Being a good little boy (lock, please)

Cyn shifted his weight and looked over his shoulder. All right, he was here, now what? Orientation, eh? More of the "you are at the bottom rung of the clan" and "do not under any circumstances get caught" crap? Cause if it were, this entire exercise was unneeded. He got it. Worthless little worm and shouldn't get caught. Blah blah blah.

He shifted his weight again. Come on, big scary orientation guy! Cyn muttered something inaudible. He hated waiting! If you couldn't be on time, why not schedule the meeting for later? Or call and cancel. You don't just make people wait! Waiting sucked.

He snorted and looked around once more. Okay, ten minutes more and then he was blowing this joint, there had to be places in this city where something fun was taking place.

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Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon was standing just on the other side of his office door. The newest member to Tacharan was standing on the other side. He had just checked the history on this one from Carol. He saw the age and sighed. 46? Simon did the checklist in his head. He'll be sour, arrogant, insubordinate and ready for a fight. He checked the sleeves of his jacket and cracked his neck.

'Alrighty.' Simon moved his right leg back, then kicked the door in with such force that it knocked it off the hinges. With liquid speed he shut the lights off and stormed the young newbie.

He loved this part of the orientation.
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn jerked around and the deafening crash behind him, followed by a sudden flood of shadow. He had not been expecting to get attacked within the clan and had barely gasped out a "What the..." when he was flat on the floor.

He groaned softly and shook his head to rid himself of the wave of dizziness the sudden fall had brought in. He looked up at the person who was the cause for his current horizontal state and then burst out laughing.

"If you wanted to play, all you had to do was say, milé. Looks like I broke the 'don't get caught' rule already, huh? Do I get a spanking now?"
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon hovered over the young vampire and half chuckled. Standing, he reached out to help him up. 'I'll leave the spankings to Gaia. I am Simon.' He turned the helping hand into a casual handshake. 'But you're right, we have to work on your reflexes. Nachton is rough territory, especially for the young ones.'

He pointed to a chair and rounded the table in the room. It looked like an interrogation room, but was far from it. Just some place to put a chair and table. Simon looked at the door. Carol would be cross. He half sat on the table.

'So what brings you to Nachton and Tacharan?'
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
That was it? You had to be kidding him! All the show with the door kicking and the predatory tackling and the guy lets him go? What the hell was the world coming to?

Cyn let Simon help him up and shake his hand, too baffled to do anything other than gawk. This was not the way things were supposed to go! No, this is the part where he should be on his knees in some way or the other. It was his vampire given right as the newest member of the clan to get dominated and taken advantage of!

He glanced down at Simon's crotch. Perhaps the scary orientation guy had a wee little problem? Pity, he was a cutey too.

Taking the offered seat, Cyn shrugged.
"I'm a friendly kinda guy, thought I'd mingle a bit with the rest of the cursed and hated. If that's all right with you, that is."
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon watched the expression on Cyn's face. He had done this a thousand times and each time he got this same reaction. He dove into his mental file cabinet for the correct response.

Simon rivaled if not surpassed Ellis in speed, but she took more agressive chances than him so stale mates were few and far between and usually left him with the tip of a short sword in his face. This young one expected more. Simon gave it to him.

With every bit of strength in him, Simon moved forward, picked up the insolate vampire off his chair and shoved him hard against the wall. His arm was up under his chin in a choke hold and his fangs were about an inch from Cynicke's eye. He looked at Cynicke with his hazel green eyes and with a gutteral voice said,
'I asked you a question.' He punctuated his last word with a shove against the younger vampire's throat. He lifted him off the ground, eye level to him. For a moment Simon considered breaking this one's neck, but thought better of it, but he waited a few moments just the same.

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Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn meeped at the sudden speed he once again found himself pinned. It was a good thing he didn't need to breath, the strength with which he was slammed against the wall would most likely have winded him. As it was, his body just throbbed everywhere. Perhaps he was wrong, this one might have some use after all, he certainly liked playing rough.

