Culture Shock is an Understatement

Kat finished up in her new home and after interfacing with the panel next to her front door, received directions to the Abby. It wasn't far, and she chose to walk the distance. She'd showered, fixed her hair into it's spikes with gel and chosen a pair of black leather pants, the knee high boots she'd had on before, and a black bustier covered by the same jacket. Her knives were where they belonged. She didn't see the point in dressing up to meet the Leader. She'd be accepted as she was or not at all.

Outside the imposing building, she read the sign and laughed. Now it was quite obvious why it an Abby that was not a church. She traveled the gravel path at her own pace, she was a little early, so there was no need to hurry.

When she made it to the door and let herself in, seeing nothing that would prevent her from doing so, found herself in a barren corridor. With a small shrug she walked to its end to find a crimson door and a bouncer. They spoke briefly, and he opened the door for her, and wishing her luck with a laugh that made her question the wisdom of coming here.

She was assaulted with the music in the room, but nothing could have prepared her for the seedy colosseum feel of the room beneath her. It was disturbing to look down on a pit filled with writing bodies moving in time with the pervasive beat of the music.

Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Her loose black hair fell over his face as she did her best to distract him, liberally using her tongue and teeth as they kissed deeply. With a slight grunt, Simon shifted in his office chair, located in the Abby, trying to position Ellis more comfortably in his lap. She laughed into his kiss as he struggled.

Running his hands up her near bare back, he stole a quick look at his watch, prompting her to pull back and punch him.

'You're checking the time?'

Grabbing her by the hips, Simon lifted Ellis back onto his desk. 'Well that's why we're here. I gotta get this over with.'

With a disgruntled mew, Ellis crossed her legs as Simon pushed back and stood.

'You coming?'

'No,' she replied unhappily.

Chuckling to himself, Simon straightened his V-neck sweater and slacks. Looking back at Ellis, he noticed her looking down at his pants and then back into his face with a raised eyebrow.

'You know you're not hiding that...'

'Yes, yes. Just give me a minute.' With a flush, he controlled himself and exited with a glare over his shoulder.

Simon entered the open pit area of the Abby and stood looking down over the catwalk. His blackberry chirped with a message from the Merc at the door, letting him know that the new member had entered. Leaning against the catwalk railing over looking the pit, Simon waited for her to find him.
Kat 14 years ago
Now this is what I was talking about. Look at all of that down there, just ripe for the picking. We could go down there and...

Kat swallowed against the bile rising in her throat, suppressing the filth being spewed at her from the voices. She was oh so tempted to do exactly as they suggested, let herself get lost in the degradation, and bathe in the chaos that called her from below.

That was not what she was here for, but still it took every ounce of herself preservation to look up away from the siren's call. Her eyes lit on a man that stood on the catwalk there, dressed nothing like the people down below. Perhaps he was whom she was meeting and would take her to the Leader, because frankly he looked nothing like a vampire clan leader to her way of thinking.

Still, she couldn't continue to stand here and lust after what was below her. Turning from the pit, she made her way to where he stood and stopped a few feet from him.
"Ah, pardon me?"

It occurred to Kat, that no one, not even Peter, had told her the name of their clan leader, nor their fact she knew nothing about the man or woman that ran their clan.
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Flashing a look at his blackberry, he compared the image to the woman approaching him. With a nod, he slipped the phone back into his trousers and leaned back on the railing, watching as she approached. He did not hide his appraising look as he noticed the fluid grace of her walk, but raised his eyebrows as she spoke to him.

Straightening, he slid his hands into his pocket and looked down at her.

/'What she like?'/

Simon blinked at the voice in his head. /'I just now met her. Give me a minute.'/

He heard a soft, but distinct raspberry noise. Simon wasn't even sure they could do that via the bond.

'You must be Kat,' he said slowly. 'I'm Simon.'
Kat 14 years ago
He did not offer a hand to her, so she did not extend the courtesy either. He was a rather nice looking man, and well appointed. She did not know designers, but she knew quality when she saw it.

