The Tropic's Resort - Something's in the air

"Thanks Steff, this will be fine. Nic knows I'm here, so you don't need to babysit me."

Fallon patted Steff on the shoulder, and took her seat at the bar. Rolling her head on her neck, she shrugged her shoulders and forced a sort of calm to wash over her, as she watched Nic's assistant walk off. With all the time she had been spending at Tropics, most of the staff had become quite familiar, but she still liked 'the Steffs' best. They always seemed to know just what she needed, and when she wanted nothing more than anonymity.

Tropics had become her safe haven away from Heolfor for that anonymity especially. She adored her work for the Anantya clan, and wouldn't have given it up for anything, but the more involved she became with her people, the more she needed someplace to isolate herself, and regather her energies. Someplace where she could take more than ten minutes time to organize her thoughts, without interruption. Thanks to Nic's invitation, Tropics had become just that place.

"Thanks Franco. This looks yummy."

The drink the bartender placed in front of her was unknown to her. It was in a tall, hurricane glass, sort of purple in color, icy, and sporting a pretty orchid hanging over the rim. Franco and Fallon had also hit it off early on, and began a sort of game of 'what drink is this', when she couldn't decide what to order one night. As promised, Franco had brought her the first concoction which she loved, and began following up with something new each visit. The man had yet to find something she didn't like.

Sipping the drink, the bartender faded into the background as Fallon turned her stool and gazed out on the 'beachy' scenery, beyond the glass windows. It was late, of course, so few were out and about, and the atmosphere lent itself to her calming process. Today had been a bit more harried than usual, what with the broken pipe in Gordon's room on the second floor, water spewing everywhere, and threatening to invade several of the other guest suites. Luckily between Rupert and her, they had managed to get the water turned off in time, and minimized the damage while waiting for the plumber. Also luckily the plumber knew what he was doing, and though the repairs were somewhat extensive, they didn't take as long as one might have expected.

Sighing, Fallon forced thoughts of Heolfor from her mind, closed her eyes, and sipped her drink. So realistic was the view of the ocean outside, she could almost feel a soft breeze caress her skin, and the light salty smell of sea spray waft around her nose. Consequently when the collision occurred, she was totally taken off guard, and let out a reaction that surprised even her.

Jillian 14 years ago
"Oh good night! I am so very sorry! Thank heaven you're so quick on your feet, and didn't toss that drink everywhere. I'm sure I would have done just that."

Her face had to be five shades of red by now, after nearly knocking the woman off her stool. Bending over, Jillian picked up the pretty flower and put it on the bar, next to the woman's purse, and backed up a step. She really was lucky her lack of attention hadn't caused more than a startled squeal from the woman, and grabbed her hands together to stop them from fluttering about.

"I knew my first instincts would probably have been right, but did I listen?" Shaking her head, Jillian gave the woman a beseeching look, and hoped she was as nice as she looked, holding her breath, and waiting.
Fallon 14 years ago
"Oh shush! Seriously, I feel pretty foolish screeching like that. You're fine, I'm fine, no harm, no foul."

Having been caught in such a relaxed and almost meditative state, Fallon's cry was really just from having the wind knocked out of her, and her actions to hold onto her drink. The poor, beleaguered looking girl in front of her looked much more the worse for the encounter. Intuitively Fallon set her drink down, and took hold of the girl's upper arms, trying to comfort her, and sooth her embarrassment.

"Why don't you sit down for a moment...have something to drink...catch your breath. Or are you really in a dire hurry to get somewhere?"

Her words were spoken almost as if she were talking to one of her kittens, after they had done something they knew they shouldn't have, but something that hadn't bothered Fallon at all. All the kids had grown, and had their own lives now, which Fallon seriously missed being a part of, but since they were all doing so well, there was nothing for her to do but accept it, and enjoy the times they visited.

Shaking away her motherly memories, Fallon waved to Franco, and kept one hand on the girl's arm, rubbing lightly, hoping she would take a couple minutes to collect herself, before dashing off. Nic was running late again, as usual.
Jillian 14 years ago
A visible sigh escaped her, and Jillian's shoulders relaxed. Hopping up on the stool, she couldn't help but smile at the pretty redheaded woman. Something about the woman confirmed there was nothing but a sense of real understanding, and compassion in her, and toward Jillian, giving Jillian immediate relief, and allowing her smile to widen, and include her eyes.

"You're really too kind, and thank you. I've no where to go at all really. School is out for summer, and I'm celebrating, sort of. What with finals, I've done pretty much nothing but study for weeks now, and with that all over for now, I decided to just break out and do something different for a change. I've wanted to see this place ever since I heard about it, and rather than wait for an escort, decided to just take it upon myself and see it tonight!"

