Just a little B & E ((Attention Bao))

Tonight was the night. Amberelle had spent the last few weeks since she'd met Bao researching the lawyer and his house. It was a lovely and ornate brownstone in an area of town she was coming to love. Very posh, very upper crust. If the blond had been interested in choosing someplace outside of Heolfor for herself this would be very appealing. She'd spent the last several nights assessing it from afar and up close so she was ready to make her move. No one would pay any attention to the small golden cat that darted through the shadows of the huge old oaks that stretched their arms outwards to leave the street engulfed in shadows despite the nearly full moon. Pools of golden light dotted the street from the retrofitted old gas lamps. But she avoided those and stuck to the thick shadows around the gnarled, rooty bases.

Across the street from the last house was an open expanse of greenery with a white gazebo visible in the distance. This was her destination, the large one nestled at the end of the street with a lovely view of the park. A few dozen yards before her rose the darkened home she sought. The cat seemed to smile. Slipping around back easily through the wrought iron fence in the front the cat darted between the house and its large detached garage. In the backyard was another ancient old oak with limbs that rose for several additional stories above the three story home. And, some of its branches extended over the roofline. In the summer they probably provided welcome shade and cooling for the house. Tonight they were just the ticket for a cat to carefully pick her way over to just a few feet above the roof and hop down onto the structure without a sound. She paused to carefully survey the area. It was quiet. A little after one in the morning on a Tuesday night. It was the time when all good people were in bed asleep and little vampires roamed in search of pretty treasures.

Carefully she padded over to the edge and looked down at the narrow ledge below. A large window into an empty room. Probably what would be a bedroom, at least it was shown to be one on the tax assessor's blue prints for the house. But she'd noticed the window was not quite closed when studying the facade. Further inspection a few nights ago had shown the old third floor windows on this side of the house were most likely originals and this one quite obviously had a broken latch. With a little nervousness she dropped down onto the ledge and dug her claws in until she had her balance. A few headbutts had the window swinging inward, enough for her to squeeze in, with a creak. Her little heart pounded as she wondered if someone had heard the noise.

Bao 12 years ago
Bao preferred his rooms at Helford, they were more comftorable, more secure and more accessible. Amir could find him there, quickly, if he needed. The house he kept more as a formality. He could bring his clients here. In a pinch, he could even keep some of those he was relocating here for a day or two. Besides, it gave him a place to keep some of his collection.

Honestly, he hadn't planed on stopping by here tonight. However, he was having the top floor redone and apparently, his designer and his contractor and the historical expert he'd hired were at each other's throats. Between the three of them being unable to cooperate and now being off schedule, he was cranky to say the least.

Switching off the alarm Bao walked nearly silently through the house. There was no real need to be so quiet, it was just habit. As he made his way to his office, Bao didn't bother to switch on any lights, or anything else, not until he sat down at his desk, and even then, he only switched on a dim desk light and his laptop. Flipping through his files, he thought he heard something, but dismissed it as one of any number of sounds a house this age would make or a tree scraping against a window or the house itself.

Ah, there is what he was looking for, he had all the original blue prints as well as the proposed plans filed here. He set them out on his desk and began to compare them with email attachments from all three sources. Anantya, he concluded, needed more contractors.
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
Amberelle sat in the window sill for at least ten minutes. She listened intently for the sounds of any cars approaching the house or someone stirring in the home. Only when she was certain she hadn't tripped any alarm sensors did she relax. The Anantya knew she had good reason for her concern. While digging into Bao's house she'd come across the alarm permit applications with the city. Nice and detailed, a credit to the thoroughness of the company. She'd followed up by checking on the security company who provides the service and she was quite impressed. They were a high tech company with some more advanced security measures available. Of course, thinking about someone taking such extreme measures had only piqued her curiosity more. After all you didn't usually spend that kind of cash to secure a home unless you had something worth keeping secure. The only thing she didn't know was if they had completed that part of the renovation yet. Just because the city hadn't granted the final permits didn't mean the system wasn't live to the monitoring company.

When the night remained still and dark, she wiggled her way inside and hopped down to the bare wood floor. She nosed her way around the piles of boxes and let loose an annoyed snuff. It looked to be nothing more than some record boxes of old files in here. She hoped it wasn't a sign of things to come. Shifting quickly back to her human form she stretched her arms overhead and popped her back. She moved with almost silent steps over to the door and listened intently. After a minute she turned the knob slowly and swung the door open enough to slip out into the main hallway.

