it's the end of the world as we know it..

"Just keep the change, thanks." Diane ducked out of the white and green cab and smiled at the driver.

Watching as the cab drove around the circle driveway, Diane made sure it was out of site before holding the old newspaper article up in front of the house for comparison. Aside from the new hasta's that had been planted out front it was a match. The headline mourned the tragic passing of an prominent city contributor. The picture showed a weeping widow and her twelve year old daughter exiting from their great house that had candles scattered scattered all over the front steps.

Now as she stood before the very same house, she once again checked her calf length boots for the stilletto she had hidden in there. Thankfully it hadn't fallen out since the last time she checked herself in the cab.

It had been a more than two weeks since she had made up her mind on what to do, and she had spent most of that time comming up with a plan. How do you kill a vampire? Was it like in the movies? Was she just going to call him on the phone and ask him to meet her some place to die? Did he even have a phone? What if he brought those other people with him again?

Some of the time, she just gave up and thought about how utterly stupid she was being. Usually those times didn't last long.

During the last few days she had come up with some semblance of a plan. Go to where he is likely staying and get him in his sleep. It was definately something that sounded easier than doing, and now that Diane stood nearly outside his doors she felt that moment of panic flood in, reminding her just how stupid she was.

Why hadn't she told Bastian what she was planning? There was an easy answer for that; he would have just stopped her or worse yet, insisted on comming along. Neither option was something she was willing to risk.

Besides, she was just going to go in catch him asleep stake him and be done with it. No harm no foul and one of the major lurking nightmares in her life would be taken care of.

Simple right?

"Dumb, dumb, dumb." The mantra played in her head as she took a deep breath and approached the front door.

Knocking with the assurance of a Avon sales lady, Diane waited and hoped a human answered the door.

Diane 14 years ago
After waiting nearly a minute, or maybe it was two, Diane raised her hand to knock again. Just as her knuckles hit the chestnut stained wood she heard the distinct click of the deadbolt unlocking. Startled she stepped back and held her breath as the door swung open to reveal a small frail good looking blonde in her late forties maybe early fifties. The womans empty blue eyes stared wordlessly at Diane providing for some awkward tension.

"Hello. I'm looking for Delilah. Is she home?"

The woman, who bore a striking resemblance to Delilah, continued to stare. Diane shifted on her feet.

"Delilah Bennett? This is the Bennett residence right?"

Diane frowned at the lack of acknowledgment from the woman and began to feel her unease wither away to irritability. Was the woman high? Why didn't she answer like a normal human being would, and who let her answer doors if this was how she acted?

With a heavy sigh, Diane stepped forward and put her palm flat against the door.

"Mam, I'd like to come in. If you'd step away from the door, I won't have to shove you."

The idea of shoving the lady wasn't appealing to her, but she had come here with a mission and zombie lady or not, she was going to follow through.

"Mom, come away from the door. I've got it. Why didn't you come and get me or Cherise when you heard knocking?" Delilah's voice flutter behind the wooden door.

Daughter stood beside mother as Delilah pulled the door open completely and eye'd Diane. The two pale tiny women looked like parts of the Barbie Doll collection, all they needed was a grandma to complete the Generations set.

"It's no one mother. Why don't you go out to the gardens? Your needles are still on the bench by the pond."

Neither Delilah or Diane spoke as Mrs. Bennett seemed to think the suggestion over and finally nodded. As she ambled away, thankfully outside and a safe distance away from whatever fight their may be, Diane arched an eyebrow at Delilah.


"She knits. What are you doing here?" Delilah snapped.

"I want Panos and I want him now."

A quick smile covered Delilah's face before she burst out laughing.
Delilah 14 years ago
It wasn't late enough for Panos, or Pauly as she liked to call him, to be awake even with the cloudy overcast skies. It was annoying actually, because she had wanted to talk to him about this crummy arrangement they had going on. Her up all day doing menial tasks that he could certainly do at night. Most places in Nachton were open twenty four seven and she had always thought that was because their town boasted an active nightlife. Nowadays she suspected the city had been founded by a bunch of dead vamps with awesome abilities at covering themselves up.

