I live!

Appologies y'all for disapearing last week but I got sick and yech... the flu sucks. Today I am back at work catching up and hopefully this afternoon will get my posts caught up!

Aishe 11 years ago
Glad you're feeling better and sorry you were sick! I had a great time (and by great I mean NOT) with swine flu back in september. I can sympathize!
Dana 11 years ago
Glad your better! *hugs*
Pakpao 11 years ago
Yay! Living is good! take it easy and recover fully
Shay 11 years ago
Glad to hear you're doing better!!!

Wish I could say the same for me. Whatever I got in Seattle has kept me feeling like poo for over a week now (though I am feeling a little better, and eating now at least.)

Yay for being sick! :P not
Diane 11 years ago
if you start feeling worse after youve been better got doctor righty away Shay!

Glad your better as well Amby!

Half my classes are empty in school with tons of emails to the prof about the flu. I'm glad i "lucked out" with a cold that turned into a sinus infection only!
Bastian 11 years ago
Nah...no relapse. It just took a lot longer to shake this thing. For a week I wasn't eating hardly anything because everything sounded disgusting. But I finally got my appetite back and am really starting to feel a lot better