She wasn't too concerned with being seen through any of the windows. The vampire had no need for a flashlight to see, her eyes shifted to their feline form could see in almost complete darkness. It was dark and she was dressed head to toe in navy and black so her form blended right into the shadows. The navy leather bodysuit formed to her snugly and the soft black calf high boots had non marking soles. Her black and navy leather jacket had a black cotton hoodie that she pulled up over her blond hair. It was french braided and wound up on her head securely but the soft golden tone stood out starkly in the darkness so she covered it.

It took all of five minutes to search the third floor. The bedrooms were just storage for some file boxes and looked like they were definitely not in use. A frown marred her pretty face for a moment before melting away. There were still a few more places to check, maybe tonight wouldn't be a bust. Amberelle started down the steps, carefully shifting her weight onto each tread in case any of them squeaked. Her golden eyes made note of several motion detectors set into the ceiling corners but they were not active, made obvious by the little light not being illuminated. About two thirds of the way down one of the treads started to groan lightly as she stepped down so she shifted her weight back then shimmied between the banister and wall to avoid it.
Bao 12 years ago
Letting out a frustrate sigh Bao found the main point of contention. He happened to agree with the historian in this case, but the contractor was sure the city wouldn't approve it and as such, the architect was balking on drawing up the plans.

Irritated Bao lightly tapped a pen on the desk, the only way he could see to resolve it would be to meet with the architect and contractor at least, preferable all three of them. He opened his Outlook calendared and surveyed his schedule. He had an early appointment at his office in the city open in two days. 'Invitations' to the meeting were quickly sent, he was confidant that, for what he was spending, they would all accept.

Again surveying his calendar, for tonight to see where he could make up time and what could be completed from the Brownstone he caught an odd sound. Ordinarily he'd have dismissed it, but with earlier creak, and on such a still night it seemed quite out of place. He switched off the desk lap and listened.

Not hearing anything else, he wondered if he was imagining things. Cursing himself for being paranoid Bao crossed the darkened office and listened again. Still nothing, yet, something nagged at him and he stood there a moment longer.
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
The second floor showed signs of life and occupancy. Amberelle padded away from the stairwell quietly and found herself in a very proper dojo. Her eye traveled the space critically for a few moments as she noted the attention to detail and form. This looked like the space of someone who actually practiced the martial arts. It was practical and outfitted with good quality mats. It wasn't just set up as a pretty vignette. She walked across the mats softly and wondered what form the lawyer was trained in.

When the blond opened the next door she smiled, a slash of white on her shadowed face that glinted in the moonlight. It was a library, and a well appointed one at that. Shadowy alcoves and niches dotted the room and her eyes lit up. Art. Lovely pieces of it. Making her way over to the first painting she paused to study it before reaching up to gingerly remove the frame from the wall. She studied it for a moment before deciding if it was a reproduction it was a damn good one, but her money was on it being an original. Leaning it against the doorframe gingerly she turned and made her way to the next piece. It too passed her scrutiny and was leaned against the first piece. There was no reason to leave behind perfectly good art. Especially when it would look even better on the wall in her suite at Heolfor.

Heading towards the back of the room a stack of books neatly piled on the floor at the end of one shelf caught her foot and tumbled down while she stumbled a few steps before catching herself. She swore under her breath and crouched down, then wondered why she was so paranoid. Unless there was a master suite on the first floor perhaps? After all if he wasn't staying in the rooms upstairs, and the lack of furniture made that clear, where else would he?
Bao 12 years ago
Now that he -did- hear and he was not imagining it. There was defiantly some one here, Bao could only assume it was a thief. He snarled, how dare some one come into his 'home' and try to take what was his. It was odd, he both hoped they wouldn't take part of his collection but he also hoped they had the education and taste to recognize what he had. Of course, Bao was more than slightly protective about his collection. It wasn't the value, it was both the principle and beauty, and he wasn't about to take this lying down.

Sliding silently up the stairs, he caught a glimps of his thief in the library. They had apparently already taken the Monet down and were planning to make off with it. To livid to even speak and certainly not about to bother with the proper authorities, without any warring or any sense of fair play he swung out with a high kicked aimed at the burglar's head.

"Did you find what you were looking for?"Â?
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
It was a worst case scenario indeed. Even though he moved with an unexpected amount of stealth she had heard him approach and let loose a long string of curses in her head. Amberelle had stayed crouched down, waiting to see who or what came up the stairs. When he came into the doorway she'd risen up and kept her back to the windows so she was in shadow. It was obvious to her with her excellent night vision it was the lawyer and she wasn't sure what to do. Killing him would be necessary if he realized who she was. He had her name and number and there was no way to convince him to forget this. It was rare that she wished she had Command but this was one of those times.

