Timid Beginnings (open)

The sedan pulled up to a set of gates and the driver had a muted discussion with the small box at his window. Dana grimaced when he pronounced her name incorrectly. The gates swung open and he pulled up to the front of the incredibly large, very imposing manor that was to be Dana's new home.

She heard the trunk pop open, then he was out of the car and opening her door. The heat hit her first, it was simply not this hot in Ireland, and it surprised her. The hours just before dawn were usually quite cool, and she supposed that for here this was cool.

Shrugging, she stepped from the car. The young man waited for her to move toward the manor, before going to the trunk and pulling out her things. He carried them to the porch. tipped his hat and went back to the car, having long ago given up on talking with her and getting a response.

With a sigh she picked up her suitcase and guitar case, and feeling a bit like Maria in the sound of music, pressed a small round button next to the door.

It didn't take long before it was opened and she was once more faced with a stranger.

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Dana 15 years ago
Dana followed Ysabel, a little behind and to the left, the place she generally took when with someone of rank higher than her own. "Oh, aye, Lady Erin is very well."

She smiled at the taller blonde woman. "It's just I...became restless. I've been with the Lady and her household for so very long and I was feeling..."She paused trying to find the word that fit the restless yearning inside of her.


She paused again, thinking through why she'd chosen America. "I've never been to America before and I wanted to roam somewhere that had no memories for me, some place with a fresh start."

That mostly summed things up. It wasn't that she had bad memories, not really, except a bit in France during the Inquisition. America was such a bright and shining gem of a place, even with the current political state. Not that Dana cared two cents about politics.
Ysabel 15 years ago
Ysabel nodded as Dana spoke. Certainly, for ones so long-lived as they were, a certain amount of exploration, room, was necessary.

"Of course," she said with understanding. "We were all human at one point, after all, and humans seem to have an overwhelming desire to learn and experience new things in their short lives. It would seem natural for us to retain that. And with our lives all the longer for it, well then there must be even more seen and done to keep us satisfied."

Her own reasons for coming to Nachton weren't so much different. Granted, she had followed Dayle here but since arriving she had seen less and less of her Tacharan sister. She remained in no small part because of Ambrose, but also because she enjoyed it here.

"You'll make new memories here." She glanced at Ambrose and flushed a little, with another smile at Dana. "And perhaps, like me, they will create incentive to stay. Here we are."

They had arrived at a solid oaken door, the apartment Rupert had said should fit Dana's needs. Ysabel waited, Ambrose just behind her, for Dana to open it up and signify her approval.
Dana 15 years ago
"I can only hope so." She too flushed lightly, perhaps that need for a life, and lovers and prey outside of what Lady Erin provided had been her real impetus. Only time would tell really.

Using the key she'd been given, Dana opened the door.

Was her simple reply, though it implied much more. The room was beautifully appointed. The furniture was a gently stained cherry wood, the walls a soft cream, and the flooring made of some dark wood that complimented the furniture. Rugs had been placed about the room and Dana was delighted to see that they were exactly where she would have put them.

She wondered briefly if Lady Erin had given more instruction than she'd been aware of. Not worrying about it over much, Dana stepped into the room and placed her suit and guitar cases next to the door. She would deal with them after her guests had left.

"It's lovely." She noted the walls and shelves were bare, leaving room for the things that would be arriving soon. The bed was placed in the center of the room, over a lovely round oriental rug, beside it were two small tables with a lamp each and on one was a sleek black telephone.

Along one wall was a large wardrobe, a tall chest of drawers and a door. Another wall held a vanity table, and a set of shelves, and the entry door. The final wall was a set of built in book shelves that over looked a small seating area of a fainting couch, two arm chairs, an end table between the chairs, and a coffee table. The chairs and couch were upholstered in a soft burnish gold, and the bed clothes were in a contrasting coppery color. Dana was most please with her room.

She turned back to Ysabel with a warm smile.
"It's exactly perfect."

Manners caused her to look about again. "I don't know if I've tea things, but I'm sure we can call for it if you'd like to stay and have tea."

She was hoping in the back of her mind that they declined and left her to unpack and sleep, but she would not send Lady Elsa's child away with out the offer of refreshment.
Ysabel 15 years ago
Dana's reaction to her rooms told Ysabel everything she needed to know. She was glad; not only would the woman hopefully feel comfortable here, but she and Ambrose would have enough time to get back to their house before Marie awoke. Ysabel didn't doubt that Marie could entertain herself for the day, and at fifteen she was sure the girl could take care of herself as well, but still - she hadn't left Marie home alone at all since taking her as her familiar, and she didn't want her waking up alone.

Dana's offer was very sweet, but it had barely been ten minutes ago that Ysabel had heard her voice her true desire for a room and rest. So she took the offer as what it was, court manners, and declined gracefully.

"You're too kind, Dana, but you should rest. I would be happy to show you around later, if you like, and of course it would be pleasant to know how Lady Erin is doing as well."

She stepped back a bit, taking Ambrose's arm.
"Any of the servants will be able to tell you where to find us, when or if you choose... welcome to Nachton."

Ambrose nodded his head at Dana, unable to do further with his arms full, and gave her his usual, "Ma'am" by way of wishing her a good morning. Ysabel, for her part, gave Dana another little curtsey and turned to leave, her skirts swishing out as she did.

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Dana 15 years ago
Dana was sure relief shown on her face when Ysabel declined her invitation. She returned the Lady's curtsy with one of her own. "You have been most kind Ysabel. I look forward to spending time with you in the future. Good day to you Mr. Townsend."

As the two left she closed the door quietly and leaned against it staring at the room that now belonged to her. With a smile at all of the lovely organizing she would get to do, she picked up her suitcase and crossed to the bed.

It took her just over an hour to get everything unpacked and placed exactly where she wanted it. She was pleased with herself, and looked around the room again, her eyes landing on the guitar case.

"I'm going to need a stand."

With a sigh she went to the table with the phone, hoping to find a directory of some kind. Beside it she found a small hand printed note.

Miss. ó Ceallaigh,

Welcome to Heolfor Manor. If you are in need of anything it will be our pleasure to serve you. Please simply dial zero on your telephone. If you wish to make an outside call dial nine and then the number.


Rupert Burke, Head Butler

With a smile she picked up the telephone and pressed zero.

"Yes, Miss ó Ceallaigh?"

"Yes, I find I am in need of a few things. Where would you recommend I find a guitar stand?"

"We would be happy to obtain that for you, anything else, miss?"

She thought for a moment, glancing around the room. "Yes, I'll need the stand in plain black, and I'd like several compact discs of various American artists playing and singing to acoustic guitar and I'll need something to play them on."

"Yes, miss, but pardon my saying, the large wardrobe in your room contains a stereo system, if it is not satisfactory please let me know."

"Oh, hold a moment please." Dana set the receiver down and crossed the room. Upon opening the wardrobe, she found a flat screen television, dvd player and a rather stunning stereo. It would do well.

Returning to the phone she smiled.
"No, it will be fine."

"If there is nothing else miss?"

"No, that will do for now."

"Yes miss, when would you like those brought to your room?"

"Oh, when I awake. I shall call again and let you know."

"As you like. Rest well miss."

And the line went dead. Nameless, faceless servants over an intercom did not jangle her nerves in the least, it was normal natural, easy for her.

Grinning she removed her clothing, placing it into the hamper provided in her bathroom, slid between soft cotton sheets and was asleep before her head finished settling into the pillow.

((Dana out, lock up please))