Don't Stop the Music ((open))

It was Saturday night, a little before eleven pm. The dark blue Aston Martin's pristine shine reflected the lights outside Club Eternity as it pulled up along the long line of those waiting in the cool night air to get into the exclusive club. The blond inside flipped down the visor, inspecting her makeup one last time as the valet hustled around the front. Amber eyes flicked over to the smiling man who opened the door and held a hand out to help her exit the lowslung sports car.

Amberelle grabbed her little black clutch, gracefully spun in the seat and took his hand with a dazzling smile before planting her high heeled black leather prd_id=845524446254860&FOLDER<>folder_id=282574492716152&ASSORTMENT<>ast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1264189475398"">Gucci boots down. The pair with its cut outs on the toes and calves were a new favorite. She paused a second to slide down the ruched skirt that had slid dangerously high up her smooth thighs. The boldly printed silk dress's black and cream leopard print was a little wild and sassy, to match her mood tonight. With its flowing three quarter length sleeves and demure bateau neckline the frock was a big departure from the other patron's sleeveless, clevage baring "classsic LBD"s.

Amby shook her head a little to fluff up her nearly waist length blonde mass of waves and loose curls as she stepped onto the sidewalk. Leaning close to the doorman and whispering the name Anantya kept a booth under at all times, her smile froze as a voice behind her loudly proclaimed to her companion, "Oh look, we have to wait here, freezing... while the hooker gets let right in." Standing a few inches over six feet in the heels, she casually looked over her shoulder and fixed the woman with a cold gaze while sliding a few crisply folded bills out of her bag and onto the doorman's clipboard. Looking back at him she smiled as she said quietly "Do me a favor... make sure my friend there's name is not on the list?" The look on his face as he glanced down and spied the three digits told her his answering grin was a yes. Amberelle just patted his arm and made her way inside with a slightly smug smirk.

Inside the Club, she began to relax again as the music started to flow into her. Within minutes she'd gotten a nice booth reserved, ordered a peach daiquiri to be waiting and was heading out onto the dance floor. In the crowd she closed her eyes and let everything just wash away as she started moving to the pulsing beats.

Bao 14 years ago
Bao discreetly excused himself from one of the private rooms. He wasn’t much of a ‘night club’ person. However, he was a bit of a snob and what better place to hunt than in the most exclusive club in the city? He’d already had a bit of success, the young lady was sleeping off the effects even now. Given his command she wouldn’t wake up for several hours.

He made himself at home at the bar to survey the room for his next victim. As was almost always the case, he was dressed in a dark suit, although in light of his surroundings, it was only a two-button suit, the jacket was unbuttoned and his dress shirt was dark red silk. He’d also left off the tie and let the top button undone. He had a whiskey sitting next to him, but that was more for show than anything, even though he did occasionally sip at it, as his practiced eye surveyed the dance floor.

Perhaps it was the young ladies boots, or perhaps it was something else but Bao found his attention focusing on a blond. She appeared to be alone as well, which was all to the good. He was not, however, induced to dance; for now, he would simply watch.
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
How long she'd been out there was anyone's guess, but Amberelle didn't care. Dancing made her feel alive, more than she had in a long time. When she finally left the floor it wasn't because she was finished, not by a long shot, but because she wanted to take a bit to rest. And as flushed as her cheeks felt the frozen drink she would have waiting for her sounded very good.

Slipping into her booth, picked because it had a great view of the dance floor and bar, she took a few sips of her fruity drink and settled back with a happy sigh. Her foot tapped to the music and she wriggled and moved to the beat some as she hummed along. Her amber colored eyes were alight, a smile lingering on her lips and she buzzed with happiness. It was a nice night.

People watching was a nice way to let her pulse get back to normal and Amby let her gaze bounce around the room. For once she didn't feel shy and when her gaze met someone's here and there she didn't glance away but just returned it with a smile and moved on. Flagging down her waitress and ordering a second drink she leaned forward and propped her chin on her hand, elbow resting on the table's edge.

((Feel free to have her see and smile at Bao if you'd like! Or anyone else who wants to join))
Bao 14 years ago
She had unusual eyes, Bao couldn’t help but notice. A similar observation had caused a problem many years ago, but he wasn’t planning anything as drastic as his encounter with Pakpao tonight. Tonight was just about enjoying himself and a bit of a bite to eat.

