The earth will guide me

Launching her lithe red furry body over one the many fallen trees, Diane slowed her gait to a walk. It was windy this evening and the warmth of the air felt great as it rustled through her fur.

She had some serious thinking to do and what better of a place to do than out in the open and away from the static of city life. This was one feeling of being a Were that she completely enjoyed to it's fullest. As a human walking in the woods brought back bad memories from a few years ago, but as a wolf Diane felt fearless. The Clearing was sole property of the Vyusher R'asa and there wasn't much out here that could best her, aside from a packmate.

Tonight Diane's thoughts were a storm of trouble. A few evenings ago she had come face to face with yet another threat to her way of living, and once again it was because of her stupidity. What started out as a short term, and highly illegal, way to boost her income eventually became a new way to draw danger to herself.

As if she needed any help with that.

The money she had been electronically siphoning from the first vampire Panos, had been caught by a second propbally older vampire named Chryseis. The first vampires said benefactor and auntie.

Her moronic belief that it would continue to go unnoticed and therefore no reason to shut it down was what had her in hot water now.

It was given with Panos that he was easily pushed into emotional behavior and his rational thinking was lacking. Diane now knew how to manipulate him and it had been a few months without a disturbance from tall dark and deadly. Delilah popping up at the convience store had prove he was still currently playing with the human, and Diane hoped that he would have forgotten about his anger at her for getting away on more occasion than one.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Diane 13 years ago
Huffing a nostril full of dirt, Diane sneezed and shook.

Slowly she had begun to feel at ease after dark as time wore on and there was no sign of Panos. Getting her to let her guard down had been just what Panos had intended and now she knew why.


The woman had been cold and reserved. She seemed calculating and powerful. All this Diane had gotten from her in the five minute encounter at the convience store. That's what scared her the most, the way Chryseis seemed to eminate such danger in that short amount of time. They were no doubt working as a team against her and Diane couldn't afford another minute without a plan.

Two years had gone by and she had spent enough nights of worry on this bullshit.

Anger filled her from the core and Diane began to run again. She had to do something, had to be proactive. The time for hiding out and being cautious was over. She wasn't going to be the prey they were slowly priming for the slaughter, any longer. Throwing her head into the sky, Diane let out a long howl as she made a decision.

Simply put, the vampires would have to die. It would be the only way to rid herself of the tedious threat the two imposed on her life. To leave them alive would just give them invitation to further corral her and anyone she cared for into a cage. SHe'd stop them before they could get to anyone else, no matter what it took.

As if in response to Diane's dark mood, the sky opened up and the heavy clouds began to release thick rain drops onto the ground. Turning tail, Diane ran back to the asylum to begin planning for what was to come.

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