Jillian's enthusiasm was something she could never hide, even if she'd wanted to, and now it spilled over her. No longer fearing making the woman angry, or infringing on her space, the real Jillian was out, and ready to make a new friend.

"My name is Jillian Molinero, and it's truly nice to meet you."

The bartender brought another Oasis to the woman, and one to Jillian as well, since she had nodded when he'd offered it at the other woman's direction. Jillian took a sip and grinned, releasing an almost imperceptible 'ah', once the cold liquid was swallowed.
Nicholae 14 years ago
"Hey gorgeous", Nic approached Fallon from behind, on tip toe, and as he lowered his mouth to her ear, took gentle hold of her shoulders. Her scent filled his nostrils as he spoke, and he silently chastised himself for not having time to spend with her right then.

"Sorry, but I'm going to be a bit longer. Something came up with one of of the 'special' guests, and they're refusing to deal with Steff."

Lifting his head he just then noticed another young woman sitting next to Fallon, facing her in fact, and realized he had interrupted something.

"Damn it, I'm sorry. See what you do to me? The minute I see you, all other thoughts escape me, and this buffoon takes over."

He hoped his joking would buy him forgiveness, or at least cut him a little slack. It was natural for him to act that way around pretty girls, and usually worked fabulously. Still holding Fallon's shoulders, Nic looked between the two women, hoping for a sign.

"I'm Nic." He flashed his grin and waved at Franco.

"All on the house tonight Franco. Treat the ladies like royalty, please."

The bartender nodded. Nic doubted he would have charged Fallon anyway, but he could also comp the new patroness tonight too.
Fallon 14 years ago
"Fallon Arslantai, and its a pleasure Jillian."

Happy to see everything was fine on all fronts, Fallon only lamented her lost solitude for a few seconds. Certainly she could spend a few minutes with this young woman, and get to know her a little. It had been a long time since Fallon had met anyone new, or anyone who wasn't clan. It occurred to her then that she really had been pretty sequestered in Heolfor for much too long. Even though she had been to Tropics pretty regularly, most nights she just waited for Nic in his suite, and still saw no one else. Maybe it was time she truly made an effort to get back out into the real world.

Or at least for a bit of time tonight.

His breath was detected before he spoke, and the familiar shivers it created in her came forward. She watched Jillian's eyes, seeing Nic in them, as he stood behind her, and let the still fresh emotions surface. It had taken her some time to let him truly in to her life, the loss of Cyrus being difficult to get over, but now she really felt there could be a future with this man. It was a good feeling.

"Nic, this is Jillian Molinero. We just 'bumped' into each other, and were getting familiar.

Don't worry about me, and please don't apologize for having issues. My day was full of them, so I understand. Why don't you go on ahead and take care of what you need to, and find me here when you're done?"

Placing her hands over his, Fallon rubbed them, and leaned back against Nic's chest, loving the strength and solid feel of him. She didn't let herself linger though. She wasn't at all against public displays of affection, but refrained when in the company of anyone else. Fallon went out of her way to make sure no one around her was uncomfortable, if there was any way she could do that.
Jillian 14 years ago
Watching the tender exchange made Jilly feel all wistful and romantic. Her own parents had never shied away from being affectionate toward each other or her for that matter, so she didn't feel at all awkward, or intrusive in Fallon, and Nic's presence. About the only thing she did feel was happy. How could one not feel happy seeing others happy too?

Before she could do more than acknowledge Nic's introduction, and thank him for the drink, he was off and gone.

"He seems to share my love of one minute and gone the next." Jillian tittered, hoping again that she really hadn't bothered Fallon in her rather forced insinuation into the woman's immediate plans. But rather than linger on the matter, Jilly put thoughts of it aside, trusting if there was a problem, Fallon would say something.

"So, are you and Nic married?"

The familiarity the two shared would support that, though of course it also didn't make it so. Seeing how comfortable Fallon felt there at the bar, and with the people who worked at Tropics, it could still follow. That, or maybe Fallon worked there too...
Fallon 14 years ago
She nodded in agreement when she felt his absence against her back. For all the years she lived with Ted, and the omission of all GOOD physical contact, Fallon was surprised with herself at how she now had come to expect it. For all that Cyrus had given her, it was his apparent unconditional love, and fearless ability to show it to her that she would always thank him for most. She was sure that was why she'd been able to open up to Nic as soon and easily as she had.

"He adores this place, and sometimes you just can't get him to think about anything else. And it does keep him busy...lucky for him I'm not a jealous woman."