He hadn’t watched her enough to determine what would be the best approach. When she slid into a booth and wasn’t joined by any one, that seemed to confirm his earlier observation and it seemed to indicate patience would be a virtue here. If she was indeed, alone she might not appreciate a direct flirtation.

That was not an issue. Bao could be patent. He could be –very- patient. She seemed to be enjoying watching the crowd. He simply waited until she glanced in his direction and gave her a warm inviting smile, careful of his teeth.
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
You didn't look like Amberelle without drawing a few stares and she noted the men who smiled back or seemed to puff up under her gaze. She wasn't trying to hunt, but it would be incredibly easy here, she'd done it before. It just wasn't enjoyable to her. So she didn't signal them either way, figuring if they wanted to come take a shot she would hear them out before sending them packing. Though one man who returned her gaze, over at the bar, seemed some how different to her. He didn't strike her as the clubbing type.

The fact that he was different piqued her interest. And like the saying goes about cats and curiosity, Amby was drawn to that. Her overactive imagination began to roll around different scenarios.. some making her giggle. She didn't let her honey colored eyes travel past the bar too often, but certainly more than the rest of the club. A few songs passed and the second daquiri was mostly history. One of her absolute favorite songs right now came on and she didn't even think about it, she just found herself quickly sliding over to the dance floor.

Babe pick a night, to come out and play.. If it's all right, what do you say?

Spinning and moving to the song, she kept glancing back at the bar towards him. She smiled to herself as she twirled, dancing close with a couple of other girls. Maybe he was this, maybe that.. Her myraid scenarios were probably far more entertaining than the reality, but it was all in fun. The next verse had them all laughing and surging closer as they shimmied around.

Three is a charm, Two is not the same. I don't see the harm, So are you game?

Turning and giving a general wink towards the bar's patrons as she writhed lower to the floor, Amberelle let her supernatural agility help her undulate around one of the girls who was busy squealing and giggling. It was infectious as they all jumped around and Amby spun away, giggling madly to find herself in between two men. Not shy while she was dancing she just kept up the rhythm without a thought.

Merrier the more, Triple fun that way. Twister on the floor, What do you say?

The one in front of her bounced down to the floor and she laughed as she swayed in front of him. It was only when he came up and grabbed onto her ass to pull her close that the smile seemed to fade some and she shoved him backwards, causing him to tumble down on the edge of the dance floor. He mouthed something, obviously derogatory, and the blonde clenched her jaw.

The song was ruined now, along with her mood. Amberelle tried not to glower as she stomped around him off the dance floor and over to the bar. It wasn't consciously picked but she found herself only an empty seat away from the object of her curiosity a few minutes earlier. One long french tipped nail tapped on the bar in agitation as she tried to catch the bartender's attention.

(( Lyrics in red are from Britney Spears' "3" ))
Bao 14 years ago
One simply didn’t stare, it was rude. Bao was happy enough to flirt with occasional young lady who would make a trip to the bar and stop near him. None of them truly grabbed his interest though. He would be polite enough with them but never gave any signal he was interested. For one reason or another, his attention always seemed to return to the blond in the boots; although, he never made a move toward her.

He couldn’t help but be pleased she decided to dance again. For some it might have been hard to keep track of her in a crowed, but he had lots of practice. Some times, Bao decided, it was worth suffering through a club just for the views. While the blond was his primary focus, he was not opposed to watching ‘the beautiful people’. It was a bit like living art, moving sculpture. Perhaps it was a bit voyeuristic but he didn’t even mind watching as she danced with other men.

He was, however, hard pressed not retaliate when one of them got aggressive and apparently insulting. He –hated- any lack of manners, even in a situation like this. Still, he was no white knight to charge to her rescue or hot-blooded youth start a brawl. Besides, he smiled to himself, it was to his benefit as she was now more accessible.

Bao would have been hard pressed –not- to notice her apparent irritation.

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself, and so I feel oddly compelled to apologize for their behavior.”

His tone was very sincere, he was careful not to let any possibility of flirtation taint it. Bao had decided to let her set the pace.
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
His voice startled her, and she turned towards him. It was her mister "high class businessman meeting a client". Well that was her favorite theory, it beat "rich guy looking to cheat on his wife". Amby's golden eyes blinked in surprise, wondering how he knew what had happened. Then it dawned on her.. she must have caused quite a scene when she threw that jerk to the floor. Suddenly she was aware of her rapidly drumming nails and she blushed. Thank heavens she hadn't started growling!