It was true she had really only met four vampires, who seemed to be oddly random and kookie, but there had to be more out there. She had a feeling they were like rats, once you saw one, there was bound to be a whole nest of em somewhere. Not that she wanted to run into said nest.

As she came down the stairs she passed the main hallway on the way to the kitchen. A voice was muffled and she felt the late summer air cutting through her homes temperature controlled shelter.

Was her mom holding the door open? Damn it she was going to let all the air out, the front room took forever to cool down with those huge windows. Tuna fish sandwhich on rye toast suddenly put on the back burner, Delilah beelined for the door in time to hear the mild threat from the opposite side of the door. Her eyes narrowed as she saw who was out on the front porch.

Her poor mother hadn't been the same since her father's accident. In fact she was a little looney and most of the time she was too doped up to know what was going on. It was better than listening to her sob and mope every day, regardless of how heartless it sounded.

After directing her mother outside and hopefully somewhere out of harms way Delilah turned on Diane.


"She knits. What are you doing here?" Delilah snapped.

"I want Panos and I want him now."

If that wasn't the funnest things Delilah had ever heard, she didn't know what was. What an absurd demand.

"That's ridiculous. What makes you think I know where he is and that I would even tell you?"
Delilah 14 years ago
This was the exact response Diane had anticipated from the girl.

Instead of answering with words, Diane swiftly brought the heel of her right palm up into Delilah's nose, producing a nice spray of blood.

"What the f..." Delilah began to sputter and backpedal away.

Diane didn't give her a moment to finish the sentence or slam the door in her face. She was on her with more fists flying, two to the side of her face and one to the throat. The throat punch dropped Delilah like a sack of bones and Diane stood over her.

"Now what were we saying about telling me where Panos is? I know he's here with you. Where else would he be? I know his other hideouts, all of which he's been avoiding. That only leaves one place, little Delilah Bennett's home. Your going to bring me to him or I will tear this place apart until I find him."

Beating up people was never something high on her list, but in this case it WAS Delilah. Delilah was a scourge on humanity. She worked for the devil, knowingly aided a monster who prey'd on humans, a monster who had tried to prey on her multiple times. They could both die and goto hell for all she cared.

Squating down, Diane grabbed Delilah by a fist full of cotton tshirt.
Diane 14 years ago
This was the exact response Diane had anticipated from the girl.

Instead of answering with words, Diane swiftly brought the heel of her right palm up into Delilah's nose, producing a nice spray of blood.

"What the f..." Delilah began to sputter and backpedal away.

Diane didn't give her a moment to finish the sentence or slam the door in her face. She was on her with more fists flying, two to the side of her face and one to the throat. The throat punch dropped Delilah like a sack of bones and Diane stood over her.

"Now what were we saying about telling me where Panos is? I know he's here with you. Where else would he be? I know his other hideouts, all of which he's been avoiding. That only leaves one place, little Delilah Bennett's home. Your going to bring me to him or I will tear this place apart until I find him."

Beating up people was never something high on her list, but in this case it WAS Delilah. Delilah was a scourge on humanity. She worked for the devil, knowingly aided a monster who prey'd on humans, a monster who had tried to prey on her multiple times. They could both die and goto hell for all she cared.

Squating down, Diane grabbed Delilah by a fist full of cotton tshirt.
Delilah 14 years ago
The laughter abruptly died when Diane's hand made contact with Delilah's nose. Her hand darted to her face, half for protection and half to check if it was broken before Diane started in again on her.

She had no chance to block anything the crazy wolf broad was throwing at her. Diane was faster and stronger than her and the memory of being strangled by the woman resurfaced and she sanks to the ground in a blood smattered heap.

Diane was bitching about knowing Panos was there but all Delilah could see was stars. The jolt from being wrenched up by her shirt brought the situation back into focus.

"Fuck you bitch." Delilah spat blood into Diane's face.

Diane cursed and dropped her back to the ground. Her head bounced off the Italian marble tile.