Not that Fallon had any room to be jealous - she and Nic hadn't made any formal commitments to each other. Even if they had she trusted him, just as she had trusted Cyrus, and would continue to do so unless something pretty drastic happened to cause her to change those feelings.

A negative shake of her head was her response to Jillian's question.

"Nope, not married. I was married, but my husband died over a year ago."

There still wasn't any proof that Cyrus had died, but his lack of contact with everyone, from Fallon herself, to his solicitors, and all business acquaintances had led the judge to rule that he was in fact dead. Though in the back of her head...way down deep...under layers of hope, Fallon still imagined Cyrus tapping her on the shoulder sometime, years down the line. Or, she wouldn't be surprised if he did anyway. All she could do under the circumstances was hope that wherever he was, he wasn't in pain, and was happy...

"Nic has been incredibly sweet, and a good friend to me." And right now in her life, Fallon didn't feel like admitting much more about their relationship. At least not before she admitted it to Nic himself, and found out if the feelings were reciprocated.

"So, I guess I have more time to kill." A relaxed smile and a wayward hand in the air to signify her availability, and Fallon was happy now that Jillian had 'run into' her.
Jillian 14 years ago
"How's the food here? Now that I feel this drink going to my head, I remember I haven't eaten since breakfast. It was a late breakfast, I'll grant you, but..."

And as if to prove her point, Jilly's stomach took that particular time to grumble. Putting her free hand across her mid-section, she frowned.

"Okay already." Shrugging she looked to Fallon, only slightly embarrassed.


Eating was something else Jillian had lost track of over the past few weeks with her heavy study schedule, and being a girl of healthy appetite, it wasn't something she was accustomed to.

Fortunately she hadn't suffered terribly, but had found herself getting a little light headed on more than one occasion. Not to mention she'd lost four pounds, and really didn't have it to lose.

"Now that school's out, I need to get back onto a better routine, and quit skipping meals. I don't do real well on an empty stomach, most of the time."

It struck her then, that she was really going into a lot more detail about herself than normal, and wondered if that was a result of her self-imposed exile as well.

She definitely needed to get out more.
Fallon 14 years ago
One mystery that always seemed to accompany meeting new people in Nachton, was whether or not they were of the same proclivity as Fallon. It wasn't anything she concerned herself over unduly, unless she was out to feed, which she wasn't tonight. But after the way things with Aislinn turned out, she was trying to at least be somewhat wary of new acquaintances.

That Jillian needed food solved that mystery for Fallon. Her new friend was NOT a vampire.

Not that vampires didn't eat, they just didn't eat because they needed to. Jillian admitted her body was hungry, no more questions.

Besides, Fallon wasn't a bigot. She had human friends, and saw no reason not to. It was just something she kept aware of on the off chance she did run into one when the hunger was upon her. Since that one time with Ana, Fallon had never gotten into the position of being so hungry that she had to feed immediately. It was for her own self-preservation, as well as that of her friends.

"They do have a wonderful kitchen here, and the food is incredible."

Picking up her drink, which Franco had just refilled, Fallon slid off her stool.

"Want to finish these in the restaurant?"

She wasn't in the mood for food tonight, but knew she could push enough around on a plate to make it look like she was eating a little. It beat sitting at the bar alone.
Jillian 14 years ago
The table Fallon led her to was overlooking the pool, and Jillian thought it all looked rather magical what with the plants, and lighting. A waiter joined them at the table before they sat down, greeting Fallon with a familiarity that seemed to be the norm there. Before she sat herself, the waiter took her chair and slowly pushed Jillian closer to the table. Unaccustomed to such treatment, Jillian tried not to let her face give away her naivete. It was an action she thought was quite nice, actually.

"Thank you for joining me. I have to admit I'm not used to such fancy places, or manners, and would have felt SO out of place if I'd tried eating her alone."

All her initial bravado surely would have disappeared without Fallon's quiet confidence next to her. Looking at her a bit more closely, now that they were in a little dimmer lighting, Jillian realized Fallon probably wasn't as old as Jillian originally thought. No doubt part of that feeling was due to the way Fallon spoke, and carried herself. There was a small sense of something else, that Jillian also recognized was present in her own mother's personality. Jillian wasn't sure what that was, but she hoped to find out. But that would come later, if at all, as things at the table became busy, and distracting.

Once the waiter returned with glasses of ice water, and took their orders, the conversation picked up again.

"So what do you do, if you don't mind me asking?"

Being so forward with strangers was something Jillian had only started since arriving in Nachton, and mainly as a method of self preservation. Without her parents to lean on, Jillian had done some quick growing up over the past several months. Sure she'd had Xeph and Nikhila and the rest of the pack to call on, which in itself was slightly easier. But with school, and her 'outside' life it was all her responsibility to handle. She was lucky she hadn't run into any difficult road blocks.