"Really, there's nothing you should apologize for. He was a complete ass.. but unless you somehow raised him, and as an ill mannered clod... it's not your fault." She gave him a small smile. "But it's sweet of you to offer to." The blond sighed. "And oui... I was enjoying myself. But the night is young, right?" Her good mood was returning. Slowly. It was helping to poke fun at it instead of stew over it.

She gave him a warm, easy smile that actually reached her eyes and seemed to diffuse some of her earlier anger. Turning to face him fully, she straightened from leaning against the bar and held out her hand. "I'm Amberelle."
Bao 14 years ago
Apparently, he’d startled her a bit, but he didn’t apologize for it. In this case, he felt it more appropriate to simply not notice.

When she didn’t excuse herself or immediately go on the defensive Bao smiled again. The idea of him having raised such a boar made him slightly and softly chuckle. None of his children would behave like that, at least not with in his sight or it was necessary.

“No I’m pleased to say I cannot claim any responsibility for him at all. That doesn’t excuse his manners though.”

He returned her smile, approving of how receptive she was to courtesy and apparent optimism. Ah another smile, this one much more relaxed, she seemed to be letting the incident go.

It only was one word but he did catch the French. One had to admire the determined arrogance of that language and of its native speakers, wherever they may be from. It was one of his favorite languages, much more fluid and silky than the Russian he’d been using with Dana or his own native tongue. Not sure how she would react, but certain it would at least get him a bit of a second look he switched to flawlessly accented French.

A pleasure Amberelle. I am Bao.

He accepted her offered hand with a confidant yet warm grasp.

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Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
It was a pleasant suprise to hear him speak in French and she grinned widely. With a delighted giggle her posture seemed to open up more as she relaxed and shook his hand with just enough firmness to match his own. "Nice to meet you Bao. And.. It's all good," she said verbally shrugging off the jerk from a few moments before. "It brought me over here for a drink, and now I get to meet not only a gentleman but one who speaks French." Her amber eyes twinkled happily. It really was a rarity to find an honest to goodness gentleman. Well, outside of her Clan amongst real people anyways. Which made her wonder for a moment before being dismissed as sillyness. "Not everyone you meet in town is a vampire," she reminded herself firmly.

The bartender decided to show his face finally and she turned away briefly to order another peach daiquiri. As he moved off to mix it up, she indulged her burning curiosity. "So, may I ask what brings you here tonight?"

((and yep... red for French!))
Bao 14 years ago
It was a remarkable thing, pride in the language. But Bao did approve and apparently it had the desired effect and she relaxed somewhat and seemed a bit more receptive to him.

A gentleman perhaps, my French…

With a grin, he made a ‘so so’ gesture with his hand. Truthfully, his French was perfect but he was playing modest for now.

Her accent was not of a native French woman, if he didn’t miss his guess it was Louisiana. In fact, it put him in mind of Celeste’s accent. Interesting. Probably a coincidence though.

“Curiosity, a drink and a bit of people watching. It also never hurts to be able to recommend a place to unwind to my out of town clients and I would be comfortable doing so unless I hadn’t been her myself once or twice. Nothing terribly exciting I’m afraid.”

He offered a self-deprecating smile with an apologetic spread of his hands.

“I presume your evening has more of an agenda.”
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
Ahhh. Businessman, clients.. So, she hadn't been too far off the mark in her little game. Mentally she smiled to herself. The game was just that, nothing too analytical or serious. More a way to fill the time really. It was invented out of a need to occupy herself since she had always spent so much time alone younger, but it was still good for trying to develop skill at reading people.

As she listened to him explain she nodded, obviously approving of his personal and thorough methods. Another sign he was a notch above your average male, or at least had enough business savy to know better. Either was good. She laughed, nose scrunching at the idea of having an agenda of her own. Amberelle shook her head, explaining "Not really.. it was just I wanted, no.. I *needed* to get out of the house." Giving him a little sigh and shrug she added, "I've become something of a home body.. keep to myself too much. So, tonight I decided to come dance and have some fun."