"Maybe your mother knows where he is then."

Diane had stood and was walking down the same hallway her mom had walked down towards the gardens.

Like hell she was going to touch her mom!

That statement woke up the fight inside Delilah and she screamed and launched herself onto Diane's back.

"You don't go near my mom, do you hear me! I will fucking kill you myself!" She shrieked.
Diane 14 years ago
Delilah had been as predictable as a daytime soap opera. It wasn't hard to guess what pushed her buttons. The blonde was as transparent as glass.

When Diane felt the girl tighten her arms around her neck she threw herself forward and flipped Delilah off her back and onto the ground once more. The sickening crack of her skull hitting the tile again made Diane's stomach lurch.

Delilah wimpered and went still.

One down, one to go.

Diane took a deep breath and looked around the room. Was she really this heartless? Since when was killing other people something that had become acceptable?

"Since we protect and defend what is ours." She heard her inner voice whisper.

That's what she was doing right? Protecting herself, her family, her pack? Panos had threatened her first. When she lived at Shady Pines, she knew he'd never get anywhere near her or those she cared for, but now...out in the open with Bastian...

She had realized that she'd put all of them in danger. There might as well been a giant target painted on the side of Bastian's home with a sign that read 'Vampires, snacks within' written on it.

No, she wasn't blantanly killing for the joy of it. She was drawing the line. Making it perfectly clear that she wasn't a helpless welp who had laid down to die. By getting rid of Panos and his minion she was proving her rank in this little battle of power.

At least that's what she told herself. There was still a small part of her that wanted to cry, a part that wanted to run away and ignore all the things her inherited instincts were telling her.

Somewhere in the house a phone began to ring, celaring her mind and refocusing her on the task at hand. Find Panos.

If you were to use logic, and or watched too many vampire movies, where would you figure a vampire hid?

Diane passed the stairs that lead up and wandered into the kitchen looking for a cellar door, or stairs that lead to a basement. To her luck and not much surprize she found exactly that.
Diane 14 years ago
The basement stairway was opposite the back door and had a beautifully carved railing the lead all the way down into the darkness. Diane flipped the light switch on, not believing that act alone would wake a vampire.

The basement looked like any other basement in a rich persons home. Giant home theater equipment,black leather furniture, a full wet bar and a crome enhanced pool table. It was over the top and very masculine. She didn't know what she expected, a coffin or maybe a tomb? Even Panos's home out in the woods hadn't had that. It had a elaborate wooden carved bed and a very rustic modern feel to it. Looking around here now, she doubted that place had even been his.

Was he always in hiding? Was that how they all lived? She imagined her son as an adult being lured into slavery by one of these monsters and shivered. He'd definatley become part of the pack now, if only for his protection.

Diane dragged her hand along the high end wood paneling near the bar until she came across a large wooden handle protruding from the flat wall. What was this?

Giving the handle a hard tug, she opened the door to reveal a dimly lit room. The criss cross pattern over the walls gave her the distinct impression it had been a wine cellar. Now though, it was a bedroom.

Holding her breath, she entered the cellar and let her eyes adjust to low lighting. The room was just big enough for the double bed it contained and she knew she had found him. She had found him all right, in all his naked glory. Panos lay asleep, completely undressed and barely covered by the black silk sheets that adorned the bed. His skin was like marble against the stark contrasting sheets. He almost look looked heavenly as he slept unaware of what was about to happen.

"Like an angel of fucking death." Diane whispered as she stood above him.
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
Sleep was one of his favorite things. He could never get enough of it. Let alone it was one of his vices to become so entangled in sleep he was nearly impossible to wake up.

Except of course, if someone was annoying enough to break through to his subconcious.

'Panos, awake my dear nephew.'

The voice drifted through his head like a whispered caress using the link he and Chryseis shared since their bonding.

'Away Chrys. Go away, I'm sleeping.' He answered her back without much effort.

'Fool. Wake up, something is wrong. I can feel it.'

Chryseis hated nicknames, and he knew it would piss her off to no end if he used it. That's exactly why he did it frequently.