His legs kicked uselessly and he was not too proud to admit that his own final death flashed before his eyes. He was a twisted little thing, though, and found that the danger of that was actually exciting.

In answer to Simon's command, he muttered a jumble of words that came out pretty much something like,

He began struggling slightly then, baring his own fangs in response to the thread, one hand coming up to grab the arm keeping his prisoner, trying the pull it away, even if he doubted himself that he'd have any luck in that department.
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon felt the vampire struggle from beneath his grasp and that familiar tingling suddenly over took him. He was about to blood lust. He struggled with the sensation for a moment, but then released Cynicke. He looked down at the young vampire, but kept his head rigid and high. Cynicke coughed and his knees buckled before Simon.

Simon fought the blood lust back and cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure.
'There are 3 people you need to give a wide birth to in the clan. Your Mistress, your Trainer Gaia...and me.' He knelt down for a moment and looked Cynicke in the eye again. He leaned close and whispered in his ear.

'Do not think for a moment I wouldnt kill you without a second thought. By the grace of your Mistress, you are a member of this clan.' He said the next words slowly. 'Dont fuck up.'

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Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn pretty much dropped like a stone when he was released. Then he spent the next few seconds coughing and clearing his throat while he tried to get his vocal cords to remember how to work after getting crushed. The whispered words made him shiver, but he pushed that down, fairly certain that this meeting was not going to leave him with post coital feelings of bliss. It was still not right!

"I may need help on reflexes, but you need to work on your people skills." He picked himself up and held his hands out in the universal gesture of peace. "Yes, yes, wide birth, I get it, relax."

He lifted a hand to rub his neck, clearing it one more time while looking his new friend over critically. It really was a shame the guy was all about the job, Cyn wouldn't have minded getting a piece of that.

"We started off on the wrong foot, lets try again, shall we?"

He leaned back against the wall and shot Simon his best sweet and innocent smile. Despite knowing he wasn't about to get lucky, he couldn't keep his voice from dropping to a low purr. "Hello Simon, thank you for welcoming me into your clan. I am most often called Cyn, but as the higher ranking vampire, I am willing to accept any name you may wish to bestow on me. In short, I am here because I have bad people on my tail and need a place to hide out until they go away. You wouldn't want to throw me to the wolves, now would you?"
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon stepped back and leaned against the table. 'The reason newbies meet with me first, is because Ellis would fuck you, then kill you...just for the hell of it. Right now I'm the only friend you have.' A small smile tugged at Simon's mouth.

'You will be a Merc. If you dont know what that is, you will soon enough. Hopefully after your training, whomever is looking to harm you, will have one helluva hard time doing it.'

'The Clan will protect you...just as long as you protect it. Understood?'

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Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Aside from the being really dead afterwards, having to meet Ellis sounded fun. Certainly more fun than being knocked about and then left. Damn tease. With friends like that, who needed enemies, right?

"Yessir," he agreed, pleased with himself when it came out sounding almost sincere. See, he could play nice. He preferred not to, but if needed he could do the smiling and sucking up thing. There was more pleasant sucking to be done, of course, but alas, none of that for him today.

Cyn nodded, fighting the urge to pout about it. He shook the sad little vampire routine off and offered a blinding smile.

"Hope our next meeting proves even more... enlightening."
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
'Next we meet again, I'll have a .45 in my desk. You can stop me from getting to it first, if you like.' Simon smiled and walked out of the open doorway.

((OOc Simon out))
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Vampire with a gun, how unsportly. Didn't anyone rip people to shreds with their bare hands anymore? It was going to be a long while before Cyn would be used to the way things were done around here.

Meh, too much to worry about, it could wait for later. Now was more the time for getting into his party clothes and seeing what entertainment could be scared up.

After one last glance at the mutilated door, Cyn shrugged and headed for the exit. What a drama queen the guy was.

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