Expecting him to be a skilled martial artist she was poised on the balls of her feet and ready for his strike. She had to do this as fast as possible without letting him see her face. Not out of the realm of possibility for someone with her training, it still wasn't going to be easy. But it would be much better if he didn't know it was someone as well trained as her, the police wouldn't have as much to work with then. Amberelle had height and reach. She had experience and motivation. Now to use it.

Amby dropped down, her arms extending outward and she bend forward in a very dancer like move to avoid his high kick and took the low road, punching upwards for a fast strike between his legs. She used her agility to fluidly swirl around him as she rose back up and grabbed her left hand before she slammed that elbow into his back as hard as she could. Grabbing up a heavy tome from the bookcase in front of her she spun and went to smash him in the temple with it.
Bao 12 years ago
His kick didn't connect. That was a shock. Bao, however, didn't waste time pondering. He quickly concluded this wasn't just some ordinary two-bit crook. If they had gotten in with out setting off the alarm, and now avoided his attack they were well trained. Fine, absolutely fine. He simply wouldn't hold back. Of course, he still wanted them alive, at least for a little while.

Avoiding the rather unsporting low punch, he was slightly surprised by his attacker's speed as well as the strength behind the elbow to his back. Taking that momentum he rolled, and made it to his knees just in time to catch the book aimed at his temple.

"That is a first edition."Â?

The heel of his hand shot upward intent on connecting with the thief's jaw. He followed that up buy launching himself into the torso aiming to knock the wind out of them and possibly pin them to the wall.

More importantly, he was attempting to move the fight away from the painting on the ground as well as the other art in the room. Why couldn't they have been robbing the dojo? That is where this sort of encounter belonged, not in his library.

Connecting with his assailant's core Bao realized that the size and shape indicated a woman. Yet another surprise.
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
Wincing at the idea of ruining any first edition, she'd been raised by a collector so the Creole knew their worth, the thought distracted her long enough for his strike to connect solidly under her chin. Her teeth snapped shut with a loud click and Amberelle's head jerked back as he barreled into her. The momentum had them both flying backwards into the wall. Her shoulder slammed into the edge of the end bookcase as her head smacked the wall and she let out a strangled cry that turned into a growl deep in her throat. Wrapping her arms around Bao she bent her knees and lifted the shorter man a couple inches off the ground.

Holding him with his arms sloppily pinned to his side wasn't the most strategic position but she had to go with what she could get. Spinning them both she threw her weight into it and slammed the lawyer's shoulder blade into the bookcase she herself had hit. That could easily dislocate any human's shoulder. At the same time she squeezed tightly to really knock the wind out of him. She released him and back pedaled rapidly, hoping to avoid his getting a look at her face. Amberelle's leg snapped upwards, a vicious kick to his sternum intened to smash him back against the case again for good measure.

Dropping into a slight crouch with her hands raised in loose fists she waited to see if he was injured or still had some fight left in him. Her head was down so the hood fell low and left her face well shadowed. She wasn't breathing heavily, in fact she was controlling her breathing out of instinct from years of training. So when she spoke she carefully stripped her accent away and it came out soft but clear.

"Don't make me kill you old man."
Bao 12 years ago
Bao inwardly cringed as she hit the bookcase, there wasn't much of value on that one, but it would make a mess. Fortunately, it shook but nothing fell.

Unable to gain any advantage when she suspended him, Bao instead relaxed and planed his next move. It was highly doubtful she'd be able to hold him in this manner long. Correctly anticipating she would most likely use the wall or the bookcase as a weapon he managed to prevent her from doing any real damage. Although she was able to get a surprising amount of force behind the move.

Blocking her kick Bao couldn't decided if he was furious with this woman, dreadfully amused, or simply enjoying the fight. She was better than he would have thought.

As she'd 'threatened' him, Bao decided she was not going to leave here alive. That being the case, Bao took the game to the next level. He snarled at her, exposing his large canines, they weren't fangs not just, yet Bao had too much control for that. However, they were more than enough, with a touch of fierce visage, to plant an idea in an adrenalin-fueled mind.

"Please try."Â?

It was a very sincere and polite invitation. Bao had every confidence he could kill this intruder without resorting to draining her.