Her question to Fallon was issued both because Jillian truly was interested, but she was also still looking for part-time work, and never wanted to let a possible opportunity pass her by.
Fallon 14 years ago
For someone who seemed so young, Fallon had no issues with Jillian's manners, and thought the girl was quite well behaved. In fact, being in the girl's presence reminded Fallon of her days teaching, and how she missed it on occasion. But she also really liked what she was doing for Anantya, and wouldn't give that up for anything. Should the elders return, and her services no longer be needed, she might then think about returning to her previous occupation.

"Well, I do a little of this, and a lot of that, actually. I work for a private foundation, as head of their administration department."

She hoped that was detailed enough to satisfy Jillian, but vague enough to protect those she worked for. It was a question Fallon had never been asked before, mainly because she never found herself in the company of those who either didn't know, or who cared.

"It's not glamorous, but it keeps me on my toes, and I really enjoy it."

It never occurred to Fallon to mention that she was independently wealthy, and would never need to work another day in her life, as long as her...Cyrus' investments and holdings were stable, and continued to pay off. Fallon was thankful Cyrus had such a crack team of people he trusted, and had employed for centuries, who took care of those kinds of things. Everyone was paid remarkably well, of this he had once told Fallon, which led to their loyalty. Money matters were something Fallon just didn't have the acumen or desire to bother with.

"And you...have you graduated, or will you be in school again in the fall? What are you majoring in?"

It was small talk, but Fallon was interested enough to listen to the young woman. She wondered if there would be any employment for the girl during her summer hiatus from school, or if she was wealthy enough to forgo such things too.
Jillian 14 years ago
Salad delivered, Jillian dug in while she watched and listened to Fallon. Picking up on the sketchy details of her response, Jilly decided there must be a reason, and left it at that. Jillian had her own secrets, which she had always been lucky enough to keep hidden without any fuss. None the less, she wasn't about ready to go prying into someone else's. Though she was fairly street smart, or had become so after her parents died, she was also trusting, and took most things at face value. To compensate for that, she spent a lot of time being aware of her surroundings, and the people in them. When a person's life depended on protecting a secret, sometimes it required more than extraordinary measures.

At least her secret was one that only truly affected her during a few nights a month. So far in her somewhat short life, Jilly had found it easy enough to live with.

"That is the main thing, right? Enjoying what you do. I've never understood why so many people go to school to get training for a specific career, or vocation, and wind up doing something different. I mean, yea, I know things happen, and we can't always follow the path we set out for ourselves when we're really young, but from what I've seen more to do otherwise seems to be the norm these days."

Jillian shrugged her shoulders. It was a mystery to her, that was no lie, but it was up to those living the situations to make do with their decisions. All she could do was her best to settle on what she thought would make her happy, and then do everything in her power to make it come true. Until the day came for that to come to pass, she wouldn't let herself think otherwise. A positive attitude was a big part of the battle, she thought.

"Once I get through all my GE classes, I hope to focus on marine biology...or some sort of biological research. My fantasy is to live and work near the ocean, hence the marine biology, but I know that may not work out right away. Living near the ocean can be expensive, and getting into a company that would employ marine biologists won't be easy either. So I may start off doing some other kind of research, and work my way west."

When Jilly thought of the ocean, for some reason she always thought of the Pacific, even though at that particular moment in time she was much closer to the Atlantic. She guessed it was her familiarity with the Pacific that caused that kind of reaction, but she really didn't think she would have problems living near the Atlantic. At least not outside of hurricanes, that was.

"But finding alternate food sources, and methods of desalinization interest me greatly."

It took Jillian no time at all to finish her salad, and half the bread the waiter had brought to the table. Eyeing the remaining bread, she dug in as soon as Fallon smiled and nodded.

"If you're sure? I do have a healthy appetite, but guess I'm lucky there too, since I never gain weight."

And the bread was pretty good too, slathered in the warm butter.
Fallon 14 years ago
Fallon heard what Jillian said, in between staring at the way she ate, and forcing her mind not to wander far. But try as she might, she just couldn't muster up much enthusiasm.

Was that terrible of her...not to find interest in the young girl's story? She wondered if her self imposed semi-exile from the rest of the world was turning her too self centered. Toying with her pasta, Fallon did eat a little as she centered her thoughts back on Jillian, and away from Nic, and her Anantya.

"You sound a little more together than most kids your age...your parents must be immensely proud. Your aspirations are admirable, but don't forget to have fun too! Any hobbies keep you busy when you're not studying?"