'You feel something is wrong? Where were your feelings when I was kidnapped by that dog woman over a year ago? Leave me be Chrys, your being over protective now. I am safe, Delilah watches over me while I sleep.'

He could feel her anger like a wave of hate wash over him.

'Your blind ignorance allows you to trust a human. I've called your Delilah and she isn't answering her phone.'

'I don't blame her. I wouldn't answer when you called either. You scared the shit out of her with that stunt at the gas station. Do you know how long it took me to smooth that shit over?'

Panos shifted in the bed, slowly growing aware of his mental conversation beginning to rise him out of his sleep. Damn his aunt and the stupid bond that they shared. He was in no danger. Delilah was good to him, even if she was at times annoying as shit. She kept a tight watch during the daytime of her home. Protecting both him and the crazy mother who wandered around the house like a ghost.

'Wake up NOW nephew.'

He felt Chryseis push her feelings of anger and dread into him and felt the last semblances of sleep wear off.

His eyes opened as the feelings of no longer being alone washed over him. He held still and kept silent. Over his right someone stood hunched down and intent on something below the level of his bed.

He recognized her scent and slowly gathered himself to a silent crouch. Pulling on his Coat of Arms he shielded his naked body best as he could. Briefly he remembered Chryseis's warning. She hadn't been able to get ahold of Delilah...

Anger and brief fear for Delilah flashed in his eyes and his fangs readied themselves to rip out the dog bitches throat.
Diane 14 years ago
It was now or never.

Wiping clammy palms down the side of her blue jeans, Diane took a deep breath. The stilleto was hot against her calf, a silent reminder of what she came her to do.

"This is too easy." She thought to herself.

Leaning forward she slipped her fingers into the inside of her brown leather riding boot and felt for the small weapon she had placed inside. No smile crept across her face as she was grimly reminded that she was killing someone, person or not. Pulling herself back up to full heigth so found the pillow bare. Dread sank in as she noted a very much awake Panos poised and ready for her.

The stilleto curently forgetten in her hand Diane opened her mouth but didn't get a sound out before he launched himself off the bed and onto her, knocking them both to the floor.

"What's this?" Panos asked sarcastically as he wrapped his hand around the wrist of her hand that held the weapon. He began to squeeze and Diane could feel her bones threatening to crush.

Shock finally wore off and as the adrenaline kicked in, Diane brought a knee up hard and did some crushing of her own. Panos's grip on her wrist ceased and she took the oppertunity to roll away from him and scrambled to her feet. Switching the stilleto to her other hand she lunged at him but he deflected her blow with a slap so hard to her head that she thought her teeth were going to fall out.

Panos was up and throwing fists at her so fast she couldn't block them all and she took a few hits to the face. Memories of fleeing from him in the woods flooded into her and she felt the panic begin to clamour upward. It was too early in the fight to flake out just yet and she pushed the old fear back down. She had trained for this hadn't she? Months of fighting lessons and using her abilities to hone herself into a perfect tool to fight this one man and she was ready to lose it so soon?

"Where's your back up little girl? Where've you hid the big dog from last time?" Panos snarled as he grabbed her by a fist full of hair.

He yanked her face away from the wall and smashed it back into it's criss crossing shelves that once housed bottles of wine. Three more times her face hit before she felt her cheekbone give away as it shattered. The pain sent fire through her veigns waking up the anger inside of her.

"I don't need backup to kill useless slime like you." Diane spat.

Bringing her knee up once more she intended to repeat the offense from before but Panos caught it and dropped his hand from her hair to swat at her leg. That gave her enough time to swipe the blade across his chest. An instant line of red appeared and he hissed but backed away.
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
The blood from the chest wound was fully healed before he could wipe away the blood. Diane was quick and had she been a foot taller that swipe would have landed at throat level.

She blurred away from him with a speed he hadn't noticed in her before. Seeing that she was going for the door to his newly renovated room he made a dash for the exit as well and caught her by the back of her shirt.

"Where do you think yo..."