((OOC... ummm just in case any one is reading this both Bao and Amberelle have given mutual permission to kick the crap out of each other... I'm just saying))
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
She registered his fierce visage on a much more instinctual level as her attention was split between watching him for this next move and a mental spewing of expletives on the stupidity of men and their egos. Her animal nature, always more aware of these things, caught the threat and showed through. A warning growl rumbled in her chest. Inside the shadowed hood her pretty face contorted as she bared her clenched teeth, top lip curling back in a snarl so the moonlight caught on them. Having no choice really, Amberelle accepted she was going to have to hurt the man.

She sprang forward, grabbing onto a small demilune table by the door and flipping it through the air at him. The blond closed the distance as a lamp and trinkets flew around the room. Careful to avoid the lightweight but leggy table herself she moved quickly and settled into a Muay Thai stance. Amby was sans weapons, working in a constricted and cluttered space and wanted to use her longer reach to her advantage so that made the most sense. Her long leg shot out in a stinging foot jab then immediatly snapped upwards into a straight knee strike to his abdomen while she threw a hooked punch to his jaw. Sliding past him as she spun through with the same arm turned into a follow up elbow strike to his eyebrow with as much force as she could put behind it. The move was designed to split the thin, tender flesh over the bone so that blood would flow down and interfere with his vision. And, maybe knock a little sense into the man.

Arms held close to block her torso as she twirled away from Bao until her back was to the windows again she allowed him to get between her and the doorway. It was about concealing her features not tactics. The Creole had no concern that he might actually be a threat to her. She just didn't want to turn a fun evening of breaking and entering into a murder scene.

((Ahem umm yes, they have permission to bash each other silly till the sun comes up and then some. Just in case anyone was wondering.. =) ))
Bao 12 years ago
Blocking the table and tossing it to one side where it would now be out of the way he continued to advance on her. But even his teeth jarring together didn't discourage him. The blood flowing from above his eye was a bit disconcerting though. Bao wiped it away with his forearm, completely unconcerned that it would ruin the jacket. He did, however, decide that both the jacket and tie would be a distinct disadvantage and quickly shed them.

The time for gentle and polite was over. With her back to the windows, he knew she didn't have much of an escape route. While he didn't intend her to survive the evening, having a woman fall from his second story window was a bit more covering up than Bao was prepared to do.

He jabbed quickly once with each hand, the first aimed for her nose with the intent of breaking it, and the other connecting with her throat. That, would undoubtedly hurt like hell and make it rather hard to breath as well. She was smart and wasn't leaving herself terribly open, however, with a series of fluid moves he forced her into an elbow lock and threw her toward the door, away from the windows and also, not so coincidentally back at a bookcase. The case rattled and several heavy volumes of law fell.
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
The furious shriek Amberelle let loose as his fist smashed into her nose was cut abruptly short as her breath was cut off when Bao's second blow landed. Her sense of smell was gone thanks to the blood smeared over her upper lip and dripping everywhere. But her throbbing nose's pain was eclipsed by the instinctive gagging she did until she forced herself to stop trying to breathe. While she wasn't as good as some of her cousins at that trick, she could manage the feat well enough until her throat muscles relaxed.

She still hadn't regained her bearings before she found herself flung across the room and ended up on her ass on the floor with several very large, heavy books crashing down on her. Her gloved hand went to smear some of the blood from her face as she stood. It was getting really hard to remember she hadn't wanted to kill the lawyer. In the back of her mind she was ticking off things she'd need to do to remove all traces of herself from the house. Scrubbing out blood wasn't exactly easy or quick.

Ducking under a punch she roared as she rose and slammed her shoulder into his stomach. Lifting him like a linebacker as she stood Amberelle wrapped her arms around him and propelled them both for the wall right next to the doorway. As he struck the wall she dug her feet in and slammed her weight into him. The lathe and plaster wall cracked and splintered. Dust and debris formed a cloud around them and she was glad to stop her breathing again. Stepping back from him Amberelle brought her leg up and with a forceful kick to his torso she finished propelling him through the wall and into the dojo beyond.

Looking at the mess she decided to hell with it. She'd burn the place down when she was done looting it. After making sure something heavy smashed down on the unfortunate lawyer to cover his injuries.
Bao 12 years ago
Immortal or not that -hurt-. In addition, she'd cause permanent damage to something Bao considered an investment.

Shaking his head as if to clear it Bao quickly rolled to his feet and removed himself from the rubble. This, however, was going to be rather hard to his contractor, still and all it had to be repaired. At least they were now in a more appropriate setting for this type of conflict.

