Making Music

Jan sat in one of the booths ignoring the repeative thumping noises of the current song, listening instead to the one playing in his head. His band always wondered how he could work like this. Tune everything out, even other music in order to write his own. He didn't understand it himself really, Jan was just good at tuning things out.

He scratched down a few notes and mulled them over in his head, deciding those met with his approval, Jan added a few more. No, not right. He changed the last note. Yeah, that sounded more dramatic.

Taking a break from his composing, Jan looked around the Abbatoir with a serene expression which probably read as bored to anyone who bothered to look his way. This was home, what he was used to, what he was comfortable with.

Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn was bored out of his mind. Was safety really worth these long hours of doing nothing? No wonder the old farts around here didn't know how to throw down properly. Centuries of inactivity would be enough to disintegrate anyone's brain.

Hands on his hips, he peered around him, looking for someone to bug. Anyone. A dead human if there wasn't anything to be had! One could at least kick it and hear the satisfying crunch of bones.

His eyes came to rest on what had been the best fun he'd had in this city yet. Well, the only fun. So the were in the same clan. Perhaps he had been too hasty in his judgements. Tacharan might have some promise after all.

Sauntering over, he leaned against the booth, just staring at Jan intently.

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Jan 18 years ago
Jan's gaze came to rest on Cyn, who had not said a word. He wondered if this was a personal record for the kid. Though he did get reasonably quiet through certain parts of their last association. Jan smirked just thinking about it. Cyn had been a lot of fun though and he was personally happy to see that he was Tacharan. It meant a greater chance of a repeat performance of their first encounter.

Wondering just how long the silence would last, He gestured to a seat in the booth next him and quirked an eyebrow.

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Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn slid into the booth, keeping to his own seat and not going for straight for the kill as he did the last time they had been in a similar situation. He had no plan for the night, not even to get into this cutey's pants. So for once he showed a measure of restraint and kept his hands to himself. For now.

"So this is where you hide when you are not skulking in the shadows outside the sewers. Have you had dinner yet?"

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Jan 18 years ago
"No, Are you volunteering? " Jan gave Cyn a sideways grin.

"So you're one of the orphans. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised." He watched his companion slid into the booth and wondered briefly how they must appear to humans, both of them looking like a couple of teenagers. Prime of life.. they did say that it didn't get much better than those years, right? Well it looked they both lucked out and had those years for eternity. Of course, it also meant getting carded for even a pack of cigarettes and bars always looked at him funny even with the fake id. But if that was the extent of his trouble Jan figured it was a small price to pay.

"We do tend to be more fun than the other two."
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
"An orphan in every sense," Cyn replied, shrugging. He didn't care much about clans or who did what, as long as being here kept those looking for vengeance off his ass, it was all good. He had a great ass, why waste it on those who could not appreciate it?

"I'm always on the menu if you know where to place your order." He shot Jan a naughty smirk and then turned serious again. So far Jan had not shown himself to be very generous in the sustenance department and it was Cyn's habit to only bet on a sure thing. Besides, getting out and hunting something down would be fun, he wouldn't mind a spot of violence to alleviate the boredom.

"Was actually considering going for take-out later tonight. You are more than welcome to tag along if you like. I'm sure you know all the best fast food places."
Jan 18 years ago
Seemed they had more in common than he thought. Guess Tacharan tended to pick up street kids. Not a bad policy, some would say they were the survivors. Though Jan didn't feel like much of one when Simon found him. He pushed those thoughts away, and regarded Cyn.

"I think can remember the directions from last time." He smirked in return. The idea of going out and hunting up some food wasn't a bad one. Jan could certainly use the meal and it wasn't like he could just keep taking from Cyn. That was fun and all but it wasn't exactly practical. "Sure I could use a bite to eat. What's your pleasure? Drunk, young, cute, old" Jan made a face at the last one. "high class, gutter trash?"
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn pursed his lips, considering what flavour he was in the mood for. "I'm thinking something young, sweet and minty fresh. Preferably low cholesterol, I'm trying to watch my weight. Unless you are volunteering to be my workout buddy? I would need a full body workout afterwards. Or before. Or both."