Diane struck out backwards with her foot and as the heel of her boot connected with the side of his kneecap Panos crumpled and tightened his grip on her shirt, forcibly yanking her on her ass. The bitch had gotten a little bit tougher than the last time. A sharp tang of metal hitting cement floor told Panos the weapon was out of her hands. Taking that opportunity to bring her closer, Panos wrapped his fist into her shirt and pulled hard. He could hear the thin fabric strain and tear as Diane was dragged over to him. She made a gargled noise and scraped at her throat. The faint odor of blood excited him but he knew better. That first time he had bitten her he had felt like he was dying for a second time. He hadn't known then that she wasn't as human as she appeared to be.

Panos brought his face to the side of Diane's neck.

"How does it feel now that the tables are turned? I must say, it's much more fun being the person whose doing the strangling rather than watching. You would know that though, wouldn't you?"
Diane 14 years ago
It was hard not to miss the irony in her current situation. Hadn't she attempted to strangle Delilah not that long ago? The major difference between the two situations was; Panos wasn't going to let her go.

He had stupidly brought his face within clawing damage and Diane quickly took a last gulp of precious air and slipped her fingers out of the collar of her shirt and dug them into Panos's face. She felt his grip loosen enough to let in that beautiful stale basement air and then she was moving. Throwing one very boney elbow into ribs he went backwards and she spun around to follow. Launching herself ontop of him she landed on him with a knee that was aptly aimed for his diaphram.

The air whoosed out of him and she spotted her blade laying not far ahead of them, nearly under the bed. Diane scrambled off of Panos and as her finger brushed the handle she felt his strong hands wrap around her ankle. Screaming in frustration she spun onto her back and used her other foot to mercilessly kick at his head before he could get ahold of both legs.

"You stupid stupid idiot! You just had to keep stalking me."


"You couldn't just leave well enough alone when I shot you the first time."


"Youre never going to stop."

Another solid kick.

"I am not prey, I am not food! I AM NOT WEAKER THAN YOU!"

Diane gave one last blow to his head before his hand fell away and gave up crawling for a scattered run. She felt the warmth of her fingers incase the cold steel blades handle when she heard movement behind her. Panos was up again. Damn it he was one to take a beating.

Hoping that her aim would be right, and hoping she had enough strength left in her to drive the blade in far and deep, she spun around plundged the stiletto hilt deep into a very ample chest.

"NO!" a pained scream erupted from behind her.

The ever so pale blue eyes that stared back at her were not Panos. Those same eyes blinked twice and the perfectly sculpted mouth was poised in a perfect O before she dropped to ground silently.
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
Panos was naive.

Human's were fodder, a dime a dozen, and most of all, food. Why on earth he was so enamored with them was beyond her. What number human was this for him now? Five? Didn't he have better things to do with his time than try to force human women into relationships with him? Pathetic.

Chryseis was tired of cleaning up after him. Had she lived this long only to reunite with family, whom originally tried to maim her, just to clean up after him? Taking care of him as if he was her own child. Which he wasn't by birth nor rebirth.

Still he was kin, the only kin of her bloodline left. She had not been Chryseis Mehalitsenos since she was a twelve year old girl, but Panos, he still carried their name. That was worth protecting and picking up after wasn't it?

She had attempted to call Delilah many times that late afternoon, as she did not sleep as much as she used too. Since spooking the living daylights out of the girl, Chryseis found it enjoyable to randomly call her and ask for her presence. The girl had not failed to answer a call yet. Each time she came, the fear was apparent in her demeanor. It was the good stuff, the kind of fear you rarely found these days in humans. Even if she wasn't allowed to feast on the slim little snack at least she could draw something delicious out of the child in other ways.

It was too early for her liking to be out, just the beginnings of dusk really but Chryseis was determined to see that her nitwit of nephew was out of bed and on alert. If his human wasn't stationed and functioning amongst the profiles of her job then something was either wrong or the girl was slacking. Upon seeing how Delilah normally acted around Panos, Chryseis doubted it was the second option. He had finally found one that would follow him around like a lost puppy. Only he seemed to not noticed. That figured.