In the little time Fallon had been talking to Jillian, she got the impression the girl wasn't boy crazy, like many young women her age. In fact, that Jillian hadn't mentioned a guy at all, and was here at Tropics alone tonight, seemed to support that. The girl was very pretty, and bright, so Fallon assumed she was living the life she wanted, and right now that didn't seem to include men. Of course Fallon could have been far off the mark too - she wasn't any kind of expert on kids Jillian's age. All her opinions were being based on first impressions, and though her instincts were good, Fallon wasn't infallible.
Jillian 14 years ago
"And you sound like you're good with kids, do you have any?"

Because Jillian didn't really know Fallon, she was loath to talk about her parents. It had been a significant amount of time since their death that she could remember without crying all the time, yet it still hurt. She didn't think it would be rude to just ignore the comment, since it really didn't require a response. Moving on to other topics seemed better for her to do.

Fallon said she had been married, so it wasn't a strange question. Something about Fallon didn't lend Jillian to seeing her with babies, but she could definitely imagine her having an older child, maybe eight or ten. The woman didn't look old enough to be a mother to a child much older.

"I'm an only child, but I love kids. I thought about maybe going into some kind of teaching once, but that was before the thought of working in the ocean got to me.

I like doing things outside. Sports, hiking, swimming, you know...just being outside and enjoying the fresh air. That was another deciding factor in my choice of careers. As for your regular type hobbies? No, not really."

Even eating politely, and not stuffing her face, Jillian finished with her food rather quickly. She knew she should eat more slowly, if for no other reason that it would draw less attention to her, yet she could never think to do so, until all her food was gone. Now that she had filled her stomach, she knew she would want to be up and about soon. All the studying she'd been doing had not only kept her away from people, but it had also kept her inside a lot more than she was used to. Now she wanted to run, and be outside, enjoying the gorgeous summer air and skies. Sitting in the glassed in restaurant reminded her of this.
It was her upbringing that stayed her from jumping up and taking off. It wouldn't be polite to just leave now. Fallon had taken the time to join her, and keep her company...Jilly couldn't do otherwise herself, just yet. When Fallon finished eating, and a suitable time had elapsed, Jillian would make her good byes. Maybe by then Nic would have returned and taken up Fallon's attentions again.

Jillian had accomplished what she'd set out to do...visit Tropics, checked it out, and had a nice meal. She had also met two nice people, but they weren't her generation, and had little in common with her. It was time to move on.
Fallon 14 years ago
As it was, Fallon didn't notice that Jillian hadn't spoken of her parents. Her comment on their pride in their daughter was just a compliment given without further thought.

However when Jillian spoke of Fallon being a parent, the slightly older woman couldn't help but chuckle, and in the process coughed a little, emphasizing her acknowledgment of such an absurd idea.

"Good god no. I'm fine with young adults, but I've never been one of those women who would give their eye teeth for a baby. I'm too selfish...I enjoy my freedom too much to tie myself down like that. Lucky for me my husband had no burning desire to be a father either."

A tinge of wistfulness edged Fallon's words when she recalled the nightly runs she and Cyrus used to enjoy. Talk about freedom. Oh how she missed that.

Nic knew about her love of the night air, and had taken Fallon on several night motor cycle runs, which she also thoroughly enjoyed, but at the core of it, it just wasn't the same. Mentally she shrugged. It was, what it was, and there was just no point in wasting time wishing for things to be different.

"But I do love teaching, and for some reason I can identify with teenagers just fine...maybe because I never had those years in my own life to really be just a teenager. I had to pretty much raise my kid brother..."

Her words trailed off then too, as she momentarily hoped he was doing okay. Fallon didn't waste any time there though. Her days of wondering about her brother were long gone. Too much time...and too many events had passed between them to ever allow their lives to be shared again. As with Ted, and any part of her life before Panos, that Fallon just no longer existed.

The conversation between the two women continued on for another half hour, give or take, before Nic turned up, and apologized to Jillian for squiring Fallon away. Pleasant good byes were exchanged between the three, and as Fallon and Nic rode the elevator up to his suite, Jillian departed the resort.
Jillian 14 years ago
The evening came to a close just as Jillian had hoped.

She had met and made two new friends, both of whom she really did hope to see again. And she had learned a little bit more about this new city she was becoming a part of.

Having taken a taxi to the resort, with the specific plan to run home, Jillian shifted into her wolf once she was safely away from the lights of Tropics, and ran in and out of the artificial surf for a while. Once she tired of her play, the trip home was made on soft, and nearly silent padded canine feet. The outing had been just the thing she needed to restart her batteries, and Jillian was looking forward to again moving about her pack, and Nachton.

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