"Yes, I'm Kat. It's a pleasure to meet you Simon."

Ok, now what? This man didn't give her anything but his name, she did not want to say something here that would make a fool of her, but saying nothing would serve to do the same thing.

"I'm supposed to offer my talents to the clan. To be perfectly honest I have no idea how that is supposed to work."

Her hand rested on her hip and she offered him a smile, just a small curling of the corners of her lips.
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Simon tilted his head to the side and looked at her curiously.

'I'm curious. Your friend, the one that put you in touch with us...Peter. He's part of the clan and has vouched for you, but what brings you to Nachton? The sight seeing is nice here, but I'm pretty sure that's not why you're here.'

Whatever she was there for, as long as it didn't involve the clan in any way...any way that would put it in an worse light than it already had...he would care less. However, if she planned on hiding behind the shield of the clan, then he would.

'This is my clan, Kat. My prying is necessary, but I assure you, I could not care less what you do, just as long as you do it in your name only.'
Kat 14 years ago
Well, so much for her impressions. Simon it seemed was this enigmatic Leader. That helped in her decision making as she studied him again. It would not behoove her to hide all that she was doing here, but she shared the details of he work with no one, not even Peter. Oh he knew what she was here after, but not the details behind it or even really what spurred her to look for it.

"I am searching for something. It is nothing of great value, beyond the legends behind it. I can, without qualm, guarantee that I will do nothing to harm the clan, or to expose myself or you."

She propped herself on the railing of the catwalk with her elbows, a cocky smile curling her lips. "I have not lived this long by doing stupid things, Simon. I can and do take care of my own."

Her own head tilted to the side, crossing one ankle over the other. "I'm not here to make a nuisance of myself. I only offer you my services, should you need them, as I have been ordered to do so. If you do not need them, then we can live peacefully ignoring one another."
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Simon blinked slowly again as he watched her body move casually; she had fluid, cat like movements which showed definitely age, but still tried to play up the self assured assassin. He half chuckled to himself at her offer.

Looking back at the gyrating pit, Simon pulled his left hand out of his pocket and scratched at the corner of his mouth
. 'I appreciate the offer, Kat, and Kenley will be in touch with you if something comes up.' He looked back at her, narrowing his eyes slightly and dropped his hand.

'If you should need assistance with something,' he shrugged slowly, 'Tacharan is here for you, as well.' He reached out a hand to shake hers as he concluded the meeting.

'Again, nice to meet you.'
Kat 14 years ago
She was slightly fascinated by this man. He was self-assured, but still had such human mannerisms. Perhaps she had been alive too long, but little fidgets such as his, seemed so oddly...human. Perhaps it was her own special introduction into the vampire world that keeps her from doing such things, not remembering what it is like to be human, makes it difficult to act human from time to time. It had taken her years to master subconscious rhythmic breathing.

"Thank you, Simon. If I find myself in need, you'll be the first to know." Sarcasm gave her words a bit of an undertone, that she tried to soften with a smile. She knew she was unsuccessful, but did not mind to overly much.

Straightening easily, Kat took his hand, shaking it firmly in the way Peter had taught her long, long ago.
"It was a pleasure, Simon."

Did she walk away first? Protocol here was beyond her. I vote leave, then we can get down there to all that debauchery and have some fun for once. You do remember what fun is? You know that thing that makes your heart beat faster and your lips to do that smiling thing you are not so fond of?

She blinked in response to Micheal's rather harsh words, but not knowing kept her standing there, most likely making a fool of herself. Finally she smiled and turned her back to Simon. She did not trust him, not in the least, but it seemed to her that one did not walk away backwards from the Leader, just to keep her front protected. That just smacked rude in her head.

She made her way back to the platform. Kat stood there a long while, before finally giving into Micheal and Magdalene and heading down into the writing mass.

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