He'd drawn blood, more than a little, he could smell it. Part of Bao very much wanted to charge back into the library and tear this thief's throat out, but he -refused- to let his emotion control his action. Instead, he held his ground and waited for her. If nothing else, he wanted the girl away from his collection, away from valuable and irreplaceable objects.

"I do still seem to be alive. Don't tell me you're giving up so soon."Â?

He taunted her, hoping that between the pain he'd undoubtedly cause her and his words he could goad her into something reckless. Even if she had enough control not to respond to his baiting he made up his mind her next attack would be the last. As it was he knew Amir would be less than pleased with him for not stopping this much much sooner. It would be best if his maker never learned of this little encounter.

While waiting for her attack he assumed a defensive stance, but one that could easily be changed to offense or even pursuit if she tried to flee. He did not, however, pick up any of the staffs or wooden practice swords in the dojo. He would finish this with his bare hands and not hide behind a weapon.
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
While she'd intended to go right out after Bao and finish him off, seeing some of the plaster settle on the Monet leaning against the doorframe had distracted her. She grabbed it up and moved it back inside the library and well out of the way. Amberelle knew it wasn't harmed but still she chided herself for letting her emotions get to her. She could easily have damaged the artwork and that was completely unacceptable. Hearing the lawyer get to his feet in the other room she swore softly in several languages. Who could have known a stupid paper pushing lawyer was so tough? Amby could already hear Celeste berrating her for letting the fight drag on and not just eliminating him the minute he'd appeared. Still, it had been a little fun right at first. Now it was becoming aggrivating. Admitting to herself now he was going to have to be dispatched she let the man stew out there as she made her way casually to the doorway. Maybe he'd become reckless, but she listened closely to make sure he didn't move for a phone. As the blond entered the dojo she removed her leather jacket, sighed and shook her head.

"You know, you really shouldn't have been such a macho man about this. I only wanted to pick up a few nice pieces, no harm done. Now, I have to kill you." She dropped the coat to the side and rolled her neck to stretch it. Part of her wondered if he'd recognize her, not that it mattered either way. Not waiting for him to answer she ran at him but instead of striking she turned at the last moment and used her unnatural agility to twist around right in front of him. Grabbing one of his arms she hauled him over her shoulder, using her own momentum to aid her vampiric strength and flipped him over her head with a roar. As he landed flat on his back she spun again, dropped to one knee onto his stomach with her full weight and pounded her fist down into his throat trying to crush his windpipe. Amberelle then started to pummel his face, not expecting a human to be capable of fighting back under this kind of a barrage while having her body pinning him.
Bao 12 years ago
Ah, the little blond from the club. Apparently, she was more than just a pretty face.

Macho? Bao didn't consider himself macho he was simply protecting what was his. He didn't have much time to consider this as she made her most aggressive assault yet. Bao started to suspect that there was something more at work here than just an ambitious art thief.

Being flat on his back didn't bother him, heaven knew he'd been in similar situations with tougher opponents in his years. As she hit his face, repeatedly, he threw his fierce visage at her with a cold snarl. Hardly even noticing her weight he rolled to the side and away from her, jumped to his feet and callously grabbed her around the neck slamming her into the wall, leaving her feet dangling.

"You speak of killing too lightly child. You have no idea what you are dealing with."Â?

Tightening his grip on her throat he waited for any signs she was about to pass out. He didn't like his meals limp.

"Now, if you have anything to say which would keep you alive, say it."Â?

There was precious little she could say to make him reconsider. And any of that would be weighed against the fact that she had thrown him further off schedule in several respects. Delaying his time line was, in Bao's opinion, punishable by death.
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
One hand grabbed onto the wrist that held her aloft as Amberelle tried to focus. Her head had slammed back against the wall quite forcefully and set off a ton of white lights dancing in pretty swirls around in her vision. She was still a little dumbfounded how he'd held up under her assault and even managed to get the drop on her. One minute she was on top and the next something had startled the hell out of her. Her gut was telling her she'd grievously underestimated this man. Which sent a little bit of fear through her. It had been a few years since she'd felt that.

Keeping her emotions hidden, her face was cold as she sneered at him. Her brows arched upwards, as if she found his threat amusing. "And who said I was alive?"