Her drink arrived and she automatically thanked the bartender even as he slid off to the next order. Gingerly lifting the frosty glass and taking a small sip, she looked down at the Asian man and impulisvely offered "You're welcome to come sit at my table. It has a good view of most of the club, so you can continue your own agenda." She said the last word with a little humor, teasing him slightly.
Bao 14 years ago
Bao shook his head slightly, sympathetically.

“That is quite a hazard these day. And if it isn’t turning into a homebody one allows themselves to be buried in work and live through their job.”

That was his own failing and he knew it. At least he did schedule a night off now and then. Assuming that hunting and art galleries counted as an evening off.

“I applauded your taking the initiative to fix the situation and pleased it brought you out.”

She would be delicious he decided, but Bao was also enjoying her company. He was in no hurry to make a decision about feeding or simply chatting. She was also above average attractive, which lead to other thoughts.. No, this required more time to make the correct choice.

The offer to join her at her table was unexpected and promising. He allowed the slight surprise to show on his face and smile slightly.

“I would be honored. As to my agenda… perhaps tonight we should separate business and pleasure.”

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Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
It occured to Amberelle suddenly that Bao might think she was flirting with him. Inwardly she cringed, hoping it was just a pleasant conversation he was looking for. She wasn't looking for more.. but they could cross that bridge if it ever showed up. Giving him a winning smile she motioned with her free hand to the table and lead the way. She wound her way through the club and around the packed dancefloor without incident, making sure he was able to keep up. As they made their way through the growing crowds and stopped at the choice spot she realized how much larger the crowd had grown. After midnight seemed to be when the place really started jumping.

Sliding into the rounded booth about a third of the way, she settled herself and her drink while she waited for him to do the same. The sides were tall, plush and insulating so it was not nearly as loud in here as it had been, but once they were situated she leaned in slightly, just in case, to be heard.

"So, may I ask what kind of work it is you do?"
Bao 14 years ago
Hmmmm perhaps that was too much. Ah well he would just be more mindful of his phrasing. At least he hadn’t scared her off. He settled into the booth careful to leave a respectful distance, close enough to easily talk but enough room to assure her he wasn’t going to attempt to get grabby. This was much easier when the woman in question threw themselves at him; not that he didn’t enjoy the challenge of course.

Ah, the volume did drop a bit as they settled into the booth, much better. The boot was also considerably more comfortable than the bar. Although he did still prefer the bar for the initial survey of the room, it made him more visible.

“I’m a lawyer, I specialize in corporate law as well as estates and the like. Nothing terribly dramatic I’m afraid.”
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
"A lawyer?" Amberelle nodded, duly impressed. The law was convoluted and tricky and she knew a good deal more than your average person about what was legal where, more from needing to know what to hide when "working" than from any academic interest. "Well that explains your wanting to review the place before recommending it.." she flashed him a grin and teased, "Trying to find someplace to keep them out of trouble.. or one that will drum up business?" And really which one was Club E anyways?

Giggling slightly at her own joke, she relaxed against the seat a little more. If he'd sat down and turned into a letch she would probably have broken a few bones in his hand for starters, but he seemed well mannered. She sure hoped he stayed that way. The opportunity for conversation with someone other that her cat was a welcome change.
Bao 14 years ago
Bao laughed and affected an air of modesty.

“I didn’t say I was a good one though did I?”

He couldn’t make out her motives. It was very unusual, one didn’t typically come to a place like this for conversation. One came to dance, to drink, and possibly find a partner for the night; she seemed content to talk. While she was attractive, Bao hadn’t considered more than a meal.

“I’m afraid my clients need –no- assistance finding trouble and I already spend enough time getting them out of it.”

Not wanting to focus on himself any more than necessary, he shook his head with fatherly regret.

“You, however, say that as if you are familiar with getting into trouble. Or do you get others out of their own predicaments?”
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
The blonde grinned at Bao, almost a Cheshire cat kind of smile at an inside joke. Amberelle found that a little too accurate, in both ways. But rather than let it darken her expression she kept the mood light. The blond made a "hmm" noise as she seemed to playfully contemplate her answer to his question. After a few seconds she just shrugged and leaned down to her drink. Smiling over it at him, she tried to wipe the mirth from her face and was partially successful.

"I plead the fifth," she said and managed to keep from laughing.

