the couch motioning him to sit, a lot had happened since she and Louis had been gone, it was time to catch up.
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
Her leap from where she had been sitting brought a small smile to his face. It also made a crack in teh quickly growing tension.

"I ran out of options. She came into where I was staying and attacked me there. Chryseis..." It was hard to talk about Chryseis's involvement that day. "It was supossed to be me."

He finished feably, sitting where she had motioned to him.

"Simon offered my place amongst them back and I couldn't refuse. All he wanted was information on Diane and I was more than happy to give it to him. It feels like things are different there now. It's been calm since I've been back, I never even saw Ellis."

He wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing. As the last leader of the clan, Ellis had been a bit off and in a malicious way. She still owned a piece of him, one of the reason being for Alexandra and his part in trying to make sure she left Tacharan safely, and he was wary.

"How were your travels? I see you made it back in piece and thats always a good thing." He didn't know where she went or what she did, but it was always safe to assume that returning as a whole person was a plus.
Alexandra 13 years ago
Her mind was spinning, Chryseis dead, Panos back at Tàcharan, werewolves running around killing vampires, what the fuck was going on?

Frowning a bit at his story she leaned forward, placing her elbows on her knees, resting her chin on top of her palms, furrowing her bottom lip she contemplated her answer, would she tell him what they had been doing in Europe or not, she decided it was wise to wait a bit.

"My travels where successful, we handled what needed to be handled and yes all of me is still here in one piece, firmly attached to the rest of me."

Smirking she looked back at him, she could hear Louis going at it in the other room, it sounded like he was beating the shit out of the punching bag, raising a brow she sighed softly, she knew Panos and Louis would never be friends, she didn't expect them to be.

"So other then you living back at the complex under Simon's wing, how are you really doing? the clan treating you well? I must be honest with you, I never expected in a million years that you would ever rejoin with them, if you were to join a clan I'd think you'd join the one Chryseis was in"

Louis going at it like a madman was getting on her nerves, she had to hold herself back from storming in there and tell him to fuck off, she understood his feelings, she really did but did he have to be so damn loud and out there! Subconsciously rolling her eyes she straightened her back letting her arms fall to her sides.
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
Panos sank back into the couch and rested his hands on his knees. Even with Louis hammering away in the background he felt a small sense of ease. Briefly he wondered if there was a door to the exercise room and why hadn't Louis shut it, but then concidered the fact that Louis was most likely doing it on purpose. Panos pretended he didn't hear any of it.

"Those stuffed shirts at Anantya? Have you ever came across one of them wasn't so full of their own shit they practically spewed it? No way, besides I stay away from Fallon. I believe she's running that place now and I wouldn't exactly be high on her list of recruits."

Fallon had been one hell of a major fuck up on his part. Originally he had kidnapped her with plans of bringing her around as a familiar, but when that hadn't worked out and he killed her, panic set in and he turned her instead. He had spent the better most part of her early vampire life being nasty to her out of guilt until recently he had just stayed away. Unsure how to handle her.

"Other than all that shit, I'm fine. It's not bad there and I have all my old rooms. I don't know if you know this, but Shay is now a vampire. I thought I'd shit my fucking pants when I saw her. She doesn't remember us or anything before becomming a vampire. It's sad really, but I like vampire Shay. She's not all that bad."

If it hadn't been for Shay, he would have never met Alexandra. He looked over at her now and admired how even sweaty she looked beautiful. Then again he had made her alot sweatier than that and she had always looked glorious then, lying naked beneath him. The thought brought an evil smirk to his face.

"I was lying before when I said I was checking on your place. I came here on purpose." He shrugged.
Alexandra 13 years ago
Laughing out loud she shook her head, she did know one Anantya, she was a good friend, she missed her friend Amby, she hadn't seen the blonde in ages.

"Not all of them are like that, I happen to know one and she's great"

Her eyes widened at the mentioning of Shay having become a vampire, her dear friend Shay.. and she had amnesia like she herself had, maybe she should pay her a visit, even if she didn't remember anything before being turned. Panos said she was doing well, living at Tàcharan like him, that alone made her feel uncomfortable, she didn't part ways with Simon on a good level and she did play a big part in the return of Ellis, that was something on it's own.

Moving a lock of hair out of her eyes she focused her eyes on him as he spoke again, so he didn't just pass by her apartment.

"Then enlighten me, what where you doing here, you didn't know I had returned, wait... you're sniffing through my undies are you?"

Grinning at him she noticed that Louis had stopped his mistreating of the punching bag, it was almost eerie quiet for a moment, getting up she placed a hand on Panos' arm.

"Be right back okay, get yourself a drink if you want, there is O and beer in the fridge"

Getting up she walked back to the work out room, noticing Louis sitting against one of the walls she cleared her throat.

"Are you done being a pain in the ass?"
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
He doubted that any of his aunts former clan members weren't sticks in the mud. Perhaps Alexandra had hit her head before she met the other vampire.

Laughing, Panos shook his head in response to her teasing.

"No, I promise it wasn't a panty raid. At the risk of sounding shatterable, I came here for comfort. I was going to sit here like this," He held his hands up to indicate his position on the couch. "until I fell asleep or got bored and went back home."

Panos hoped that didn't come across as creepy but at least it was the truth.

