Family Reunion (private)

Tai stood at the end of the gravel drive that led to the Abbatoir. Val stood beside him; together they regarded the building with mixed skepticism and curiosity. By her own admission, Val didn't spend too much time with her own clan here in Nachton. Tai could empathize, not having realized a need for it himself. But if he planned to stay here in America it only made sense that he increase his contacts, and know his new "family" organization.

"Very inviting," he remarked dryly as he observed the metal fencing and the wire.

Shifting slightly, almost imperceptibly, Tai tested the feel of the gravel beneath his feet. It was solid and mobile at the same time and it reminded him of how he'd felt for the last couple of years, moving yet not moving depending on the force applied to it.

Well, he was tired of being a pawn moved by larger game pieces. Whether it brought him to his end or to another beginning, it was time to become a piece in his own right.

"Shall we go check out the night life?" He offered Val his arm.

Valentine 14 years ago
Val just laughed softly. She had a feeling that Tai could teach her more than one or two things about being armed. She’d seen him handle the knife that Ellis had stabbed him with and given his handling of things during their little tryst earlier Val was fairly certain he was ‘sharper’ about things than she was. She totally wasn’t against learning either. She was competent enough with guns, explosives and when push came to shove in hand to hand but there was always room for improvement and Val wasn’t afraid to both admit and embrace that.

Not that she was worried about any of this right now. Now, for right now she was more than happy to bump and grind with the rest of those in the pit. While she was having a fine time just cutting loose she wasn’t unmindful of the looks that Tai was getting. Funny old thing that she was more or less accepted and people were still willing to question Tai. To her mind that was almost… well it was bad. If Simon was willing to cut Tai some slack then no one else had call to question it. But, that is how things worked to her mind. Of course, she was used to following orders from ‘the family’ or even from the leaders of the IRA. Maybe she needed to get out and lead her own causes more…. Or maybe she could just be good at what she was good at.

Her dancing was suggestive but it was equal opportunity, which is to say she didn’t overtly favor Tai. It wasn’t to make Tai jealous, it was just how Val was. One or two of the ‘young men’ seem to respond to her quite favorably, but she didn’t truly encourage them, that was just how things went down in the clubs.

While an entertaining night out it really wasn’t conducive to making new contacts. Val had gotten a few names and she could follow up on those, but later. It didn’t take long for mingling to turn to flirting, teasing and tempting. And while Val didn’t mind being something of an exhibitionist, it didn’t take long for she and Tai to rather mutually drag each other off into more private surroundings.

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