While she'd just asked him over on a whim and wasn't interested in him for food, she knew that having a lawyer around was always handy. Of course there were Clan lawyers at her disposal but knowing one out of the loop could be useful. And, if nothing else she could always try to get his home address out of him and see if he had anything worth taking.

"But just in case I ever do happen to maybe.. somehow.. kind of find myself in some sort of hypothetical "trouble".... you should give me your card," she added, again mostly straight faced. It was fun to tease and goof around just a little.
Bao 14 years ago
He did love that answer. It implied both intelligence and wit as well as the fact that the young lady had something to hide, or at least incriminating. Bao grinned.

"A very revealing answer in and of itself. But you seem to be managing rather well, so perhaps it isn't -too- damning."Â?

Of course, he had a card, but Bao debated giving her one. He only handled clients from within the clan. Beyond that, his rates were outrageous. Still it would seem odd not to give her a card. Perhaps one of his associates could help her or if she actually needed a lawyer, he could at least recommend a good one more in the price range of a young professional.

Having reached this conclusion in roughly a second he retrieved a card from inside his jacket pocket and slid it across the table.

"Just in case you wish to launch a class action suit or draw up a will, of course."Â?

He cocked a teasing eyebrow at her certain neither was high on the young lady's agenda.
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
One french tipped fingernail rested on his card as she slowly slid it the rest of the way across the table to herself. Amberelle glanced at it briefly then up to him. She cocked an eyebrow as she teased, "A will or a class action suit? Gee.. I thought I looked more like the "need a shark lawyer to get everything from my wealthy husband in the divorce" type." Amby slid it off the table and rubbed it between her fingers for a moment. To most it would seem an unconscious gesture, but she liked to judge the person by how they represented themselves.

"How about I give you one of mine too? Just in case you ever.. need to get out of trouble." Her eyes danced for a moment as her lips curved in a smirk. The unsaid "or get into it" was there. The blonde grinned at him then reached into her bag, tucking his card away and pulling out one of her own heavy linen calling cards from the silver case she carried. It was a pale blue with indigo ink, just her name with her cell number under it embossed in the center. A hold over from a more elegant, older time perhaps but something she'd never left home without since her Grandmother had gotten her first set after her coming out party.

She held it out and wondered how hard his information would be to find online. Hopefully he lived in some big expensive house on one of those Mc Mansion streets. He looked more like the art type than the jewelry one. She liked art... and to hell with fencing it, she could use some new pieces to brighten up her suite.
Bao 14 years ago
Bao quirked half a smile at her observation.

"It is the shirt, red is such a power color. Although,"Â? He paused for dramatic effect, as if considering, "I am flexible. If the price is right."Â?

He couldn't help but notice her manicure was extremely good and was half tempted to ask where she went. He was fussy about his hands and hadn't been able to find a manicurist he was completely satisfied with. Several had been good, but not perfect.

That she carried calling cards was an oddity. It was a formality, he couldn't fault the manners, but it was such an anachronism that Bao couldn't help but reassess the young woman. He now had to factor in a certain amount of money and southern aristocracy.

Having worked with a number of rather formal Asian, in particularly Japanese, clients it was habit for Bao to make some polite non-descript comment about the card before tucking it in his jacket pocket.

"I may just take you up on that offer."Â?

It was said with a small smile, responding to the unspoken idea of getting into trouble.
Amberelle DeEspionne 13 years ago
Her plan was already swirling through her mind. A few days research and a little exploring first. Then she'd see just what the lawyer had that would be worth picking up with her five finger discount. It would be good to shake off the dust and make sure her skills didn't get rusty. Her smile was a little brighter and she acknowedged his reply with a wink. Amberelle knew she needed to make an exit soon because if she kept getting to know baqo she might find herself feeling too guilty to go through with her little heist.

That wouldn't do. Not when the idea had her excited over something this much. It had been a while since she got enthused about much other than a random night out. She thought through all that in a few moments as she finished off her drink, then slid it away with a nod.

"I think I am going to go brave the dance floor again. Hopefully no one else will need to be smacked into place!" The blond grinned widely and offered him her hand. "Feel free to keep the table. It really does have one of the best views I think. And.. do give me a ring some time," she added with a playful wink as she scooted out.

First she'd expend some energy on the dance floor for a few hours, then head home and start her research. It was turning out to be one of her most promising evenings in quite some time.

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