He looked Jan over slowly, mentally calculating how much time could be spent in before going out. Luckily the night was still young and the city outside just waiting for predators on the prowl. With luck he could have a nice start before diner and a rich, creamy desert afterwards.

"Does the city have a curfew for mortals?"
Jan 18 years ago
"That they pay attention to? No. That exists to keep young, -innocent-" He smiled "Helpless,boys safe? That would be midnight, I believe."

Jan contemplated the work outs with interest. I mean when was sex ever bad or bad for you? Even bad sex was pretty good, right? He somehow doubted it would ever be anywhere close to bad with Cyn so that was an even bigger bonus.

"I'm sure we could find time to "work out" whenever you like." Grinning, he pondered the meal choice. " Young, sweet and minty fresh? I suppose we could go to the mall like typical teenagers and see if we can't shop for a few things. Quite the variety there, got to love the food court idea." He winked at Cyn. " Or we can always go back to the night club and see what's hanging about. If you're in the mood for something older then we could always try to get picked up by a few cops."
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
"Shopping?" Cyn sat up, clapping his hands once in excitement. "I love shopping. We should pick off someone with more money than sense, there's lots of things I can buy. I could use some new boots, perhaps a pair of those slinky snake leather pants."

He twisted in his seat until he was perched on his knees facing Jan. Suddenly life didn't see so boring after all. Sinking his teeth into something yummi was good and all, but shopping was better. They could always snack in between. As for the workout... well, he did shop better when he was relaxed and temporarily satisfied.

Hormones kicked in swiftly then. He leaned forward until he could invade Jan's personal space, bending close to whisper in his ear.

"I'd like now."
Jan 18 years ago
Jan turned his head towards Cyn brushing his lips across his companion's.

"You want a work out now or the shopping?" He smiled. Cyn's excitement for doing some serious buying while looking for a few marks in which to use for cash was catching. It was the sort of sport he enjoyed on his own but he'd never tried team hunting, except for the occasional businesslike take down with another member of Tacharan, just to make sure he was still capable he guessed. Not his kind of fun, Jan was willing to admit it... He liked playing with his food.

"I think we can find a few people that need to be parted with their money. You want to snack on those are just lift their wallets?" Jan said,wiggling his fingers in the air to add meaning to his statement.
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
"Hmm, workout first and then shopping? We can't take too long, we don't want to miss out on all the other fun."

Cyn settled himself against Jan, leaning on him with arm resting on Jan's shoulder. His eyes darted about, looking to see who was noticing them or where there was a convenient dark corner for a quickie. He could always slide down under the table, but that was not a mutual thing and there were limits to his selflessness. The limit being that if he didn't get anything out of it, it wasn't worth doing. Even if Jan did feel like returning the favor, that would take longer, which defeated the purpose.

"I don't believe in going through life with a plan. We can take it as it comes, if the money carriers are eatable, we can snack, if not, no big loss there." He muttered, still scanning the club. It wasn't that he had anything against putting on a show, that was something that had been asked often in his human career. However, Jan had dragged him off last time, who knew what was up with that, maybe he had stage fright or just didn't get off on public indecency. Whatever it was, Cyn was sure in time he would cure the boy.

Hang on, in time? When the hell did he decide to keep the puppy?

He shook his head to clear it, turning a sweet smile on Jan instead.
"Is there anywhere more private around these parts?"
Jan 18 years ago
" I do believe I like the way you think." Jan reached a hand down and groped Cyn once before sliding out of the booth and turned to look back at his companion. A quick session in the sack to put them both in a good mood before going out and finding some cash and some shopping. This sounded like a perfect evening to him.

Jan looked about the place thoughtfully, he doubted anyone would have taken much notice had they played around right here, unless they were out on the dance floor and then they'd just be in someone's way. This wasn't too far from home though and they could stop by the domicile and get cleaned up afterwards.

"I'm sure I can find us some where."
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn barely had time to enjoy the grope before the hand was removed. Tsk, that wasn't very nice. Jan had a point, though, they couldn't get distracted by petting. Not when there was so many other more fun things to get distracted by.

He pushed himself up and out of the booth, sidling up to Jan and reaching out for a quick grope himself.
"Stick around kid, you're gonna fall for me yet." Just like all the others, he added silently.

He winked cheekily and then stepped away, looking at Jan expectantly. "Find it then."