The house itself looked reasonable, save for the fact the front door was ajar.

Exiting her sleek white car her skin itched in a slow agony, a small reminder that twenty minutes more would have done her good. Quickly slipping into the house the first scent to hit her was one of blood. The pool of dark deliciousness circled Delilah's head, giving her an almost angelic but bloody appearance.

Shouts from somewhere deep within the kitchen caught her attention and she moved with an unnatural speed through the house and into the basement in time to catch Diane giving Panos a final blow to his head with her boot.

"I AM NOT WEAKER THAN YOU!" Diane shouted.

This woman was a problem, and a nuisance to be delt with. Panos had made the mistake numerous times before with this one. Chryseis would end it tonight. Fangs bared she darted at Diane and never saw the blade comming straight at her heart.

There wasn't much pain really. The ice cold slicing into her chest, followed by the boiling hot lava that dripped down through her insides melting everything that it touched. There was a distinct painful numbness that tingled after the burn and all she could remember was Morgan. The pain that Morgan took away from the plague, it felt like this, as it ate her flesh.

"Morgan where are you my friend." Chryseis's thoughts cried out in a whisper before the pain set in and turned everything black.
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
The room was spinning faster than two turn tables on a saturday night. Panos couldn't tell what produced the disorientation more, the blows to his head or what had just happened.

Chryseis was down, her body a motionless heap.

"Chryseis!" The room stopped spinning enough for him to make it to her side.

'Chryseis! Hear me! Move you old bitch!'

He tried to reach her with their bond only he felt nothing. It felt like a cord had been snapped and the recoil was devastating.

This couldn't be right. There was no way Chryseis was dead. What was she even doing there? His eyes burned with tears and as he leaned forward to kiss her forhead his whispered to her in Greek.

"Αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη αγαπητή θεία."

As he pulled back, his hand brushed against her skin and it felt brittle. Chryseis's delicate snow white skin was rapidly graying and breaking down. The sight of that alone was enough to send his grief into fury.

"You stupid stupid bitch. You have no idea what you've just done."

Panos slowly brought his head up to locate Diane. He hoped she hadn't run off just yet, not when things were about to get interest. It seemed that fear had pinned her to the wall, her face swollen and discolored her eyes wide and...

What the hell were her eyes doing?

The pupils themselves were dilating from normal to...abnormal. He'd seen her doing something simular before but it was nothing like this. She wasn't trying to scare him, she was the one shaking.

"Stay away from me." She whispered.

That made him smile. As he stood she darted for the open door way and he leapt after her, landing on her back and bringing them both down.

( Greek translation = Rest in peace dear aunt.)
Diane 14 years ago
Diane did a quickstep backwards and pressed herself to the wall in an effort to get away from the dying vampires body. Panos flew to the woman's side and Diane could see the agony in his eyes.

What had she done? Where did that woman, no Chryseis as Panos had called her, come from?

'You came here to kill.' a voice deep inside reminded her.

Diane's stomach cramped and she fought the urge to vomit. She had killed someone and she hadn't expected it to feel like this. She had anticipated a feeling of strength and justice. Instead she felt sickened and afraid. It didn't help that she had gotten the wrong vampire, or that now the one she had intended to kill was staring at her.

Her body began to convulse involuntarily, both from fear and exhaustion. Every muscle ached and her face was throbbing with every beat of her heart. Her body desperately wanted to turn wolf and hightail it out of there but she fought to control the instict.

"Stay away from me." she whispered, trying hard to keep the bravado that clearly wasn't there.

Panos's smile was sadistic as he stood from Chryseis's quickly decaying body.

Diane darted to the door with only one thought of escaping when she felt Panos land on her like a ton of bricks. Her back exploded with pain as he landed with one knee deeply pressed into her ribs. No doubt he had crushed one or two. He had her down and there was nothing she could do face down on her belly gasping to take breathes between the pain.

There was no way she was going to die here like this.

She had to shift and had to do it fast. It was going to be the most painful shift she'd ever had but at this point, did it really matter?