The hand holding onto his wrist tightened. Simultaneously she struck at that same arm's radial nerve with her other hand and raised one foot to slam the heel of her boot into the man's inner thigh on the opposite side. Both were well known pressure points used in Krav Maga. The radial nerve shot designed to render that hand and arm useless, and the leg shot aimed at taking his leg out from under him and disabling it. Sure they would both go down if he did, but she wasn't worried about that.
Bao 12 years ago
Damned little bitch. He recognized what she as doing just a shade too late and wound up dropping her. He did, however, manage to protect his leg enough that he didn't fall. And if being temporarily short an arm was the worst that happened he'd manage. Bao had been forced to cope with worse handicaps in the past.

Wasn't that an interesting statement too make? Given that they had renewed their acquaintance while she was attempting to commit grand larceny Bao automatically placed her with the orphans. As such, he still wouldn't feel terribly bad about eliminating her. However, he wanted to know more first.

Switching gears, he swept her leg before she's fully recovered from the fall and opted for a more jujitsu style grappling. Keeping her face down in the mats.

"Alive or not, you can still die."Â?

Bao was taking no chances at this point and had one of Amberelle's arms pinned behind her in such a way if she fought too hard to break the hold her shoulder would be dislocated. And was taking care to keep a leg immobilized as well.

"I think now would be a good time to get better acquinted and that you might want to tell me who sent you."Â?
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
Well that had not worked out as she'd intended. He'd taken her down before she even got to her feet, which had been a blow to her pride. He was incredibly strong, and fast. Too much of both for just a typical human. Amberelle struggled under him, a mix of anger and panic in her at the position he held her in. Her shoulder screaming in pain finally made her cease. Lying there without many options she growled. "I'm not afraid of death." Which wasn't a complete lie. Besides, she had one last trick up her sleeve but she'd save it for dire circumstances.

She laughed at his next question though. "Sent me? No one... I was bored. You showed up, piqued my interest and gave me something to do. You just struck me as the type who'd have a few nice things. Looks like I was right when I pegged you as the art type... I like art." The blond paused then added, "So what are you.. one of those human hugging Evenhets?" It was a gamble, assuming he was kindred. If she was right she could change her game plan accordingly. And, if she was wrong it's not like she didn't intend for him to die tonight. But knowing what she was up against was important.
Bao 12 years ago
"Then you are a fool."Â?

One should not be willing to throw their life away for no reason. Certainly under the right conditions and for the right reason he would have no issues paying the ultimate price, but a botched art theft did not meet those criteria. And he didn't go out of his way to place himself in situation that could prove that costly.

At least for now she was behaving herself, but Bao couldn't believe she'd remain so compliant for long and continued to remain alert for her next move. Knowing that she was indeed a vampire, he was doubly careful. Although he couldn't help but almost smile.

"Perhaps a fool with good taste though."Â?

And she had a bit of an independent streak. While he could only sneer at the idea of being associated with Evenhet Bao also found he approved of her attempting to fish for information. It also helped him place her, obviously she wouldn't have asked if she was associated with them.

"If I was, would I have greeted you in such a manner?"Â?
Amberelle DeEspionne 12 years ago
A sound that was both a disgusted snort and a laugh rumbled through her. He hadn't answered her and yet he had. He knew what they were and implied he wasn't one. Which since she had not seen him around the Manor could leave only one choice. Technically two, but most of her Clan didn't seperate true Orphans from the Tacharans.

"Silly me... if you were one of them you'd just have bored me into killing myself to escape your self important sermon on why what I was doing was wrong. Or tried to glamor me with some nonsense." Considering she'd never met any Evenhet that she knew of, Amby just went with what she'd heard. Stereotypes didn't spring from nothing after all. "Which means you have to be an Orphan eh? Pretty sweet house and collection for a loner."

'Just keep him talking, try to get him to relax his hold for even a moment,' she thought to herself. Keeping up witty banter with someone pinning you to the ground wasn't her usual M.O. but improvisation wasn't beyond her. Amberelle had a strong survival instinct even if she sometimes had a death wish. She had to get him engaged, his mind off the physical long enough to either break his pin on her with her agility or with a fast shape shifting. Putting herself into her feline form was her least desired choice since she wouldn't really be able to defend herself during the change to and back or while she wasn't human. But if it came down to it she could do a back to back shift. She'd just hurt later, until she could get a good feeding in. With Bao being kindred he was definately off the menu. She'd only drank from one of her own kind willingly and nothing was changing that in the foreseeable future.

"Nice Monet in there. I'm not a big fan of Impressionists, but I'd have to say I prefer some of his later works to that one. I have a nice reproduction of "Water-Lily Pond and Weeping Willow" in my bedroom. Reminds me of the swamps back home."