From down the hall silence echoed throughout the home. The soft creak of a chain could be heard as the punching bag slowed to a stop. Alexandra noticed this as well and stood. She offered him a drink and excused herself to go check on Louis. Thankfully he had already eaten before he had come this way. Refrigerated blood gave him the willies. It was thick and even after you microwaved it, it still tasted like old man. He had enough of that stuffa few years back when he had gotten shot. The beer on the other hand, sounded like a good idea. Heading into the kicthen he opened the fridge. Frowning at the bagged blood he reached past the plastic bags and snatched up a beer. Back in the livingroom he settled back down on the couch and made his best effort not to hear Alexandra and Louis in the other room.

It was a challenge.
Louis Morel 13 years ago
His breathing was coming a little faster then normal, sitting quietly leaning against the wall he looked up as Alex entered.

"What is he doing here?"

There was no use in lying to her by saying he was glad to see the other man, he wasn't deal with it. Getting to his feet he grabbed a bottle of water standing in the windowsill, taking a long drink from it he looked at her questioning.
Alexandra 13 years ago
Sighing softly at his reply she walked further into the room, standing next to him she looked outside for a moment.

"He came to seek comfort in the apartment, I guess he missed me, I missed him too, more then I realized I did"

Pausing she made eye contact, her expression told him there was no room for discussion.

"He's my friend, more then that, I like him, deal with it. You know very well that what happened between you and me is in the past. You're my bestfriend Louis, I love you, but keep out of my private life, is that clear?"

He nodded at her, turning he walked out of the room, moments later she heard the shower starting. Walking back to the living room she saw that Panos had gotten himself a beer and was comfortably lounging on the couch, taking a seat next to him she was quiet for a while, just enjoying the silence.

She knew she had to say something, make a smart remark, say something nice, anything, but she didn't know what. Turning to him she searched his eyes for something, anything, what she saw was longing, loneliness, relief even. Reaching out she touched his cheek, a soft touch, the first one since he had entered back into her life.
Louis Morel 13 years ago
The water was pounding down on him as he stood in the shower, eyes closed with his palms pressed against the cool shower wall tiles.

She had in not so many words told him to back off, to not interfere in her private life. He knew she was right, damn it she was right. She was her own woman, a beautiful strong woman who made her own choices and decided on her own path in life, who was he to interfere in that. But damn was it hard not too.

Quickly washing his body he turned of the shower, drying himself of he decided he would leave to go hunting, dressing in a pair of casual faded jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt, slipping on is baseball sneakers and black leather bomber jacket he grabbed his keys and phone and quietly left the apartment.

(( Ooc. Louis out ))
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
He watched as Alexandra came and sat beside him on the couch. Not taking his eyes off her, he took a sip of his beer.

At her touch on his face, he reflexively leaned into her hand.

Louis had left without a word and the implications of that wasn't lost on Panos. Obviously the man wasn't pleased that he was there. It was no real sweat off his back but he knew better to assume Alexandra felt the same way.

Cupping her hand with his own, he slid her fingertips down to his lips and kissed them gently.

"Everything ok?"

The roads they traveled were undoubtly unique and seperate but somehow they always found themselves comming back to each other. That used to puzzle him, the strange pull her felt whenever Alexandra was around, or worse yet when she was gone. Now he was used to it, having accepted it for what it was. He loved her but it wasn't a possesive love, dangerous and lead by pure emotions. It was something different all together. It was just apart of him, unconditional. He had never felt that way before death or afterwards and he secretly considered it a gift from the Gods who had for the better part of his life, forsaked him. He must have pleased Aphrodite some where along the line.
Alexandra 13 years ago
Leaning into his touched she followed his movement with her eyes as he kissed her fingertips, she had noticed Louis leaving, not that she minded that little fact, with his attitude she didn't want him around, pulling her hand back as Panos asked her if she was ok she placed both of her hands in her lap, looking back up she spoke softly.

"We went to Europe for a reason, we got news that Michel was weakening, the opening we had been waiting for"

Pausing she looked up at him, taking a deep breath she straightened herself up.

"We killed him, took what was ours, the belongings we left behind when we left France, it was hard but we did it, we're finally free, free from our past"

Sighing softly as she finished her story she felt relieve wash over her, it was like a burden had been lifted of off her shoulders.

"I've missed you"
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
His eyebrows rose in mild surprise.

It wasn't that he didn't think she should be out doing dangerous things. Hell she wasn't THAT young that he'd be concerned, she knew what she was doing. He was merely shocked to find out that Louis and her had tied up those powerful loose ends.

"Well, even more of reason to be glad you returned in one piece then. Should we be worried about any retaliation from his devotees?"

Or rather were there anymore French guys planning on showing up in town that he may or may not have to deal with? Louis was enough, specially since he had originally come to murder Alexandra but ended up living there instead.

The sigh she let out was heavy and it made his heart ache. Leaning forward Panos set his beer on the cocktail table and scooted closer to her. Kissing her head he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, using his hand to brush away stray hairs from her face.

"I've missed you too. I get lost when your not around."

It was true that everything insane seemed to happen while she was away. Usually leaving him in a wake of fucked up aftermath.

"Not to mention, I do crazier shit." He teased.

"Which much make you just as crazy, seeing as you keep my nutty ass around."
Alexandra 13 years ago
Leaning into the hug he gave her, smiling as he kissed the top of her head she pulled back a little and smiled at him.

"We've done some pretty crazy shit together if my mind doesn't deceive me and nah you're not crazy, just different"

Winking she kissed him on the cheek, it was good to have him around again, good to be back in Nachton.

"I was planning on going out to grab a bite to eat before you arrived, how about you let me change and we go out for a bit, or would you rather stay here?"

Moving into him she wrapped her arms around his waist, kissing him softly on the lips she once again smiled, she wouldn't mind staying in, but she had to admit she was feeling a bit hungry.