Giving in to herself she quit fighting and let the change come. The fist full of hair Panos had grabbed ripped from her scalp and her body began to mold itself into something new. The pain from the smashed bones and bruises amplified and she began a scream that turned less human as it twisted into a full blown howl. Panos fell back as her shape shruddered and changed completely.

The room smelled of an eternity of death and decay. Upstairs the faint hints of blood were wafting down to the wine cellar. Diane pulled herself up onto all four long lean legs and growled at Panos. She wasn't the largest wolf on the block but she was imitating enough. Her long ears laid back as she moved slowly towards him and he took a step back. Panos had seen her as a wolf before but only once and it was as she was fleeing.

How she wished she could taunt him now.

Snapping at him with a menacing growl she suddenly spun on her feet and galloped up the stairs and through the kitchen towards the livingroom. Her pace wasn't quick enough to tell him she was fleeing, just enough to show she wanted him to follow.

Diane could smell Delilah's blood and hear her shallow ragged breathing. She hadn't killed her earlier, thank god. Placing her body above Delilah's, Diane didn't have to wait long before Panos appeared.
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
Panos had seen Diane change before but he had never felt it. The swift movements of muscle and bone were repulsive beneath his hands. Backing off, he stood and watched her change into a red furred four legged real life wolf.

He was a vampire and had lived enough years to see some disturbing things, but that? That was just some fucked up shit.

Diane pulled herself up with some labor and was quick to growl at him. Her teeth barred and she snapped at him and then to his surprise she turned and took off out of the room. She wasn't going to leave that easily again. With a quick grab of some black jeans off his floor, Panos gave one last glance down at Chryseis, or what Chryseis was becomming and sucked in a breath and closed his eyes.

"Your death shall be avenged θεία."

He didn't lose any more time and sprinted after Diane.

It was the overwhelming smell of Delilah's blood that had him stopped dead in his tracks rather than the sight of the large red wolf hovering over her body. There was so much blood.

Keeping his anger contained within, he locked eyes with Diane. Unfortunately she held the control right now and she knew it. Diane's tongue came out and lapped at Delilah's face who softly whimpered.

"Leave her be bitch. I'm telling you right now, you won't walk out of here alive if you so much as..."

Diane snarled and put Delilah's throat between her teeth. Not enough pressure to pierce the skin but just enough to leave a mark. He got the picture and shut his mouth.

"I accept your threat as of today, but you must know you can't use Delilah forever. This isn't over Diane, there will come a time and a place were we'll both stand with no distractions and I will kill you."

Panos felt strangely calm and collected. He'd let her leave for now. She had gotten the upper hand on him numerous times, evntered into three of his homes and came at him. Diane was alot smarter than he had ever given her credit for. Maybe it was time to start giving her that and instead of acting on purely blind rage and emotion, he'd start planning.

He watched as Diane removed her jaws from Delilah's skin and back up towards the door. Once she reached it she turned and ran.

He felt a presence behind him and his heart jumped into his throat as he spun around. Delilah's mother stood behind him looking down at the floor and her daughter. Disapointment slipped through him even though he knew Chryseis was not going to get back up.

"Tell her to clean that up." Mrs. Bennett said before she turned and went back out into the backyard.

Panos was stunned. The woman was a complete loon.

He had no protection now, no one to turn to for help. He had relied on Chryseis for more than just money. Her devout loyalty to her family, her strong city presence that was backed by the oldest clan amongst them, all of that he had even if only by proxy. She had done things for him that no one else had and who knows how many of the clan's laws she had broken by helping him.

Now all that was gone.

Scooping Delilah up proved harder than he thought. He was drained from the fight and the scent of her blood filled his nose entirely and clouded his ability to think. There weren't many places left for him to go, god if there were any. It didn't matter anymore, as Delilah's breathing grew weaker Panos felt the world around him completely crumble. There wasn't anything left after this and there was only place he could seriously try if only for Delilah's sake.

(ooc : θεία = aunt.)
(ooc : Diane, Panos, Delilah - out, Chryseis -deceased)